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The Game's Ultimate Prize - Chapter 2

A married couple's journey into the angst and ecstacy of dominance and submission.
Chapter 2: Excitement and Tragedy

At that moment, I was almost as shocked as Angela and Chad. This was the farthest that the vixen, my wife Ashley, had ever pushed our game. Not only was it the farthest, but it was by far the most public. My stomach was tied in a knot. My mind was a swirl of conflicting thoughts of embarrassment and offense, mixed with a tingling surge of adrenaline. I was obviously aroused, as my cock was still at full attention. Keeping my head down, I watched as Ashley grabbed the bewildered Chad by the collar of his jacket and turned for the exit. As she turned, the vixen commanded in a not so quiet voice, "Pay your tab driver, pick up my jacket, and bring the car to the door. Don't keep Mr. Brockton and I waiting long, or your punishment will be double tonight." My eyes gave her a look, but she was ambivalent to me at the moment. Her eyes were ablaze with a look of dominance and excitement.

As they reached the door, I grabbed Ashley's jacket from the table next to me, and still blushing, I turned towards Anthony and Angela. I handed my credit card to Anthony who didn't say anything, and went to ring up our tab. Angela quickly collected herself, and commented, "I have never seen a scene like that. It was shocking and hot at the same time."

I looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "You weren't offended by that little game, Angela?"

Her face lit up. "I like games." She quickly took a business card out of her billfold. "Call me some time Ronnie. I am not a powerful woman like your wife, if she really is your wife, but I think you are an attractive and engaging man. I enjoyed your company tonight."

"She really is my wife, Angela. I am flattered by your comments, but I am a married man. I enjoyed your company very much as well, and thank you for not being too judgmental, especially to my face." I reached out to shake her hand. Angela took my hand and rose on her toes and gave me a kiss on the cheek, lifting her left foot off the floor as her lips met my skin. Interesting, I thought to myself. The blushing face was now glowing. Meeting Angela had been a most unexpected surprise to my evening.

Anthony returned with my credit card. "Good night Ronnie. Nice to meet you, and thanks. This has been one of the more entertaining nights since I started working here." He raised his eyebrows to emphasize his point. I signed the tab, making sure to tip Anthony very well.

"Good night and nice to meet you Anthony. And you too Angela." I nodded to the pretty blond as I headed out the side door to the parking lot, where my 2013 Lincoln MKS was parked. I thought to myself that Angela was indeed an interesting woman, open minded and attractive to boot. Too bad, I may never see her again. We had only been to Luxies a couple of times previously to play our game before in the past 18 months.

I threw Ashley's jacket in the backseat of the Lincoln and tried to clear my head. I needed to heed her admonishment not to keep her waiting, but she had taken this game to a level we have never experienced before. We started playing games about five years ago, and last year I had agreed to be cucked. I had many reservations about being a cuckold, the biggest being Ashley meeting someone she would rather spend her life with instead of me. I reluctantly agreed to my wife's desires, but I was never to meet my wife's lovers. That was my choice, and she had agreed. She also agreed to never spend the night with her lovers. We had been to the Luxies Club twice before where she teased me like tonight, by picking out a man and dancing with him. On those two occasions, they never interacted with me, and left the club together. While they were dancing, I felt a rush of excitement, and my body was charged. Seeing my wife in the arms of another man was a big turn on for me. However, then she would go on to the home of her stud for the evening and bring a cab home later that night. On both of those nights, I endured strong feelings of jealousy and heartbreak. The pain in my heart of seeing my Ashley leave with another man was strong, and unlike a physical pain, it leaked into my mind and lingered there for hours. However, when she arrived home those two nights, we made love until daybreak and our time then was the most physically passionate that we had ever spent together.

I wondered where she was taking this tonight. I was very concerned, but in a strange way excited and turned on. I did not want to face her conquest, Chad, tonight, but it looked like I had no other alternative. My heart was reeling, my stomach was churning, but my cock had a mind of its own. In my own mind, I envisioned the well known masks of theater, Comedy and Tragedy, except I was replacing Comedy with Excitement. Excitement and Tragedy. My mind, my heart, and yes, my soul were being tormented by those two masks.

