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The Game's Ultimate Prize - Chapter 5

The Game's Ultimate Prize - Chapter 5

A married couple's journey into the angst and ecstasy of dominance and submission.

Chapter 5 - Bilingual

Ashley had been worried when walking into the Luxies Club tonight. When eyeing the crowd in the bar, she could not find a man that fit her profile. On her previous trips to Luxies there were plenty of men that were her age or older than her with strong physiques and totally take charge attitudes. Tonight’s candidates had mostly been younger. She was relieved, and excited, when her eyes settled on Chad after scouring the bar. She guessed that he was maybe five years younger than her, but his mature appearance, broad shoulders and cocksure attitude made him a likely source of what she craved. Ashley sensed that Chad could deliver tonight what she needed to satisfy her desires.

Chad did not notice the tear on Ashley’s face as Ronnie sped away in his Lincoln. The feelings of power and dominance since she entered The Luxies Club left Ashley wanting more of a role for Ronnie in tonight’s game. She wanted to include him in the night. At the club, and in the car, Ronnie seemed to be really getting into the role of the driver. When Ronnie used the safe word and left her alone with Chad, Ashley was feeling extremely disappointed and afraid. She was disappointed because she was in the zone and feeling that sexual high, and Ronnie leaving had put a damper on her high. Ashley was afraid that she had really hurt Ronnie’s self-esteem and feelings. On her previous nights’ out, there had never been a moment of conflict like the one she and Ronnie had just shared. Then again, she had never engaged Ronnie with her partner for the night. Why did Ronnie send her those mixed messages tonight? How could she so miss what Ronnie was thinking? Ashley was now feeling mixed emotions about the whole night.

"Ashley?" Chad tapped Ashley on the shoulder and interrupted her thoughts. As Ashley turned around, she wiped the tear from her cheek, as if wiping a speck of dust from her eye. Ashley knew she had to tell Chad that she needed to leave and go be with her husband. She knew she had already hurt Ronnie's feelings.

As they stood on the front stoop of Chad's home, Chad did not say another word. He didn't give Ashley a chance to speak either. With his strong hand, Chad grabbed Ashley's long hair and pulled her head close to his, pressing his warm lips hard into Ashley's lips. As Ashley tried to speak, Chad's tongue entered her open lips, deeply exploring her melting mouth. Chad's other hand wrapped around Ashley and puller her tight to him, and Ashley could feel Chad's cock hardening again against her. Ashley's emotions were reeling, and her mind could only think how good that large, hard cock had felt in her hands in the car.

At that moment Ashley's desire wrested control, and she was beholden to her lust and need for Chad's physical control. Ashley's mind put aside her feelings of angst for Ronnie, and gave way to a flood of physical desire and that warm electric current flowing between her thighs. She was focused now on the man strongly holding her in his arms.

Without speaking, Chad took Ashley by the hand and led her through the door and into his house. Chad took Ashley’s jacket, and hung it in his coat closet. He brought her into a spacious living area, grabbed her by the waist, and they kissed deeply with their tongues twirling in each other’s mouth. Just as quickly as he had started, he again grabbed Ashley by her hair and broke the kiss and told her to sit on the large sofa. It was then she noticed how impressively the living area was adorned. Two large black leather sofas were complimented with dark cherry wood end tables. On each of the tables were unlit brass lamps and small ivory sculptures of unclothed women in provocative poses. The recessed track lighting in the ceiling provided a glow to the room. There was a large black and white portrait above the fireplace. The portrait was of a muscular man clothed only in tattered jeans with his back to the room. The man was in a tight embrace with a woman with no visible clothing, yet one could only see the woman’s head, arms, and legs. Their arms were wrapped around each other and, one of the woman’s legs was draped over the thigh of the man. Ashley made a note to herself to ask Chad who did his interior decorating. Based on their short conversations that night, Ashley was sure there was no way that Chad had decorated the room.

