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The Flight of the Ugly Swan -- Chapter 4

After my sister becomes my mentor, I watch her get what she deserves.
I woke up knowing that my life would be different now. I was different now. I was no longer a virgin. It wasn't a very romantic way to get rid of my cherry, but it was gone. Getting fucked was checked off my bucket list. I was no longer eligible for all those satanic rituals that previously would have required my blood. I no longer had to fear that "Returned Unopened" would be my epitaph.

I got up early despite being so keyed up that I didn't sleep much. I felt as if I had tons of energy. Charles had to go into work, but it was only for a few hours and he slept late before leaving. Meanwhile, I showered and made breakfast for Janice and me. It felt good to walk around the house because the occasional minor pangs of overuse in my groin reminded me that I was different now.

Sis and I had planned to do some sightseeing and shopping, but I told Sis that I really wasn't sure I could do much walking because I was kind of sore. Losing your virginity is apparently something younger women recover more quickly from. So she said that we could do our sight-seeing and maybe even some of our shopping on the Internet. Then she told me that she wanted to talk about something very serious. She told me that she knew I was unhappy with my appearance and she wanted to know specifically why.

"Well isn't it obvious?"

"No, you have to be specific. I can help you gain some perspective if I know what you don't like about yourself."

So I started with my small tits. She responded by typing on her keyboard and soon she was showing me websites with photos of women with small tits. Some were even as small as mine. Some of these sites had comments under the photos and many men and women were complimentary about the lack of big mounds of breast flesh. The photos with the smallest tits got the most compliments.

So next I tried body hair. She was soon showing me photos of women who had more nipple hair, pubic hair, leg hair and armpit hair than I ever had. I do shave my legs and armpits if they're going to be seen in public.

So I told her that I thought I had a fat butt and she showed me sites dedicated to BBWs.

Next came my thick eyeglasses. "Well, you could just get contacts," she said. "But here's a site where every girl wears eyeglasses."

"I think I get your point, Janice."

"Geri, I don't think you do. My point is that men can't control their turn-ons and turn-offs. Many men are turned on by the features you thought were negatives. Those are only negatives for some men. The others would be at your mercy, if only they saw you flaunting those assets that you undervalue. The right positives for a particular guy can make negatives insignificant. So maybe we can find ways to attract the men who are attracted to the less mundane women. You're certainly not mundane, but as they say, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". I can help you find the right beholders. All you have to do is help me to bring out what they like to behold. We can start with your legs, since Charles is a leg man."

So she got out some of her old clothes that either never fit her or no longer fit her. One was a short black skirt. I'm not sure what it's called but it had big pleats like a fifties skirt. I think it was from her party days in the eighties. I could never picture myself wearing it, but she encouraged me to try it on. I turned to change in another room, but she said that was silly and I would relax faster if I just change in the room with her. I realized that she was probably right. So I dropped my shorts and put the skirt on.

"I see you've got the same hairy bush that I inherited from mom."

I was kind of embarrassed, so she dropped her shorts and showed me hers. She was wearing skimpy thong panties and I was wearing granny panties, so that made her seem even hairier.

"The hair goes all the way back in my ass-crack," she said. "But I think I'll be shaving it all off soon. Maybe tonight".

So I put on the skirt and it was clear that the waist was too small for her, but my waist is thinner. It's just my hips and ass that are big. I looked in the full length mirror and I had to admit that it showed off my legs better than my shorts did.

Next, she gave me some black sheer thigh hugging stockings with little designs in them. She'd bought two pairs the same size and stretched one out before realizing they were too small for her. I tried the other pair on and they were barely long enough so the tops were hidden by the skirt.

"That's what you want," she said. "If they see that you're wearing stockings instead of pantyhose, their eyes will follow you looking for a glimpse of bare flesh. Even though it's the same flesh they would see if you were wearing short shorts or a swimsuit, it becomes sexier when you're wearing a skirt and stockings."

