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The Debt Collection

Continued from The Debt Pays Dividends -- The final conclusion
I guess it's my turn to add to this novel. What would a threesome be without a third writer to write it? Patty and Vickie both tried to write this final chapter and gave up. I'm not sure why, but I'll share my guess later. Hello, I'm Charlie. It's a bit embarrassing to be addressing this to you. You've already read much more about my personal life than I ever share with people I haven't gotten to know and trust. Much of what I've told these ladies in confidence came out in their contributions. But they convinced me that they kept it sufficiently anonymous and I can speak for the accuracy I read in their stories. A good many details were changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. I may change a few also, just in case anybody else that I know who could put two and two together and come up with our identities is a reader on this site.

You may have gotten a small taste of what it is like to know and love a person like me. I know it can't be easy. Nobody else can know which of my traits is related to my unfortunate upbringing because I can't even tell.

I grew up feeling many effects that had no apparent causes. I spent my childhood where the moods of an unpredictable but highly intelligent emotionally disturbed person would determine my fate on a daily basis. I had to find ways to compensate and because my relationship with my "Ogre" was unique, my methods of compensation were unique. But because many many unfortunate people have had experiences similar to mine, the causes and effects have been studied and I eventually learned that terms like "psychological maltreatment" and "narcissistic personality disorder" and "co-dependency" are relevant to how I learned to compensate for the irrationality that I experienced and how I learned to relate to other people.

There's an amazing two lines from an old Led Zeppelin song that I believe every man can relate to.

In the days of my youth I was told what it means to be a man.
Now I've reached that age I've tried to do all those things the best I can.

Add the third line:

No matter how I try, I find my way into the same old jam

and you have what happens to someone who can't compensate for the irrationality that is built into his sense of what means to be what he is supposed to be. That probably would have been me, had I not found the love of these women.

Imagine how messed up a man can become when the primary source of the definition of "what it means to be a man" is or has become, according to your current society's definition, a terrible example of a human being, but when this is known to only a few. Imagine learning as a child to not talk with others about your family life, to protect the guilty because that is what families do when the guilty is the head of the household.

Our society has evolved to become able to recognize something called "the cycle of abuse" and to apply that to not just physical abuse, but also to a set of behaviors that leave no visible marks, cause little or no physical pain, and don't, when taken individually, seem all that dangerous, but, when practiced throughout the years of childhood, produce emotional damage that carries over into every other relationship, especially with anybody who has any kind of influence over the quest for Inner Peace*.

Unfortunately, our society has learned little about detecting emotional abuse while it is happening. The scars are often invisible until the victims reach adulthood and have difficulty relating to others at an adult level because they are, in some way, stuck in childhood. That is me. It is a demon I battle on a daily basis. Like those who suffer from other forms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I struggle to minimize the debilitating influence of my past.

I'm fifty-five years old and even now, I suffer from anxiety when I am in the same room with my old, frail, physically powerless father. I believe that even after his death, should it precede mine, he will still be trying to control my life and possibly succeeding through some deviousness I have been unable to protect myself from. That's power. It is not a legacy that I would wish on my own children. That is one of the reasons I chose to remain childfree, another being that it would offend him, and another being that I am just as selfish as he is, but I choose to be free of the burdens of attachment, except for the burdens I willingly bear because of the woman who owns me as much as I own her. Patty is my lifemate, a concept I never witnessed at home but somehow came to embrace. An equal partner in a mutual quest for Inner Peace. A complement to compensate for what I lack, as I do for her.

It may seem that I hate my father, but of course, holding hatred is like taking poison to try to harm the person you hate. Forgiving is essential and easy with the understanding that my father was also a victim of abuse, as was his father. It was a cycle. There is no way to know how far back it went.

It also may seem from Patty's account that Catholicism is partially to blame. I have come to recognize religions as exploitable tools of control. My father was never devout. He just used Catholicism to control his other tools, my mother and siblings. I can't say that it is worse than any other faith. It just isn't for me.

And so I am here to tell you about two women who have had a tremendous influence on my quest for moments of Inner Peace and who have recently given me an evening of experiences that will be remembered as some of the highest points in my life. But before I detail the giving of that experience I will endeavor to explain why each of these women is significant.

I befriended Vickie at a time in my life when I was just beginning to "try to do all those things the best I can". She chose to study psychology because she was curious about aberrant behavior. She became an abuser, but I don't think it was due to a personality disorder. Vickie subconsciously transferred the blame for hurts caused by men to a friend who is a man. If everybody who ever subconsciously transfers blame has a disorder, that probably covers almost everybody who ever lived.