As Ashley watched from her seat on the leather sofa, Chad quickly removed his tie, and he began to unbutton the buttons on his shirt. His eyes were slowly taking in Ashley as she sat, traveling slowly from the stiletto heels, up her black stocking clad legs, to the short pleated bright red skirt that barely was covering her small thong. His eyes slowly took in the white blouse unbuttoned just enough to show off the round curves of her natural cleavage. He noticed the heart shaped gold pendant hanging from her gold chain necklace, and then locked into those blazing green eyes he had admired at Luxies. Ashley observed that Chad was sizing up his prey. She found that her breathing had quickened, and she thought that Chad could probably now hear her heart beating from four feet away. The anticipation of fucking this man was Ashley’s only thought now. Her memory of Ronnie, currently driving back to their home, was tucked way back in the recesses of her mind.

Ashley’s pussy was wet from the action in the car on the way to house, but the heat meter went way up in Chad’s living area. While Ashley had been in control on the dance floor and in the car, Chad had wrested that control from her when they entered the house. The masculine feel to the living area and the hot embrace depicted in the picture above the mantel had raised the fiery desire within Ashley to a new height. The two had spoken no words since entering the house. Ashley liked it better that way. No pretenses or hyped expressions. They both knew why they were in Chad’s living area.

Chad removed his shirt and threw it on the other sofa. His hand rubbed up his body, over his pecs, and he tweaked each of his nipples with his fingertips. Ashley gasped and noted how erect each nipple appeared. She could feel her own nipples harden under her blouse. She knew they were visibly jutting against her blouse as she sat in the sofa. Without consciously thinking, Ashley uncrossed her legs and slowly crossed them again. Her stiletto shoe ended up dropping off her heel and dangled from her toes. Chad’s eyes were glued to Ashley’s eyes during this whole silent interaction. There were no words, but the communication was clear and both of them knew what was going to happen.

Chad turned from Ashley and bent down towards the fireplace. He grabbed a lighter from the floor of the fireplace and deliberately lit five black and white candles of various heights resting in the fireplace. Chad then rose and turned, and without looking at Ashley walked to the back of the room. His back still to her, he reached and flicked a switch on the wall. The recessed track lighting turned off and the room became very dark. Ashley could see the flickering of the candles in the fireplace, but they did not emit much light into the room. Even as her eyes adjusted, Ashley could just make out the shadowy figure of Chad in the back of the room, but couldn’t see the details of his face nor the cut muscles in his back.

Chad reached and flicked a second switch. Ashley was startled by a flash of light, similar to the flash of a camera but not near as bright. After a moment passed, two back to back flashes occurred. Ashley couldn’t see the lamps where the flashes occurred, but she thought they were pointed into the upper corners of the room. The effect was the flash of light illuminated the room but the flash did not momentarily blind your eyes. The inconsistent pattern of flashes simulated the strobe effect of a lightning storm outside. Ashley’s excitement heightened, she loved the chaos of thunderstorms.

Chad reached yet again and Ashley could hear a third switch flip. Almost immediately, an advanced system flooded the room with sound. A loud and distinct rhythmic bass sound started, but was not overly loud to be abusive to one’s thoughts and ears. Spoken words to the beat began and Ashley immediately recognized the song as Bilingual, and she shivered from the sensation of her pussy getting even wetter. She loved to fuck to this song. This certainly was not a song to make love to, but this was a song inspired fucking. One had to only hear the lyrics to understand. Ashley thought to herself that the stage had certainly been set by Chad. She was ready for the main event.

But where was Chad? Ashley could not find his silhouette anywhere in the room. She heard a door closing and the clink of some glasses, and then she could see Chad walking back into the room. The strobe effect was in full force as he walked. Ashley could see his images popping up in a path back to the front of the couch. Chad set the tray down on the end table. It was difficult to see in the flashing light, but Ashley recognized a liquor decanter which she correctly thought to be Patron, two shot glasses, a salt shaker, and a small dish of cut up limes.

“My turn,“ Chad exclaimed confidently. He bent on his knees in front of Ashley, placing his body between her knees and making her spread her thighs. As she did so, Ashley could feel her skirt rise and expose her thong. She was sure it was soaked at this point. Ashley tried to reach for Chad’s head with her hand, but he swatted it away and placed his left hand at the base of her throat. He wasn’t squeezing or choking her, but just holding her back against the back of the couch. While he stared into her eyes, he reached for the tray with his right hand, and grabbed an object. As his hand brought the object closer, a surge of adrenaline ran through Ashley fueled by both fear and excitement as she was able to recognize the object in Chad’s hand to be a small knife. Ashley was too frozen in the moment to feel afraid, but she was excited beyond belief.

