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The Debt Payoff

A surprise addition to The Debt series
Alright, I've read enough. I'm hijacking this novel. My name's Patty and I've read enough details to know that this story is about my husband and my drama queen roommate from college and also a little bit about me.

Hi, "Vickie". I'll bet you didn't think I was a member of this band of Lushies. Thanks for finally letting me know what happened between you and Charlie. It was one of the possibilities I'd considered. It's nice to get an explanation for why you got better at picking men. Six guys previous to your breakup? Puh-leeze. The girls on the floor were keeping score. Seven during your freshman year and six of those were after you became friends with Charlie. Four more your sophomore year and none of those were after your breakup. The guys on our brother floor were lifting weights just to earn their Vickie badge. Imagine their disappointment when you suddenly got pickier.

And 36Bs? Try 36DD. I can only guess that you deflated your number because, unlike the other guys, Charlie wasn't all that impressed with your boobs. Do I sound catty? Think twice before you call me a "little bitch". Bird legs my Aunt Martha. MWA! I love you, girl. ;)

I can understand why you used a pseudonym for yourself. You have a career and a polished reputation to protect. Don't worry, I'll keep it safe. Thanks for using our real names. It helped confirm your identity for us. That's right, Charlie read your story, too. We had some hot sex after that, but that's another story. Since you did me the favor of writing about what Charlie would never tell me, and since he confirmed the accuracy of your account, I decided to fill in some gaps you never knew about. So I'm going to add a couple of chapters to your... what did you call it? A psychodrama? A passion play? Your flair for the dramatic hasn't changed. A SHIP story. I like that.

Patty's Side

Vickie is right. I did have a girl-crush on her. For some reason, I was attracted to taller people. I literally still looked up to them and when I first met Vickie she seemed way more mature than me. I had fantasies about having sex with her, but I was too shy and, by all accounts from the girls on the floor, she was straight. I'd had one experience in high school with the captain of the girl's basketball team. She had taken me under her wing and protected me when other girls had bullied me. I'd had no experiences with men. As a short skinny introverted ginger girl with 32AAs and yes, a butt like a little boy, I didn't feel pretty or desired by boys.

I didn't have the resources to live at home and attend a nearby private college and the University of Wisconsin was near enough to home and my invalid mother whom I was a part-time caregiver for, so my plan was to spend the required one year in the dorms and then commute from home for my engineering degree. I did get to know some of the other girls on the floor, mainly because they were social butterflies and gossipers and I was a potential source of information about my illustrious roommate. They filled me in on all the dirt from her freshman year and told me she would be the roommate from hell, but, other than the frequent bouts of boy-crazy mania followed by the break-up blues, she was easy enough to get along with.

My fantasies of seducing Vickie over to the dark side changed when I met her friend, Charlie. He was a skyscraper. I would get so hot thinking of what it would be like to be licking and sucking his nipples while he fucked me. I had a rich fantasy life and often masturbated while Vickie was at a class. My older sister had given me two sex toys when I moved into the dorms. One was a vibrator and the other was a dildo. I never got up the nerve to put the dildo in my pussy and break my hymen. I liked to put it in my ass instead.

The vibrator was nice, but I soon found that the back side of Vickie's electric toothbrush did a much better job of stimulating my clit. As long as I kept the bristles pointed out of my folds, I could bring myself off in a very short time. I always rinsed it in warm water and peroxide afterwards, except for the time I noticed that dried pussy juice all over my pillow. That time I left it saturated with my maidenhead oil. (Sorry Vickie) The aroma from that pillow drove me wild with desire.

I sometimes studied in the same room with them, but after they decided to quit studying they liked to do bong hits and I could not afford to get high with them. I loved listening to them talk with each other while stoned, but pot always made me real horny and I didn't trust myself not to try and get them into the threesome that was the scenario of so many of my masturbation sessions. Eventually, I had to study elsewhere to keep my grades up, but it was clear to me that they loved each other so I thought I was also doing them a favor by giving them privacy.

