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The Escape Chapter 5: Decisikons

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Unexpected turns in Kimberly's sex life and career.
It was almost 9pm by the time Kimberly got to the hotel. The male managers had left for the inevitable boozing at a strip joint.

As the meeting had dragged on and the prospect of dinner receded further into the future, she had picked at the remains of the buffet that had accompanied the announcement. It had been grazing rather than eating: Just enough to ruin the thought of dinner, not enough to be satisfied.

Desert, then sleep, Kimberly told herself. But first she needed to dump her papers in the room.

“Hello there, missed me?”

A familiar figure lay on the bed.

She was naked, deliciously naked.

It was Helen.

Without bothering to ask how she had made it to Austin or how she had got into her room, Kimberly shed her clothes and set to work.

Helen’s style of loving was quite different to that of Alice, more sensuous, less urgent. Helen lingered over each kiss and every caress. They were naked together and had the whole night in front of them to make love. Kimberly tried to respond, but Helen would have none of it. “You first”, she whispered softly, “please let me”.

“Oh you did it, hon, you really did it”, Helen said as her hand finally reached Kimberly’s denuded slit.

Kimberly spread her legs wide to allow her friend full access. Helen examined the expression on her face minutely as her fingers touched Kimberly’s sex, watching to see how her partner’s mouth parted to take a sharp intake of breath as her fingers parted the labia, how the eyes rolled upwards as they touched the clitoris, how her spine arched, throwing her head backwards as they burrowed inside her.

Taking one last kiss from Kimberly’s lips, Helen’s mouth went at last to taste the prize prepared for it.

Kimberly shivered with ecstasy as Helen’s tongue slid across her eager cunt. Her hands clutched at the bed sheets trying to gain purchase but Helen was relentless, Kneeling between her legs, Helen drew Kimberly’s buttocks towards her as if to drink, her tongue reaching deep inside.

“I am going to make it so totally worth it”, Helen murmured to herself, her hands reaching up to caress Kimberly’s breasts.

The kisses and the licking continued the full length of Kimberly’s crack. The hands pleasuring her breasts moved down her body to gently part her labia and open her up as the tongue zeroed in on her clit.

Kimberly exhaled, in a long, deep moan. Her hand grasped at Helen’s shoulder, her nails biting deep enough into the white flesh to leave four distinct red semi-circles as fingers were pressed into her own. Time and motion and sensation became a blur as her body closed around the hands and tongue filling the center of her being.

At last the crisis was reached and her body was flung open again, her back arching as the wave of bliss swept across her body.

They lay still together for a while as Kimberly recovered, locked in each others arms while they recovered from their exertions. Then, as their hands began to wander, Kimberly’s lips found her lover’s and began a new cycle with a kiss.



Kimberly’s hand reached for the alarm clock that was not there.


The sound was coming from the wrong side of the bed.


Blearily, Kimberly turned over toward the source of the noise as it was stopped in mid ring.


A naked arm draped itself around her and pulled her naked body toward another. Another hand gently held her head as she was woken with a kiss.

“Wake up sleepyhead.”

Despite being hungry, having missed a proper meal the night before, Kimberly wondered if they could skip breakfast, be late for the meeting even. But the mere thought of work suddenly dampened her lust. It would be a mistake to ruin good sex with a hurried quickie.

Allowing Alice to fuck her had been unexpected, a conscious decision but one taken on the spur of the moment and one that she could have easily rationalized as the result of curiosity and her emotional state that night rather than lust.

She had made love with Helen out of lust, not idle curiosity. And all day long she had been longing to be the fucker and not merely a passive fuckee. She had licked Helen’s slit just as eagerly as Helen’s tongue had found her own. There was no doubt about it, Kimberly was bisexual: On consecutive nights she had fucked a man and a woman in the same bed and wanted to do so again.

Her hand found its way to the belly of her partner, her little finger gently touching the top of the crack she had devoured the night before. She had let Alice fuck her, but Helen she had fucked and repeatedly. Her tongue had explored every crevice of her cunt, it had tasted the fresh juices and played with the ring that pierced the clitoral hood.

