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The Cricket Chronicles - The Beginning

The Creation of a Sexual Force of Nature
Let me just start by letting you know that I have been in the 'Swingers Lifestyle' for many years. During this time, I have been with, and experienced, too many sexual experiences to count. But this story isn’t about me. It is about later in my life. My partner, my best friend, my lover, and the greatest sexual equal I have ever known; Cricket.

We met many years ago at the skating rink, when we were in Junior High. Our paths crossed a few times through the years, but we really didn’t reconnect till four years ago.

I had gone through yet, another divorce. Cricket was going through a very nasty one herself. Through a popular social network, we started catching up. Then flirting. I invited her over to my apartment to “Welcome” her to the single life. I had several “Friends with benefits", and was really enjoying my life. She was wanting to explore a little of the wilder side. After twenty plus years in an abusive relationship, she deserved a little “No Strings” fun.

The night she came over, I broke every rule I had for myself. First, she was completely stunning! Short shorts, flip flops, low cut tank top, her blonde hair laying across her bronze shoulders. I was about to drown in her deep blue eyes.

We talked and laughed for hours. As the moment arrived, I froze!

I’m not sure if was the wine, the electricity in the air, or all of the above. But this shy little woman, took me by the hand, and led me to my bedroom.

Here is where I really started breaking my rules.

The kiss in the hallway took my breath away. We stumbled down the hallway, and fell into my bed. Our fire was ferocious! We were pawing at each other, trying to peel each others clothes off. We dove immediately into hot, torrid, desperate love making. Our bodies writhed against each other, as I moved in and out of her. Our sweat mingled, and we could not catch our breath. The euphoria seemed to last forever. She felt so good. She was so wet, so hot, and rode me as a woman who has never had it that intense. This was rule number I broke. No protection. When I realized this, I knew I didn’t care. I had to have her again and again.

As our bodies shuddered with orgasms, her with too many to count, the intensity slowed down, but the fire was not put out.

I got my head together, and decided to give her a night she would never forget. As we lie there, covered in sweat, panting, her head still swirling, I saw my opening.

I started slowly touching her. Ever so gently. Moving my expert fingers up and down her body. Mentally recording every little shudder, every little gasp, every little sexual nuance her body let go. She was hesitant at first. She didn’t want me to look at her body. How could I not? She has a gorgeous body!

I slowly kissed every inch of her. Caressing every inch of her. Driving her mad with lust. I could see the burning in her eyes. The longing in her face. I knew right then, and there, there would never be another one like her, for me. I had to have her. She was the one. She was my soulmate. She was my friend.

And she would be the greatest achievement in my life. Unleashing the sexual beast I knew was deep inside her.

She didn’t know it, but I did. And I was going to unleash her upon the world!

The next morning, after breaking rule #2, (no one sleeps over) I called my list of friends with benefits and said I was out.

It’s funny….. The greatest sexual conquest of my life, is also the greatest love of my life. Our journey together should be quite interesting!

More to come……..

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