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The Summer I'll Never Forget 4.1 - A Trip In Town

Steph learns something about Amanda
Day 6

Steph woke up in her bed like she normally did, in her birthday suit. Hell pajamas are over rated at this point. She got up and thought about putting on at least something. After a few minutes of thinking it over she decided to put on at least a thong and a t-shirt from Yale. As she put on her things that she decided to wear a few things nagged at her.

She only knew Amanda for a year as roommates and in that year she got close. Amanda knew just about everything about her well at least what she shared about herself. But Amanda barely shared anything, she kept everything hidden. The whole year Steph wanted to ask about it so she could know her more as a true friend instead of some distant friend who acted more of a stranger than a friend, but she was busy with course loads and being a cheerleader.

She never got around to finding out about Amanda’s past but when Amanda invited her to spend the summer with her she thought that Amanda might actually open up, but lately over the past few days with all the sex she hasn’t exactly been thinking with her logical mind at least. It was time she got to the bottom and find out more of her friend. With that thought clearly in her head she needed to get control of her urges mainly her downstairs urges.

Plus she really needed to figure out why she was constantly horny.

If this is what it is like to be a man not being able to think without sex coming into the equation she didn’t know how they got anything done at all. As she put on her panties she noticed that her thong seemed a little more loose than normal, well at least the benefit with the constant sex she has lost a little something in her hips even though she’s not sure that is a good thing.

Oh well she quickly threw on her shirt and headed downstairs to at least get something out of Amanda other than hiding. As she opened her door to head downstairs a wall of intoxicating aroma of coffee and espresso. Got to admit if there was one thing that could wash any thought in her mind other than sex is Amanda’s coffee, she noted to herself that either before this summer ended or college ended she really needed to get the recipe for Amanda’s coffee because no matter how many times she tried it wasn’t nearly as good as Amanda’s.

There had to be some hidden secret ingredient that made it so scrumptious. Fuck just the smell nearly made her knees go out from underneath her. Shit she might need to change her panties, thank god for Amanda’s maid doing her laundry for her.

Steph headed downstairs and saw Amanda sitting in her usual spot, sipping on her coffee, and read a newspaper. And like her Amanda was dressed in a shirt to cover up. Steph poured herself her cup of coffee. Well if the time was to find out anything was now.

“So….what’s in the paper?” Smooth move she thought to herself. Get to the damn point.

“Nothing of real interest. Usually they write about the U.S. problems nothing around here. It’s kind of sad actually, but I understand as nothing really big happens around here. People freak out if a new stop sign or street light gets installed.”

“Huh. So now that we finally have some down time. What is with this?” as Steph waves her hand up and down at Amanda.

Amanda puts down her paper and sees Steph waving her hand up and down in her direction, “What do you mean?”

Steph thought about it for a sec to straighten out her thoughts and block to urge to call Jack and fuck his brains out. “Well we are friends right?”

Amanda looked at her quizzically, “Rrriiiiggggghhhhhhttttttt. Sooooo…..”

“So, I’ve known you for a whole year. I barely know anything about you except that you come from money.”

Amanda crossed her legs in the high top chair of the counter and leaned forward, “Ok. What would you like to know?”

“Well for starters. What does your family do for a living other than travel around the world ignoring their kids? Why don’t I know more about your older brother or younger sister for that matter? Who was that on the phone the other night before we went to that party? What is the history between you and that sizzling guy from the other night? You have to tell all instead of hiding it. If we were friends I would tell you.”

Amanda looked at her what felt like a long time. Then out of nowhere Amanda finally spoke, “Your right if we are friends I should tell you everything. Ok. My parents….,” she broke off for a minute, “are trust-fund babies.”

Steph looked at her and just shook her head, “Well that makes some sense. But what did they do to become trust-fund endowed?”

Amanda just smiled, “Well my grandparents were able to invent some various items that are still used in today’s items ranging from your common microwave to the computers used by the government. After they passed my parents inherited the patents to those items and we still hold them to this day. Of course seeing how both of them loved to watch movies they decided to buy into a few film companies. They don’t do much now seeing how my brother has taken over the reigns so now he deals with the day to day operations on those. So between my parents, my brother, my sister, and me are what you would consider filthy rich. But I try not to flaunt it or anything like that.”