I pulled the Lincoln to the front of the Luxies Club. Taking a deep breath, I exited my driver's door and walked around the front of the car to the side rear door. Opening that door, I lowered my head, "Mistress Ashley, if you please." Ashley kept looking at Chad but said to me, "You are lucky driver, 10 seconds more and the whip was going to come out tonight." That certainly sent a charge of concern through my head, and excitement through my cock. It was always the case when she even talked about the whip. Ashley took her time and made a grand display of entering the back seat in front of the small gathering at the Luxies Club front door. Her legs spread wide and red skirt hiked high as she sat down. Whew, thank God she was wearing a thong, albeit a very tiny black thong.

I continued to stand holding the door. Chad must not have been the brightest bulb in the world. Ashley was sliding to the other side of the back seat. As she did so, she leaned forward, her full breasts on display. She was licking her lips, and pointing her finger at Chad and curling it back to herself, encouraging him to enter the back seat of my Lincoln. Chad looked at her, and then looked at me, and stood dead in his tracks. A deer on the road was not frozen any more than Chad at that moment. Finally, I looked down and said, "Mr Brockton, Mistress Ashley wishes you to join her in the back seat." I wanted to get out of there before the crowd at the front door got any larger. I closed the back door as Chad sat down in the back seat.

This was totally new. Ashley and I enjoyed games at home with each other. Some were role playing, with me submissively catering to her every need. Some were more physical. I have a high tolerance for pain. Ashley seemed to enjoy inflicting pain. She first started with her fingers and teeth, but then we bought a paddle which she used with delight on my ass. We recently bought a whip. Even though Ashley has referred to using the whip like tonight, we had never actually used it. And finally our fantasy games mixed with reality, when she would cuck me for an evening, and then come home to tell me all about it, and it was my job to ensure that she was pleasured until exhaustion. Never had we actually included someone directly with us. Even in my fantasies, I had not envisioned someone like Chad Brockton joining us. My first impression was that of an oaf. He appeared to be a massively hung oaf, but an oaf nonetheless. Much of the fun of our games came from the playful banter between the two of us. In the last ten minutes, I had not heard Chad utter a word. I am sure that Ashley's attraction to Chad was not due to his creative dialog.

I did not want to go through with this. I did not get a good vibe from this Chad guy. While it was hot viewing them on the dance floor at Luxies, I had no desire to see my wife with another man. I did love and trust Ashley though. She had never pushed me into something I couldn't handle. Besides, I knew I had an out. So with all these conflicting thoughts, I took another deep breath and entered the car through the driver door. Ashley and Chad were in the back kissing, passionately lost with each other. After watching them for a moment, I coughed and said, "Mistress Ashley, Mr Brockton where is your destination tonight?"

"All three of us are going to the same destination tonight, driver. Chad, give the driver your address so he can put it in the GPS. Driver, you will take us to Chad's home." Ashley didn't look up once, and her lips barely left Chad's face as she spoke. She lifted her lips to Chad's ear and whispered something to him.

"Put 2312 Cromwell Lane, Sprindale, IL in your GPS driver. And don't let your ass dawdle in getting your wife and me to our destination. I intend to give her the fucking of her lifetime tonight." With his first words, Chad made sure that he forever would be at the top of my "big asshole" list. He made no attempt to even try to acknowledge the game we were playing. As I looked in the mirror, he began nuzzling into Ashley's neck. I began to turn around to say something to the asshole, when Ashley looked at me with pleading eyes and put her fingers to her lips. She obviously wanted to continue playing this game. Excitement and Tragedy. Did I really want to continue? I swallowed my words, and turned around in my seat to plug the address into the GPS. Thankfully, Chad lived less than fifteen minutes from Luxies. I put the car into drive and pulled into the street.

During our drive to Chad's home, traffic was steady. I had to focus on the road, but I could not keep my eyes off the rear view mirror, watching Chad and my wife make out in the back seat. Their tongues were dancing in each other's mouth. Their hands were roaming. Ashley slid her hand inside Chad's jacket over his chest. Chad was massaging Ashley's inner thigh. Damn she did look hot, and twice I caught myself just in time before rear ending a car in front of us. As we pulled into Chad's subdivision, I smirked to myself. At least the asshole's home was much more modest than our own. These were simple lots with small yards and two car garages. I wondered what law Chad practiced. I slowed as we pulled onto his street, and looked in the mirror again. I could see Chad's hand was under Ashley's skirt, rubbing her pussy over her thong. Ashley's hand was rubbing Chad's erect cock through his slacks. Their tongues had not stopped dancing. I pulled into Chad's driveway wondering what Ashley had next up her sleeve.

