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The Summer I'll Never Forget 3

After a night of group sex all of them wake up
Day 3

The next morning everyone woke up at about the same time in the same exact places that they passed out in. Amanda was the first to wake up. Then Chris. Then Stephanie. Finally Jack woke. After a little bit of awkwardness from everyone. Mainly Steph thought she was the only one that was awkward especially towards Amanda. After the boys left the only ones left were Amanda and Steph sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee still completely naked and a pink elephant was sitting in the room.

“Listen, sorry about last night. I was just caught in the moment. If I did anything that offended you or anything like that just let me know. I am truly sorry about it. I really didn’t mean to take control like that.” Steph said really embarrassed that little orgy took place instead of them going off to their respective rooms and done what they wanted to do.

“No, I’m sorry I should have stopped it when it got out of control.” Amanda wouldn’t even look up at Steph she just kept looking into her coffee.

“I have to admit. It was fun. REALLY fun in fact. I have never came like that in my entire life.” Amanda finally looked up at Steph with a huge shit-eating grin.

Steph was happy to see Amanda smiling and ok with what happened last night. “So we’re still friends? I don’t have to leave or nothing like that?”

“No I asked for what happened last night. You’re fine trust me. But if you feel guilty tell you what we watch the rest of your drunken night and we’ll call it even.” Amanda was still smiling and it looked to Steph it wasn’t forced. “Besides if we get bored with the homemade porno of you. We can have a repeat of last night just you and me.” Amanda’s smile was now evil with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Done. And maybe.” Was all that Steph could say. Secretly thanking that everything was fine with them. “Oh before I forget. My older brother is going to be coming out this way to visit a friend more north of here. And I was wondering if he does make it out here is it alright if he stays here for a few days?”

Amanda thought about it for a minute, “Sure, I don’t mind as long he doesn’t mind us walking around naked like we seem to be doing lately.” She laughed for a little while.

“I seriously doubt he would mind especially if it’s you walking around naked. He just might make you into a personal slave.”

“Oh it’s that brother that taught you to be a dominatrix?”

Steph laughs, “Sort of more like all my brothers. When you’re the only sister with three other brothers you learn to control things. And they are freaky from what previous girlfriends have told me. Boy I could tell you stories.”

“Well maybe you can tell me one of those stories. After you wash my back.”

“Done and I thought you would never ask.”

“Ok and try not to take advantage of me it’s not like we are lovers or anything. We were just experimenting.” Amanda just smiled at her.

Steph chuckled, “Yeah experimenting. But be careful if I don’t get sex every once in a while I just might put a strap on you and tell you bang my brains out.”

“Only if I’m the one in control.”

Steph laughed, “You have a lot to learn before I let you control me.”

They finished off their coffee and laughed hand in hand up the stairs towards the showers. Well not hand in hand more like hand on ass and hand on ass up the stairs. As they walked up the stairs Steph thought to herself this is definitely going to be one summer she will never forget.

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