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The Geezer, Pt. 4--Rachel's Toys

I gave Rachel carte blanche to order on-line using my credit card.
This is the fourth installment of the Geezer series. It can be read as a stand-alone but it will make more sense if you have read the first three parts as there are references to what happened earlier. If you take the time to read it, please take a few seconds to vote and comment. It’s the only way I know what you think.

Chapter 1

I woke early and checked the clock—6:17. In other times I would have reached for my cock and started stroking in the hope of getting off. But I hadn’t jerked off in more than four months! After all, why stroke it when you’re doing some great fucking every day—two or more times most days. At my age—67—I couldn’t hope to cum all those times but the intimacy with my two hot women was more than enough for me. I looked under the sheet. My naked body was covered in their drippings from my chin to my thighs—a reminder of last night’s escapades.

I had come out of the shower after dinner wearing my pajamas, just a t-shirt and gym shorts. Rachel and Becky had showered first. Usually, I would shower with at least one of them, so when I was excluded I knew something was afoot. My suspicions were confirmed when I entered the bedroom and saw them huddled together, completely naked and rubbing their bald pussies.

“What are you doing, Michael?” It was Becky. Rachel always called me “G.”

“Uh, just getting ready for bed. Why?”

“Oh, we’re getting ready for bed, too, and you’ll notice we aren’t wearing anything that will get in the way.”

“Geez, didn’t you two get enough this morning and again this afternoon?”

“No, G”-- Rachel this time. “We want to thank you for the great vacation. Don’t you want us to thank you?”

“I guess it wouldn’t do any good to say it isn’t necessary.”

“No!” They chimed in together. “We have to thank you, and we really want to,” Rachel added.

I gave up, shook my head resignedly, and dropped my shorts as I walked to the bed. I stripped off my shirt just before climbing onto the sheets. I lay on my back wondering what these two had in mind for me. Looking at them it was hard to believe they were mother and daughter. Rachel, 16, looked more like 19 or 20; Becky, 33, looked more like 27 or 28. They were both tall and trim with flat abdomens, round butts and wonderfully firm full breasts. They moved to each side of me as Rachel leaned in to kiss me, her nipple rubbing lightly against my arm. Slowly, and gently at first, she moved her tongue to my lips, licking all around. Then, with more urgency, she pressed those luscious lips hard onto mine, her tongue deep in my mouth. I pulled her head to me as I responded in kind. Becky was rubbing and kissing my body, starting at my chest, licking my nipples, and working her way to my cock and balls. She loved to “teabag” me so soon my balls were enclosed in her hot mouth. She worked her tongue in spirals all over each testicle as she sucked gently. The feeling was incredible. Bolts of electrical excitement coursed through my body. If this was thanking me, she could do it anytime! Rachel started to stroke my rod which felt like steel by now. She broke the kiss, looked deeply into my eyes, smiled and went down on me hard. She rammed my hot hard cock deep into her throat, licking my shaft with her tongue as she did. She really knew how to suck cock—I’d done a great job as her teacher. I knew if she kept it up I’d soon explode into her mouth even though I’d cum with her earlier in the day. Becky eased my balls out of her mouth and rose off the bed to mount me. At the same time, Rachel moved forward and straddled my face just as Becky lowered her steaming cunt slowly onto my erection. Her heat was incredible as I slid effortlessly into her silky wet pussy. I felt her start to grind away as she bent my cock with her movements to rub her clit repeatedly against my body. I reached up to lick Rachel’s dripping pussy; I loved the taste of her—musky but sweet! I licked all up and down her slit savoring every drop before ramming my tongue as deeply into her cunt as it would go. Then I started one of my famous “nose jobs,” rubbing her clit with my nose as I tongue-fucked her as hard and fast as I could go. I sought and found her G-spot, torturing it with my tongue. It wasn’t long before she started to twitch and squirm. “Oh, God, G, you know how I love that. I’m supposed to be thanking you, not the other way around!”

“Don’t worry,” I said. “You and Becky have been thanking me all week.”

Just then Rachel experienced a thunderous orgasm that shook her entire body like a rag doll, but I didn’t stop. I kept going, knowing that she would soon follow with another, hopefully, more intense one. To help her along, I stuck two fingers into her along with my tongue. Then I gradually inserted one at a time into her asshole, massaging her sphincter and bowel wall. Rachel loved anal but right now my cock was occupied, so my fingers would have to do. As if on cue Becky pulled off me and shifted so her ass was over my cock. She loved anal, too, and in less than a second I was right up her bowel as far as I could go. I couldn’t believe I had entered her hot, tight hole so quickly or so easily. I had one free hand so I used that to rub, pinch, and tease Becky’s clit. In just a few minutes all three of us were ready to cum. Rachel squirted all over my face and chest as she shook wildly. Becky screamed, convulsed, came, and collapsed on me, dripping all over my abdomen as I blew my load—one… two… three times-- deep into her ass. We were all exhausted, so we lay on the bed holding each other. I figured we’d just go to sleep, but apparently I was the only one who did.

Simultaneously, they both rolled onto me. Rachel grabbed my balls this time while Becky started jerking my cock and kissing me. She was a wonderful kisser—full lips and a long strong tongue she used to great advantage. Her tongue wrestled with mine moving back and forth between our mouths. It wasn’t long before I was hard again. Becky pulled back, looked me in the eyes and mouthed, “I love you.” Then she moved down to my cock, kissing my body all the way as she went. I had surprised her a few days ago by telling her that I loved her, something I never imagined saying to anyone after my wife died. But I said it and I really meant it. Now Becky had told me. This was more thanks than I could ever have hoped for.

She started to suck me but I stopped her. “Becky, my cock was just in your ass. Are you sure you want to put it into your mouth?”

“That’s why we didn’t let you shower with us. We both had soap enemas so we’d be really clean for you. So… don’t worry… the only thing on your beautiful cock might be a little soap and I think I’ll survive that.”