Chad grabbed the neckline of Ashley’s blouse and pulled it high and away from her body. He slowly brought the knife to neckline edge of the blouse and sliced it down and away, in effect cutting the blouse from Ashley’s body. Most of this Ashley heard as there were only a couple of light flashes while Chad sliced the blouse. Ashley did not speak but thought to herself that she should send Chad her Macy’s bill. She just bought the blouse yesterday. It was a fleeting thought however because Chad was pulling the blouse away from her body and her breasts were fully exposed to him. Her large nipples were fully erect, and hard. She felt Chad reach down and squeeze her right nipple with his left hand. Ashley loved her nipples to be squeezed by the hand of a strong man. As Chad rhythmically squeezed again and again with his left hand, he again reached to the tray and pulled up another object, this time Ashley could not make out what was in his hand.

Ashley heard the sound first, like a tiny wire trap being set, and then she felt the rush of pain from her nipple. A sharp pain surged through her body. Ashley tried to reach to grab whatever was the inflicting the pain, but Chad caught her hands.

“Don’t touch it. It’s a clamp. I have another.”

Ashley felt Chad squeeze her left nipple with his fingers, and then heard the same wiry sound, and felt the same surge of pain. But this time it wasn’t as sharp, perhaps because she was prepared. She noticed that he hadn’t reached to the tray for the second clamp, but seemed to pick it out of the air. She looked down and in a flash of light saw a chain connecting the two clamps. As the seconds passed, Ashley felt the exhilarating sensation of passing between pain and pleasure. She had never experienced a nipple clamp, but she loved to have her nipples bitten, and this experience was proving to be very similar, except it was ongoing. The clamps were staying in place. Ashley’s heart was pounding. Her pussy was dripping.

The trance like spoken words of Bilingual filled the room. … Without words I use my tongue to tell the tale of us Tracing your shadow scape ….. While listening to the words, Chad took one of the cut limes and squeezed it over each breast, the lime juice covering her and running down her cleavage. He took a second slice of lime and squeezed and rubbed it over her breasts at the same time. He then took the salt shaker and shook it over her breasts, the salt sticking to the lime juice covered breasts. Finally, he took a shot glass that was full of tequila and swallowed the shot in one gulp. Ashley felt Chad’s mouth sucking the salt, lime juice, and her breast at the same time. She moaned in pleasure and the sound of her moaning excited Chad more and his teeth bit into her soft breast. More pain. More pleasure. Ashley was lost in ecstasy, craving the next sensation. Chad repeated the thrill by downing another shot and sucking on her other breast. This time after sinking his teeth into her flesh, Chad’s tongue traced down to the nipple, flicking Ashley’s nipple and the nipple clamp at the same time. Chad repeated this over and over on each breast. Ashley’s body was squirming and she squealed as she lost control and experienced her first orgasm of the night. After she caught her breath, Chad quickly tugged at the waist of Ashley’s thong, and pulled it down her trembling legs. He pulled it over her heels and discarded it on the other couch with his own clothes.

After taking a moment to catch her breath and recover from that high, Ashley knew what she wanted. Chad sensed it too and as Karma would have it, the words from Bilingual aligned with their own thoughts. “… Seeing that face you make when you're making me cum And it makes me want you right there.. .” Chad stood in front of Ashley, and her hands immediately flew to the belt, snap and zipper of his slacks. She remembered how hot she felt in the car when her lips touched his rock hard cock, and she was rabid with a desire to repeat that taste now. Ashley slid Chad’s slacks over his hips and to the floor. Chad flicked them with his foot to the other sofa with his shirt. Ashley’s hands slowly began to rub Chad's hard cock through his black boxer briefs, teasing with the pressure of touch, but not the pleasure of skin to skin contact. Her eyes tried to take in his size again, but with the flashing light they were brief glimpses. Her senses let her hands take over and her mind visualized his size when she slowly ran her hands along the length. Her mind had never experienced a cock of such size, either through sight or touch. Ashley furthered teased Chad by kissing his cock through the cotton material. He was fully hard, yet confined in the boxer briefs. He looked down at Ashley and found her eyes looking up into his, and a grin on her face as he watched her teeth bite down on his cock head through the material of his underwear. More pain. More pleasure. Chad wanted much more of both.