I came back from study group one night to find that the planet had somehow got bumped out of its orbit. Vickie was crying and Charlie was gone and I later noticed that my sex toys were all shifted around in the secret place where I kept them. For some reason, these two lovers were no longer together and it didn't feel like the once or twice before when Vickie had to find Charlie and apologize for something. Vickie had been dumped so many times that, at first, I was angry at Charlie. But one of the girls on my floor said that she heard Charlie say, "I am not a toy," just before he left the room like a man ready to kick some ass. That got me wondering and I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I watched how they interacted for the next few days and it was clear that they were both hurting, but Charlie flinched when he saw her and, when I talked with him, he looked the least guilty but the most devastated. He wouldn't tell me what happened, but I could sense that not saying anything was a matter of honor for him.

After Spring Break, he was gone and I felt like I had lost a friend. I hunted him down at his new dorm and waited to see him go to dinner in the cafeteria. I set my tray next to him at a table where he was sitting alone and when he looked up he was clearly glad to see me. We talked about meaningless stuff and I asked him if I could have some help with one of my engineering courses. He agreed and we began to study together two nights a week. I don't think that Vickie ever noticed the difference.

I noticed that when I got physically close to him, he would get tense. It seemed like he wanted to keep me at a certain distance and I was happy enough with that. I was always a little turned on by his unusual physique when I was with him, but I began to fall in love with his mind and his voice and his heart.

When I went home one Friday afternoon, I noticed that Vickie had an air of anticipation. I often picked up our mail from the slots at the front desk and I had seen a couple of envelopes that had masculine handwriting on them, so my curiosity was piqued. When I returned on Sunday night, Vickie was almost back to her old self. She seemed like she had been through an ordeal and maybe learned a hard lesson. I also noticed that my toys had been moved again. The next day, I heard that Charlie had visited and left with a smile on his face.

When I went to study with him, he seemed like a great weight had been lifted from him. He also was not uncomfortable when I was close to him. I didn't know what to make of these changes, but I assumed he was back with Vickie. I never knew what to assume about the sex side of their relationship, but I always thought that maybe they had a "hands only" or "oral only" agreement prior to the breakup. They were both Catholics and I thought maybe Vickie was different with him because of that. The movement of my toys and their apparent make-up had me very curious.

Charlie and I started ending our study sessions with personal discussions, reminding me of the times in our room with Vickie, only without the pot. On one of those, I opened up about feeling like the last virgin on the planet. He seemed sympathetic, but then he said something that made my heart pound.

"I think it's harder on a guy. I feel so much pressure."

Charlie was a virgin? And he just admitted it?

"But I thought you and Vickie..."

"No. That never happened. I would have once, but not now."

Vickie is right about Charlie's face being easy to read. I could tell that he was sincere and, although he didn't know it, he'd suddenly given me two goals. One was to find out what he'd done sexually with Vickie and the other was to lose my cherry as he was losing his. I wasn't going to be fussy about what order the fulfillment of those goals came in.

I had become somewhat skilled at drawing information out of both Vickie and Charlie. Vickie was an easy one, especially when she was stoned. My curiosity about Charlie was strong, but I think I hid it well. Mainly by asking innocent and naive sounding questions when she was susceptible, I had lead her into giving up what she knew about him. I knew that I could use what I learned either for or against him. I decided to use it for him but also for me if I could.

I knew that he was sensitive about being told he was too tall. Although no guy had ever told me I was too short or too skinny, I saw that they always went for the tall busty babes, Charlie included. I wondered if he did that because he didn't think he had a chance with shorter girls. So the next time we studied together, I was prepared to do some probing.

When we finished studying and began to talk about personal stuff, I steered the conversation to why we didn't date.

"You know, some of the girls on the floor think you don't see anyone else because you're Vickie's boytoy."

"Hmph. That's not it. Vickie's just helping me get over my shyness. I just haven't found any girls who like a guy my height."

"I know what it's like to feel too something. Like... I know you probably think I'm too short."

"Too short? No Patty, I think you're..."

There are moments in life when suddenly time seems to stop and you have all kinds of time to guess at what's about to happen. This was one of those moments. Charlie's next words could have been anything. I dared not hope that he would say "just right" or "perfect" or any of the really great answers that would make me tear my clothes off and jump his bones. I also hoped he wouldn't say any of the devastating answers like "too skinny" or even worse, "just not my type".

"...height is as irrelevant as mine to whether you're desirable."

Dammit. He was saying 'your' not 'you're' and he gave me a reply I had no idea what to do with. But then he kept talking.