Becky and Rachel never failed to amaze me. They were so into the sex and so into pleasing me. They always planned well in advance. Now she just smiled and started in on me. She was doing her “vacuum in/tongue out”-- sucking me hard on the way in and licking me all over on the out stroke-- that she knew drove me insane with desire. Rachel was sucking my balls copying her mom’s technique. I noticed they both put a finger into Rachel’s mouth. Then they each probed my ass with their moist digits. Now I had Becky sucking me off, Rachel “teabagging” me, and the two of them fingering my butt. With treatment like this I soon came—erupted would be more accurate-- into Becky’s throat . She swallowed every drop and then sucked out the last bit stuck in my pee hole. Damn, that was fucking great! Now I was definitely ready for sleep.

Chapter 2

We rose early. It was time to go home. I was in a somber mood as we left the Keys. The plan was to drive for a few hours before stopping for breakfast. I had been driving for almost an hour and was silent the entire time. I’d been thinking about Shirley, the woman who interrupted our afternoon fucking on the beach a few days ago. Encouraged by Becky and Rachel she’d joined in, first licking me clean and then jumping onto my cock for some great fucking. We’d gone to look for her the following day but there was no sign of her. I knew why, but how to tell Becky and Rachel? I noticed then that Becky looking at me; she was clearly concerned.

“What’s the matter, Michael? You haven’t said a word all morning.”

“Umm…I have to tell you something. I’ve been putting it off as long as I could… and… I…uh… don’t know how to do it.”

“You’re not going to dump us, are you?” she said as she turned toward me, smiling as she said it.

“Oh, right! Do I even have to answer that? You’re not getting rid of me… period! It’ll never be that. But… it is something that I’m sure will upset you.”

“Well,” she said, “I think you’d better just come out with it.”

“It must be really serious if it’s bothering you so much,” Rachel piped in from the back seat.

“Uhhh…OK… here goes…remember yesterday…after breakfast…you two decided to do some last minute shopping? Well… while you were in the stores I went to the real estate office. I asked about that house that Shirley said she was living in. When we went looking for her the day after our fuck fest on the beach we couldn’t see in the windows because the blinds were all drawn, but I was able to look in through those little windows at the top of the door. All the furniture was covered with sheets and there was dust everywhere. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to freak you out. Did you notice the lawn? It looked like it hadn’t been mowed or watered in a long time. Anyway, I was curious so I wanted to ask the agent. He told me that he can’t rent that house because…DAMN… I feel so silly even saying this--it’s… HAUNTED.”

Rachel almost jumped out of her seat. “Haunted, G?”

“Yeah… that’s what he said. The place was owned by a couple named McDermott. He was some big shot businessman and she was a younger stay-at-home wife. He was really jealous—always suspecting her of playing around on him, although the agent said nobody ever remembered seeing her with another man. One night they were at a local restaurant. He’d been drinking heavily; he accused her of cheating on him and, of course, she denied it. It must have gotten a lot worse when they got home because he apparently stabbed her about thirty times with a kitchen knife. He tried to get away but they caught up with him somewhere around Daytona. He was convicted and they executed him a couple of years ago.”

By now Rachel was hiding her face in her hands. I had anticipated her reaction and that’s why I was reluctant to tell the story. “I asked the agent if he remembered the McDermotts and he did. He especially remembered the wife because she used to jog all around the island—a tall blonde with an athletic body and an ever-present pony tail. Her name was…”

“Oh, God, G. It was Shirley?” Rachel was obviously upset.

“Yeah… it was Shirley. After I left the real estate office I crossed the street to the newspaper office. The woman there also remembered the story and found some articles in their archives. It all happened back in 1990—twenty years ago on April 17 th , the same day she appeared on the beach with us. Looking back, it seemed she materialized out of nowhere, and now I think I know why. It’s been really disturbing coming to grips with the knowledge that I… fucked… a… a…ghost!!! Hell, I don’t even believe in ghosts, or I didn’t until now.

“So now you know all the sordid details. If I hadn’t been there I’d never believe it. But, I was, and I have two reliable witnesses, too.”

“Oh, Michael, I can understand why you’d be upset. And, she looked like such a good fuck, too!” She grinned and nudged me in the ribs teasingly. This was her way of lightening the mood. Even Rachel had to grin at that one.

“Well, now that you mention it….”

“Careful, careful…,” she interrupted me.

“Yes, now that you mention it, she was only a poor third behind you two.”

“Good answer!” she said as she jabbed me in the arm. Now we all had a good laugh, but we just couldn’t get poor Shirley off our minds.

We drove throughout the day—damn, Florida is a long state—stopping in Jacksonville overnight. After the stress-filled ride we were all looking forward to some relief, and we all had the same relief in mind. We had a great barbeque dinner at Sonny’s, one of my favorite restaurant chains, then back to the motel to shower—together, of course.

I started with Rachel. She brought in the razor and shaving cream so we could shave each other. This was something we did almost every day. She was so familiar with my cock and balls she could do it in the dark. When she finished me, I shaved her pussy bare. I was all set to lick her but she pulled me up, soaped up my cock really good, and turned around bending to present her ass to me. I didn’t have to push it into her; she pulled my cock and backed up simultaneously. Soon her hot tight ass was impaled on my steely rod. She backed me up into the shower wall and ass-fucked herself hard and fast. I pushed two of my fingers into her tight cunt and fingered her, rubbing hard on her G-spot, while we fucked. I used my other hand to rub and tug at her clit. It wasn’t long before she screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm gripped her entire body. I held her by the waist as she collapsed onto the tub floor. Becky helped her out and toweled Rachel until she recovered, before joining me in the shower. I rubbed the tiny hotel soap over her, starting at her shoulders then down over her fantastic breasts, enjoying every inch of her wonderful, sexy body. Before I could rinse her, she faced me and pulled me to her as we met in a long passionate kiss. The hot water rolled over us as we expressed our love for each other. We paused to gaze at each other but Becky obviously had more on her mind; she reached out for my still hard cock, stroking it slowly. Gradually, still maintaining eye contact, she knelt before me so she could take it into her mouth. She deep throated me, holding me there for what seemed like several minutes before she started to mouth-fuck me, using her tongue to push my cock against the walls of her mouth. I leaned against the shower wall—I needed the support as I got weak in the knees. I felt my load churn up from my balls shooting deep into her throat just before I slid to a sitting position. What a shower!

