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The Game's Ultimate Prize - Chapter 3

A married couple's journey into the angst and ectasy of dominance and submission.
Communication is the key. I have heard that from so many people. Grandparents, parents, siblings, clergy, and friends. Communication is the key to a successful marriage. It must be true because so many people say it is true. When we started playing our games, the communication between Ashley and I vastly improved. We began to share more intimate thoughts, desires, and behaviors that we liked and disliked. Our topics began with sexual fantasies, but progressed to non-sexual topics as well. We talked openly about each other's feelings on having children, our own career aspirations, and even how we felt about the in-laws. We were both much more open about our feelings to each other now, than when we first married. As I exited the car, I was anticipating having just that type of open conversation with my wife.

It was a warm, still night, and many stars shone bright in the early autumn sky. How I wished tonight was a night that Ashley and I could enjoy just the two of us. I had agreed to tonight's games after telling Ashley I was going to be on a two day golf trip with my college buddies. The games were to be my penance for leaving her alone for two days. We had done this twice before.

After being gone for two days, I would go to Luxies at the designated time, and Ashley would arrive about thirty minutes later to pick out her stud for the night. I would watch Ashley and her stud mingle, and then dance. After dancing a while, the two of them would leave, and I would drive myself home.

Like tonight, the previous two times Ashley had been very tantalizing on the dance floor. I found myself extremely aroused to see my wife openly flirting with another man. Of course, no one else in the bar knew that she was my wife, until she changed the game tonight. Why had she changed the game tonight? That question, among others, was one I hoped to answer now.

We both walked to the back of the Lincoln. There was a couple walking past the house on the sidewalk. I judged them to be in their late twenties and married, as the man was pushing a baby stroller, and the woman leading a small Shih Tzu by a leash and collar. I chuckled at the irony of the dog on the collar and my own impending conversation with my wife. I also noticed the look of surprise on the wife's face, and the staring, grinning face on the husband.

Following their eyes to Ashley, I realized she was still in her sensual outfit of stilettos, high stockings, and her short red skirt. I really, really loved this outfit, especially the short bright red skirt. The husband veered off the sidewalk, pushing the stroller into the grass as he continued to stare at my vixen of a wife. That was Ashley, she was always able to turn a male's head, and many females as well. I would love to hear that couple's comments when they got home. I wondered if they knew Chad.

"So what gives, Ronnie, why the safe word?" Ashley asked in a somewhat condescending voice that quickly refocused my attention back to the moment.

"Ash, you changed the game tonight. We have always agreed on these nights that you are to leave alone with your lover. You know I have no desire to watch you with another man. It's hard enough to endure the mixed feelings while you are gone with someone else. Oh, and another thing, why did I have to say the safe word twice? We had agreed on immediately stopping play and talking through what was happening when either of us uttered the safe word. Something is different tonight about you, and I am not getting a good vibe."

Ashley sounded almost perturbed when she answered. "I'm sorry I made you have to say the safe word two whole times. Frankly, I don't think I heard you the first time. I was having so much fun with Chad's cock in my hand; my hearing may have been a little bit off." She added a not so friendly wink as an exclamation.

"As for including you in my play, I thought you had really gotten involved tonight. You should have seen the tent in your pants as Chad and I walked off the dance floor to you. Ronnie, your eyes were blazing with heat when we were talking. When you played the driver role, holding the door for us at Luxies, I thought you were so into the game. Having you hold the door and invite me and my lover to enter the back seat sent tingles up and down my spine. The best though, was seeing your face in the mirror watching me stroke Chad's hard tower of manhood. Your eyes were glued to my hand and his cock, admit it. He is awfully big, isn't he?"

I realized she was baiting me, so I let the "big" comment slide. "Ash, again we had agreed and that has always been one of my conditions. You take your lovers and have your fling by yourself. I do not want to be included."

"Okay, Ronnie okay. But you can't deny that you were turned on when you watched me kiss Chad and play with his cock. I just thought you were so tuned into the game playing, and so turned on, we could take our games to the next step tonight."

"No, I do not want that. I will not be humiliated in that way."

"Fine Ronnie, I'm not going to stand out here in this Chad's driveway and argue with you all night. You don't have to watch."

Slightly surprised by the innuendo of her comment, I asked "You are going to stay with this asshole now? Haven't you had enough game playing for one night?"

"You are not going to ruin this night for me Ronnie. Yes, we agreed that you wouldn't watch, but we also agreed that I would take a lover tonight. Yes, the game playing with you is now over, but now I want my lover. Stay or go, it's your choice."

I didn't hesitate. I walked to the back door of the car, opened the door and motioned for Chad to exit, saying, "Outta the car, asshole." Chad's cock was limp now, but hanging out of his pants as the big oaf slid across the back seat and exited from the back of the Lincoln.

With a bewildered face, Chad looked to Ashley and said, "What in the world is going on? I thought we were going to fuck and make him watch." My head turned on a swivel to look at Ashley, a fiery glare on my face. "Yes, Chad, we are going to fuck, and we are going to fuck nice and long, but the driver has decided to leave for now. Isn't that right driver?" Ashley grabbed her jacket from the back seat, and then clutched Chad's hand and his arm. If I hadn't been so pissed, I would have laughed. The big oaf looked the part, standing there in his suit, with my wife wrapped around one of his arms and his cock hanging out of his slacks. What an oaf.

With that, I turned and got back in the car, and put the car in reverse. Before backing down the drive, I could see Ashley exaggerate the swivel of her hips, exposing the bottom curve of her ass cheeks as she and Chad walked up the drive. I went ahead and backed into the street. Putting the car into drive, I sped down the street away from Chad's house. I could not leave his place fast enough. Upset and totally focused on getting quickly away, I did not see Ashley turn around, a sad and sullen look on her face, with a tear dropping from her eye and slowly traveling down her cheek.

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