Vickie gets credit for recognizing that she was abusive and especially for openly trading for a future abuse to entice me to give her a chance to retain what she wanted, a friend she could learn from and be a good friend for. I still feel guilt about the hurt I delivered when she was already hurt and vulnerable, but the guilt demon is fairly easy to cage.

Patty has demons of her own. The loss of her father right at puberty and then the sudden reshaping of her relationship with her mother both took their toll. I think I recognized before she did that she would at times need a sexual relationship with another woman.

About a year after we married, she became very unhappy and there seemed to be nothing I could do to help. I saw that she seemed to crave the attention of other women and, because I knew of her bisexual past, I gave her permission to seek a female lover. I figured that there was something missing from her life that only a woman could provide.

Her first affair with a woman after we married was the most torrid of her lesbian affairs over the years. I became like a friend with benefits as she would tell me about the satisfying sex and the rewards of the intense emotional connection that seemed to shift from me to her other lover. Maybe my strangeness made that acceptable to me, and maybe it was my understanding that our union could never be conventional, but maybe it was also because she told her lover that she would not leave me for her.

My sex life did not suffer. If anything, having sex with a woman did so much to improve Patty's moods that it increased her desire for sex with me. I never felt deprived of emotional connection, but had her other lover been a man, I probably could not have borne it. I guess I knew that I could not offer the kind of kinship that her female lover could and I could not justify depriving her of it.

When they parted ways, Patty reconnected completely with me. That was good for several years, but then a depression of sorts overtook her until another woman caught her eye. Over the years, this continued to happen and sharing her with women became as natural as living. I would taste her lady lovers on her lips when she returned from a tryst and we would end the evening with a good "finisher".

We once discussed the possibility of a threesome, but only Vickie's name came up. She was a known lover for me and a desired lover for Patty. And so, when Patty made her offer, I think half in jest, she was pleasantly surprised that it was warmly received by Vickie.

About two weeks before my actual birthday, Patty asked me if I would let her give me a very special present on the coming Saturday evening by dressing up and going into Green Bay for dinner with her. We don't get into town very often, because we find the rural life very satisfying. But we do occasionally like a truly good meal and fine wine and exceptional service. I could tell it was something that really mattered to her so I agreed. I did not know how special the evening would be.

As we drove into town, Patty looked very sexy in her most revealing little black dress. Her breasts have remained perky and she keeps herself more fit than I have been able to. I was skinny in my teens, slender in my twenties, well proportioned until about age 45, and still in better shape than most men my age. Unfortunately, arthritis and the accompanying joint pains, especially in the spine, that are common to tall men have limited me.

I reached over and put my hand on Patty's thigh as I often do when we drive someplace together. I could feel stocking tops rather than panty hose through her dress. I slid her dress up so that I could feel one of my favorite sensations, the bare skin of her inner thigh above her stockings. "Mmmmmmmm. Naughty naughty, Chuckie."

I stuck my little finger out to rub against her panties and felt only bare skin. "Oh," I thought. "It's really going to be a special night."

This was confirmed when we were finishing our meal and Patty received a text message on her cell phone. She told me then that we would be having dessert elsewhere. Then she gave me a Viagra and a pain pill for my back.

She directed me through the town until we drove into the lot of one of the better hotels. This was unexpected and I began to wonder what was going on. She told me to retrieve a suitcase from the trunk, but we didn't check into the hotel. We went right up to one of the rooms and she knocked on the door. It opened and, as she pushed into it, I heard the bathroom door, which was just inside, close. I followed behind Patty and entered the room. It had a very large bed.

I set the bag down and Patty began to undress me. When I was naked except for my boxers, she knocked on the bathroom door. Vickie stepped out and rushed up to me to give me a big hug. I could not have been more surprised and confused. It was great to see her, but why was I undressed and why were they both wearing sexy little black dresses? I hugged her back and said, "Wow Vickie, you look great. It's so good to see you?"

Patty hugged her and said, "Charlie, I have finally learned what happened between Vickie and you all those years ago. You were a wonderful friend for protecting her secret. I have forgiven her for not telling me back then and she has forgiven me for not inviting her to our wedding. The opportunity came up and I think it's time for us to thank her for bringing us together. She and I both want to also make this evening a special birthday present for you. So, if it's okay with you, we are all giving ourselves to each other for the evening."

The Viagra didn't have time to kick in yet, but that didn't stop my cock from responding to that proposal.