We fell into the king sized bed with me in my customary spot between Rachel and Becky. I put my arms around them, pulled them close, and fell asleep.

Chapter 3

Once again, we hit the road early. I-95 is nothing if not boring so it’s easy to let your mind wander. When I started chuckling for no apparent reason Becky and Rachel looked at me as though I had lost it. “I was just thinking back to our dinner the last night in Key West. When you went to the ladies room some young guy approached me. He noticed you two falling all over me and wanted to know what I did to deserve the two of you. So, of course, I told him—NOTHING! He looked at me like I was crazy so I tried to explain how Rachel had seduced me and that you two always share everything, including me. He went back to the bar shaking his head. I could barely stop laughing before you returned to the table. What a hoot! It was even better than those guys on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. Remember them? I guess I’d better get used to it because, if I have anything to say about it, we’re going to be together for a long, long time.”

Rachel leaned forward from the back seat and gave me a big hug and kissed my cheek. Becky just placed her hand on my arm and smiled. It sure is great being loved.

We drove through mile after mile of nothing but pine trees and more pine trees and, eventually, got home in late afternoon. I helped unload the SUV and put my stuff in my Z4. I was getting ready to go home when Becky said, “Michael, for a smart man you can be such a slow learner. Surely, you don’t think we’re just going to let you go home. We have just experienced the world’s most boring ride. We need some stimulation, don’t we, Rachel?”

“I know I do, Mom, and, G, you have just what we need. Right, Mom?”

“Oh, yes, absolutely, definitely right!”

They each grabbed an arm and led me inside. We had barely made it into the living room before clothes started flying all over. Becky slipped out of her panties, grabbed them and held them up to my face. They were wet and we hadn’t even done anything.

“Maybe now you’ll understand what I need. I’ve been dripping in anticipation for the last hour. We’re ready; let’s get those clothes off of you.”

Quickly they stripped me and led me to the bedroom. They sat me on the edge of the bed and both went down on me. Shit, I thought this stuff only happened in porn movies. This was obviously choreographed beforehand. Every time they went off together—ladies room, shopping, wherever—meant something special for me. Rachel on the left, Becky on the right—they each slid their mouths up and down my cock, licking as they went. Suddenly, Rachel took charge and sucked me hard and deep. Her head was bobbing up and down over me. Becky was rubbing my tender balls lovingly. I was getting hot—fast. If this continued I would come, leaving them still wanting. I pulled Rachel up and had her kneel on the floor. I positioned Becky standing behind Rachel but facing me. My cock was already soaking wet from Rachel’s saliva so there was plenty of lube when I pushed into her hot, tight rosebud. I started to fuck her ass—slow and deep. At the same time I began to lick Becky’s snatch. She placed one foot on the bed to open herself to me and balance. My hands were on Rachel’s hips as I moved into and out of her butt. Becky’s hands were on my shoulders as I licked and sucked her swollen clit. When I gently nibbled she started to cum. She moved her hands to my head and pulled me right into her gaping cunt. When she finally erupted she came all over my face. YUM, she tasted sooo good! She collapsed onto the bed exhausted. I could feel slight changes in Rachel’s ass as she neared orgasm. I fucked her harder and faster now while I fingered her clit. I noticed a tingling in my balls as my cock started to swell. Rachel was twitching from my stimulating fingers. She just collapsed, pulling me down with her as I unloaded. We wound up in a heap on the floor. I rolled off just as she laughingly complained about how heavy I was. We lay there for about a half hour totally sated.

Eventually, I suggested we shower and go to the country club for dinner. I knew they’d dress really hot so I could show them off to the other geezers there.

Chapter 4

After good-byes, lots of kisses and hugs, I went home and slept alone for the first time in almost two weeks. The following morning I arose around nine, ate a leisurely breakfast, and went to pick up my mail. There was the usual assortment of letters, magazines, and junk plus several large boxes on hold for me. I had given Rachel a few catalogs from sex toy sites and carte blanche to order using my credit card. I had to make two trips to get everything into my car. I placed the boxes in the living room, knowing that she would find them when she stopped in after school. Rachel came by every afternoon for instruction in sex. She told me it was her favorite class. So far we had learned to shave each other, fuck (vaginal and anal) in the shower, and gone through the Kama Sutra and all its positions, plus a few that Rachel had invented for us. Fucking her was always great fun. She really loved everything about our sexual encounters and couldn’t wait to try new things, not to mention she was really TIGHT! Fucking Rachel was like sticking your cock into a hot, wet, velvety vise.

Rachel had a key to my condo so I wasn’t surprised to hear the door open around 3:30. “Hi, G,” she shouted as she rushed in. “Boy, being back in school really sucks.” She walked over to my chair, knelt down next to me and kissed me. “I missed you this morning. No nice hard cock to suck and fuck. Don’t you think you should move in with us?”

We’d been through this before. Her mom and I agreed that living separately, at least through the school week, was best. Rachel needed to spend some time on school work and if I were there all she would want to do would be to fuck, suck, and fuck some more. This way we’d have sex in the afternoon when she came to the condo, but be free for homework in the evenings. “You know the answer to that already, don’t you?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I loved being with you all during our vacation. But, speaking about sucking, why don’t you get out of those clothes so I can get at you? I’ve wasted enough time already.”

