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The Naughty Professor

This is my first story. Hope you like it
She was my obsession. The purveyor of my every sexual fantasy. From the moment I saw Professor Patricia Ellington, my business administration teacher, I wanted her. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help it. She was so beautiful; with her shining blonde hair, smooth skin, supple breast, and firm ass and full luscious lips.

Before I go on, let me introduce myself. My name is Evan Daniels. The story you're about to read depicts a huge turning point in my life. The lessons I learned and most importantly, the woman who changed my life. Mrs Ellington, my naughty professor.

I fantasized about fucking Mrs Ellington during my first year at college. The outfits that she wore during her lectures weren't too revealing but they did highlight her more positive features. To make matters worse, rumours were going around the campus that she was having affair with some of her students. It was said that members of the basketball team would fuck her in exchange for better grades.

Then, in my second year, everything changed. In the middle of the semester, Mrs. Ellington announced that she would choose a new teacher's assistant. Anyone who was interested in the position could come and discuss it with her.
 I had decent grade point average so I figured I stood a good chance of getting the position. I decided that I would see her that afternoon. When the time came I was excited and a little nervous. I thought about what I would say to her. When I arrived at the classroom door I was still deep in thought.

Then, I heard something that brought me back to reality. I heard sounds coming from the classroom. The classroom door was opened, but only halfway. Apparently someone had gotten there before I did. I heard more sounds coming from the room. It sounded like someone was moaning and breathing hard. I started walking toward the door quietly.

I peeked into the classroom, trying as hard as I could not to make any noise. The sight that greeted me had me frozen in shock. Mrs Ellington was sitting on the edge of her desk with her legs spread open while a guy, an athlete, by the look of him, was on his knees in front of her, his face buried deep between her thighs. I watched, transfixed, as the jock ate Mrs. Ellington's pussy vigorously.

Mrs Ellington's moans became louder as the jock proceeded to lick on her clit. Her pussy was smooth and shaven, her clit big and pink. “Put your fingers in me, baby," Mrs Ellington moaned. The jock complied, shoving his middle and index finger deep into her hole. Mrs. Ellington ran her hands through the boy's jet black hair. ”That’s right, lick me harder," Mrs Ellington said passionately. The jock began move his tongue faster around her clit.

Mrs. Ellington's breaths became sharper. She moaned with pleasure as the jock continued to attack her pussy with his fingers and tongue. The shock that the scene had caused was beginning to wear off. It was quickly replaced with feelings of lust. My cock was growing harder within my pants. After a while Mrs. Ellington looked down at the jock and said, “I think it's time for me to suck that college dick of yours."

The boy got to his feet immediately. Mrs Ellington got off of the desk and told him to take off his pants. The jock happily complied, unbuckling his belt and letting his pants drop to his knees. Mrs Ellington went down on her knees and pulled down the jock's underwear. The Jock's dick was very big and very thick. Mrs Ellington stared at it in amazement as she took it in her hand.

"This is quite a large cock," she said as she stroked it.

"Think you can handle it?" the jock asked in a deep strong voice.

“I’ll give it a shot," Mrs. Ellington replied as she took the thick cock into her mouth.

She started sucking the head of his cock slowly, occasionally licking around the tip. The jock showed signs of approval, moaning softly and running his hand through her blonde hair. I watched this unfold in silence. All the blood in my body seemed to have gone between my legs. I was so turned on. Mrs Ellington took the jock's dick deeper into her mouth, sucking it hungrily. As I watch this take place, an idea came to me. I reached into my pocket and took out my cell phone. I turned on the phone's camera and started to record the scene.

Totally unaware of my presence, Mrs Ellington continued to suck the jock's dick with relish.
The jock moaned with pleasure. ”Oh, that's it, Mrs E," he said between breaths, "suck my big cock. Your warm, wet mouth feels so good!”

All the while I watched them, the phone in one hand and the other hand on my crotch. I imagined that it was my cock that she was sucking. How it would feel to have my dick inside her nice, sensuous mouth.

I would have given anything to be in the jock's position but instead I was forced to watch. After some time, Mrs Ellington stopped sucking the jock's dick. She looked up at him with lust in her eyes and said, "Now I want you to fuck me!" She got to her feet and led him back to the desk. She took off her skirt, once again revealing her beautiful pussy. She then took of her blouse and her bra, exposing her lovely tits.

Her pink nipples were hard and round. Her breasts looked like they were a D-cup. Not too big but not too small, they were perfect. Mrs Ellington got on the desk and laid flat on her back. "Come on," she said as she rubbed her clit, "put that big dick inside me!"