At one point that night, as she was on her back in the lower half of a 69, she had gone further. As her third or maybe it was her fourth orgasm had approached Helen’s ass pushed up against Kimberly’s face. Kimberly grabbed with both hands and began rimming the prize with her tongue. Helen tried to pull her away at first, but Kimberly had insisted and her tongue had made its way slightly inside the tight orifice as she zenithed.

Kimberly was bi, she was also a slut: She was no longer just fucking strangers, she was fucking her friends. She had started going to the bars as a transitional arrangement, only later did it become a habit. There had been an interval where she had considered this as a long term alternative to divorce, now she knew that neither monogamy or covert adultery would be enough for her. She was promiscuous and no longer wanted to have to conceal the fact.

Divorce was the first step.

Her hand found its way to Helen’s butt hole causing a pleasing exclamation from its owner. Last night she had performed the act spontaneously, would it create pleasure or revulsion now in the cold light of morning? Pleasure or disgust? Both?

Reluctantly, Kimberly forced herself to return to planning her future; divorce was the first step, but what then?

The telephone rang. It was Adam. His deal had gone through and he would be taking care of some ‘loose ends’ but would be free tonight, he would call later with dinner plans if she was free.

“I can think of some plans,” Helen whispered running her hand down Kimberly’s body.

“Stop it!”, Kimberly chided.

Adam overheard the giggling and there was a short convoluted two way conversation between Helen and Adam, with Kimberly in the middle.

“Here you go, speakerphone”, Kimberly said in mock disgust, “Adam, this is Helen, the girl who fucked me last night, Helen this is Adam, the man who fucked me the night before. Can you two decide what I am doing tonight between the pair of you while I take a shower?”

“Hey Helen!”

“Hey Adam!”

“She’s awesome, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, that’s why we need her to play for our team, duuuh!”

The banter continued between Adam and Helen as Kimberly header for the shower. As she opened the door, she remembered something she should ask.

“Hey, Adam, before I forget,” Kimberly said interrupting a particularly ribald remark, “Could you give me your wife’s phone number?”

“Hey yeah, get her on our team as well!”, Helen shot back, starting a fresh round of banter.

Kimberly gave up and stepped into the shower. As she adjusted the water temperature she felt a familiar hand on her naked, soapy body. She was going to miss breakfast after all.


The call to Chloe went to voicemail. Kimberly left a brief description of her experience and the type of job she was interested and that she would forward a full CV in the morning. This made her late for the appointment.

As the door swung open, Kimberly realized that her lateness would really not matter at all.

“Oh its you!”

“Oh!”, Kimberly was equally surprised. But it was obvious, the big deal Adam had been closing was the acquisition.

“Well that makes things more complicated.”

Kimberly’s boss was to be promoted to a job in HQ. She was Acting Manager with immediate effect and this would be made permanent at the start of the next pay cycle.

“You do know that I already manage the call center.”


“And you do know that I am looking for a job in San Francisco?”


“So why not promote me instead?”

“I just did.”

“To the job I am already doing.”

Adam sat back in his chair and said nothing for a while, his eyes closed in thought.

“At this point I can’t change this. I now know that you are looking for a transfer to HQ which I did not know when the decision was made. I also had sex with you two nights ago and we had a further date for tonight.”

“But that’s not fair.”

“Let me finish, I can’t change this, nor will anyone else. I can offer an interview but the decision is already made.”

“The interview would be in San Francisco?” that would be something at least.

“I think that would be more convenient for all concerned.”

Kimberly thought for a moment, why should she be upset about not being given a job they both knew she probably didn’t want?

“What do you mean ‘had a date’?”

After Kimberly left, his assistant came in.

“Are you sure you had the right file there?”, she asked.

“Quite sure.”

“You gave her the promotion?”

“Yes, is there a problem?”

“No, just wanted to check in case there was a mistake, but.”

“But, what?”

“If that is how she reacts to a promotion, I would hate to see what she was like if you laid her off.”

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