I rose from the chair and dropped my pants. Rachel was already kneeling so she pulled down my boxers. My cock was expecting fun so it was already semi-hard. The touch of her hand gently pulling and pushing was all I needed to become fully erect. “Yummy,” Rachel whispered as she slipped my cock between her lips. Using only her mouth and tongue she started blowing me. She unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra. I sat back into the chair so I could fondle her breasts and tease her nipples while she moved my cock into and out of her mouth. Pressure from her tongue forced me against the roof of her mouth, stimulating both sides of my cock at the same time. I rose again pulling her with me. I leaned down to kiss her, tasting the flavor of my own sex in her mouth. My hands moved to her skirt which I unbuttoned and pulled down with her panties. She stepped out of them and came closer to me so we embraced, luxuriating in our skin-on-skin sensations. I moved down her body pausing to take each nipple into my mouth. I loved the way she moaned as she became excited. I continued down, licking her navel on my way to her tasty slit. I stopped when I got there and lay on the floor.

She turned to me with a sly smile on her face. “69?” she asked.

“I hope so. I can’t wait to taste you, either.”

She straddled my head and leaned down to my cock. Once she was lying atop me she slowly moved me into her mouth once again. I raised my head so I could lick her en route to a great tongue fucking.

I didn’t want to cum, at least not yet, so after a few minutes of really energetic sucking and licking I pushed Rachel up. We stood and kissed again. Then I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. I tossed her playfully onto the bed. Rachel laughed, “I see you’re in a fun mood, G. Let’s really have some fun.” She reached for me, gently grasped my hand and pulled me close to her. She pushed me onto my back and threw her leg across my body so she was straddling me. She stroked my cock and pointed it toward her waiting, wanting pussy. “Oh, God, G, I can’t begin to tell you how much I want you in me.”

“Then why don’t you just be quiet and put it in,” I responded just as she sat right onto my cock. I loved her cunt—so hot it seemed several degrees above regular body temperature, wet, and as smooth as silk. I started to hump but she stopped me. “Please, G. Just lie there and let me do all the work. I had a tough day. Everyone was talking about what Mr. Jackson said to you about fucking me and I need to get rid of all the tension and stress. This is the best way I can think of to do it.” Ever so slowly she started to rock forward and back, using my hard cock as a fulcrum. Doing so, she rubbed her swollen clit against my pubic hair and moved my cock into and out of her cunt. Gradually she increased her pace as she succumbed to the desire within her. Her movements grew frantic and uncontrolled as she bucked faster and faster. I felt her already tight pussy grip me even harder, telling me she was well on her way to a tremendous orgasm, which was just as well because I simultaneously felt my balls start to boil. As she started to thrash about and scream I felt a torrent of cum course its way into her. I couldn’t help but buck as each long thread of semen poured from my cock into that delectable young pussy. It’s a good thing I was flat on the bed; there was no way I could have supported myself on either my arms or legs. I guess Rachel felt the same way—she collapsed onto me, running her hands through what little hair I have before pulling my head up for a long deep kiss.

Chapter 5

After we recovered Rachel excused herself so she could open her boxes. I let her go; this was going to be her thing. After a few minutes she returned to the bedroom. “Uh, G, where can I keep these things?”

“Well, the bottom drawer in the dining room hutch is mostly empty. Will that do?”

“Yes, but you have to promise not to peek until I’m ready. Will you promise me?”

“Of course, this is all for you. You’ll let me know what and when as soon as you’re ready.”

“Thanks, G. No wonder Mom and I love you so much.” With that she leaned in for another hot kiss. I dressed and took her home a few minutes later.

I was dying to see what she had bought but a promise is a promise. Besides, I figured I wouldn’t have to wait too long.

I had a golf date the following morning that was delayed by an early rain so I was a little late returning home. Rachel was there waiting for me. She rushed to me when she heard the key and kissed me as soon as I closed the door. I wasn’t surprised when I turned into her naked body. “Couldn’t wait, huh?”

“No, G. I got so hot just thinking about today my panties were soaking wet by the end of school. I can’t wait to try my first toy. I already put batteries in it.”

“Hmmm, batteries, eh, wonder what that means?”

“What it means, G, is that you’re going to give me what I hope will be a really great time. Why don’t you go to the bedroom and get ready?”

“OK, but I need a shower first. Gonna join me?”

“You know I will. I love showering with you, G.”

I dropped my clothes on the way to the bathroom. One good thing about the condo—it has a really big shower area with no door. There’s a separate whirlpool tub which we also like to use. The shower was a load of fun, as usual. Once we were wet I knelt to shave her pussy clean, giving it a few loving licks when I finished. Then it was her turn. She knelt, applying shaving soap to my scrotum and around my cock, shaving my stubble smooth. Rather than having sex in the shower, we toweled each other dry and walked hand-in-hand to the bedroom.

Rachel excused herself, I assumed to get one of her toys. Sure enough she returned a minute later with a double penetration vibrator and some lube. It was a vibe for both vaginal and anal use that had vibration and rotation capabilities. This was going to be fun--a lot of fun.

I put my hand on her pussy as she climbed onto the bed. She was already dripping in anticipation-no need for any lube there so I turned it on and gently started to slide it in. I applied some lube to the thinner rear vibe and then rubbed some on her sphincter. Very slowly I pushed it into her tight ass. Once in, I was able to move both simultaneously. I went slowly at first, noticing the ecstasy on Rachel’s face. She started breathing hard and fast so I turned it up and moved it faster. “Oh, my, God, G, this is so fucking great. I can’t believe how good it feels. My pussy and ass feel like they’re going to explode.” Now she was gasping and flailing away while maintaining a death grip on my blanket. Naturally, I pumped her even harder and faster. Her movements were so violent and erratic it was all I could do to keep the thing in her. Suddenly, she stopped moving, raised her groin about a foot off the bed and screamed, “Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh, oooooohhhhhh FUCK!“ before collapsing onto the bed.

