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The Price For Being A Bitch -- Chapter 7

Janice pays the fiddler or maybe it was the piper or one of those other damn musicians.
"Charles........I have to tell you about a little trouble I've gotten myself into. You remember that I told you that those five women were all volunteers? Well, I left out the fact that I offered each of them a payment. Maybe having sex with you should have been payment enough, but these women didn't owe me a thing. So I made a deal with each of them. Sandra only wanted dinner at a nice reastaurant, so she's satisfied. Melanie wanted to spank my ass, so she's satisfied.

The problem is with my payment to Gena. I really thought that she would be your first and maybe only choice, because she's so young and pretty and because she was interested in being fucked in her gorgeous ass. I wanted her for you so badly that I left my deal with her kind of open-ended. I promised to repay her with a mutually agreeable favor of equivalent value. I just didn't think she would take it quite this literally. She wants to give an evening with me to her husband for his 24th birthday. Apparently he has a thing for women who are almost twice his age. I could refuse, but then I'll owe her something else. Only a bitch would welch on a deal and I'm trying so hard to not be a bitch anymore to anyone."

I was not feeling good about this. Ever since /Gena left our house, things were slightly different. I thought that it was probably because I was waiting for Charles to address the issue of my new status. He had forgiven me for giving him that awful ultimatum. I felt forgiven and I also felt like I had earned one evening with another man and with Charles present as cuckold, but also as the man I love more than I could love any other man. I wanted two male lovers simultaneously and one of them had to be Charles. Then Gena threw this at me. It was a reasonable request given the circumstances, but I did not want it to negate my chance for a threesome with Charles and another man.

"Janice, my main concern here is for your safety. I won't lie to you, I will feel very jealous of any time you spend with any other man. If I say yes to this, will it satisfy the desire you had for sex with another man."

Damn! Leave it Charles to get right to the heart of the opportunity. I don't know why this was such an issue with me. I was happy being the slave and I kept up with collar nights every three days even after I had satisfied my commitment to being cuckqueaned three times by three different women. I guess I had been hoping to at least hold tight to my goal despite the price it had cost me. But I still had two other goals. I wanted to inspire Charles to begin again to perform cunnilingus on me. I also wanted him to begin again to initiate sex with me. I was afraid that if I had sex with any other man, even with Charles' concensus, I would be kissing the attainment of all three goals goodbye. I had only one thing to offer that I thought might prevent that.

"I guess it could, but I really don't want it to. I wanted that to be something you and I did together. Gena wants to give me as a present and that kind of excludes you. So I would still want a separate event, but I've been thinking about extending our current arrangement. I think my collar is good for both of us. I think these threesomes with other women are good for both of us. If you think you can trust me enough to let me settle this debt with Gena, I will continue to find other women to have fun with. I want this so badly that I would happily seal this deal with a blowjob and I can tell by the bulge in your pants that there's some interest. So how about it?"

"I have to admit that you have done more to redeem my opinion of you than I ever believed you capable of. It would be hypocrisy for me to not allow you to settle your debt. You've certainly earned my trust and all I can ask is that you'll tell me about it afterwards. If you feel safe, and you want to pay her back this way, by all means go and enjoy yourself. I'll be waiting as patiently as I possibly can."

I could not believe he had agreed to it, but his reply sounded a little rehearsed. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but I should have been more suspicious. I was just so glad that he agreed to let me be another man's birthday gift, that I was on him like a cat on a mouse and soon swallowed a satisfying dose of his cum.

He insisted on having the address and I gave it to him, but I made him promise not to drive there and wait outside. I too, was concerned about my safety, and I expressed my concerns to Gena. She told me that it would be quite acceptable for Charles to wait in their living room while I was their guest, but I did not want that and I did not want Charles to ever know that she had offered that. Gena said that she might have another way to reassure me. She had given an older woman to her husband as a birthday present before. The woman was one of my dearest chat friends and I had never known she had strayed outside of her marriage until she PMed me and told me to trust Gena and her husband. She told me that she personally can vouch for them as she had the best fuck of her life from Brian while Gena saw to their every need. Of course I accepted after that.

I had confirmed with Gena that there would be no anal sex, but I didn't want Charles to know that. I wanted him to participate in preparing me for my big night and he graciously agreed. He gave me cleansing enemas, checked my pussy for the smoothness of my shave, lubed and inserted my butt plug, watched as I dressed in my shortest and sexiest little black dress with no panties or bra, checked my hair and makeup and finally, I asked him to collar me. To my surprise, he didn't pull out the cheap pet shop collar that Sandra had given me. Instead he presented a new collar that clearly came from a special order place. This too, should have made me suspicious, but I was so happy to have earned a new collar, that I didn't think to wonder how that had happened.

The strap of Charles' gift was made of soft pink leather and there were rhinestones galore. There was a small engraved plaque that read "Ex-Bitch, Property of Charles - Spank Me If I Backslide". I'm glad my mascara was run-proof, because there were tears of joy streaming from my eyes as he fastened the new collar around my neck. I promised to try to text him as often as I could and drove the fifty miles to Gena and Brian's house where I texted him upon my arrival.

