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The Debt Pays Dividends

Continued from the Debt Payoff -- Time and distance work magic
"If they sacrifice you to the Dragon now, he'll flame the village."

Hello. It's Patty again, continuing the hijacking of Vickie's novel. I hope you don't mind. I just didn't really thank Vickie for all she's done for Charlie and me during the first part of the hijack, so I wanted to make sure I did that here. And what better way than to tell the wedding story. But first, I have to fill in the gap.

Patty's Side 2

We were lying naked in Charlie's bed, talking about all the things that changed when we stopped being virgins.

"That would serve them right. Here's one, our blood is no good for all those satanic rituals that need virgin blood now." I added.

"Good one. You can shop in the 'big girl' aisle at the sex toy store."

"Hey! That's enough of that, buster!"

"That's me. Bust 'er hymen."

I punched his arm for that one. We were both kind of giddy and not paying attention to the passage of time. We must have been talking for hours. Suddenly we heard a key in the door lock. Charlie's roommate was back from studying.

I quickly pulled the sheet over me and ducked behind Charlie. Darvin, his Chinese-American roommate came in and dropped his books on his desk. Then he must have noticed my clothes on the floor.

"Oh, sorry. Is that you, Patty?"

I peeked my head over Charlie's shoulder and said, "Hi Darvin. I'm glad you didn't say Bubbles or Zelda."

"They both have much bigger clothes," he quipped.

Charlie said, "Can you give us about 15 minutes of privacy, Dude."

"Sure thing, Charlie." He said and went back out the door.

I heard knocking on the door across the hall as I quickly got dressed.

"I'll walk you down to the front door."

"You don't have to."

"It's no bother."

We walked out Charlie's door and the hallway was lined with Charlie's floormates. Oh, god! I was so embarrassed. Darvin had quietly gathered everybody on the floor for my 'walk of shame'.

They all started clapping and chanting as Charlie put his arm around me, well actually it was sort of over me, and walked me past them. I was so glad that this wasn't happening at my dorm. I put my hands up to cover my face, but I was laughing. I know I must have been beet red.

Charlie seemed mortified for my sake, but I know he must have felt a little good about everyone knowing he'd 'bagged a babe'. Of course, they probably didn't know what a special event it was for both of us, and I tried my best not to walk differently, but my thigh muscles were kind of sore. I knew I was still going to feel funny about visiting Charlie there again.

I did it though, and it wasn't too bad. His floormates mostly just smiled and said 'hi' when they saw me after that. I continued to study with Charlie until he graduated. We had sex, too, but we both had to focus on getting good grades so we made it a reward for after study.

During his final year at school, I was living at home so he sometimes visited on the weekends. He met my mother and sisters and they liked him. He was living in an apartment and that saved him some money, but he wasn't eating right, so it felt good to feed him when he visited.

But eventually the inevitable day came. He graduated and I dragged Vickie over to say goodbye before he drove his old jalopy out of my life. I cried when he left but not as hard as Vickie. I doubt she even noticed my sadness. I knew that leaving was something that Charlie had to do. I hoped that he would come back one day. After only a day or two at home, he drove out to the West Coast to start his career.

When I graduated, I started my career and took care of my mother. This next part is kind of sad, so I'm just going to get right through it and move on.

My father died in Vietnam when I was 12. That was devastating. My mother got injured in a bad car accident when I was 16. She could get around with a cane but she had very bad pain and coordination problems. After I turned 18, I learned from my maternal grandmother, that she would die from the effects of that accident and that most likely it would happen before I turned 25. In the meantime, my grandparents were too old to provide much care so, even though I would have done it regardless, they gave me financial incentives to stay and see her through her final years.

It was the hardest thing I've ever done, but my grandparents picked me for a reason. My older sister had a career that required travel and she also had two rambunctious kids. My younger sister was a screwup who couldn't be trusted not to snort her rent money. I was the natural candidate.

Mom passed away when I was just short of 26. My grandparents came through on their promises and I was in pretty good shape financially so they encouraged me to travel somewhere for a nice vacation. I thought immediately of the West Coast and Charlie. Somehow I had lost his phone number. I'd tried so hard to stay in touch with him, but it seemed like he changed apartments often, which I guess is common out there. Luckily for me, Vickie called a few months later to ask a favor and I casually got Charlie's number from her.