“Damn, G, that was fucking great!”

Gradually her breathing returned to normal, but physically she was spent. We lay on the bed holding and caressing each other until she had completely recovered.

Chapter 6

Becky was off work the next day so I suggested we get together for breakfast after Rachel left for school. I was surprised when she said she couldn’t, but agreed to meet for lunch at the country club. She was already there when I arrived and I could see fire in her eyes. She was pissed about something.

I gave her a kiss on the cheek. “I hope I’m not the cause of that look.”

“Oh, sorry, Michael, it’s not you,” she said, leaning in to give me a real kiss. “I just came from a meeting with my lawyer and the superintendent of schools.”

Now I knew why the anger. It was the discussion the high school principal had with me about having sex with Rachel. Normally that wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, but he chose to do it in the school’s main office when I went to pick up Rachel for our vacation. Several students, some teachers, and the secretaries had overheard the entire thing. Rachel told me it took about two minutes for the story to spread around the entire school. I didn’t care; I was never going to work there again, but it was a serious breach of judgment on the principal’s part.

“So, how’d it go?” I asked.

“That asshole Jackson is in deep shit. I threatened to sue the district unless something was done about him. If the super doesn’t discipline him I am definitely going to. My lawyer says I have a really great case. That jerk could make me rich.”

I could see that Becky needed something badly, but it wasn’t lunch. “I think we should skip lunch here and go to the condo. I’ll take care of you there.”

“Michael, that’s a great idea especially since I know you’re not talking about lunch.”

“Lunch, what’s that?” I led her by the arm to my car. “We’ll come back for dinner and pick up your car after you’re feeling better. I intend to see to it that you’re feeling much, much better.”

I opened the door to the condo and let her in. I spun her around and into my arms. “Have I told you lately that I love you?”

“Actually… not in the last… 48 hours.”

“Then, I love you, I love you. I love you. That’s one for each of the past two days and another for today.” Then I shut up and kissed her. She put her arms around my neck and pushed her beautiful breasts into my chest. Our tongues dueled between our mouths as our passion rose. Enough preliminaries, I thought as I scooped her into my arms. Still kissing fervently, I carried her into the bedroom. I practically ripped her clothes from her body. I had sex yesterday with Rachel, but I hadn’t made love with Becky for two whole days. I kissed my way down her body stopping at each of her fantastic breasts, licking each areola and sucking on her nipples. I moved toward her belly licking my way there and beyond to her mound.

“Michael, please stop teasing me. You know what I want,” she gasped

I did, but I was playing stupid, so I said, “I’m not sure. Should I keep going to your feet?”

“That sounds like fun, but some other time. Give me a nose job--right now, if you know what’s good for you!”

That’s what I love—an invitation! I leaned into her soaking cunt. Starting at her ass, I slowly licked my way forward. I was rewarded with a sigh of delight from Becky’s lips. Gently, I sucked on her clit before moving my tongue farther down to her hot hole. I started to slide my tongue in and out, fucking her faster and harder with my tongue. Once she started to pant and moan I moved my talented nose against her clit. Now I rubbed that swollen bud with my nose as I continued to tongue fuck her. It wasn’t long before she was totally out of control. Like Rachel she was thrashing about on the bed, but instead of grasping my blanket Becky had both hands firmly anchored to my head. When she lifted herself from the bed I knew she was getting close; time to fuck her harder and faster and apply more pressure with my nose. In an instant she was over the top. Her pussy gushed forth soaking my face in her pleasure juices. My face was drenched and so was my blanket, but this was laundry I’d enjoy doing.

I moved up and held Becky close to my body. “Oh, Michael, you were right. I needed that so badly, especially after this morning. I’m exhausted. You wore me out.”

I knew better. Becky might be exhausted but in about five minutes she was going to be all over me. Sure enough, just as I was nodding off, I felt her stir. She brushed her hand against my cock. I wasn’t hard, but I would be soon. Becky wrapped her hand around my cock and started to stroke, applying pressure with her fingers. My cock reacted, soon standing proudly erect.

“I love you, Michael,” Becky whispered, “and I love your wonderful cock,” just before initiating a long deep kiss. Her stroking got stronger and faster. If she kept this up I’d cum for sure, but she ended the kiss and took me into her hot mouth. She licked up, down, and all over as she moved me into and out of her mouth. She increased the pressure from her tongue; now it was my turn to moan. I sensed that old feeling in my balls. The heat built until it was unbearable. Like magma finding its way to the surface of the earth, my semen surged out of my balls and up into her mouth. She must have felt it coming because she sucked it all through her throat into her stomach. Now I was totally spent. I pulled Becky up and we embraced as we fell into a deep refreshing sleep.

We awoke only when we heard, “Hi, Mom. Hi, G.” We weren’t embarrassed. We’d had lots of threesomes since my seduction when I learned that Rachel and Becky share everything—including me!

Rachel was already naked so it was only a moment before we were completely entwined with each other. This time it was Rachel who started to kiss me. She opened her mouth, inviting my tongue to enter, even before our lips met. I’ve rarely had a better inducement. I extended my tongue to meet hers and we fell together in a passionate embrace. As we kissed I moved my hands to cup her breasts. I once had a friend who said that more than a handful was a waste—he had obviously never met Rachel. I loved the firm but soft flesh of her breasts and the sensitive areola and nipple at the head of each one. I gently rolled each nipple with my fingers as they grew harder and larger under my touch. Rachel groaned into my mouth. I sensed the vibrations rather than heard her, but I knew she was getting really eager. Not to be outdone, Becky was once again licking my rapidly swelling cock. There was no way I was going to cum again after only two to three hours, but I would be more than thrilled if I could service and satisfy them.

