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The Flight of the Ugly Swan -- Chapter 3

Finally, I put that pesky virginity behind me.
After my brother-in-law gave me my first orgasm at the hands of anyone other than myself, I was hooked. Being a forty year old virgin is tough, but at least I now had something real to fantasize about. I know that sounds all backwards, but until then, I had only ever heard of or read about the things I fantasized about. Now I could remember and relive an event that actually involved me and someone else who took liberties with my body. I knew that I should have told my sister, Janice, about what Charles did, but I didn't. Instead, I began planning a vacation visit to their home in Wisconsin as they were leaving from their vacation to my parents house where I lived.

Three months later, during the early weeks of Autumn, I flew out of New England on my first flight in a commercial plane or in any aircraft for that matter. I had never been so far from home. That alone was exciting, but the prospect of learning more about what Janice and Charles could do for me was the real reason for my trip.

Their welcoming hugs were very arousing. It was clear that physical contact with me was on the agenda. I just didn't know how intense it would become. It was a long trip from the airport and I thought that Charles had to work early in the morning so I wasn't too disappointed when he went to bed early. I was on East Coast time so I stayed up talking with Sis.

I asked what she meant about helping me with my shyness. She got kind of philosophical and told me why being a woman was so complicated because of sex. This was territory we had never talked about before because sex was so embarrassing for me and sexuality was a taboo topic in our house when we were growing up. She said that overcoming shyness requires confidence and confidence requires experience. The problem is that experience is scary because sex starts out painful and because it requires a man and that's the reason for the shyness in the first place. I was in a vicious cycle of not gaining the experience I needed to develop confidence because I was afraid of the experience I needed to build confidence.

This is when she made the most astounding offer I could have imagined. "It's just sex," she said. "You just do it the first time and don't expect it to be very good and that way you won't be disappointed and you'll gain some experience. And as for overcoming the shyness, you could have sex with Charles right now and he would never even know it was you. He would think it was me or think it was a dream and forget all about before morning. I wouldn't mind and even if he learned it was you, he wouldn't mind. He likes you and your legs 'do it' for him."

You could have knocked me over with the wind from a blink. My heart was racing and my pussy was on fire. "H-h-h-how?", I asked. She explained what I needed to do to have "sleepy-time sex" with her husband.

"Why would you do this? Or let him do this? Or let me do this with him? Don't you love him?"

"Of course I love him. And I love you. That's why I would share him with you and you with him. I used to get what I wanted by being a bitch. Then something changed in Charles and I almost drove him away. Now I get what I want by being generous with what I can share. And I get so much more of what I want now."

Then she gave me a big warm hug and told me to have fun. She would wait in my room and be there to talk about it afterwards.

I changed into my nightshirt and, making sure that all the lights were off, I went into their bedroom and crawled under the covers on her side of the bed. I slid my nightshirt up and slowly eased my naked butt over and pressed it against his naked thigh. Apparently, this is some kind of thing they do. He didn't do anything at first so I wiggled my ass against him. He made pleasant sleep-sounding noise and I felt his hand come over and start rubbing my butt. It felt so good to feel his touch again.

His hand moved up under my night shirt and found my nipples as I felt the fronts of his thighs come up to meet the backs of mine. We were spooning! I had wanted to do that with a man for so long I was amazed at how easy it happened. Soon, I felt something warm between my buttcheeks and I realized that it could only be his growing cock. He didn't really seem awake, just an animal unconsciously getting ready to mate. It wasn't the conscious lovemaking that I wanted from a man, but it felt so primal and natural.

His hand came down from my inflamed nipples and pulled my upper leg over his. He slipped a finger down into my slit and it had to be as wet as it had ever been. He found my clitoris and began stroking around it. I was very scared that he was just going to stick his cock into me, but he seemed content to just keep stroking. Soon, I abandoned myself to the pleasure and started moaning softly. He picked up the pace a little and I had a quick and nervous but very intense orgasm.

I reached behind me and found his hard cock pressing against my backside. I couldn't believe I was actually finally touching one of these mysterious things. I guess I expected it to feel like a sausage, but I was surprised that it felt so warm and soft on the outside and so solid and alive on the inside.

It also felt big, but Sis had told me that it wasn't really that large and would only hurt a little at first. I resigned myself to the pain and turned onto my back, spreading my knees apart. He placed his cock against my slippery slit and wormed it around a little until it started going in. He pressed and it felt like I was going to split right open. I held back a scream and he pressed harder until it suddenly slipped deep inside me. I released a whimper and he stopped for a moment. I was afraid he was awake, but his breathing was very steady.

When the pain subsided, I wiggled around a little, feeling like I was stuck by a spear, but not in too much pain. His hand slid over my stomach and back to my clitoris again as he started rolling his hips around. The pleasure began to mix with the pain and as his thrusts became longer and deeper, I felt the fire return. Faster and harder he thrust into me and just as I had another orgasm, he started moaning. I had never heard such primal sounds from a man. I couldn't really tell when his cum came out, but after a few minutes he rolled back onto his back and started breathing very slowly and steadily again.

I slipped out of the bed and crept to the bathroom, feeling liquid ooze down my leg. I found only a little blood on my thighs but his cum was running down my leg. Mostly, my pussy was just raw and very slippery. It was a different kind of slippery.

When I came out of the bathroom, Sis was there and asked me, "How'd it go?" I gave her a big hug and thanked her and cried and felt great. I'd touched a real hard hot cock! I'd been fucked! I wasn't a virgin anymore. She tucked me into bed and kissed my forehead and told me that tomorrow we would talk about "other things" to boost my confidence. I was so excited, I didn't get to sleep for hours.

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