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The Price For Being A Bitch -- Chapter 6

A married woman wants something special from Janice and Charles.
This is a transcript of my chat with Gena, a lovely young woman who volunteered to have sex with my husband, to humiliate me and help me to earn his respect.

Me: So you want to attempt first time anal sex with my husband?

Gena: Yes, he can have my anal cherry, if he isn't too big.

Me: Well, I don't think he's very big, but can't your husband do that with you?

Gena: Brian is way too big for my ass. He totally stretches my pussy and my asshole is much smaller and tighter.

Me: Hmmm. Must be nice.

Gena: So how big is Charles' cock?

Me: I don't know, I've never measured it. He put it in my ass once and it hurt going in, but after that, it was okay. It just didn't do anything for me, so we've never done it again.

Gena: Can't you be more precise about the size? It's kind of important.

Me: Hmmmmm, let me... Oh! Yep, I can give you an idea of the size. When we were newlyweds, I took an empty cardboard toilet tissue spool and put it over his "morning wood".

Gena: Oh, that's funny. How well did it fit?

Me: The head and about a half inch of shaft stuck out the end.

Gena: That's good info. That probably means a little over six inches. Did it fit all the way to the hilt?

Me: Yep. I had to smash it a little to make it oval shaped so it could fit over the head.

Gena: And there wasn't any chance that it would split the tube? Because I'm more concerned about thickness than length.

Me: Hehe. No, it didn't get that tight. It was almost too thick at the base, but after I tilted it up, I got the last quarter inch in. So what is this? The toilet paper tube test? Like the pencil test for boob sag?

Gena: Hey, that's good. Fitting that he might stuff it up my ass. What did he do with it?

Me: He wore it to the bathroom and peed through it. By the time he came back the tube was much longer than his cock and slipped right off.

Gena: LOL! Well, it sounds like he's not too big to grease my corn hole.

Me: You don't want him to wear a rubber?

Gena: No, if that's okay. I want you both to clean me out with enemas before the fuck and then he won't need a condom. I want to be clean as a whistle. If it's okay with him, I would like to be in charge of what we do.

Me: I'll add that to the profile. Does this sound about right? "Wants gentle first time bareback anal sex, after enema. Wants to direct."

Gena: That sounds good. Do you think he'll go for it?

Me: I would almost bet on it. You're beautiful and he'll be very tempted.

Of course, she ended up being his third choice. I originally thought maybe she would be his first and only choice. I even hoped for it, because then I wouldn't have to lick his cock afterwards. He had this thing about ass-to-mouth and so did I. But now, after having experienced Sandra and Melanie, I was so glad he chose three and I'm glad Gena was one of them.

I thought maybe he chose her because she's drop-dead gorgeous and wanted anal sex, or maybe it was because she's blonde and he wanted to complete the rainbow. The two that he rejected had mouse-brown hair like mine. I didn't find out until later that it was all about the legs. The three that he selected had legs that "did it" for him. The other two didn't. Guys are strange. If all five had nice legs, he probably would have chosen all five and I would have just thought that he thought I deserved that much punishment. But the idea of more threesomes with volunteers, was something I was thinking we might want to do. I'd continued chatting with Sandra and Melanie and both seemed as interested as me. But I digress.

So we scheduled a night and when Gena came over, I met her at the door naked, even though we hadn't pre-arranged that. From my experience with Melanie, I had learned that getting that embarrassment out of the way as soon as possible would help me and help break the ice between Charles and the stranger because they would have 'Naked-Me' in common. I noticed that she drove an expensive car and although casually dressed, her outfit was also quite expensive.

After we closed the door behind her, Gena looked me directly in the eye and asked, "May I have a hug?"

"Of course," I replied.

We must have looked quite strange; my fully-naked, somewhat shorter, older and rounder body hugging her fully-clothed, slender, younger, almost fragile frame. I sensed tension in her. Of course, what woman wouldn't be tense under these circumstances. So I did my best to make my hug convey warmth, security and acceptance and I felt her noticeably relax, although not completely. When we released each other, it was as trusted friends. She immediately went over to Charles and repeated the request. As he hugged her, he looked over at me and his eyes conveyed confusion, then a dawning understanding and I watched as the remaining tension left her.

"It's my belief that I can tell a lot about people from their hugs. You both are good people and I feel safe and secure here. May I text my husband and inform him that you passed my hug test?"

I said, "Yes Gena, you're safe with us, from everything but a good time."

After some preparation, Gena was ready for me to give my first ever enema to any person. She positioned herself on hands and knees on a rug in our bedroom, right next to the door to the master bathroom where she would have privacy. I cautiously inserted the lubed tip of a hose into her tight anal ring and it was so very unexpectedly erotic, especially knowing that Charles' cock would soon be there. He and I then took turns filling her up until, after the fourth, she pronounced herself ready for action. I lit the candles and turned out the room lights.