I lay on my back and wiggled my finger at Rachel. She took the hint and swung across me so she could rub her pussy with the tip of my cock, up and down her slit until the tip was as wet as she was. She then moved my cock up against her clit. She started to rub with short rapid strokes. It must have been masturbatory heaven because her eyes rolled back and glassed over as she began to gasp and pant really hard. I took a nipple into my mouth nibbling as I suckled her. Her breathing grew more shallow and rapid. I could tell she was really close, so I pinched each nipple hard, inflicting just a little pain. She grunted and convulsed; she squirted maybe a quart of hot cum all over my abdomen. It ran down onto my bed, further soaking my blanket – good thing I had a spare!

Now Rachel was sated but Becky had only been turned on watching us. She pushed Rachel off me and took her place, but rather than masturbate she ran my cock into her mouth several times loading it with saliva before lowering her hot sexy ass onto me. Slowly she squeezed me past her sphincter. I wasn’t worried about hurting her. We’d had anal lots of times and I knew she just loved it-actually LOVED it was probably more accurate. She started to rock which had the effect of running my cock against the walls of her bowel. It was usually more than enough for me to be wedged into her vise-like sphincter, but rubbing against her bowel walls blew me away. I slowly inserted one- two- then three fingers into her cunt and pumped away. She arched her back in response, making her clit more accessible, so I attacked it with my other hand and since I had an idle mouth, I leaned forward in search of her nipple. It was impossible for Becky to resist such an onslaught. I could feel changes in her ass as she neared climax. I never figured I could cum again but I started to feel it boiling up in my groin. Becky thrashed wildly, twisting my cock back and forth as I began to spurt into her. I didn’t thrash; I just fell back and crashed. I was really beat, but I rarely felt better.

We all had a short nap before rising and heading for the shower. There was no sex this time, just washing and rubbing soap all over each other. We dressed and headed for dinner at the country club. We sat at a corner table with Rachel and Becky facing the other diners-- mostly geezers like me, only older. I wasn’t paying much attention at first but I eventually realized that a lot of the men were walking past the table. On a hunch I dropped my napkin. When I bent over I discovered why—neither Becky nor Rachel had worn any panties and they were flashing the members. When I looked at them questioningly they just smiled and shrugged their shoulders until Becky explained, “I know you always want us to make these guys jealous so we figured to go all the way. It’s really funny watching some of them drool. I thought one man’s eyes were going to pop right out of his head. What a hoot. That is a funny expression, Michael.”

I’d never had another meal like this one. Drinks and champagne were delivered to the table and when I went to pay I learned it had been taken care of. When I asked our benefactor, he said it was the best time he’d had in more than thirty years. He gave me a toothless smile and a pat on the back.

Chapter 7

Rachel opened the door the following afternoon. Becky was working 4 to 12 so we’d be together until her bed time. I promised her we’d go to dinner after our daily fun and games. She walked across the room, sat in my lap, and gave me a big kiss. “I’ve been thinking about this all day.”

“Don’t you say that almost every day? I’m beginning to think you have a one-track mind.”

“I do, G, when it comes to fucking you. I just can’t get enough. I’m so glad I chose you for this—really glad.”

“Obviously, I’m glad, too. So what’s on the agenda today?”

“Let’s get naked and I’ll figure something out,” she said getting up and pulling me with her. She led me to the bedroom, shedding her clothes on the way. At the bed she turned, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me again. She lowered her hands to open my belt, unbutton and unzip me. I stepped out of my pants. She pulled down my boxers and took my cock in one hand and my balls in the other. I reacted immediately. I placed my hands on her firm ass and pulled her closer. I leaned down and kissed her neck, rubbing her back and massaging her butt. Now it was Rachel’s turn to react. We were both becoming very, very hot with our need for each other. Rachel placed one foot to the bed bending my cock down to touch her clit. She arched her back, relying on me to support her. Instead I moved her to the bed and let her fall back as I fell forward with her. We writhed all over each other until I rolled her onto her back. I climbed between her legs, lifting them over my shoulders. I placed my cock at her entrance, leaned forward and slid eagerly into her silky tunnel. We started to move together, forcing my cock deep into her pussy before retracting not quite all the way. We worked together for several minutes, our heat building higher and higher. We looked into each other’s eyes as we started to achieve climax. Rachel’s vagina clenched tightly as my cock suddenly started to swell . Rachel quivered and shook, rapidly losing control of her body. A loud grunt signaled her release. It was only a few seconds until my semen spewed forcefully into her womb. Thank God she was on the pill. I rolled off her onto the bed, pulling her onto her side so we could embrace while we recovered.

We kissed gently as we rested until she interrupted our reverie. “Can I try another toy, G?”

“Sure, as long as I don’t have to do very much. I don’t think I could handle much just now.”

“Don’t worry, G, all you have to do is push a couple of buttons,” she exclaimed as she jumped from the bed and ran from the room. She returned with a small box. “I already put in the batteries, G, so it’s ready to go.”

I sat up, noticing that this toy came in two parts—a control box and a torpedo-shaped object with a dangling wire--a remote controlled vibe. Rachel handed it to me. “It looked like such fun in the catalog, G. I want to try it out at dinner tonight, can we? “

“I don’t know, Rachel.”

“Oh, please, G I really want to. You can put it into my pussy and run the controller. Then, after dinner we can go home and fuck again. I’ll be really hot then, OK?”

“All right, you win… as usual.”

She jumped onto the bed and gave me a huge hug followed by a wonderful kiss. She pushed me back onto the bed then started to lick my cock clean. When she was done there she moved straight to my balls. Shit! I loved having my balls licked. It took all my willpower to stop her. “I have to run a few errands before dinner so we need to shower now, and as a consolation we can shave each other. But—no fun until later.”