I called him and told him my sad news. He said that he wasn't seeing anyone and asked me if I felt like visiting the West Coast and maybe doing some hiking and camping in the desert. Neither of us are real big fans of the sun, but the warm days and cold nights of April in the desert sounded good. As soon as we could synch up our vacation schedules, I booked my tickets.

When I saw him at the airport, I rushed up to him and buried my face in his chest. He hugged me tight and I could feel a bulge start to grow against my belly. It felt good to know that I still had that effect on him. I had lost some weight from not eating right during my Mom's final months and then after the funeral. All of my clothes were loose on me. But now that I was with him I discovered that I was famished. We stopped and ate at a restaurant beside the 15 on our way into the desert and Charlie couldn't believe how much I ate.

He was different. Older of course, but also a bit harder and more confident. He'd clearly become more comfortable in his skin. I liked the change in him. His eyes sought mine as we talked, rather than hiding from me.

We set up camp that night at our first campground. It would be our base for a couple of day hikes before moving on. I was a bit unprepared for the extremes of desert camping, but he was well prepared with everything from extra sunblock for the days to extra warm sleeping bags for the night. I noticed with amusement that we could zip the sleeping bags together for a double width. While rummaging through one of his duffles the next day to find things for our daypacks, I found a box of 25 condoms. We had already used one from the box the night before. I held the box up and gave him a flirty grin. He blushed a little and said, "Well, you know. Boy Scout. Be prepared."

Then I held up another box the same size from my bag. "I know. Great minds think alike."

We spent the two weeks learning more about each other than most people learn in years. You might think Vickie exaggerated about how messed up a childhood like Charlie's can make a guy, but she didn't. He repeatedly surprised me with how he analyzed the options in his life. He spent a lot of thought on how to keep his options open and protect himself from predatory people and from making the mistake of assuming conventional wisdom was automatically valid. Anything that required any sacrifice of control over his destiny was analyzed first for necessity and then for desirability.

I began to understand why he wasn't in a long term relationship. He explained how the "Women's Liberation" movement had also liberated men from having to lead the lives of quiet desperation that Thoreau spoke of and that define the dark side of the American Dream.

I learned that his father had tried to map his whole life out for him. Charlie would be a devout Catholic because that was the only way into Heaven. He would work in a field that his father could use in his business. He would stay close to home after graduating so he would be available when needed. He would marry a good Catholic girl with wide baby-maker hips. I now understand why Charlie laughed when he said "good Catholic girl". He would have lots of children so there would be cheap workers for his father's company, which he would manage when his father went into semi-retirement. Of course this meant his father would still make all the important decisions and would also decide which decisions were important based on his whims. He would be in debt up to his eyeballs with no hope for financial independence until old age when he inherited the business. It sounded like hell to me.

"I noticed you never call him your Dad, Charlie."

"I used to, when I was young and stupid, but he burned that honorific. I call him my father to keep from calling him 'The Ogre'. He's lucky I don't call him 'that sperm donor who mind-raped me'."

So here was Charlie, far far away and burning through a box of condoms with a skinny-assed protestant who hadn't spent a minute in a church of any kind except for weddings and funerals. I had to wonder if he only liked me because his father wouldn't, but I can't say I'll ever know whether that's the case. I make his dick stiff and he talks like he loves me and I can detect no dishonesty when he says it. The funny thing about him though is that, when he feels he needs to, he can become as cold as ice and say some very chilling things and he doesn't seem dishonest when he says them. They're never about me though.

His student loans were almost paid off and a big chunk of his salary was going into savings pre-tax. He pictured a life with no kids and a wife who was earning as much or preferably more than him. He pictured financial independence early so they could do as they pleased during their middle-age years.

"Oh, that sounds wonderful. Sign me up."

"Really? No kids for you?"

"Nope. Middle child. My sisters have the grandchil.. uh... the great-grandchildren covered. I've been hoping I would find a guy who didn't want kids."

"Okay then. Patty, will you marry me?"

I swear to you that my heart didn't know whether to stop or leap out of me and crawl into Charlie's embrace. I said yes with eyes wide open. All of the strangeness that he had revealed to me as we hiked and talked was acceptable.