"Girls built like you might think guys like me would crush you. But I even get told that I'm too tall when I settle for a much taller girl."

"You 'settle' for a taller girl? You mean you prefer shorter girls?"

"Yeah, I kinda do. I don't care if people think we look like Mutt and Jeff. I suppose there really is a too short for me, but it's somewhere below 5'."

"So who's closer to your ideal, me or Vickie."

"Um, you are. You're the kind of girl I could see...."

Another one of those weird time dilation things here. My mind went through at least a million possible endings for that statement, but it never came up with the one he spoke.

"...spending the rest of my life with."

Whoa. Not at all one of the million things. But of course, then he kept talking.

"But as soon as I graduate, I'm gonna blow this pop stand. I feel like my life won't really start until I get far enough away from... here."

Ah, the father issue. Damn. I was going to be stuck here for a few years after I graduated. It's a sad story that I'll tell you later. But it really didn't matter to me that he wasn't going to stick around after graduation. That was a year away and if he felt he needed time away before his life started, that meant he probably needed to experience living alone for a while and would never be a good lover/boyfriend/husband/lifemate/whatever until he had. Since my life was going to be on hold for a while anyway, I couldn't commit to a long term relationship either. So I decided that now it was time to take what I could get.

"So, if I said that I liked tall men and that I couldn't have a long term relationship for a few years anyway...?

Okay, so that was a lame way to try to get something started between us, but Charlie didn't expect me to be any less shy or nervous than he was. It was another kind of those time dilation moments. How would he respond to my awkward attempt to encourage him to make a move on me? I felt like such a dweeb. I watched his face while he pondered my meaning and suddenly his clear blue eyes locked onto mine with an intensity that caught my breath.

"If you're interested in what I hope you're interested in, so am I."

I practically flew out of the bean bag chair that I was sitting in and sat on his lap and kissed him. 'Well, that was subtle,' I chided myself silently. But he was kissing me back and that's all that mattered. He started feeling all over my upper body and for a moment I just reveled in his touch because, well, because it just felt so good to be touched anywhere at all by another human being. Suddenly, I got a little nervous because I was sort of prepared to tear off my clothes and jump his bones, but not real sure I was prepared enough.

"Um, Chuckie? Do you mind if a girl is a little on the hairy side?"

"Did you just call me Chuckie? Nobody calls me Chuckie."

"Well, can I? It would mean a lot to me."

"Sure, okay, but only if I can call you Tish and only in private please. And to answer your question, no, I don't mind hair. Are you a little Sasquatch under those clothes?" He started pulling up my shirttail with a mock evil leer.

"No, I just don't see the point in shaving when I'm not wearing swimsuits or dresses so um, my legs and my underarms are kinda natural right now."

"Oh, lemme see, lemme see." He was laughing, so I thought it would be okay to trust him. I started to unbutton his shirt and he started to unbutton mine.

"Uh, aren't you supposed to put a sock on the door or something?"

"We don't have a code worked out. Don't worry though, Darvin won't be back for hours. He's got a mid-term tomorrow and he's studying with his frat buddies. Oh shit, I don't have protection."

I counted back to my last period and I was pretty sure I wouldn't get pregnant, so I said, "I'm safe and we're both virgins so I'm willing to risk it."

He got to my last button and opened my thick denim shirt. I never wore a bra when I had a thick enough loose shirt on, so when his hands came in and found my nipples, his already hard bulge that I could feel beneath my ass got a lot harder.

My hands got inside his shirt and I started to rub his hairy chest and his nipples and I could feel my cotton panties getting a little steamy. We started kissing again and when we broke that off, he said, "I don't recommend the floor, so how about the bed?"

"Yup, but only if you carry me there, handsome knight."

He lifted me up like I was light as a feather and carried me the two steps to his bed.

"We're here, fair maiden."

He laid me gently on the bed and then took his shirt off. I shimmied out of my jeans and panties and then sat up and shrugged my shirt off as he dropped his jeans and then his briefs. I still remember to this day that we both left our socks on.