We entered the shower hand-in-hand. I adjusted the water and rubbed her all over with foamy soap, starting at the shoulders and working my way down—front and back. I used the aerosol on her pussy and shaved her clean before rising, pulling her to me and kissing her. As a bit of an extra treat I pushed my soapy finger into her ass. “Ooohhh, G, I thought you said no fun.”

“So, I changed my mind. We have time for just a little—but not enough for fucking. We can wait for that.”

She started to soap my body, but she started with the fun parts—my cock and balls. She worked her way down my legs and then back up to my ass, back, and shoulders. Then she spun me around and worked back to my balls. When she got there she pushed two fingers into my ass. What a blast! We toweled off and started to dress. I stopped her to insert the vibrator into her cunt so just the wire was exposed. I tried the control and laughed when she jumped in surprise. Then I shut it off.

We stopped at Home Depot and then Wal-mart before going to eat. I had reservations at Armand’s, the area’s best steak and seafood place. We sat at a table overlooking the harbor. I ordered shrimp cocktail, Caesar salad, and two-pound lobsters with baked potato and an ear of corn for each of us. I also had a marguerita on the rocks; Rachel had a Coke. We had just started the shrimp when I decided to activate the vibe.

“Ooohhh!” Rachel squealed as she jumped up in her seat.

“Are you OK?” I inquired politely.

“Yeah, I am now. I was just a little startled.”

I turned it off; more fun to come later. We finished our salads and Rachel excused herself to the ladies room. She was half-way across the room when I turned it (and her) on again. She was in mid-stride when it hit her. She jumped in shock. One of the other diners asked if my granddaughter was all right. “She just gets nervous easily,” I replied. “She’ll be OK, I’m sure.” I didn’t feel like explaining that she was my lover.

The vibe was still working Rachel’s pussy when she returned to the table. “Fuck, G,” she whispered, “I’m ready to jump you right now. I’m so hot.”

“Then I’d better turn it off,” I whispered back, “We can’t have a scandal here in an exclusive restaurant. But it’s a good thing we’re not getting take-out or I’d probably let you have your way with me.”

“You can laugh now, but wait until I get you home. Then we’ll see who gets the last laugh.”

The rest of dinner was uneventful but I eased the vibe on low power once we were in the car again. “Ummmm,” she licked my ear; “that feels so nice, G, just enough to get me hot and wet for you.” A few minutes later I pulled into the driveway at Becky’s double-wide. We were barely in the door when Rachel turned to me. “No more talking, G, I just want you to replace this vibe with your cock. I’m already leaking all over the floor.” She stripped off her clothes and removed the vibe before I even had a chance to touch my shirt. She really was eager. I could see we would get great mileage out of this toy.

Once naked she pushed me onto her bed. It was only a twin so there was barely room for both of us. She moved me onto my back and positioned between my legs. She licked all around the tip and head of my strengthening dick, massaging my balls as she did. She moved my legs up so she could rim my ass, then rub her tongue over my balls and up my cock. When she reached the top she moved me into her steamy mouth. It was heavenly, but I lifted her up so we could have a long deep kiss, a prelude to coupling. She very, very slowly lowered herself onto me. I watched my cock disappear—inch by inch—into her tunnel. I was bottomed out when I felt her cervix pressing against my tip. Then she started to rock. I cupped each heavy breast, teasing her nipples to hardness. Rachel was taking her time, savoring every moment of our love-making. We continued for at least fifteen minutes. I could see Rachel’s temperature rising. Her eyes lost focus; she stared into space as she became lost in the sensations of our bodies rubbing together. I raised my head to take a nipple into my mouth. I knew I was getting to her when she started to low and shake. Her hands lost purchase; she fell onto me. That was the signal for me to increase the pace. I humped her harder, deeper, and faster. I bit one nipple and pinched the other. The night was rent by a sudden scream of joy as she came over and over again. Finally, she fell in a pile into my waiting arms. I held her tightly until her breathing returned to normal. I hadn’t cum but that was OK. I made it during our afternoon session and I doubted I’d get away until I had serviced Becky later in the evening. Rachel was exhausted so I climbed out of the bed and covered her, kissing her tenderly on her forehead. “I love you, G,” she muttered, half asleep, before I left the room.

As I predicted Becky came in at around 12:20, extremely frustrated from her job in the ER. “I’m glad you’re still here, Michael. I need you…badly.”

“I thought you might say that. I live to serve you.”

“I hope you mean service me. I don’t need a waiter. I need some good fucking. Come here…now!”

I rose from the chair and into her arms. “I thought about you all day,” she whispered, just before opening her mouth, inviting my tongue to enter. We kissed deeply for several minutes while we removed each other’s clothes. Finally naked she sought my stiffening penis; I reached for her breasts with my left hand and her vulva with my right. We looked into each other’s eyes. No words were necessary. We knew what we wanted—each other! We neither led no followed but we found the bed and fell onto it together in a tight embrace. Becky rolled me onto my back, positioning her pussy just over my cock. Ever so slowly she lowered herself onto me. When I pushed up she moved up an equal amount. She waggled her finger at me as if to say, “Oh no, we’re doing this at my pace.” So I relaxed back on the bed and let her continue her torture. In all it took well over a minute for her to move only six and a half inches—the totality of my erection. Once she reached the end of her journey she remained completely still for several minutes, an expression of rapture on her face. Not quite as slowly as she descended she now began to rise, leading to a slow rhythm that accelerated as her passion grew. She was like a train--once started, impossible to stop. Her fervent motions almost bent my cock in two, or that’s what it felt like. I’d never had sex or made love like this before—never experienced such love, such desire, such emotion. Impossibly, I felt my orgasm begin just as she arched her back in the throes or her own climax. Becky crumpled onto my chest. I held her tightly until we fell asleep.

Chapter 8

“Does this mean you’re moving in?” It was Rachel and it was morning. She was dressed and we very clearly weren’t.

