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The Price For Being A Bitch -- Chapter 3

Janice takes a fateful first step with her first collar.
This is a transcript of my chat with Darling_Bitch, a domme and one of my first friends when I graduated from romance novels to erotic lit.

DB: I still don't see why you're going to such extreme measures, CumBunnyHoney. You can't possibly deserve this.

Me: Listen Darling, you wouldn't know this because you haven't experienced it, but let me tell you what marital sex is. You close your eyes and watch while your memory and your imagination project a porn video on the dark side of your eyelids and while you bump and grind with a man who wears the same slowly aging face that you wake up to every day. In less than 6 years, that has already been thousands of days. You realize that he's doing the same thing you're doing but with an aging woman and it's probably just as boring for him as it is for you.

You ride the same cock that you are so familiar with and he pumps his cum into the same pussy. After 20 years, even if you believe you really are a sex goddess, you can't help but believe your lover needs change as much as you do. But if he's basically a good man, you've grown so attached that you really don't want to lose him and hit the companionship market with a decreased book value.

By adopting the role of slave, I will be adding three fresh young female faces to the video library along with all the new sensations that come with them. New tricks will be added to the bump-and-grind repertoire. I will be undoing a lot of damage and buying a lot of forgiveness. It really doesn't matter if I actually deserve this humiliation, because frankly we're both too close to the conflict to be trusted on our opinions on that, but I crossed the line. I dissolved the glue between us. It might be good for us, because we could have gone on in this soul-eating limbo for the rest of our lives, but if he had done that to me, I can't imagine how angry I would feel. I think I can salvage something good from this tragedy and eventually I hope to earn the privelege of adding a newer cock; younger, stronger, faster and I'm thinking a bit larger. :p

DB: Ohmigod, CumBunnyHoney, I think I actually get it now! I still think you're being too hard on yourself and that he's been denying you something that you deserve, but if this will help, then you go girl.

Me: Thanks, Darling_Bitch. I gotta go now. Hugs.

Charles' first choice for a woman to humiliate me was quite surprising. She was younger than me by 15 years, but she was the oldest of the five volunteers. She was quite pretty, but so were the others. Her submitted photos were swimsuit photos and the least daring. She had red hair and I thought maybe that was the reason he chose her first. He had often mentioned his fondness for gingers. But what was most pleasantly surprising was that her boobs were the smallest of all the volunteers and were even smaller than mine. Not that they were tiny, but mine are a B cup and I had never believed Charles when he told me that mine were more than big enough. I mentally kicked myself again because I knew that he always meant what he said and yet I had been unnecessarily insecure despite his reassurance.

That insecurity was one of the things that had so frustrated him and caused him to think I was an "attention hound". So I actually felt good about his choice of Sandra as the first of the three women who would help me become someone that my husband could respect. And truth be told, after talking with her, I was a little smitten by her.

Sandra was delighted when I informed her by email that my husband had chosen her to be first. I had interviewed her by webcam, but we would now interview her together at dinner on a Saturday evening and if Charles and Sandra were both willing, she would come to our home where I would become their servant. I did not have a vote in the matter. The only condition I could place on the arrangement was that I would watch them as they had sex. That was only fair because I wanted to require Charles to be present when I fucked another man.

Dinner went well and Charles was clearly turning on the charm that he once had reserved for me. By dessert, it was clear that both of them would become a couple, at least for a while, that night. When it came time to leave, Sandra surprised me by asking me to ride with her to our house. During the short ride, we talked about my desires and limits for the evening. I told her that my desires didn't matter, but she told me that was ridiculous.

"Being submissive is not about going without. It's about getting your submissive needs fulfilled. The dominant person gives the commands that the submissive person has a need to fulfill. If I knew you better, I would know what those commands are, but you know what you need better than I do." So I told her the one thing that I hoped she would order me to do later and to my delight, she agreed.

Just before we entered the house, I told her that I would need a few minutes to prepare and that I would become their slave when I returned from the bedroom. She pulled a cheap-looking dog collar from her purse and asked me if I would wear it for the evening. I gladly accepted it, since Charles wouldn't have thought to give me one.