His hard cock was only average size, but it looked pretty big to me. He laid beside me on the bed and we both rolled onto our side facing each other and started kissing again. Because of our height difference, when our eyes were about level, my thick pubic bush was rubbing on his navel and I could feel his cock slip between my thighs down near my knees. His lower hand was caressing my nipple and his upper hand reached behind me and rubbed down my back and then started squeezing my buns. Oh, god that felt good.

He started to kiss my neck and then his lips began to work further down my body. When he reached my pink nipples, it lit a fire in my crotch. He licked and then gently tugged each one with his lips. As he worked his way lower I began to hope that he was going to lick me out and I was so glad that I had showered before coming over.

When he got to my navel, I rolled onto my back and he kept moving lower, kissing right down my centerline and into my bush.

"It's not too hairy is it?"

"Not at all, Tish. I love the flame red color."

When he pulled my leg over so his head would go between my thighs, I heard him say, "So small."

"Not like Vickie's, eh?" I knew he was talking about my pussy lips. From the top of my hood to the bottom of my hole was only about three inches. I had seen Vickie's naked pussy once when she was wearing just a bathrobe and I knew that her pussy lips were more like six inches long.

He blushed and I said, "It's okay, Charlie. I know that you must have done some things with her. If you licked her pussy, that's cool with me. If she sucked your cock, that's cool too. All the girls on the floor know that she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose."

Charlie laughed, but not for long, because his tongue got too busy going where no man had gone before. He was good. It wasn't long before I started to feel close to coming and I thought I should hold off, but eventually I had to say, "I'm getting close, Chuckie. Don't you want to put it in?"

"I'd like to get you off once first, Tish, because I might not last long enough, and I want to make sure you're not too disappointed on your first."

"Oh. Okay. That sounds so sweet. A little faster and I'll be there."

And I was. I just love the way he curls my toes with his tongue. I came with long hard waves of pleasure, gripping the sheets and rolling my head back and forth as I moaned until I almost couldn't stand any more contact with my clit. "Fuck me now, please. I want your cock inside me."

I felt so jazzed as he came up and kissed me. I tasted my juices on his lips and that tasted good. I had to slide down the bed some so he wouldn't rub his head on the headboard, and we both giggled at the amount of repositioning it took before his little head was finally at the gates of paradise. He gently pushed his hard cock in until it wouldn't easily go any further, but not much was in.

"I'm ready, Chuckie. Fuck me."

He didn't just jam it in, but he pushed hard and it hurt until it suddenly slipped in quite a bit and it hurt a lot more. I cried out in pain and he stopped. I took a few deep breaths and let myself stretch as he kept his body poised above me. When I felt I could handle it, I started to roll my hips a little and I eased my hand between us and started rubbing my clit. The burning pain didn't quite turn to pleasure yet, but it diminished enough for me to say, "Okay, go for it."

I looked up and focused on a nipple as he pushed the final inch into me and started rolling. I lifted my head and started licking his nipple and that's when my clit got back into the action. Just as I heard him start coming, I came again. Not like the first one, but satisfying all the same.

As Charlie's breathing calmed down, I could sense that he was still keeping some of his weight off me. so I told him to rest on top of me. His full 180 lbs. felt kinda good at first but then he got too heavy.

"We'll have to try another position next time, Chuckie."

"Next time?"

"Sure, practice makes perfect."

After he got me a warm wet cloth to wipe my thighs with, we laid in bed and just let our eyes and hands roam around on each other. "What should I say to Vickie?", he asked.

"Why say anything?"

"She'll know something happened. She can read me."

"Okay, tell her you're not a virgin anymore, but don't tell her who. It will drive her nuts. If she asks, tell her it was some girl she doesn't know, because in a way that really is true."


"Better yet, call her on Saturday when I'm at home and tell her. I bet she'll invite you over and jump your bones." I saw him blush a little. "I know you've done more than just oral stuff with her, even if you say you were a virgin."

He blushed pinker but he said, "Well I was, until you. Honest. Your pussy was my first."

I got a sudden flash of insight, "But you fucked her ass, didn't you."

He blushed really red then. "Please..."

"Oh my god! The girls on the floor would love to hear this gossip."

"Please, Tish."

"Don't worry, Chuckie. It'll be our secret. But don't plan on doing that to me... until our wedding night."

"What? Wedding night?"

"Oh, man. You should see your face right now.", I laughed.

Little did I know how prophetic my words would be.

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