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The Dark Stein - Chapter One

The tycoon is rolling Stein on the office floor.The wife is waiting at home...
'Want something to drink?' Stein asked Daniel as they prepared to leave. It was 22:34 and they were the only ones still in the building.

'No', Daniel replied and sat on a leather couch, 'You don't like the baby thing very much, do you?'

'Look, there are many things I don't like about you. I mean, I don't like your marriage. Your wife. And now you want to be a father! I don't know how you'll get out of this marriage if there's a child involved...'

'Get out of...what? Are you crazy?'

'I'm fine.'

'I'm not getting out. I'm happily married, why would I want to get out.'

'Because you love me.'

'Yes, I love you. And I love my wife, it's not like I hid the fact that I am married. You are the one who came after me and I did try to push you away.'

'But you couldn't! Why? Because you love me. You belong with me. Can't you accept the truth. Who you are. And that you got married because it was socially right!'

'You're wrong.'

'Wrong about you loving me?'

'I love you. But my marriage is not a farce. It's real. The sooner you understand that, the better. I've accepted who I am, thanks to you. You opened my eyes. I'm bisexual, though you'd be happy if I was homosexual. I can love you and love my wife at the same time.'

'Then don't you think she should learn about your involvement with me!'

Daniel laughed, 'No, it's much better this way. Believe me.'

'Better for you.'

'Let me make it better for you too,' he tried to kiss Stein but the young man pulled away.

'You can't.'

'Wanna bet?'

Stein didn't protest as Daniel stood and stripped in front of him. When he was totally naked he sat back on the couch, his bare skin brushing against the leather.

Stein was hypnotised. Daniel was a beautiful man and he knew it. He stroked his hardening penis. Stein licked his lips and moved closer to the desirable older man. He stood in front of Daniel. He grabbed Daniel's hair.

Daniel grabbed the back of Stein's thighs. He caressed them while Stein took off his shirt.

'Let me help you,' Daniel whispered. He used his teeth to unbuckle Stein's belt. He massaged the young man's growing penis through the fabric of the pants.

Stein moaned and lowered his head to kiss Daniel. Their lips were like wood and fire.

Sand and sea.

Salt and water.

They merged.

Daniel's tongue danced inside Stein's mouth. It drove him crazy. It drove him to his knees. As he knelt before Daniel he took the veiny penis of the married man into his mouth.

At that moment she was about to punch the numbers of her husband's office when she stopped herself. She wanted him to rush home and make love to her.

A better idea came to her mind.

She smiled. She grabbed her car keys and was out the door.

By now Stein was on his back on the floor. Daniel biting his neck like a thirsty vampire. Both writhing in ecstasy. Both loving every moment. Both hungry for each other.

'Fuckin' get inside me, Daniel Stals!' Stein cried breathlessly.

Sandra pressed hard on the accelerator and sped through the highway. Her plan was to reach Stals' Towers, dash inside and ask Stein (Daniel's dedicated assistant), if he was still there, to excuse them.

And then she'd get down to business.

She was too engrossed in the moment of anticipation to notice how near she was to her husband's offices. Her husband's growing empire. She was so proud of him and felt so blessed to be his wife.

She was stopped by a traffic cop. She took his ticket heedlessly. She was right in front of her husband's business and the man was wasting her time. She told him as much.

'Lady, you were speeding. And wealth doesn't put anyone above the law!' the cop said.

Not wanting to argue anymore she apologised coolly and drove away.

The security guards greeted her warmly as she reached the parking lot. She left her car and headed for the elevators. She was going to the highest floor in the building, where Daniel's office was situated.

The elevator ascended with great speed....

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