Vickie laughed and said, "Good old Charlie. I see you brought Little chuck with you."

All I could think to say was, "But aren't you still married? This one has lasted how long now?"

"Don't worry about Husband #6. We just celebrated 10 years of open marriage. We both get some on the side and he's going to love hearing about this. I've never been with a woman before. How about you sit in that chair for a while and let Patty and me take care of some long unfinished business?"

I sat in the voyeur's chair and watched as requested. I don't know if they had discussed earlier what they would do, but it started with Vickie looking kind of nervous as Patty approached her. Patty has to look up to Vickie, so it was interesting to see her taking the more aggressive role with a standing woman. She placed her hands on Vickie's hips and drew in close to her. She looked up into Vickie's eyes and tilted her head slowly up and to the side, angling for a kiss.

Vickie looked down into Patty's eyes and seemed to hesitate a bit, but then she tilted her head down and pulled Patty into her. Their lips met and locked. Soon it was clear that their tongues were exploring each other. It was the first time I had seen Patty kiss anyone the way we kissed. It was so sensuous that my cock could not help but respond.

Patty reached up and unhooked the neck strap of Vickie's halter dress, letting the straps fall to reveal a black halter bra underneath it. Vickie slid the back zipper of Pattie's dress down. Their lips and their gazes remained together the whole time. Finally, they broke their kiss and Patty pulled Vickie's dress down over her lusciously curved hips and let it fall to the floor. With one hand she gripped the center clip of the bra and, looking up into Vickie's eyes, slowly pulled and twisted it with the gentlest of motions until it unclipped and the cups parted. Placing a hand under each breast she slid them up and pushed the cups away, filling her hands with Vickie's ample bounty.

Vickie stood still as Patty leaned slightly and lifted first one and then the other nipple to her mouth, circling each large areola with her tongue and then closing her mouth to grasp and tug the hard brown marble-sized bud through her lips, each time accompanied by a sigh of contentment from Vickie and a low huff of excitement from me.

Vickie then slid Patty's dress over her shoulders and down, off her bare breasts and over her smaller hips, revealing her smoothly shaved pussy. She raised her hands to each of Patty's perky 34As and rubbed her thumbs around the small areolas and then grasped her hard pink pea-sized nips, gently tweaking them and drawing a low moan from Patty and another huff from me.

Patty gripped Vickie's black lace panties with both thumbs and pulled them down her bare shapely legs. Kneeling on the floor and looking up, she asked, "Shall I leave these sexy stilettos on?"

Vickie gave a sly grin and said, "It's been so long I can't remember. What would the birthday boy like?"

I'm sure she remembered that she had stripped herself bare of all ornamentation the first time we had sex. She had so recently written about it that it must have been on her mind. But that was what we both needed back then. Patty knew me very well now. She left the shoes on and helped Vickie step out from her panties.

At this point, I think it's obvious why I am writing this account instead of either of them. One thing I've finally learned is that women like an honest man, but he should not be too honest. Two beautiful all but naked women were now standing in front of me. Despite the fact that they were my college contemporaries, there was not a single gray hair on either of them. Also absent were any wrinkles, laugh lines, sags, stretch marks, cellulite, spare ounces of fat, age spots or evidence of plastic surgery. I am a leg man and I was treated to one long beautiful pair of bare legs and one shorter beautiful pair of stocking-encased legs, both pairs wearing shoes that said "the action starts here and goes all the way up". They were physically very different women, but nobody in this world could possibly be cruel enough to ask me to choose between them on this night.

Fortunately, neither was asking me to choose between them. They were both crawling onto the bed, each with their hand on the other's nearer ass cheek. They laid down facing each other. I could not hear what they were whispering to each other, but they were looking quite intently at each other and each was gently rolling one of the other's nipples in their fingers. Their lips soon joined again and their kissing quickly became very passionate. Patty was soon on top of Vickie and from my angle, I could see that both had shiny damp pussy lips.

Patty slid down a little, slipping one leg between Vickie's and rubbing her upper thigh against Vickie's mound, humping against her hip as she sucked and licked one of her nipples. I had to release my cock from my shorts as I watched their slow writhing. The Viagra was definitely working its magic and I was quite tempted to stroke my pole, but I was holding back, knowing that the birthday boy was getting something very special tonight.

Patty slid down a little further, rubbing her pussy right into the middle of Vickie's thigh and slipping her hand down across the long thin patch of short dark pubic hair that came to a point at the very top of Vickie's slit. Down further then, her middle finger sliding into and along the long dark lips, before curling in at the bottom and pushing deep into Vickie's wet cunt. First one and then the other adjoining finger joined it inside and then all three pulled out and up to slide around and around Vickie's clit.