Gena met me at the door of her very nice house, wearing only a clearly very expensive collar and a smile. "Welcome Mistress Janice, it will be my pleasure to serve your needs this evening." Then she broke character and squealed, "Oh, you've earned a new collar!. How exciting!" Then it was right back to her slave self. "The Master will be ready shortly. May I get you a glass of wine? We have a fine Sauvignon Blanc chilled."

I accepted the wine and sat on the sofa. Gena knelt on the floor and sat back on her heals and we sipped our wine and chatted like there was nothing unusual about her being naked while I was clothed. We were just too collared girls preparing for an interesting evening. I asked her about opportunities to send texts to reassure my husband and she said there would be several. Soon I heard the shower stop and Gena tapped on the door and said, "Mistress Janice has arrived, Sir."

A few minutes later, Brian stepped out of the hallway wearing a bathrobe and walked directly to me. "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, my dear. No, don't get up. You look ravishing." He sat down next to me and his hand went immediately to my knee. I had been hoping to try Gena's hug test on him, but I couldn't very well force him to stand back up. "Slave Gena explained about the photography?"

"Yes, Sir." I had initially opposed their plan to shoot photos and video of our evening, but Gena had promised that the video would be kept strictly private and that no photo of my face will be posted to the Internet or shown to any stranger. I began to think of how aroused I had felt when I added several photos to my profile, so I finally agreed with the condition that I would get a copy of everything and of course, I promised to preserve their privacy also.

"Please, call me Brian. There is only one slave here tonight. You don't have to wear your collar if you would prefer not to."

I tried not to show it, but I suddenly recoiled at the thought of removing my new collar for this man I had just met. More even than my wedding ring set, my collar had become the symbol of my bond to my husband. I was also suddenly struck by a fear that I had very badly misunderstood Charles again and that I was jeopardizing my future with him by choosing not to require Gena to choose a different payback for me. But I was here now and Charles knew I was to be a present for another man, so I had to overcome my fear and let the evening play out. I decided to test Brian to see if he was really not perceiving me as a slave.

"Thank you for your concern, er... Brian, but this collar was put on by my husband. Unless you order me to remove it, I would prefer to leave it on."

Brian seemed to understand, but Gena actually smiled at my reply. Perhaps she understood that I had passed a test I had set for myself.

Brian's hand crept further up my leg as he said, "As you wish, Janice. We may pause briefly for the sake of taking certain photos, but Gena is quite skilled at getting the shots we like with minimal impact on our pleasure."

"I'm sure it will be quite acceptable, S... Brian."

His fingers soon found the bare flesh at the top of my stockings and I could not contain a slight gasp of pleasure. Then he kissed me passionately and while I was somewhat surprised by that, I enthusiastically returned the kiss. Charles had kissed Sandra, but for me to be kissing another man was unexpected and very arousing. When his fingers found my slit, I'm quite sure that I was already quite wet. "May I lick your pussy, Janice?"

"Mmmmm, yes."

Brian got on his knees and slid my dress up as I spread my legs for him. He kissed and licked the bare skin of my inner thighs, starting from where my stockings ended until his skilled tongue dipped into the soft pink folds of my slit. When he reached my clit, he expertly danced his tongue where no man other than Charles had been since before our marriage. I was soon moaning and as I rolled my head to one side, I saw that Gena had surreptitiously begun to capture still shots of her husband licking my shaved pussy. I looked dreamily into Gena's eyes and she captured a look of such content on my face that I thought no man's tongue could ever again cause. My first orgasm of the night washed over me then.

When I recovered from his expert tongue work, Brian suggested that we have another glass of wine before proceeding and Gena suggested that I might now send a text to my husband. I had prepared and saved texts that included secret code words. One text for duress and the other for contentment. I sent the text for contentment as I accepted another glass of wine. If only he knew how contented I felt right then.

I may have rushed my wine drinking a bit because I was extremely curious about Brian's cock. I didn't guzzle. I sipped. I just sipped very often and I hope they attributed it to nervousness, but if they saw it as eagerness, well that was okay too. I set my glass down just as Gena was finishing the second half of her first glass from earlier. I turned to Brian and said, "May I return the favor?"

"Yes Janice, you can certainly get me started that way." He continued to sip his wine as I put my hand into his bathrobe around his knee and ran it up his thigh. It didn't get very far before I bumped into the tip of his cock. I rubbed along the length of it and it started to inflate and harden. 'Oh my god,' I thought, 'what did I agree to.' I couldn't possibly have known what to expect, but Charles had said that slipping his cock into Gena's cunt was like putting a size 6 foot into a size 10 shoe. I now wondered how this size 10 cock was ever going to fit into my size 6 pussy.