Ashley could resist no more, and slipped her fingers in the band of Chad’s boxer briefs and pulled them down to the ground. She grabbed the upright shaft with her right hand, and then realized she could grab the rest with her left hand. Using both hands she slowly began to stroke him up and down, squeezing his shaft at the same time. She could feel the veins pulse in his shaft as she squeezed.

“Fucking good,” was all that Chad could utter. The strobe effect heightened the visual in front of Ashley’s eyes as she could feel the strength and size of Chad’s shaft in her hands, seeing brief images of his bulbous cock head sticking above her top hand. Bloody hell was he big Ashley exclaimed in her mind. Her mouth could hold back no longer, as she instinctively began to kiss, and to lick the head of Chad’s cock. Around and around she licked, all the while stroking, all the while squeezing. Ashley moved her top hand and started squeezing his cock head while she began to lick up and down the long hard shaft, first the tip of her tongue, and then lapping with the flat part of her tongue. She started kissing the shaft and then rubbing her lips up and down his shaft, now glistening with her saliva. Ashley wrapped her lips around the side of the thick shaft. Playfully, she began to lightly drag her teeth along the length of the shaft. Then not so playfully, Ashley took a light bite, and then a not so light bite, and then a full bite that made Chad wince and moan. But he did not want her to stop, not one bit. More pain. More pleasure.

Chad’s cock was now Ashley’s complete obsession. She wrapped her lips, moist and red, around Chad’s cock head and began to suck, alternating between gentle and hard sucks. Chad’s hips began to slowly rock back and forth as Ashley pulled Chad's cock so it was horizontal to the floor. His cock head and thickness were too big for Ashley’s mouth and she could only take in about a third of his length. The rocking motion of Chad's hips was in a steady rhythm and his hands were holding her head. He was fucking her mouth. Chad was staring at Ashley’s face, and he knew he was going to soon explode in her mouth. Ashley sensed the oncoming explosion and moved one hand from his shaft and began squeezing one of Chad’s hanging balls. Pressure. Suction. Heat. The pleasure was intolerable for Chad, and the obsession was absolute for Ashley. Pushing harder and faster, Chad gripped Ashley’s head tighter and thrust as deep as her mouth would allow. Streams of cum began to spurt from his cock and into Ashley’s mouth and throat. Try as she might, Ashley could not begin to swallow all of his cum, and much of it dripped from her bottom lip to her breasts. She wiped her chin with the back of her hand and while looking up into Chad’s face, she licked his cum from her hand. She proceeded to give Chad’s cock a tongue bath, licking his cum from him.

Heat. Lust. Obsession. Desire. Ashley felt slutty and wicked, and she so enjoyed the feeling. She and Chad were using each other to satisfy their most carnal needs. Now she could think of nothing else but feeling that huge cock fill her pussy. Chad could think of nothing else but feeling her wet pussy surround his cock. He pushed her back on the sofa, put his hand under her thighs and lifted her legs until her hips were in the air. He pulled her back towards him so her ass was at the edge of the sofa. Ashley was absolutely on fire. The flashing images of a naked Chad and his ever present large hard on now had her squirming. Chad's shoulders separated Ashley’s legs at the knees and her feet hung in the air. Once again, Chad placed one hand at the base of Ashley’s throat, pinning her body to the sofa. With the other hand, he grabbed his hard shaft and began to rub his cock back and forth along Ashley’s wet pussy. She could not remember a time that she was any wetter than tonight. Chad had heightened all of her senses, and now he was ready to fuck her.

Once again, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The words from the song and the actions of the two sex partners were in unison. “…You fucking me makes me bilingual….” This phrase in the song is repeated multiple times with long pauses in between, as if to put one in a trance. Ashley was beyond a coherent state at this point. Her body now moved and reacted without thought from her brain. Her back was arching and her hips were instinctively thrusting. She absolutely needed Chad’s cock inside her, and she needed it now.