Vickie moaned then, a sound I hadn't heard in more than thirty years. My cock was begging me to take hold, but still I resisted. Patty slid further down and slipped between Vickie's legs, which pulled up to spread wide. She was no longer pleasuring herself. Focusing solely on Vickie now, she slipped her whole small hand inside Vickie's pussy and then began to lick her clit. Vickie's moans quickly intensified. I think Patty found her g-spot, because Vickie's shoes left the sheets and hovered around above Patty's back.

"Oh! Patty, this is fuckin' incredible. Oh, fuck I want this to go on forever!" But of course it couldn't, because nothing that good can last forever. Patty kept her on the edge as Vickie's moans filled the room and my cock threatened to come whether my hand touched it or not. I'm not sure what Patty changed, but Vickie reached a new high of pleasure and then she came, gripping the sheets hard and rocking her head back against the bed, Patty's head riding with her hips as they shuddered and rolled with the waves of pleasure and sudden jolts of ecstasy that robbed her of breath and caused her to finally push Patty's head gently away. "Oh, Patty, leave it to Charlie to find the one person in the world who can lick pussy better than he can."

Patty laughed as she pulled her hand gently from inside Vickie's quivering pussy and crawled up to lay beside her on the bed, slipping her middle finger back into Vickie's slit to bring a few more shudders from her. Vickie rolled over and kissed her then, clearly licking her juices from Patty's face and landing kisses on her nose and chin. They began whispering again and I was so hoping that the birthday boy was going to be invited onto the bed, but Vickie must have read my mind. She looked at me and said, "Sorry, Charlie, but it's time I set something right with my old roomie here."

She pushed Patty over onto her back and then landed a kiss on her forehead. "Close your eyes, Sweetie. I've been waiting to do this for a long time." She got up on her knees and hovered over Patty and began something I've hoped I would see someday. I was getting to witness someone else performing the Little Death By A Thousand Kisses on my beloved Patty. I had wondered why Vickie was wearing her long hair up, but I now saw that she must have planned this so her hair wouldn't warn where the next kiss would land. I almost giggle when I noticed that for some kisses, she also had to hold her boobs to keep them from touching first.

Of course, I had done this for Patty before, but with my back in the condition it was in, I could rarely give more that twenty kisses before it became too painful. But I knew something Vickie didn't know. Patty can be very ticklish in certain places. You have to kiss her just right or she will...

" "

Vickie looked over at me as if to say "Help me?". I mimed kissing a little more forcefully and she went back to the same spot, right in the middle of Patty's flat little belly.


So far, Vickie had avoided Patty's nipples, but she was definitely arousing them. She added something to the game by doing something I never thought to try. Instead of kissing every time, she sometimes dragged her tongue in a long lick across Patty's skin. I could imagine the coolness as each lick dried. She slowly rained kisses and licks down on knees, shoulders, fingers, lips, ankles, and on and on until finally, she kissed right down onto Patty's bare pubic mound and as if by magic, her knees lifted and her legs spread open. Vickie then crawled between her legs and said, "Open your eyes now, Sweetie, if you want to see some firsts for your old roomie."

Patty open her eyes as Vickie came down and licked her hard nipple, then circled her small areola and sucked it in, clearly now circling her captured prize inside her mouth with her tongue.

"Mmmmmmmm. You're a natural, Vickie." My cock, which had gotten a little quieter for a while, started yelling at me to stroke it again. Vickie moved to the other nipple and then cupped her hand over Patty's entire pussy, her long fingers completely covering the tiny pink lipped treasure. "Ahhhhhhh. Yes. I like."

Vickie's fingers moved as one in a circle and then her middle finger slipped inside, thrusting in and out while her hand continued to circle. I wondered if she would be able to take the next step, but I should have known that she has the strength to follow through when she sets her mind on something. Her head came down and her tongue dipped in for its first taste of another woman's pussy. "Yum. Why did it take me so long to do this?"

"Thank you for choosing me to be your first. I love you, girl. Ahhhhh, yessss."

Vickie was in a great position for me to stand up and give my poor cock some relief, but I definitely didn't want to intrude on this long postponed moment. I knew that Vickie had strained their relationship by not fessing up long ago and by binding me to confidentiality. But I guessed that once you licked a woman's pussy, old hurts could be considered fully forgiven.