I got to my knees between his legs and peeled open the flaps of his bathrobe. There it was and it was beautiful. It was fully three inches longer than Charles' and oh so much thicker. I started to lick the head and then I licked down the shaft to his balls and back up again. I gently stroked the shaft with my hand and tried to take the head into my mouth. It only just barely fit and I had to open my mouth painfully wide to accomplish that much. Although it seemed that it didn't get very hard, It certainly was very big.

"You did very well, Janice, but now I think we should adjourn to the bedroom because I want to fuck you very much and we will be most comfortable there."

I shimmied out of my dress and let it fall to the floor as we walked down the hall. Brian dropped his bathrobe right next to it and we entered the bedroom with Gena trailing behind.

As we drew close to the bed, Brian once again kissed me and dropped down to lick both of my hard nipples. Then he said, "Lady's choice for the starting position. I prefer to finish with a doggie."

I could barely breathe as I whispered, "Cowgirl." Ever since the night I almost lost Charles, I had been doing many things to make myself feel what I think every woman wants to feel, desirable to someone whose opinion they respect. One of those things was an exercise regimen and I worked particularly hard on firming up my leg muscles. I wasn't going to a pass up an opportunity to use them for my pleasure.

Brian lay back on the bed and I crawled up over him. Gena positioned herself behind me and asked me to mount him very slowly so she could take lots of photos. She needn't have asked. There was no way I was going to risk hurting myself by inserting that monster cock too quickly.

I pulled the head to my waiting pussy lips and slid it around to coat it completely with my ample wetness. I eased the head in and had to pause immediately while I let my pussy expand. As I started to ease more of his cock into me, I felt the butt plug pop out and Gena giggled. It was just as well that it was gone, because there was no room for it.

I was stretching far more than I thought possible. There was no real pain, but there were moments of discomfort each time I pushed I little more into me. I was easing myself up a little after each new thrust and it was feeling really good when I did. Finally, I felt his hips and thighs contact my butt cheeks and I knew I had it almost all in. I bounced on it and on the second bounce, it was all inside me.

"Ahhhhh, so tight." Brian murmured.

"I've never felt so full."

"Take your time, Janice."

I began to ease up and down and soon was riding full length on his hard shaft. He reached up and began to caress my nipples and that sent jolts of pleasure shooting through me. My pussy was adding a thick foam to his shaft and Gena was walking around taking photos from many angles. With each thrust, I began to grind my clit down onto his shaved pubic root and I could feel a fantastic orgasm building inside me. He was rising to meet my thrusts and driving deep into me. Our pace gradually increased until my second orgasm took me and shook me and I collapsed on top of him. He kept thrusting into me, but now our strokes were only the final inch of his long shaft.

I signaled that I was ready and he lifted me slowly off of him as Gena snapped more photos. I got up on my knees and grabbed onto the headboard as he got into position behind me. As he pushed his cockhead back into me, small pleasant spasms of my pussy muscles started. He squeezed some gel that smelled like cinnamon onto his shaft and gradually pushed into me. In this position, it felt like his cock was penetrating deeper into me by the time I felt his hips bumping my ass. He started to pick up the pace and my pussy started to get really warm. I felt another orgasm build and suddenly my mouth was uncontrollably running with words that Charles never heard from me. "So big. So much cock. So hard. Oh, fuck my cunt. Fuck my cunt, Fuck my cunt. Fuck me hard, So deep. Oh, yes! Yes, yes, yes! I'm gonna come! Oh fuck me, Sir. I'm fuckin' cumming!" Brian was sliding full force into me as waves of bliss once again rolled through me. Then, I felt his cock start to pulse. and with a roar of release, he bathed my insides with his passion.

As he withdrew his softening cock from me, Gena immediately started to wash our froth from it with her tongue. Brian asked me to roll onto my back, I assumed so that more of his load would remain inside me until Gena finished washing his cock and came over to clean our cream from me. This was part of our agreement and it was the first time that another woman licked my pussy. Brian took the camera from her and added to the photo collection. Her tongue dipped deep into my pussy many times and she swallowed every drop of the cream I was able to squeeze out to her. When she was finished with that, she returned her attention to my clit and I was soon moaning again. Brian took Gena from behind, slamming into her as she brought me to my third orgasm. When they both had come, Gena and I wished Brian many birthdays just as happy.

I texted Charles and then dressed as I waited for Gena to copy the files from the camera into their system. She promised to mail the videos on DVD to me and it was just then that I realized I had never seen a video camera. I had seen her point a small device at us and didn't realize she was remotely operating cameras that were up on shelves throughout the two rooms where we had spent most of our time. She gave me the SD card from her camera and I hugged them and kissed them both goodbye. Just before I left, Gena suddenly remembered my butt plug and did me the honor of reinserting it.

When I got on the road, I called Charles to tell him that I was on my way and that my debt was paid and I was his and only his now. He seemed kind of distant and I knew that I was coming home to face the music for having sex with another man. I was prepared for a battle because I had his permission to settle my debt this way and I felt I had earned his trust. I wasn't prepared for the man I found.

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