Chad didn’t disappoint. He began to push forward with his hips. Ashley’s body reacted to Chad’s cockhead splitting her pussy lips by widening her thighs and rotating her hips in a circular motion. Chad continued to thrust, filling Ashley’s pussy with hard cock. Building tides of pleasure now surged through both of their bodies as they began to fuck in unison. Chad was thrusting with fucking strokes in a steady rhythm, and Ashley was rotating her hips and her pussy was squeezing Chad’s cock at the same time. Neither had spoken it at the time, but this was the image they both had in their minds when grinding against each other on the dance floor earlier that night. Neither could describe in words the pleasure they were now feeling. They both had long ago let their bodies control their actions.

“Fuck! That is soooooo good. Don’t you dare stop!” Ashley exclaimed unnecessarily. Her buttocks were raised from the sofa as she thrust back now onto Chad’s cock. They were thrusting hard into each other, their insatiable appetite for pleasure reaching for a yet unattained peak. Ashley felt her breasts now being pulled together by her nipples. The sensation was indescribable. While they were fucking, Chad was pulling down on the chain holding the nipple clamps. For a fleeting second, Ashley’s mind thought one of the clamps might rip off the tip of her nipple, but the pleasure was too intense to think of stopping. More pain. More pleasure. Her mind had no control, her body only reacted to the sensations.

Gasping out loud, Chad thrust even harder, holding his cock deep inside Ashley after each thrust. Ashley’s nails grazed his back and she squeezed his cock inside her as hard as she could. She heard a loud prolonged moan in the room, and realized an instant later it was coming from her own mouth. Her legs had wrapped around Chad’s thighs and she was pulling him tight to her. Chad grunted, and plunged his cock as deeply as her pussy would allow. For an instant, they were both at the top of the peak of pleasure, teetering on the edge. Ashley’s orgasm was as strong as she had ever experienced, her cum flowing in waves, and pleasure traveled through her body. Chad was cumming at the same time. They had reached the peak together and they momentarily rode the crest of lust and desire before their bodies slowly began to descend back down, and their minds began to regain control.

Ashley fell back into the sofa, and Chad now rested on top of her. Their breathing began to slow down and the muscles of their body began to relax. Neither could move for a few minutes. Eventually Chad’s cock returned to a flaccid state, and he pulled himself out of Ashley and rolled on the sofa, sitting next to Ashley. Neither spoke a word. They just sat there, their eyes glazed over, staring at the flickering candles. The strobe lighting was still in effect, but neither of them reacted to any of the flashes. Ashley could not remember ever being more totally spent after sex than at this moment.

Finally Ashley willed her body to get up from the sofa. Chad was still sitting on the sofa, his head thrown back and was silently staring into the flashing room. Ashley walked out of the room and found the bathroom in the hallway. She closed the door and turned on the light. It took her eyes a moment to adjust to the steady light. As her eyes adjusted, she looked towards the mirror and had to do a double take. Her long black hair had that disheveled look, which was no surprise. However, her breasts still had salt on them from Chad’s tequila body shots. The nipple clamps were still attached and for the first time she could clearly see them and the chain that attached them. She gingerly pressed one clamp to release it. The release of pressure on her nipple was welcome and felt good, and she quickly released the second one, and placed them both on the sink. Looking back at the mirror she could now see cum leaking from her pussy and down her thigh.

She put her hands on the sink and bowed her head, the conflicting thoughts and feelings already invading her mind. She had just experienced the best physical sex in her life. Her senses were still coming down from that peak. That man out there on the sofa had filled a desire that she so totally needed filling. He had taken physical control of the night, and she was subject to his physical desires. She had done no leading once they entered the house. That was Ashley’s ultimate weak spot, to be physically under the power and control of a man. Not mentally, but physically. It was a purely animalistic need that she could never fully explain to herself, let alone explain to Ronnie.

