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The Mansion : Brianna and Frank, Chapter 01

Brianna and Frank's first time
Finally, Brianna thought, looking at Frank as he sank his cock into her. She closed her eyes and felt his cock go deeper and deeper. She had waited long enough for this moment. For the last few weeks Brie had been on a roller coaster ride with this guy, and finally it had led up to this moment.

She opened her eyes again and watched as Frank began to fuck her. Slowly he pulled his cock out, waited a few seconds, and pushed it slowly back in. She was glad he was not ramming it in right from the start like a lot of the guys she used to dated, but this drove her insane. "Please fuck me, Frank," she whispered, but Frank kept on teasing her pussy. Slowly he pulled out his cock, stared at her wet pussy, and pushed it back in.

Brianna was twenty-four years old and quite good looking. Brie, as her friends called her, had long, wavy, dark brown hair, haunting blue grey eyes, and the most beautiful smile, embedded in a delicate face. She was about five foot six, with a slim, athletic body, and it seemed everything was in perfect proportion.

Frank began to fuck her a bit faster and his cock didn't leave her pussy any more. Just when the head was about to pop out, he sank back inside her. Brie began to squirm under him and wiggled her pelvis, trying to keep his cock inside as he was pulling back, but it was obvious that Frank was in control. He placed her legs on his shoulders, and raised himself a bit.

Brianna's legs folded backwards and lifted her ass from the bed. Frank started to increase the speed of his slams and slowly he began to pound her horny cunt. Brianna could hear him moan as he rammed his cock into her. He kissed her gently but kept on battering her pussy. She tried to answer his slams, but the position she was in made it hard to move at all.

Her breasts were bouncing back and forth with every slam that Frank made. He was watching them, and that made her feel a bit uncomfortable. Her tits were not small, just average, but she always assumed that guys loved big ones. Her other boyfriends had always used them as squeezing bags, and she never understood that, but Frank seemed to be different.

"They’re so beautiful," Frank had told her a few days ago, as his fingers softly touched them. His look was one of pure love and adoration for her tits, and that made her feel good.

She closed her eyes again, enjoying Frank's cock pushing deeper and deeper. He raised his upper body, and spread her legs as far as he could. Brianna lay totally exposed and powerless under him. Frank was now kneeling on the bed and used his upper legs as a slide when he pulled Brianna closer.

"Oh, my God, Frank," she moaned, feeling an orgasm building up inside. He pulled her up his legs, higher and higher, until her belly was touching his. "Ohhh," she sighed and her eyes widened when she felt how deep he was. Frank was smiling at her, and began to thrust his hips back and forth, fucking her as hard as he could.

Brianna wanted him so bad. "Oh, fuck me, baby," she moaned as she watched him. Frank began to sweat; little drops traced down his face and Brie wanted to taste them, slide her tongue over them and suck them up.

He never gave her a chance to get an orgasm. Every time she got close, he would stop just before she could explode, and that made her so horny. Frank changed the position; he slid backward and stood up from the bed. He pulled Brie to the edge and grabbed her ankles. He lifted her legs but didn't spread them; he kept them closed as he rammed his cock inside. He placed her legs on one shoulder and wrapped his arms around them so she couldn’t spread them.

"Ohhh," she heard him whisper, and she imagined it must have felt good on his cock. She grabbed the edge of the bed and began to thrust her hips up and down, fucking back at Frank.

"You like that?" she grinned at him.

"Oh, yeah," he grinned back, "Nice and tight." He pushed both legs to one side, and began to really pound her cunt. Brianna couldn’t do anything other than turn over to one side. Frank grabbed her thigh to hold on to and began to fuck her hard. His slams made her almost slide up the bed, but Frank jammed his fingers inside her thigh and kept her in place.

Oh, my God, Brianna thought, This is really bad. She was a bit confused; first Frank was tender, sweet and gentle, but now he fucked her so hard, so wildly. He kept on staring at her pussy while he was ripping her apart with his cock. Damn, he uses me as a living cunt.

The other guys she had fucked were different. They would be only tender—nothing wrong with that, but at the end it began to become annoying—or they would be like rabbits. She smiled when she was picturing it. It's true though; they don't care who they fuck. They stick it in and, before you know it, they’re done.

Frank was different—she had no idea what to expect. He was ramming so fast and deep that his balls made slapping noises on her pussy. His cock was bigger than she was used to. Six or seven inches? she wondered. In the beginning it felt weird. He was filling her completely, and that was completely new to her, but now she had gotten used to it.

In a way she loved it that Frank was using her cunt like this, but she had been taught her whole life that this was bad. "Men always need to respect you," her parents had told her, "No matter what." They never explained much about sex; only that it makes you pregnant, and that this is the only reason to have sex.

And now she was lying under a guy who was almost twice her age and who was tearing up her pussy. If he wants to use me as some sperm reservoir then please do, she smiled to herself. At this point she didn't care anymore. All she wanted was to get fucked, and feel his cum pouring inside her.

She spooned herself by pulling her legs up, all the way to her bouncing tits. Frank kept on ramming his cock inside, and at the same time he was spreading her soaking cunt with his hands. Brie was ready to explode, and Frank knew it.

"Cum for me,” he demanded, and kept on pounding her soaking pussy. Brianna tried to rock back and forth on his cock. She wanted to explode, and at the same time she didn't. She could have lain here for hours while Frank was ripping apart her cunt, and she knew (or expected) that it would be over when they both exploded. At least, that was the normal way for her.

Frank was wiggling one hand between her legs, and began to stimulate her clit. No fair! she cried inside her head, and felt a hot glow begin to spread through her body. She began to shake on the bed, and was losing control of all her muscles. Frank was fucking her as fast as he could, and was putting more and more pressure on her clit. "Oh, my God," Brianna screamed when she exploded, "Ahhh!"

She exploded on Frank's cock, and soaked him with her juices. Waves of hot cum bulged out of her pussy, wetting Frank's cock and balls. Brianna began to ramble while she wildly shook her head. "Oh, baby, don't stop; please don't stop, you animal." Her body was pulsing, and she felt her pussy pushing out her cum.

Frank grinned, and kept on fucking her exploding cunt. His balls where slapping on her ass, and left a trail of wetness behind. Time after time Brianna exploded, and Frank never stopped fucking her. At the end she was completely weak and exhausted. Her pussy was sore from Frank's battering cock. Her legs were wet from her cum, and she had no energy left to even move.

She felt how Frank's cock began to buck inside her, a sign he was about to shoot out his cum. Frank pulled his cock out, and dropped it on her thigh. With a loud scream, he exploded. Brianna was watching his cock buck up as he poured his cum over her thigh. Little streams began to trail down, searching out her pussy. She never approved when guys asked her if it was okay to cum on her body, but Frank was not the type that would ask anything. He just did it, and Brie loved it.

Slowly she moved her hand to her thigh, and rolled a finger through his cum. It felt hot. Hot and sticky, she smiled. She couldn't remember if she had actually felt a man's cum before. She assumed she had, but wasn't quite sure. Frank took her hand, and gently rubbed more fingers through the puddle on her thigh. Slowly he pulled her hand down, and she knew what he was up to.

"Oh, you beast," she whispered as Frank pushed her cum-covered fingers inside her own pussy. He arched over her and kissed her lips tenderly. Brie pulled the fingers out of her pussy, and gently touched his face, kissing him back. He crawled next to her, and took her in his arms. Her wet fingers caressed his face, and slowly she fell into a peaceful sleep.

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