“Don’t get your hopes up,” I replied. “Mom just needed some comfort after a tough night at work, that’s all.”

“Well, G, that must have been some comforting to last all night,” she replied with a smirk.

“Don’t you have to go to school or have breakfast or something?”

She leaned down to the bed and kissed me lightly on the cheek. “Too bad I’m already dressed for school or you could comfort me, too.”

“Enough, young lady,” Becky said, taking control. “Go get your bus or you’ll be late. You know you’ll have Michael this afternoon. I have needs, too, you know.”

“OK, Mom. You know I was just kidding. I’ll see you later, G” And with that she was out the door.

“How about some coffee and breakfast, Michael?” Becky rose, still naked, and trudged to the kitchen while I headed to the bathroom to clean up. I stayed over most weekends so I had all the essentials there. Ten minutes later I entered the kitchen to the aroma of coffee and bacon. I was wearing my boxers and t-shirt; Becky was still naked. She took one look at me and I turned around, returned to the bedroom and removed the few clothes I was wearing.

“That’s better,” she said when I got back to the kitchen. “Sit down.”

I thought I was going to get coffee, but what I got was much better. Becky knelt before me. “I need to thank you for last night.” Then she started to lick her own juices from my cock, or should I say from my rapidly expanding cock. It was big—and hard—before she got very far. “I’m thinking of going on a diet so I want a low-cal breakfast. I think your cum is just the ticket.” She stopped licking and began to suck, taking me deep into her mouth. Just when I thought she had taken all she could, she shifted into a higher gear. Breathing through her nose I felt my cock bend into her throat. The rubbing of her mouth and throat against my cock head felt heavenly. I closed my eyes and drifted to utopia. Now she started to mouth fuck me picking up speed with every thrust. How much of this could I take? Not much at it turned out; I filled her mouth with my ejaculate.

“Thanks for contributing to my diet,” Becky smiled.

“My pleasure, any time,” I replied. Becky responded with a smile and a kiss on my head. She brought my coffee and breakfast, then sat on my lap, arm around my shoulder. It was a long meal—eggs, kiss, bacon, kiss, coffee, kiss, and when the food was gone even more kisses.

I pushed her up toward the sink and bent her over. Standing behind her I slid my resurgent dick smoothly into her cunt. I wasn’t ever going to be able to cum—this was strictly for her pleasure. I fucked her harder and harder and when her breathing became a bit ragged I reached around to tickle her clit with my right hand and fondle her nipple with my left. I felt her pussy tighten; I fucked her so hard I was lifting her off her feet. When she finally came she squirted and gushed all over the floor and my legs. I could get used to mornings like this. Maybe I should move in.

Chapter 9

Rachel broke out several new toys over the next few days. I got to wear a blindfold, handcuffs, and to use the handcuffs on her, as well. Still, I felt there was something she was holding back. When I got home Friday afternoon I heard Rachel call from the living room. When I walked in I saw she was in one of the positions she had invented when we were studying the Kama Sutra. She called it “Drinking from the Fountain,” following some of the funny names used in the book. I called it “Lickety Split.” Rachel was in a handstand against a wall, legs apart almost 180 degrees so I could have delightfully total access to her pussy. Today was a little different. “Why the books?” I asked. She had taken some of my textbooks and built two platforms about eight inches high.

“Take off your pants and you’ll find out. I’ve been figuring our how high your cock is from the floor and I think I have it exactly right.”

Of course, I did precisely as instructed. After all, she was 16 and I was only 67. I slipped out of my shoes and socks, dropped my drawers, and approached Rachel. By now I was fully erect in anticipation of what was to come. Rachel was really good at math. Her mouth was perfectly in front of my cock. I placed it into her mouth as I leaned over to slurp away. She couldn’t move her mouth much so she licked my dick from top to bottom and all over as I moved it in and out. I was licking her clit and labia before I transferred to her butt. I gave her a great rim job, licking her clean before forcing my tongue into her sphincter. I’d done this before and I knew how it would impact her. I put my arms under her outstretched legs to support her and it was a good thing I did—she unbalanced immediately. Fortunately she released my cock or I’d have tooth marks all over it. “Damn, G, you know that always makes me crazy. I need a minute or two to rest.”

I started to sit by her when she said,”Please go into the bedroom, G. I have one final surprise for you. I hope it will be the best.”

So I rose, picked up my pants, shoes, and socks and walked away. Once on the bed I removed my shirt so we’d both be naked. Rachel came in two minutes later wearing a strap-on and carrying a bottle of lube. “I remember you telling me about all the nerve endings in the butt. I know how much I love it. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.”

“Don’t worry about that,” I replied. “You’ve seen Becky do it to me so you know I love it.”

She started to lube the dildo. I could hear it vibrating and saw it had a plug for her pussy, too. Then she attended to my butt. My cock had softened in the brief trip to the bedroom, but it rapidly stiffened now. I lay on the side of the bed and Rachel put my legs over her arms. Slowly, gently she moved the dildo to and into my ass. I experienced the powerful vibrations, first in my sphincter and then in my prostate. I may have driven Rachel crazy earlier but she was more than getting even now. She grabbed for my cock as she started to thrust. She was fucking me and jerking me off at the same time. It was one of the most intense sensations I have ever experienced. The feelings in my butt seemed to transfer and concentrate in my cock and balls. So strong was the sensation that I was powerless to resist. I came suddenly and with great force shooting my semen three feet into the air, some coming to rest on my chest, some falling onto Rachel’s face, breasts, and tummy. Finally, it ended. Rachel pulled the dildo from my ass; still my sphincter tingled. I fell into a torpor, too spent to rise and clean myself. Shortly, I felt a warm wash cloth running over my body. Rachel cleaned us both before coming into my arms. We kissed briefly until she said, “Can we do that again, G?”

“Oh yes, we can definitely do that again.”

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