The thoughts of guilt began to flow now in Ashley. Ronnie, her husband, the man she loved more than any in the world sat at home, waiting for her, as she stood in the bathroom of another man’s house. It was the home of a man that had thoroughly and completely fucked her. She stood here with salt and tequila on her breasts, scratches on her nipples, and another man’s cum leaking from her pussy onto her thighs. Physically, she felt complete and satisfied. Mentally, the mixed feelings of guilt consumed her mind. On previous play nights, these mixed feelings quickly left after she got home to Ronnie. Tonight she was sure was going to be different.

However, there was another difference about tonight than previous nights of her game playing. There was a new thought invading her mind. Temptation. On the previous nights that she had taken men outside of her marriage to bed, she had never felt the desire to see them again. The sex with them was good, and it was certainly different than it was with Ronnie. But tonight she had reached that unattainable peak. She had felt herself teetering on that edge. No one had ever physically taken her to that peak before.

When Ronnie agreed to Ashley’s indulgence for varied sexual partners, they had talked of various guidelines. However he was very adamant on two hard and fast rules. First, he mandated that she never have sex where he could see it. Ashley had pushed and tried to break that rule tonight, but Ronnie pushed back and had left. The second rule was that Ashley was only to spend one night with a man, and never have a repeat meeting with the same man. Ronnie and Ashley both knew that he would experience human feelings of jealousy and hurt during Ashley’s trysts. Ronnie felt he could handle those feelings of jealousy easier if he knew Ashley would never see her sex partners a second time.

But tonight she had reached the ultimate high, and Chad had provided it. Ashley thought to herself how easy it would be to ask for his phone number. Ronnie wasn’t here. He didn’t have to know. The first three men she met, Ronnie had not been around. She just met them for happy hour, went to a hotel, fucked them and went home. She could do that scenario with Chad. Chad had proven to her that he could take her completely and fulfill her physical craving.

Ashley raised her head and looked up again into the mirror. She grabbed a wash cloth, poured water on it and washed her face. She then washed the salt and lime juice from her breasts, being careful to avoid her nipples which were still very sensitive. She then wet the washcloth again and wiped her thighs and around her pussy. It was times like this she was glad she kept her pubic hair trimmed to a small dark patch at the top of her pussy. She smiled as she wiped Chad’s cum away from her body. She looked back up in the mirror, ran her fingers through her hair, grabbed the nipple clamps from the sink, and proceeded back to the living room. She knew what she wanted to do.

Chad was waiting at the bathroom door. “I thought you would never get out of there. I have to piss like a race horse.” As Chad went into the bathroom, Ashley found her thong and put it back on under her skirt even though it was very damp. She found her blouse and sighed. Totally ripped by the knife it was now just a hunk of material. She threw it back on the couch. She then went to the front closet and found her jacket. She put it on. It barely covered her breasts but it would have to do. She put the nipple clamps in the pocket of her jacket, and found her cell phone and called the limo service she always used for these nights when she wanted a discreet ride home.

Chad flushed the toilet and walked out the bathroom. He hadn’t bothered to wipe the cum from his cock and hips. He stood in the hallway and looked for a moment at Ashley, gathering his thoughts. He found the switches on the wall and flicked two of them. The strobe light effect turned off and the recessed track lighting turned back on.

“Hey, why are you dressed? I thought we could eat something and go for round two. You are one hell of a fuck. I’m thinking about canceling my plans for tomorrow night so we can hook up again.” Ashley walked up to Chad and put her finger to his lips. She had changed her mind.

“Chad you are one hell of a fuck too. Perhaps the best fuck I have ever had. But we won’t be hooking up tomorrow night. We won’t be hooking up again. Tonight was absolutely awesome. But I have a husband I love at home. He lets me do things like this because he loves me just as much if not more. So we won’t be hooking up again, and unfortunately for me, we won’t ever see each other again. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it has to be.”

With that Ashley turned and walked out the front door to the waiting limo. Chad stood still for a couple of moments trying to figure out what had just happened. He still had a strong need to fulfill. He headed to the kitchen, and opened the refrigerator. As he grabbed some leftovers, he wondered what that pretty little blond at work was doing tomorrow night. What was her name again, he asked himself, trying not to tax his mind to much.


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