As I put the car into park, I heard the sound of a zipper being unzipped slowly. I looked into the mirror to see Ashley's hand reaching into Chad's pants. This was way more than I bargained for this evening. The sight was hotter than hell, but all I wanted to do was get out of the car and run. I reached to open the door, but I froze when my eyes saw Ashley starting to pull Chad's cock out of his pants. I heard her gasp as it sprang free of his zipper, and I could see her hand squeezing it. It was huge. No doubt about that. Chad's cock was thick and very hard, extending straight up with a large mushroom head. Chad's lips were in a smirk as he saw both me and Ashley staring at his cock. Ashley's eyes were glued to his cock. As she squeezed him, she was slowly stroking him up and down. I turned around to look over the seat, my eyes squarely focused on the hand of my wife, wrapped around another man's cock. My eyes focused on the bright, shiny object around my wife's finger, slowly rubbing against Chad's shaft as she stroked him. The shiny object was the wedding ring I had slipped onto her finger the day we were married. The words popped into my head, "For better or for worse. Excitement and Tragedy."

"No mas!" The words blurted out of my mouth instinctively. My heart couldn't take it anymore, I had to say it. With expectant eyes, I watched Ashley's hand. To my painful surprise, she did not immediately release Chad's shaft, but appeared to be squeezing him harder and slightly faster. Her eyes glazed, she slowly lowered her head, and her lips glistening with bright red lipstick began to kiss the purple head of Chad's cock. Chad's eyes grew wide in delight, and he began to thrust his hips.

This time I shouted, "NO MAS!" Yes, "no mas" is the Spanish equivalent of "no more". For Ashley and I, it also had another meaning. "No mas" was our safe word. When we were playing games, we agreed to use the phrase, no mas, if either one of us wanted to stop what was going on, or to talk through our concerns and feelings. In the five years of fantasizing and playing games, I had used the phrase once before, and Ashley had never used it.

I was the one who came up with the "no mas" word, or phrase if you will. As a lad, I was all about sports and competition. Growing up, muscular was never a word used to describe my physique. Wiry was perhaps a better choice then. But I loved competition, and during my grade school years the sport of boxing was in the middle of a renaissance with talented and competitive boxers. In 1980, two of the premier boxers of that era, Roberta Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard Jr. fought two epic championship matches. Duran had won the first fight in a glorious fifteen round battle. But in the second fight, Duran famously said to the referee, "No mas, No mas" in the 8th round and the fight was stopped and the title belt was awarded to Leonard. There was great debate at the time if Duran had wimped out in the middle of his fight. There was also speculation that Duran had eaten too much the day of the fight, and was suffering from stomach cramps and simply needed to go to the bathroom. For me, "no mas" was the perfect safe word. If I was wimping out, or just simply couldn't take the situation anymore, "no mas" was a clear statement that I needed to stop.

After the "no mas" came out of my mouth this second time, Ashley shook her head, and slowly removed her hand from Chad's cock. Even without her hand squeezing him, it obscenely pointed skyward, plainly throbbing. "What in the world is going on now," Chad asked with a cocky, agitated tone in his voice.

Ashley put a finger to Chad's lips and softly said, "Ronnie and I need to talk. We need to talk right now."

"You have got to be fucking kidding me," the big oaf replied. "You are stopping to talk to the driver?"

"No mas is a phrase that Ronnie and I use to make sure we are all right. Yes, tonight Ronnie is my driver. But outside of tonight, Ronnie is my husband. If you can't deal with that Chad, then you can just say goodnight right now."

Chad looked very confused. I was sure this conversation was about six feet over his head right now. He also had a raging hard-on that obviously was clouding the few brain cells remaining after all the shots he had consumed. "Fuck Ashley, what am I supposed to do?"

"Wait here in the seat Chad. I will tell you what we are doing in a couple of minutes." Turning to face me, Ashley with hard eyes said, "Ronnie, let's step outside the car and have this discussion." With that, I could not exit the car fast enough. Ashley exited out the rear door of the car, leaving a bewildered and frustrated Chad in the back seat, his cock still standing at full attention.

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