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The Holiday - Part Two

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The first day of our holiday has been an exciting one!
Our first day on holiday is coming to an end; the sun has slipped down behind the villa, and the scorching heat of the day has begun to fade. A dusky twilight spreads across the valley and the first few lights twinkle from distant properties.

In my room I step into the refreshing rain of the shower and let the water run down my sun pinked skin. I have discovered a lovely selection of bottles in the bathroom – gorgeous scents and soaps far more luxurious than I can usually afford. I suspect Jackson has had a hand in this as he disappeared into duty free at the airport. I must remember to offer a suitable thank you for this thoughtful gesture!

I have a heavy, relaxed feeling through my body, unused as I am to the physical exertions of the day and the sun too. I grin to myself, recalling the events of this afternoon. After Jackson and I slipped into the private pool together we enjoyed a lovely lazy swim. Naked swimming might be my new favourite thing to do; it’s such a great sensation and the cool water against my still swollen clit and lips was delicious.

After a few slow laps I wrapped myself around the tower of strength who is Jackson, nuzzling into his shoulder. His hands reached around me, holding my behind while we enjoyed some playful kisses. I pushed myself closer into him and deepened the kiss as my arousal built back up. He got the message and, telling me that he was going to give me a special treat, he gathered me up and lifted me onto the poolside. Fascinated, I lay back on my elbows leaving my very excited lips on the edge of the pool.

He gave me his intense, sexy gaze and, keeping his eyes locked on mine, ran his hands reverently up my legs to my knees, parting them slowly. He blew little breaths against my wet thighs and then across my wide open lips. I let me head fall back as the excitement built, my face and breasts warm in the sun, and I gasped at the sudden sensation of Jackson’s warm tongue replacing the cool breaths, licking and nibbling, teasing me, until I was squirming and panting on the floor.

Even as I stand here in the shower and lather up with the gorgeous citrus and bergamot shower gel I have selected I am feeling aroused. It’s as though the flood gates on my passion have opened and I can’t get enough of these sensations. I lean back against the tiles and massage the soap over my generous, firm breasts.

After being naked and outdoors all afternoon I’ve caught the sun and my skin feels tight and warm. My hands work the soap down over my belly and further, between my legs. I catch my breath and stroke the delicate folds, using both hands to part my lips and explore. I catch the warm scent of my own excitement over the top of the fragranced soap.

Involved as I am, I don’t hear the knock at the door. Nick has come to find me for dinner – but having caught sight of me working myself towards an orgasm in the shower, he hesitates. Remembering how much fun we had on the sun lounger earlier I smile and reach out to him. He doesn’t hesitate to lose his shorts and steps in next to me. His arms wrap around me and his hands catch in my hair, pulling my head to one side. His love making is completely different to Jackson’s – more rough, less intimate, but I feel amazing – I hadn’t even met this man 24 hours ago but I find I already trust him completely because of Jackson’s confidence in him.

His kisses rain down my neck and shoulder and I feel his erection spring up between us. I share my soap with him and work my lathered hands along his thick, solid length. His breathing becomes ragged as I play, pushing his foreskin back to expose the sensitive ridge. I turn around, all slippery with soap, and bend forwards resting my hands on the shower wall, inviting him.

I feel Nick step close and he guides his cock between my legs. With all the soap and my juices flowing freely he slides into me easily and we find a fast rhythm as he plunges into me and I push back, enjoying the deep, full sensations. It’s a short, intense coupling and we come in quick succession, his hands grasping my hips firmly as he catches his breath. We share the shower for a quick clean up, then with a cheeky grin he tells me dinner is ready! He wraps me in a big fluffy towel and leaves me to get dried and dressed.

I wear a beautiful dress for dinner – a long flowing skirt in a deep red with thigh length slits in it. The bodice fits snugly and fastens around my neck as a halter top. I love it against my sun pink skin and leave my hair loose around my shoulders. I get a wolf whistle as I step onto the terrace! They both look pretty tempting too, all tousled and sun kissed – jeans and loose shirts, and like me, bare feet.

We sit out on the terrace with candles flickering in the twilight as the nocturnal insects and animals wake from their daytime slumber. Moths and bats flit about above us and tiny geckos scuttle here and there on the villa walls. We share a chilled bottle of wine and I rest my bare feet in Jackson’s lap, his hands rubbing my feet and ankles as we chat and relax. It’s complete bliss and I think I have rarely felt so relaxed and peaceful, so attractive and self confident. I wriggle my toes in Jackson’s capable hands and send him a naughty little smile. The week has only just begun!

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