The jock slowly slid his dick inside Mrs Ellington's wetness. She let out a quiet gasp as the jock's shaft went into her pussy. He began to thrust in and out groaning and grunting as he did this. Mrs Ellington moaned with pleasure as the jock fucked her. “Yeah, baby, that’s it," she moaned. "Give me that cock!" As I watched this, I felt a twinge of jealousy along with my lust. The jock was living my fantasies, after all. The jock started thrusting harder into Mrs Ellington's wet mound. She screamed louder and louder.
"Oh god, I'm going to cum!" she squealed. The jock fucked her like he was possessed, pounding her pussy harder. ”Yeah baby, that's it! Oh Jesus!" Pussy juice erupted from her cunt, covering the jock's cock. "Fuck me from behind!'' Mrs Ellington commanded. The jock withdrew his dick from her pussy.

She turned and got on her hands and knees, giving the jock full view of her ass. The jock put one hand on Mrs Ellington's firm ass and with the other put his dick back into her. He did it slowly same as before and once again, Mrs Ellington let out a quiet gasp. My lust and my jealousy were building. 

I didn't know how much longer I could stand and watch this. The jock pounded Mrs Ellington once again, slapping her ass as he did this. She screamed and moaned telling the jock to fuck her even harder. I recorded everything on my phone. I didn't know why I decided to do this. I just knew I couldn't let this moment pass. From the doorway I watched as the jock fucked Mrs. Ellington from behind. Eventually, she came again; all over his dick.

“I want to ride you," she said in a soft whisper. The jock smiled as Mrs. Ellington got off the table and told him to sit in her chair. He sat in the chair, his hand stroking his long dick. Mrs Ellington sat on top of him putting his large dick inside her. She began to ride his cock hard. The jock grabbed her waist as she rode him, grunting with pleasure. She rode his dick harder and harder, screaming louder as she did so.

My cock felt like it would burst from my jeans. I knew that after today my desire for Mrs Ellington would only increase. As I watched her ride the jock, I imagined it was me she was riding. My lust for her had reached its peak. After some time, the jock said, ”Oh, I'm going to cum!" Mrs Ellington got off of his dick and got on her knees. The jock brought his dick to Mrs Ellington’s face and started to stroke it. "Where do you want me to cum?" the jock asked Mrs Ellington.

"In my mouth," Mrs Ellington said, opening her mouth to receive the jock's load.

The jock stroked his cock harder. “Come on baby, cum for me!" Mrs Ellington said. Robes of pearly white cum erupted from the jock's dick and into Mrs Ellington's mouth. She swallowed every drop of the jock's seed and then licked the remaining cum juice from his cockhead. “That was fantastic!" Mrs Ellington said getting off her knees.

“Do I get an A?" the jock asked.

"Oh, yeah, you’re going to get an A," Mrs Ellington said.

I watched as they got dressed in total silence.

When they were fully dressed Mrs Ellington said to the jock, "Remember, you can't tell anyone about this. It stays between you and me. Understand?"

"Yeah, I understand," the jock said.

All this time, I stood in the doorway. I knew that at any moment they would see me but still I didn't move. I wanted them to see me. I wanted them to know that  I saw them . The jock was the first to see me. When he spotted me, in the door way with the phone in my hand, he just stared at me, while Mrs Ellington was at her desk, changing the grades in her grade book. 

I smiled at him, the phone still recording. Mrs Ellington put her grade book back inside her folder. As she moved from the desk she saw me. For a moment the two of them just stared at me. Their eyes travelled from my face to the phone in my hand. Then Mrs Ellington broke the silence. How long have you been standing there?" she asked in a trembling voice.

 "Long enough," I replied.

"You took pictures of us?" she asked.

I noted the fear in her voice. “I recorded you. I recorded everything," I said, pushing the door wide open. I placed the phone back inside my pocket.

"You can't show anyone that video. I could get fired," Mrs Ellington said.

“Maybe I will, maybe I won't. I'll let you know when I make up my mind." With that, I turned and walked down the corridor. As I walked onto the campus grounds, I smiled. I had no intention of showing anyone the video. I just wanted to leave her with something to think about.

 I wasn't sure what would happen after tonight, I only knew that things would never be the same. After what I saw in that classroom, the way Mrs Ellington had fucked the jock, I knew I had to have her. I went into my dorm room and collapsed on my bed. I took out my phone and played the video.

This was only the beginning.

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