Steph just looked at her, she didn’t realize that her friend was THAT rich.

“Ok now that I know your filthy rich, which doesn’t bother me, now about your brother and sister.”

Amanda just nodded her head. “Well….My older brother, Tom, is only a few years older than me. He currently is running the day-to-day operations with the companies that want to use our family’s inventions. Seeing how we still hold the patents on them they have to go through us in order to use them. Mainly they just send us huge amount of checks. Plus he is trying to use those particular patents for future companies that are still in the beginning phase. On top of those he deals with the day to day operations of the companies that my parents bought into.”

Steph just looked at her and listened, “Ok that’s your brother. What about your sister?”

Amanda looked out the window and continued, “My sister Natalie is a couple of years younger than me. She is currently enrolled in a private school. When she gets out of school my brother says she will gets to run one of the film companies as her graduation present unless she decides to go onto college then that’s a different story. I think she has a good head on her shoulder but I’m corrupted because she’s family. Oh before I forget she contacted me just before finals to let me know that she will try to come out here after all her classes are done and she should be here some time in two weeks seeing how she is on a different curricular system. So hopefully in a couple of weeks you’ll at least get to meet one of the other Parkers.”

Steph nodded to hearing that another person will be joining them for the summer and made a mental note to wear clothes when Amanda’s sister arrives. “Ok that takes care of the sister. You’ve told me what they do but you haven’t told me anything other than what I can research if I were to look really hard.”

Amanda looked at her, “Like…”

Steph curled her hair in one of her fingers, “Well like what do they do when they don’t work or at school? You know stuff like that.”

Amanda stirred her coffee in her cup, “Well if you must know my brother when he isn’t working he is usually at some hot spot in Phoenix seeing how he calls that hot sauna of a place home. When my sister isn’t in school she usually resides outside of Denver.”

Steph kept looking at her, “And you….”

Amanda just rolled her eyes, “And if I’m not here which is most of the time seeing how I like this place I have a winter home outside of Austin.”

Steph just looked at her a moment trying to think why they would live in different areas, “Ok so let me get this straight your brother resides in Phoenix, your sister resides outside of Denver, and you reside outside of Austin when you’re not here.”

Amanda just shook her head confirming it.

“Is there any reason why you all live in the different parts on the country?”

Amanda just shrugged, “Even though we are family we’re not what you would say close,” Amanda quoting the close with her fingers, “family. Yeah we talk to each other and this cabin is usually how we get together when we can. My brother likes Phoenix for some odd reason why I have no idea. I hate that place it’s too hot for my taste. My sister resides in Denver because I think she likes the cold. Also helps that her on again off again boyfriend lives in Denver. Me and Tom hate her boyfriend or whatever he is but he makes her happy so we really can’t say much. And I went to Austin one year and fell in love with everything there so I decided to buy a nice place out there and go there and spend a couple of months in the winter there when it gets too cold here for my taste.”

Steph shrugged about the details at least she was getting more out of her than she did the whole year at Yale. “Ok so now that I know a little more about you and your family. What about that call you got the other night? I was meaning to ask but was busy trying to get fitted for the party and all the sex has had my attentions elsewhere.”

Amanda just laughed at that comment, “Well that call was from James.”

Steph searched her memory and then it dawned James as in James from the grocery store. “You mean mister delicious at the grocery store? The one that had eyes only for you?”

Amanda simply nodded, “That would be him, Mr. James Rockler himself.”

That shook Steph to the core, “Rockler? As in Matt Rockler?”

Amanda looked at her, “Close Matt and James are cousins. Their fathers are brothers.”

That made some sense to Steph but she still looked at Amanda like a deer in head lights.

“Look me and James had a fling when we attended the same private school. A nice fling. We almost had a real relationship but things got complicated.”

Steph looked at Amanda intrigued at this, “Complicated as in how?”