Next came a pink sleeveless T-shirt, size small with the tag still on it. A wifebeater shirt she called it. It's a stretchy knit and it's supposed to be tight and shape-revealing.

"Gift, from someone who thought I was still a teeny-popper," was all she said.

I started unbuttoning my shirt and turned away from her. Of course, she could see my micro-boobs in the mirror and she said, "I've got thicker nipple hair. Charles says he likes it." Again I was embarrassed, but I pulled the shirt on. My hard nipples clearly showed as bumps in the fabric. It was like a second skin.

Soon she had my hair split into two loose pigtails, like a schoolgirl, and suddenly I saw where she was going with this look.

Finally, she gave me a pair of tiny bikini panties that had pink and white horizontal stripes. "I bought these for you," she said. "I hope they fit.

I took the tag off and put the panties on. They fit very well, but I was sure not used to having small panties. I felt naked under my skirt.

"I could never wear this outfit in public," I said.

"That's not the point of sexy clothing. As I said, people can't control what turns them on. If you wear this in private with the right person, you'll be irresistable. Let me take some pictures."

"No pictures. I don't want to be seen like this."

"Seen by who? Think about it, Geri. Who would see you like this that you would care about? Mom and Dad? That's not gonna happen. You've isolated yourself so much that almost nobody else matters to you. But this is just to help me show you how you can look as a flower. Flowers are showy to attract pollinators. You don't have to be showy all the time, but it helps to know how to be showy when you want to. Don't worry. I will give you complete control of the photos and any copies when we're done. Here, hold this notebook on your hip like you did in high school. No, don't cover your chest with it, hold it off to the side."

Soon she was snapping photos of me sitting and standing. She knew something about posing, because all of the photos looked natural, not stiff and awkward. She had me put on my highest shoes and we took more photos out in their very private backyard. Those were the best. I even let her take some upskirts after making her promise that she would delete them later. I sensed my panties getting wet, but I was so enjoying all the attention that I just kept posing.

Finally we got back inside and she told me what she wanted to do. It took some convincing, but it sounded exciting. We edited the photos so that my face was obscured. She fought to minimize the blurring and I fought to maximize it and we compromised. Finally, I had a portfolio of about 15 photos, all of them outdoor shots, with my odd body flaunted but my identity hidden. Several photos clearly showed how small my tits are and she said one in particular would make a great avatar. I wasn't quite sure what she meant, but I was soaking up all of this online culture. Even the most daring upskirt was included. It was a behind and below shot with me standing on a bench looking up into a tree and crouching slightly to give a view of my damp crotch. She even used the flash.

She set me at her computer and coached me on how to make a secret email address and how to build a profile on an erotic stories website where members could chat and send private messages and post photos. My user name was MicroBoobs69. Yes, I knew what 69 meant, but since it was also the year I was born, Janice thought it was a nice touch. This site opened a whole new world for me. I said in my bio that I was shy and inexperienced and interested in making friends. I told the truth about my age and that I just recently got rid of my virginity. I uploaded my photos and made them public. I showed my flat chest in my tight pink T as my avatar. I sent friend requests to some women and some men that Janice suggested to me as friends. I couldn't believe that I did all of this. There were photos of my hairy crotch in tiny panties on the Internet! I was really nervous about it, but I felt the security of anonymity and the pleasure of exhibitionism. She told me that if it ever got too scary, I could just delete my profile and reinvent myself with a new persona.

Janice left me on her computer to tour around the site and read stories and look at pictures. Some of them were incredibly graphic. There were small videos of lesbians and anal sex and BDSM and peeing and cocks cumming on beautiful faces and other things I had heard about, but never seen. Just watching cocks go into pussies and pull back out of them was fascinating. My panties were getting drenched while Janice was showering and getting dressed for when Charles returned with dinner.