I would have gladly lived wherever he wanted, but he surprised me by saying that he was ready to move back to Wisconsin. His only requirement was that he had to be at least a couple of hours away from his parents, because although they had become snowbirds, wintering in Florida, they still returned to the old homestead for the rest of the year, when his father's company was doing the majority of its work.

He could easily get a transfer to Green Bay and when I told my employer that I was quitting to get married and move there, they made a deal with me to stay a while longer until a good slot for me opened in one of their offices there.

So, just four months later, we were getting married. By that time, Charlie was living in Green Bay and I was all set to move in with him and start my new job as soon as we returned from the honeymoon. I was dreading the wedding though.

His parents, well really only his father, had wanted me to convert to Catholicism and if I wouldn't do that, to promise to baptize and raise our children as Catholics. Charlie shot him down by saying he would cut off his own balls before he would add a single "soldier of Rome" to the "slave roster". Of course, his father blamed me for "poisoning his mind" because that's what abusers in denial do. They never recognize when to blame themselves for the consequences of their emotional immaturity. Yes, I read some of Vickie's textbooks, too.

This is where I have to say that I didn't want Vickie at the wedding because I didn't want the strain of having her there to compare and contrast to me. Charlie's parents had met her and liked her and told Charlie they approved of her before the big breakup. Call me selfish if you wish, but Vickie has a natural tendency to become the center of attention and I'm old-fashioned enough to want that honor to remain with the bride, especially when, were it not for Charlie's remarkable sensitivity to the situation, it would have been easy to feel outnumbered by the Catholic contingent.

The rehearsal went fine, but the rehearsal dinner was very tense. Darvin was Charlie's Best Man and if not for his ability to clown right through the awkward parts the evening would have been a disaster. Charlie's father had previously tried to get him to choose one of his brothers for his Best Man, just because I chose my younger sister for my Maid of Honor. He acted as if it was an affront to the family not to have equal representation in the wedding party.

This dinner was really the first time I'd met "The Ogre" and the rest of Charlie's family. His mom, one brother and one sister seemed to like me, but the other three brothers and two sisters seemed to share the old man's automatic dislike. Both of my sisters and all four of my grandparents and two of my uncles were there for me and their presence seemed to irritate him.

At one point, it felt like The Ogre was trying to burn holes through me with his eyes after he refused dessert and I remembered that Charlie said his father had started losing his hearing and could now read lips. I figured that if he was going to try to intimidate me like some feral predator, he would learn that I could look people in the eyes without fear. I thought about silently mouthing "He's mine now", but I decided "He's free now" would be more appropriate. The Ogre looked away with something that may have been embarrassment or shame and I knew that he knew that I knew what kind of poor excuse for a human being that he was.

The mid-day wedding was only barely religious. My older sister's family had joined a church with a very easy-going reverend and he agreed to do the ceremony without requiring us to join. It was a small affair limited to close family and a few friends which meant that over 70% of the people were Charlie's relatives.

Both of my grandfathers were in their eighties and barely managed to walk well enough to give me away, but they both said they wouldn't miss it and were happy to escort me on each side down the aisle. They high-fived after the handoff and everybody laughed.

My white shoes had been my mother's wedding shoes, so they were my Something Old. I wore a short simple sleeveless white dress with a scoop neck that ended about 4 inches above my knees. It was my Something New. My veil was also short and simple. I borrowed a pearl necklace from my older sister. The stones in my small ear studs were the color of my eyes and they were my Something Blue. My bouguet was small and simple, too.

I don't want to bore you with too many details about the rest of the wedding and reception. The Ogre behaved and everything went well. Charlie looked great in his suit and didn't stumble on the vows or step on my feet when we danced at the reception. My father's twin brother graciously stood in for him when it came time to dance with the bride's father. In many ways he had been a substitute father through my teen years so it wasn't too weird. Charlie danced with his mother and she cried a little. We didn't exactly rush away, but my sisters and grandmothers did a great job of bundling us off on our Honeymoon.

And that is how we found ourselves in a little detached cabin of a cheap motel near Escanaba, Michigan on our wedding night. We were on our way to a week of wilderness camping followed by a week of sightseeing in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula and we got there just after dark.