Gena had already shed her lower clothing for the enemas. Now, she unselfconsciously removed her top and bra and I got my first look at her fully naked. I felt a comforting stir in my pussy as I took in the total package. I had always tried to deny my attraction to women, but the lesbian photos I saw in the profiles on the erotic stories website were so damn sexy! After my experiences with Sandra and Melanie, I was now comfortable with my bi-sexuality.

Gena asked to see my fingers and, after noting my long nails, she asked if I minded wearing rubber gloves. I accepted and she unexpectedly gave me kitchen style gloves instead of medical style gloves. They had textured fingertips and those would come in handy later.

She put a little lube on the tips of two of my fingers and then climbed onto the edge of the bed in the doggie position.

"Start with one finger and I'll tell you when to add more lube and more fingers."

Charles began to strip as he watched in fascination while Gena ordered me to stretch and relax her tight sphincter. She had me massage her clit with my other hand and that seemed to help her relax. I was amazed that she eventually relaxed her anus enough that even after I pulled three fingers from it, it stayed open for a while. When she was satisfied that she was ready. She looked over at Charles. His cock was as hard and large as I've ever seen it, but it didn't seem to scare her.

"Charles, please put that beautiful cock in my pussy and get it nice and wet."

I watched as he pushed his cock in and coated it thoroughly with her juices by thrusting a few times. I felt my pussy juices start down my thigh.

"Okay Janice, add a little lube and help him fit it in my ass."

I guided it into her and nodded to Charles. He pushed and the head went right in.

"Mmmfffff! That's a full feeling. Now ease it in nice and slowly. That's it. Wait. Let me adjust. Now more."

When he got the last half inch in, she said, "Whew, I was beginning to wonder if I could get it all in. Now Janice, rub my clit as he fucks me."

The textured fingertips worked their magic on her as Charles began to roll and thrust. She began to moan and begged him to go faster and push harder. Soon his cock was coming all the way out and plunging back in again, while I slipped my free hand down and began to tweak one of her nipples.

Soon she was coming and still Charles kept pounding into her. Then he cut loose and I actually saw a stream of his cum squirt into her just as he was thrusting back in. Oh that was so hot!

When they both were sated, I was so horny that I would have humped a doorknob, but Gena ordered me to get wet cloths to clean them. When I returned, she was laid out beside Charles with her head on his shoulder and I felt a twinge of jealousy. It was clear that they were getting along very well. She took one cloth from me and began wiping his cock. I took the other cloth and she raised her leg so that I could wipe her crack. I was so horny that my free hand kept wanting to move to my pussy and Gena noticed that.

"Now Janice, I want you to get on your knees at the end of the bed and masturbate for us. No, leave the gloves on and Use your other hand on those hard nipples."

Ohmigawd, I was so embarrassed! I never masturbated while facing anyone. It was just something I was too shy about. I wasn't sure if I could stay aroused because I was blushing so much, but orders are orders. I stroked my clit and tweaked my nipples and began to roll my hips. The rubber gloves were different in a very good way.

Gena finished wiping Charles' cock and threw the cloth onto the rug.

Then she looked up at Charles and said, "She's so beautiful."

Charles looked at her and said, "I agree." Then he looked right at me and said, "I am a very lucky man."

I began to moan and of course, Charles heard that and began to get hard again. Gena leaned over and took his cock into her mouth.

When it got fully hard, she stopped sucking long enough to say, "This is the perfect size for sucking and ass fucking."

I had to wonder just how big her husband's cock was.

When I came in front of them, the last vestige of my personal dignity shredded. I had not taken responsibility for my own happiness, because I was ordered to do it, but I could not hide behind that to avoid achieving it. I was still a princess and a goddess and a whore, but I was a humble one.

Just as I was returning to awareness, Charles erupted into Gena's mouth and she didn't let a drop get away.

As Gena was dressing, she asked if she could speak with Charles alone. I did not want that and I don't think I can explain why, but I was still wearing my collar and I could not refuse. I left the room and they spoke in low tones for about 15 minutes. When Gena left, there was a mysterious smile on her face. She kissed me and hugged me and said she would be in touch.

I tried to query Charles about their conversation, but all he would say is, "What was said was said in confidence and you must trust me when I say that you will not suffer loss as a result of what was said."

Damn him! I knew better than to pry.

As she drove off, the gravity of what this evening meant began to hit me. It was like a graduation or the last payment on a mortgage. I had now seen Charles fuck three other women. I had licked pussies and cleaned his cock with my tongue. My guilt-debt was paid in full and I had even earned my right to cuckold Charles.

I would soon be free to choose to throw my collar away, but I still had one minor debt to repay.
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