I wanted to change out of this outfit before he got home and Janice told me that it would probably be best, because it might be better to be a witness and not a participant tonight. I didn't know what she meant, but even though I was extremely horny, I was concerned that more sex one day after losing my virginity might be too soon for me. I was still sore and raw feeling.

Nothing prepared me for what happened after dinner and I think Janice wanted it to be that way. We were having sweet after-dinner drinks while sitting in the living room. I never drank alcohol because the only drinks I had ever tasted were beer and Whiskey with coke. Janice talked me into trying Kahlua and Cream and I fell in love with it. She was dressed kinda sexy and I was dressed kinda normal and Charles was still dressed in business casual. She excused herself for a minute and then came back and knelt in front of Charles' chair. She presented a pretty collar in both of her open palms and said, "It would be my pleasure to serve you tonight, Sir."

WTF! She was really making their private business public as far as I was concerned, but I guess she knew she could trust me after I trusted her all afternoon.

Charles took the collar from her and said, "I love you, Janice." Then he kissed her passionately and fastened it around her neck. It seemed right then that his persona changed.

"Show it to Geri. Let her read the inscription." Usually when he gave a commanding statement, his delivery made it seem more like a suggestion. Those two commands were not suggestions. They were orders.

I read the inscription when she came over and knelt before me. "Ex-Bitch, Property of Charles - Spank Me If I Backslide" I felt my pussy getting wet as soon as I read it.

"Wow, Sis. This is kind of freaky."

"Don't worry, hon. Remember what I told you about getting my way."

"Stand and strip," Charles said. "Slaves have no need of modesty." I heard Janice gasp slightly, but she rose to comply. She kept the stockings and the collar and some other jewelry on, but in very little time, I was looking at my otherwise naked sister with her perky B-cup tits and her 46 year old body. She stripped as if her clothes belonged to the ground, letting them slide off her like they just didn't matter. I was envious of her beauty, but not of the position she was in at the moment. Or maybe I was beginning to be. This was all shockingly intense, but I could see from her hard nipples how aroused she was.

"I ordered you to shave your pussy before wearing your collar again. Get the chair."

Janice brought in a sturdy wooden chair from my room and placed it in the center of the room. Charles sat in it and she laid over his knees with her ass in the air. SMACK! He hit her on one ass cheek very hard.

"Ow! One. Thank you Sir."

"Hey!" I said. I only half wanted to stop this scene. It was turning me on, but it bothered me to see a man hitting a woman. I grew up to believe that was simply unacceptable under any circumstances.

Charles looked over at me like he would have stopped, but Janice said, "Please just watch and learn, Geri. I deserve this and if we don't get what we deserve, we won't be happy with each other."

I stayed silent as he laid nine more hard smacks on her and then paused to rub her ass cheeks. He started again and she resumed counting and thanking him. After twenty he stopped and told her he was finished, He kept rubbing her ass soothingly for a minute and then let her up.

"Thank you sir."

When she got up, the bulge in his pants was quite obvious.

"May I suck your cock, Sir?" Her question seemed to surprise him, but he quickly said yes. She knelt on the floor and unzipped his pants, freeing his hard cock so she could take most of it quickly into her mouth.

She stroked the shaft with one hand and bobbed her head around on the tip until he said, "Let me up and bend over the chair." He dropped his pants and shorts and stepped out of them. He knelt behind her and thrust his cock into her and it was clear that she must have been quite wet, because there was no hesitation as he slammed against her reddened asscheeks. She started to moan and I wanted so badly to rub my pussy, but I just watched as he pounded into her while she rubbed her clit. When she came, it was as if she forgot anyone else was in the room. Her lusty writhing as she met his thrusts was so hot I didn't notice how my hand had just sneaked between my legs and caressed my pussy through my clothing. Wave after wave seemed to crash into her until Charles started making the soul-stirring sound that I heard the night before as he pumped his passion into her.

When they broke apart, she turned and he stood. Without saying a word, she began to lick his cock clean. He told her to remain naked until her pussy was "up to spec" and then went into their home office.

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