Patty's moans were getting more ragged as Vickie continued to thrust into her with two fingers and lick and suck her tiny clit. "Ah, god. Yes, I'm gonna come. Lick it. Lick it. Lick it. Ahhhhhhhhhh." Patty's orgasm hit hard. Her toes curled and her hips thrust against Vickie's face as her climax shook her. And shook her. And shook her. Vickie kept licking until Patty calmed and said, "You can do that to me whenever you want to, Vicks."

After over 25 years of loving and fucking Patty, I finally saw what a woman could do for her. I wasn't jealous. I was happy for her. I know that Vickie was proud and happy. They deserved to bask in their afterglow, but Vickie surprised me by saying, "Um, I think we better see to Charlie before that thing breaks."

"Ah, good idea. Charrrrrlieeeeee. Wanna come join us?"

I dropped my shorts and climbed in between them. Honesty requires me to say that I was a thorn between two roses. Whereas they retained the flower of youth, I was a gray-haired, slightly balding, not exactly svelte, mildly decrepit old dude. But thanks to my little blue pill, I had a rod that could poke a hole in a block wall. Woohoo!

Both of my lovely ladies started kissing me and I could taste sweet pussy on both faces. They started to kiss and lick my nipples when suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Room service!", came a voice from the hall.

"Oops," Vickie giggled. "Looks like I underestimated the time before our first rest break." She jumped out of bed and yelled, "Just a minute please." She pulled the sheet up over me and dropped a pillow on my boner as Patty ran to the bathroom and got robes for both of them. They were giggling like schoolgirls as they helped each other tidy up and then Vickie went to the door.

Both a young man and a young woman came in with a cart to find black dresses on the floor and me naked and pinned under the covers, clearly hiding a hardon, while two beautiful women dressed in bathrobes and come-fuck-me shoes could barely contain their giggles. I know I was blushing bright red when the young woman caught on before the guy and gave me that "you dirty dawg" look followed by a sexy smile. They began to set the desserts and drinks on the table before the guy looked over at me.

"Whoa!" he said. He looked at Patty and must have noticed the stockings and shoes and then at Vickie. "Ladies, Sir. Pardon us and have a great evening." They trundled the cart out the door and I heard them both burst into laughter just as it closed.

We all laughed ourselves tearful for the next few minutes, but finally, Vickie and Patty let their robes fall from their shoulders and pulled the pillow and sheet from me. "Dessert will keep for a while," Vickie said. "Time for the birthday boy to join the party."

The kissing started again and then I had mouths on both nipples again. Vickie reached down and grabbed my cock. "My god, that sucker's hard. #6 hasn't been that hard since our honeymoon."

"Viagra. It's a miracle drug. Don't go home without it," Patty quipped.

My hands were doing some roaming and I had a big boob in one and a small boob in the other. But both of them slid from my grasp as my two ladies eased down to confront the incredible diamond-hard penis.

Kisses and licks landed on both sides of my glans. Patty knew all about Vickie's reputation as a "good Catholic girl", so she mirrored everything Vickie did, licking along the shaft, sucking my balls and then they alternated sucking while the other stroked. Vickie could still teach Patty something about keeping me on edge and they were merciless for about twenty minutes before Patty winked and said, "For old time's sake." Then she came up to kiss me. "Happy birthday, round one, old stud."

"I love you, Tish."

We kissed and Vickie sucked. I felt that wonderful rush and suddenly her mouth left my cock just before long spurts of cum started landing on my chest and belly. I felt thirty years younger as my pumping slowed and my balls emptied and went cold. Patty and I both grinned and looked at the load Vickie had coaxed from me.

"You quit swallowing, Vickie?", I asked.

"I thought your wife might want to share this snack with me before we get to dessert." She started licking the cum out of my navel while Patty got the stream that made it to my nipple. They cleaned me up and then helped me up to rest and eat dessert.

Epilogue 3

I won't bore you with all the dirty stories from the rest of the evening. Patty and Vickie both pulled out some toys after the dessert and let's just say that we had two more rest breaks that night and both of my lovers showed that they put the ass in classy.

I was all kinds of sore when we woke in the morning, but so were my co-lovers. Patty asked Vickie if Husband #6 had any heart problems and then gave her a Viagra for him to try while she told him about our night.

Patty had packed day clothes for our brunch in the hotel restaurant and our trip home. The same young woman from Room Service took our order for mimosas and definitely recognized us. It was a little awkward, but she actually winked at me.

Vickie gave us both loving kisses when we left and we promised to do it again some time. Who knows? It could happen.


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