The owners knew it was our honeymoon, so they had left a bottle of Brut on ice, and a plate of fresh fruit. We toasted our union, but I didn't dare drink more than one glass. I wanted to be able to remember every minute of our first night as husband and wife.

I won't say we were as nervous as virgins but I had made some special preparations for the night and I was anticipating them and I think Charlie sensed that. I lit some candles and turned off the room lights. Then I told him to be ready for something special as I went into the bathroom to prepare. I had told him two weeks earlier, just after the last time we had sex before the wedding, to hold off on coming again until this night, promising that I would do the same.

When I came out, I was wearing a sheer white flyaway babydoll, my white stockings with a white garter belt holding them up. The pearl necklace and my white veil. Charlie was in the center of the king size bed under the sheet and I saw a tent start to form as soon as he looked at me. I carried a small bag to the foot of the bed and drew the sheet slowly down his body. I smiled as I drew the sheet painfully slowly over his growing erection. I kept his feet and then his knees together and crawled up his body, straddling him, until I could kiss him, bringing the bag with me. I kissed him passionately and then crawled up a little further.

I sat up and untied the negligee and removed it. I pulled a small bottle from the bag and squirted a thick liquid on my right nipple. I bent down and presented my pink coated peak to his waiting mouth. His tongue came out and sampled my offering. "Mmmmmmmm. Honey and... strawberry?"

"Very good, Chuckie. Do you like?"

"Mmm hmmm". He nodded as he sucked and licked the rest off, swirling his tongue round and round my small areola to get it all.

I repeated with my left nipple and I could feel my pussy slowly soaking my tiny panties. I eased back down until I was straddling his hips with my pussy just over the underside of his hard cock. I untied the side ties of my panties and pressed my pussy against his cock as I pulled the panties out behind me, rubbing the fabric and the tiny bow right down between us, watching his eyes as he felt the nylon slide slowly down and across his balls.

Of course, it was also sliding slowly across my smooth pussy lips and that was a new sensation for me. I had never shaved anything but my bikini lines in the past. As a wedding gift, my older sister had treated me to a wax hair removal. The woman had done a very thorough job. There was still a smaller triangular flaming red bush above my hooded clit, but the neighbors to both sides were gone and it felt so deliciously decadent to feel only air where there used to be thick tangles of red curly hair. Charlie hadn't noticed yet.

I rubbed my slick pussy back and forth along the underside of his cock, coating it thoroughly with my personal honey. I coated both of his nipples with my bottled mixture and then licked and sucked them clean, continuing to rub against his cock as I did. Then I slid down and added more sweetness to his cock, squeezing out a long line from his balls to his swollen purplish glans. I followed that same path with my tongue.

"Mmmmmmmm.", I said. "Honey, strawberry and hot horny pussy juice."

I engulfed the head with my mouth and took him as deep as I could, applying pressure with my lips and swirling my tongue around the head when I pulled back. He was close and I wanted him to come quickly, so I stroked his shaft with hand and mouth and felt him tense.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," he groaned as his cock pulsed and fired his thick cum against the back of my throat. I kept drinking it down and there was almost more than I could handle. But I milked it dry and continued cleaning the last of my syrup from him.

I crawled up next to him and kissed him. His tongue sought mine and he got the last of his lust from it.

"That was over too soon," he said.

"Don't worry, my love. The night is young."

His hand slid slowly up my thigh. "I hope you have plenty of that magic sauce."

I handed him the bottle and laid on my back and spread my legs. He started at my nipples but I felt it the fire grow in my pussy. He crawled between my thighs and then lifted each leg to rest it on his shoulder. He pulled a pillow over and said, "Lift up". As I raised my ass off the bed, he stuffed the pillow under my hips. I let my legs fall open and he noticed my new smooth hairless vulva.

"Wow! It's beautiful!" He squeezed the bottle and I could feel the honey as he circled it around my pussy lips. He licked it up and then put two fingers into my wet hole and began to stroke them in and out. His tongue found my clit and began to circle and it, steadily increasing the pace as I started to moan.

