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The Price For Being A Bitch -- Chapter 5

Janice gets a much deserved spanking and a ride on her favorite saddle.
"I have to tell you that this violence worries me. Men are stronger and shouldn't take advantage of that by being brutal to women, especially not their lovers."

Hearing him refer to me as his lover warmed me, but I really wanted to add spanking to our sex life for two reasons. I felt that if Charles could take out some of his pent-up frustration, anger and distrust on me, a little bit at a time, it would speed the healing. There's that expression "take (what is owed) out of his/her hide. The second reason is that I wanted to cause him a little physical pain while he did it. That would also help wake up his desire.

We were talking on an off day on an off week. Aunt Flo had showed up for her monthly visit and I didn't collar myself when that happened, although I did wake Charles with a BJ that morning. Then I asked him what he felt about the spanking he had witnessed and it sounded to me like he needed some reassurance. So I tried the honest approach.

"Silly boy, spanking is only symbolic violence. It has a natural limit. It hurts the hand of the spanker almost as much as it hurts the ass of the spoiled brat who's getting spanked. Even though it hurts like hell, it sure wakes my pussy up. Knowing that and knowing that one open palm can't really harm my two fat cheeks makes it a perfect punishment for when I misbehave. As long as you restrict it to open palm spanking on both ass cheeks, you can spank me any time I voluntarily put my collar on and you decide that I've been a bitch."

Then, with a playful smile in my voice, I said, "The next time I put on my collar, I intend to misbehave."

And that's exactly what I did soon after Aunt Flo left. I put my collar on and went back to my old ways, just to let him know that I really did understand what I had been doing wrong all those years. The first thing I did was get whiney and sullen, then I acted hurt and put-upon when he didn't notice that I had barely changed my hair color. Then I accused him of not putting much effort into keeping me as happy as he should. Unfortunately he didn't seem to grasp what I was doing. He went right back into his old behavior of ignoring me and doing whatever else he felt like doing, which in this case was channel surfing on the TV. I had to believe that tuning me out could have become a defensive reflex for him, but I just had to make sure that I had his help in keeping me from backsliding, because it had been all too easy to slip back into my old patterns. The old me would have gotten mad at his lack of attention, but the new me realized that I probably deserved it. That didn't mean I couldn't act pissed off though. So I got right up in his face.

"Hey! Bonehead! Did you ever bother to read the inscription on this thing? Do I need to get you an owner's manual? Read it out loud to me." I pointed to the tag on my collar and I know he could read it, but he pretended that he couldn't.

With a charming smile on his face he said, "Listen Bitch, the next time you want me to read something, make sure it's right side up. Now are you planning on standing on your head or are you going to put it on properly."

Ohmigod I was so glad that worked! He was actually getting into role playing with me. I quickly removed and flipped the collar.

"Sorry Sir. It won't happen again. Now read it, Bonehead."

"It says 'Ex-Bitch In Training -- Spank Me When I Misbehave'. Right, well I think you've definitely been misbehaving, because I felt like the last 15 years was being replayed for my benefit tonight, not counting the last few weeks. So let's figure out how to get this done. Tell me what you know about spanking Bitch and I'll correct you if you forget anything important."

I couldn't believe that he actually needed me to teach him how to give a sexy spanking, but I did remember Sandra's advice about having to get my submissive needs fulfilled, so I explained that it hurts both people more to smack bare skin and that an over-the-knee spanking robs the spankee of any control and is the sexiest whereas a bent-over-the-bed or on-hands-and-knees spanking preserves some of their dignity and that might be counterproductive. I explained that pauses for gently rubbing help the participants to continue spanking longer and produce the perfect amount of rosy glow on the butt cheeks.

"Did I forget anything important?"

"Well you skipped over the stand-up spanking and the lying-flat-on-your-belly spanking."

"Oh, yes, good catch. Any spanking where the legs aren't bent and the skin isn't tight is just gonna be like slapping a bag of Jello."

"Very good, and why shouldn't the spankee be made to stand in the corner after the spanking?"

"Oh, that's an easy one. Because then you would just be wasting good fucking time."

With that, he ordered me to get undressed and, "Take your medicine."

I wanted to prolong the tease, so I only took off my pants and then waited for him to order me to remove whatever else he wanted off. With each article of clothing, I paused to reveal whatever was exposed until he had me down to my birthday suit. In the meantime, he stripped down to his boxers.

He sat on the same corner of the bed where Melanie had spanked me and he ordered me to get over his knee. He waited until I got all the way down and comfortable before reminding me that he was left-handed and I was on the wrong side. So I got up and resettled in the opposite direction and he told me to count and thank him after he each stroke. Then, for the first time in all our years together, he hit me. Smack!

"Zero! I'm not thanking you for that one. I barely felt it you pathetic wimp. You hit like a gi...Ow! One. Thank you Sir, but you can do better. Ow! Two. Thank you, Sir. Good. Now you've got it..."

He continued spanking me until he got to 10 and then paused to rub my cheeks. AS I had hoped, his cock was now hard and pressing against my belly. As his hand roamed around, I felt one of his fingers "dip my oil" as he called it. I suspect he was surprised at how wet my pussy was, but I wasn't. I was getting just what I wanted from him.

"Okay, ten more for calling me Bonehead." Smack.

I resumed the count at eleven and when he reached twenty, he again started to rub my ass. I could feel my pussy juices running down my thigh now and I was a little surprised that his hand wasn't hurting too much to continue, but after a few minutes, he said, "Six more for putting your collar on upside down." After three more swats to each cheek, he helped me to stand and then he held me and kissed me passionately.

"Please fuck me, Sir. I'll be a good girl now, until next time."

He dropped his boxers and laid back on the bed and said, "On top, facing my feet. I want to watch my 'handiwork' while you ride me."

This was a rare treat for me, because I could control the pace. I was always a little shy about masturbating while facing him, but with my back turned to him I could rub my clit and squeeze a nipple and keep him right on the edge while I had several delicious little orgasms. In the past, he had often come too quickly, which I had always blamed on a lack of control on his part. But probably due partly to aging and more to the fact that the frequency of having sex was higher than it had been since the end of our honeymoon, he was able to stay hard without coming for longer and with the added penetration I got from facing away, I could take full advantage of that.

I eased down onto his pole and started to tease my hot spots. With each thrust, I could feel the warmth of his handprints on my ass. After two very good orgasms I brought him to a ceiling painter and myself to a third aftershock orgasm just before my leg strength gave out. When I finally crawled off of him and spooned with him, he rubbed my ass and told me how proud he was that I took every swat with few tears and no attempts to stop him. He admitted that his hand was still stinging and that he didn't feel like a wife beater.

He removed my collar and I thanked him for taking that leap with me. Then he told me that he felt so much more hopeful about our future together now and said that if I wished, we could skip the visit from the third of his choices. I told him that she was the most intriguing to me and that I really wanted to complete the three times three goal he had set for me on the first day of our new marriage.
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