I excused myself and went into our bedroom while Charles opened a dessert wine. I lit the candles that I had pre-placed around the room and then dressed in my new maid costume, which Charles had never seen. It was little more than a sleeved pink frilly apron that tied at the back of my neck and waist with about a 4" gap down the back. Under it I wore black lace thong panties and thigh stockings. Before I put Sandra's collar around my neck, I read the inscription on it. It said, "Ex-Bitch In Training -- Spank Me When I Misbehave". I put it on and with a final touch-up to my harlot lipstick, I pronounced myself ready to serve.

When I entered the living room, Charles was seated next to Sandra with a wine glass in one hand and her knee in the other. That he had initiated physical contact with her while I was absent startled me unpleasantly. They were talking very quietly, so I assumed they didn't want me to hear. I moved to where I could be seen by Charles and waited. As they sipped their wine, each used their free hand to touch the other, and my heart ached with each caress. When they finished conversing, Charles looked over at me and I could tell that my outfit impressed him. I stepped directly in front of him. "Slave Janice, reporting for inspection, Sir."

I had told Charles before we went to the restaurant that I deserved to be humiliated. He had given me a devious grin and said that he would do his best on that.

"Step closer, slave, and turn around slowly."

As my bare backside came into their view, I heard a whispered murmur and then from Charles, "I agree. Slave, remove that feeble excuse for a dress. Bitches have no need for modesty." I untied the dress and placed it neatly on a chair.

"Take off the panties too, Bitch."

As I pulled the thong away from my pussy lips, it was already quite wet. I had shaved my pussy bare and when they caught sight of it, both of them smiled.

"How appropriate for a wannabe tramp," Sandra said. "Come over here and turn away from us, Bitch." She pulled something from her purse and I heard the sound of a small plastic bottle cap being opened and then a squeezey farty sound.

"Bend over and pull your ass cheeks apart."

When I complied, I felt a cold wet sensation against my anus and then a hard round object was pushed into it. I grunted and tried to relax as its diameter slowly increased until it suddenly decreased. My first butt plug. The humiliation I felt then was so bad I thought I would run crying from the room, but I somehow endured it.

"This is what you will wear for the rest of the evening and don't let that toy slip out. Now carry our drinks into the bedroom."

As they followed behind me, Charles commented to Sandra about how much sexier I was walking with my little friend up my ass.

The room seemed perfectly candlelit to me, but Charles said, "Fetch another six candles slave, I like to be able to see the woman I'm making love to. Especially when she's so beautiful."

It hurt to hear him say "making love", but not nearly as much as it hurt when I returned to find them both sitting up on the bed and kissing passionately. As I lit the candles, they began the always awkward task of undressing and they each threw their clothes in my general direction, clearly expecting me to pick them up and place them neatly on the bureau. Sandras' tits were marvelous by candlelight and as he began to lick and suck them, I started to sob.

Charles stopped and stared intently at me for a moment as if he would allow me to stop them if I wanted, but I said, "Please forgive me Sir. I didn't mean to interrupt." He resumed his attentions to her luscious pink nipples and then finally, he slid her pale green panties off to reveal her small sparse natural red bush. He tossed the panties to me and they hit me right in the chest as I stared in fascination at her slender hips and shapely legs. I knew that Charles was a "leg man" and I knew that these were the kind of legs he favored. He always said that my legs were the dealmaker when he first saw me and I do try hard to keep them in shape, but it was clear that Sandra had the better pair of gams in that room.

Sandra laid herself back on the bed and Charles began to kiss his way down from her breasts. He tickled her slightly by sticking his tongue into her navel but then he continued on. As his face got closer to her pussy, he slowly pushed her legs up and her knees apart. When he got to the top of her bush, he skipped over it and began placing small wet kisses on her inner thigh as he moved first out on one leg to her knee and then back inward on her other leg. This was so erotic that I felt my juices running down my leg as I sat in a chair that I placed to watch from a good angle. I felt the most intense pangs of jealousy as his tongue reached into her pink pussy lips and elicited moans of pleasure from her. I had really missed having my pussy licked for all those years and I mentally kicked myself for losing that privilege.

It was clear that his tongue hadn't lost its touch as he soon had Sandra writhing and moaning with his technique. His cock was at full extension and I remembered how just the sound of a woman approaching orgasm always had that effect on him.