"Oh, Charlie. That's perfect. Ohhhh." He sucked it in and I came with all the fury that a two week buildup could produce. Waves washed through me as his tongue danced. Our night was just beginning and it was a very satisfying beginning.

Charlie came up and kissed me and I said, "Hello husband," for the first time.

"Hello wife."

"May I have some more champagne before round two?"


We sipped champagne and I cuddled in the crook of his arm as we listened to the moths bump against the cabin windows. He gently played with my nipple and I gently stroked his cock and eventually it woke up. This was what I was waiting for and I felt a twinge in my pussy as I watched his cock start to grow.

"Try not to come. I have more special treats for you.", I said as I crawled above him and slipped his cock into me. I pulled my vibrator from the bag, turned it on and started to massage my clit with it. I sat straight up and slowly rolled my hips around. I leaned forward a little bit and Charlie reached up an began to roll both nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

I wanted him to see me pleasuring myself like this, using his body as my personal toy, focusing solely on my pleasure. It didn't take me long before I was coming hard. Still only gently rolling my hips, not giving him much stimulation, but enjoying the stuffed feeling as my pussy became the center of my being. Finally, I collapsed onto him. Spasms shuddered through me for the next few minutes as my pussy slowly slowly went dormant.

Finally, I rolled off him. His cock was still rock hard. He hadn't come. I would be able to give him what I had been saving.

"That was amazing, Patty. You looked so... in agony and then your face just became so serene. What happened?"

I had never heard of a G-spot. I still don't know if that was the secret I had discovered when a girl had licked my clit while fucking me with a long dildo. I'd met her in one of my classes during my senior year, almost two years after Charlie had left. Her rubber dong was the first cock I'd had since his and I was remembering how much I loved him when it happened.

"I don't know what to call it, and it doesn't happen easily or often, but somehow I knew it could happen tonight. I can't describe it, Charlie. It is so far beyond orgasm that there are no words for it, but thank you for providing the cock at just the right spot. And now I'm going to keep a promise that I made long long ago, not even believing that this day would ever come."

I pulled a tube of lubricant and a condom from the bag and handed them to him. "You were all mine, now I'm all yours. I hope you know what to do with these. You'll be my first."

The look on his face was priceless. We both knew about the other lovers we each had been with since Charlie left Wisconsin. Charlie also knew that I toyed with my ass, so he probably assumed I had let some other guy have it. But I had always held out hope that we would one day get together again.

I'd had some pretty big toys in my ass. They weren't as big as Charlie's cock, which isn't a monster, but they were big enough that he didn't have any trouble relaxing me and sliding it in. This was new for us so we tried a doggy position, something we can't do for vaginal fucking without the creative use of furniture and padding to match heights. It's not quite as bad as a Chihuahua and a Great Dane, but it's one of the adjustments we had to make.

Fortunately, my asshole was just that much higher that his knees didn't have to spread too far. I was kneeling, not far from the headboard, and using it to hold my upper body up. Charlie put his hands on my hips and I felt his thighs start to smack against the back of mine. I had thought my pussy was done for the night, but I moaned when I felt a jolt of pleasure.

Charlie paused and grabbed my vibrator off the bed. He turned it on and gave it to me so I placed it against my clit and he resumed his strokes. Soon I was fully involved and having a series of small pleasurable spasms while he built up a rhythm that had him moaning. His hands came up to feel my nipples and that sent him over the edge and into a long shuddering orgasm that sounded terrific.

We had another glass of champagne before sleeping and we didn't get up early the next morning, but when we did get on the road, we were both very happy to finally be there with each other.

Epilogue 2

So, as Vickie said, Charlie and I celebrated our 25th anniversary before she wrote the first chapters of this "passion play". We both think of her often because there's a photo of the three of us together in a place of honor in our home. Vickie didn't know about me and Charlie when it was taken and she didn't know that I knew about her and Charlie. The photo was taken by Darvin at my request when we went to say goodbye just before he left. I knew that Charlie had been having sex with her also when she needed him. I once admitted to Charlie that I thought a threesome with her would be a great way to thank her for helping us find each other. Charlie agreed.

How about it, Vickie? Charlie's double-nickel birthday is coming up and if you're in the area, I think an evening together could be a great surprise present for him. We'll both see that you enjoy it.

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