The Flight of the Ugly Swan -- Chapter 5

By 1ball

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Janice reveals the power of submissiveness to me.
Janice looked at me and said, "Will you help me shave my pussy?" I had just seen my sister bent over a wooden chair and fucked hard after being spanked and my mind was reeling. I'd pulled my hand out of my crotch before either of them had noticed it and now I was horny as a goat and stunned at how she and my brother-in-law had acted in front of me. Now she was on her knees on the carpet naked while I sat in a comfy chair in their living room.

"Um, what just happened?", I asked.

"I got what I desired."

"You desired to strip in front of me, get spanked and get er... penetrated in front of me?"

"The word you were looking for is 'fucked', Geri. You can say it. We're both big girls now. And yes to all you said. You noticed that I offered to wear the collar freely didn't you?"

"Yes, Janice, but I don't understand why. You used to be so feminist and what I just saw sets women's rights back 100 years."

"That had nothing to do with women's rights and everything to do with having a working relationship with my man. Charles would defend my rights as vigorously as his own and he would not deny me any right that he claimed for himself. It took some hard work to break him of the habit of ignoring my bad behavior. Now I can use bad behavior and submissiveness as ways to get my desires fulfilled. The women's rights movement can kiss my happy ass if they expect me to give back what I've gained by wearing a collar."

"This seems all backwards. It seems to me like you only lose by being a slave and letting Charles be so selfish."

"I know this might be hard to understand, Geri, but you've got it backwards. The dominant person in a relationship will either fulfill the needs of the submissive person or the relationship will fall apart. The slave must only do what it takes to earn the fulfillment of her needs."

"Wow! This is too much. You're saying that by wearing that collar, you have as much control over Charles as he has over you?"

"Yes. Charles controls the course of events, but I put the events on the menu. I earned that spanking by disobeying an order that I planned to follow anyway. Charles knew that I wanted to shave my pussy and that I wanted him to order me to do it. The dominant person learns what orders the slave needs to hear. He alsounderstood that not shaving after he ordered me to meant that I also desired a spanking. We both know that a spanking will get both of us very horny, so we had great sex because he gave me the spanking that I earned. Clear?"

"I'm gonna have to mull that over in my mind for a while. But I don't understand why you have to shave your, um..."

"The word is pussy, Geri. Pusssss-eeeeee. You can say it. And I don't have to shave it, but we'll keep coming back to what I told you before, Charles can't control what turns him on, but by doing what turns him on, I can get my desires fulfilled. It's the same reason women dress in what I call slutwear. Because it works."

This is give and take stuff. I used to be a taker. I demanded what I wanted and I was never satisfied and I always acted as if my way was the only way and I didn't need to put out anything to get it. Charles walked out that door once and he was ready to never look back. He gave up on ever being able to please me. I had to rearrange my definition of what pleased me and I had to make it possible for him to please me and I had to earn his respect by making damn sure that I was giving him what he desired while getting what I desired. My desire is for flattering attention and good sex. You saw me get both tonight. I thought you were going to cum right along with us."

"Oh geez. I didn't think you saw that. It was just so hot watching his... thing go in and out of you."

"It's called a cock, Geri. You can say that too. One day, when you write and post the story of your first sexual experiences, these words will be the staples of the story. So try it."

"His...his cock. It was making your insides come out a little when he pulled it out and making your outsides go in a little when he pushed it in. And it was so wet!"

"You should see what happens with a really big cock. But that's for some other time. In the meantime, will you help me shave? I always seem to miss a few hairs."

"Sure, I'll help." I was curious about how she would look shaved as smooth as some of the women in the photos on the website.

Sis got some supplies and I watched as she shaved her freshly fucked pussy. When she thought she was done she gave me the razor and asked me to look it over closely and carefully and to shave off any hair she missed. It was so weird seeing her all spread out and seeing her asshole and everything. It felt even more weird to touch her so intimately as I shaved off the few spots she had missed. I was pushing my thumb near the top of her slit to stretch the skin out for better shaving when I felt a pea sized hard little bump slip under her folds. I rolled my thumb back across it twice to make sure it was really there. "Hey!" she said with a laugh, "You're getting a little personal there. If you keep that up, you'll have to keep that up a while longer."

"Is that your clitoris?" I asked. "It's so much smaller than mine."

"Well, they're like cocks. They come in all sizes, but I think mine is pretty typical."

After I finished making her all smooth, she told me that a "smoothie" would make a nice touch for my little schoolgirl look. "We can take before and after pics and you can post them to your profile so that only your friends can see. You can also save the most intimate pics to send directly to special friends. And if you don't like it or if you find a lover who likes you hairy, you can just grow it back."

I wasn't sure I wanted to be smooth shaven, but then I realized that Charles would be able to tell it was me if I still had hair and his wife didn't. I was hoping to get another night of sleepy-time sex with him. So I pulled off my shorts and granny panties and after she took a few pics, I started shaving off my bush. She took pics all along and when I was done, Janice found lots more places to shave on me than I did on her. When she saw my clit, she said, "Wow, that really is big. It's like a little dick. Do you frig it with one finger or pull it with two fingers?"

"Now who's getting personal? Actually, I do both," I said with an embarrassed smile. My clit protrudes from my pussy lips when I'm aroused and tucks in out of sight when I'm not. The tip swells to about the size of a marble. I didn't know I had one more thing that made me not normal until I saw so many explicit pussy pics.

Sis wasn't shy about touching me as she carefully shaved all the spots I missed. When she smeared a little shave cream around my asshole, I let a moan slip out. When she was done, she wiped me with a wet cloth and then rubbed baby oil all over. It felt great, especially when she rubbed a little on my asshole and I moaned again.

My clit was full size from all the stimulation she was giving me and when I saw her pretty nipples so close as she was finishing up the oil rub, something came over me and I reached up and touched one. She froze and I was afraid I was making her angry, but I looked at her face and saw this dreamy smile so I reached for the other one with my other hand. I started to pinch and tug them like I did with mine when I masturbated. The next thing I knew, she had her face buried in my smooth crotch and her tongue was sliding into my hole. I pushed my hand against her forehead and said, "Janice, we're sisters!"

She looked up at me with her "I'm being naughty, wanna play?" face and said "Why should lesbian sex be limited to women who aren't related? It's not like we'll be contaminating the gene pool." Then she brushed one finger against my asshole and all of my resistance evaporated. Soon she was sucking and licking my clit while two fingers were thrusting in and out of my ass. Her face was getting totally coated with my juices and her other hand was up my shirt tweaking one of my tiny hard hairy nipples. The orgasm that had been building all day pounced on me like a tiger and my sister's face rode my crotch like a rodeo cowboy as I shook and shuddered beneath her while her tongue and lips brought me the soul-wrenching release that I have since learned only a woman's mouth can provide.

Janice took a few more photos of my slick puffy-lipped pussy afterward, the first few with her fingers still in my ass. I didn't know what the protocol was for returning the favor after your sister just gave you the first and therefore best cunnilingus of your life, but Sis had definitely earned the best I could offer.

"Ummmm, your turn?" I asked.