"I'm so ready," Sandra gasped. "Please fuck me now, Charles. Fuck me hard."

It was almost a relief as I watched his cock slide into her as I believed that this part of the ordeal would be over soon. To my surprise, he stayed hard after her first orgasm and somehow lasted long enough to bring her to second very intense orgasm before spilling his cum into her with sounds of pleasure that were a distant memory to me.

When he pulled his shrinking cock out of her and laid down beside her, their eyes met and they shared a look that enthusiatically said, "Man, that was a good fuck." I waited for either of them to notice me and finally, Charles said, "You may clean my cock now, Slave."

I had been expecting this and I was glad that he had stopped calling me Bitch, so I replied with, "Thank you, Sir." I soon had my first taste of another woman's pussy juices as I licked their comingled cum from his cock and balls. I did a thorough job and by the time I was finished, there was a faint stir of response in his limp dick.

As I pulled away from him, Sandra commanded me with, "You've got another mess to clean up here Slave." as she pointed to her oozing pussy.

I said, "Thank you Ma'am." and moved to obey. Charles looked at me with surprise and then said, "Are you okay with this?"

I was deeply touched by this display of concern and I replied with, "I deserve what I deserve." As I stuck my face between her spread legs I inhaled deeply to gather some courage. The tangy scent of their lust seemed to go straight to my pussy which by now was aching for attention.

I began to lick his cum from the first pussy my tongue had ever touched. Having already tasted her on his cock, it wasn't the shock that I expected and soon I was also cleaning her thighs and perineum. As I licked a small puddle right at the base of her slit, she moaned with pleasure and I returned to her clit to see if she was sending me a signal that she wanted more. She gasped, "oh, yes", so I slipped two fingers into her pussy and from the sounds she was making, it seemed I would soon succeed at causing my first lesbian orgasm. Of course, those sounds brought Charles' cock back up and he crawled behind me to stuff it into my waiting hole.

"Oh, you are so wet."

I kept up my attention on Sandra's clit and soon brought her to another orgasm. Then I focused on the pleasure I was receiving from Charles' cock and slipped a finger onto my clit. This brought on a powerful orgasm and right at the peak of it, Charles growled and splashed his cum into me.

When she recovered, Sandra thanked us for the wonderful evening and I helped her to get dressed. AS I showed her to the door, I started to remove her collar, but she told me that I could keep it and get premission from Charles before removing it. I hugged her and thanked her and she gave me a big kiss on the lips. I felt her tongue sneak out and lick some of her pussy juices from my face.

"You did good, Janice." I could swear I gushed at receiving that praise. "I think he loves you more than you realize and you've done much to convince him that you're worth keeping. Au revoir."

It wasn't until she was driving down the road that I remembered that I still had her butt plug in my ass. I decided to leave it in for a while longer.

When I returned to the bedroom, I expected to find Charles already asleep, but he was waiting for me and he asked me if I really was okay with all that had happened. I must have looked a mess with smeared makeup from crying and smeared cum all around my face, but I felt very content. I admitted my satisfaction to him and started to pour out some thoughts I had.

I was basically ignored while I watched them enjoy each other, and the jealousy that I felt was almost unbearable. But I was the center of attention afterwards and that was what I really craved. Charles was right about me being an attention hound and although I had often wished that I had found a man who would fawn all over me, I realized that I had to earn my fulfillment. I needed limits. Charles had needed to put me in my place and he wasn't emotionally wired to discipline me because he prized liberty and prided himself on not having a double standard with respect to others. By finding this way of communicating my needs to him, I was giving him the mutual agreement to indulge his dominance fantasies that he could not ask me for. We had unknowingly found a system that was working.

My online relationships fulfilled my attention needs to a great extent. I just had some traditional ideas about sex and romance that I was willing and wanting to find creative solutions to. I would let him know if he was crossing a boundary I could not tolerate, but I didn't think that would happen. He kissed me then, very tenderly, and I knew Sandra's parting words to me were true. Finally I asked him to remove my collar whenever he was ready to release me for the evening and when he did, I turned my ass to him so he could also remove the butt plug. I washed my face and then slept well, waking the next day with great anticipation for our next threesome.

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