Amanda looked away, “Complicated as my parents and his parents tried to force us into a marriage. Mainly it was his parents that tried while mine thought it would be good. But him and me weren’t ready for that. So instead we broke it off completely. After boarding school I took a couple of years off and traveled to various places to get connected to myself.”

Steph kept on leaning more and more forward rolling her hand telling Amanda to keep going. She wished she only had some popcorn.

“Well before I left for Yale I finally came back here to see how he was doing and maybe work my legs again. Have to admit he was a decent lay. But when I got here to surprise him at his house all decked out in a skin tight baseball uniform with nothing on underneath but an empty jockstrap. When he opened the door that’s when I found out about Jessica.”

Steph was completely hooked now, sometimes life was better than any soap opera. “What did you do?”

Amanda turned away, “What else was I supposed to do? I left and shortly after that I came to Yale to make my parents happy by attending Yale.”

Steph not wanting to end the story she needed the juicy details, “And….”

Amanda with her back still to Steph, “Then after the grocery store before you came in he called wanting to meet up to catch up on old times and maybe have another fling”

“What a jerk.” Steph blurted out before she could stop herself.

“That’s what I told him. He told me that things never worked out with him and Jessica. How he caught her in bed with another man. How she tried to work things out with him by blaming she was drunk or on some type of hypnotic drug. That he wanted a second chance with us. He’s sorry that I had found out about Jessica when I came over for my surprise. Basically trying to win me over so I would sleep with him again.”

“Hence what I heard what I did.” Steph watched intently as Amanda still had her back to her, “So what are you going to do about him?”

“Honestly I don’t know. Probably nothing.” Amanda’s head sank as she said it.

“Honey, honestly from friend to friend, what I saw in his eyes is that he had eyes only for you. I could actually feel the excitement when you told him you would be at the party. Which reminds me. Was he at the party?”

“He was.” Amanda turned around with her stone face trying not to show any emotion. Steph was really going to have to work on Amanda to get her to not do that. “And…”

“And he tried to talk to me but Jessica or whatever her name is was hanging all over him.”

“Oh.” Steph felt like both of them were hit in the gut, “Well how did he act when she was hanging all over him?”

“I don’t know I walked away when I saw her.”

“Oh, Well his loss.” Amanda kind of smirked at her as if she were thinking the same thing as Steph was.

Amanda just looked at her for a long while and after what felt like an eternity of silence, “Oh before I forget when is your brother supposed to be here if my sis is supposed to be here.” Steph thought about for a moment, “With Ianto you never know. Sometimes he’ll be late by his original guess and other times he’s extremely early.”

“Ianto???” Amanda looked at Steph quizzically. “Yeah I call him Ianto because that’s his name but everyone else just knows him as Nate. He is always on my butt when I tell people his real name but I think it’s funny.”

“Oh I know what you mean. One kid at the private school I went to everyone knew him as R.J. even though I knew his real name was Reginald Jeramiah. So when I call him Reggie he just gives me the evil eye.” Amanda giggles about looking back upon the memory.

“Yeah same thing. Anyways ‘Nate’” Steph quoting the name with her fingers, “said he should be coming my way sometime within the next few days or so. My best guess is he’ll be here in a week to a week and a half. Stay with us for a few days to a couple of weeks knowing Ianto then head off his merry way to where he is eventually going to.”

“Yeah what does ‘Ianto’” Amanda quoted the name with her fingers, Amanda seemed be having fun to do that to Steph and she thought it was funny even though soon she would need to change her panties for some odd reason they were completely soaked she looked down to make sure there wasn’t a puddle under her, “do for a living?”

Steph poured herself another cup of coffee and offered more to Amanda but she refused and Steph shrugged whatever more for her. “Well Ianto is a writer.”

Amanda perked up, “oooo! A writer, huh? Have I read any of his books?”

Steph shrugged, “You probably have he has written at least fifty books and depending on the genre he uses a different pen name. Mainly he writes mystery novels. His more popular series is the Thomas ‘Fox’ Finnickie series.”

Amanda opened her eyes wide, “I love those books I have all twelve of the books.”

Steph laughed, “Well I’m sure if you have his books he’ll more than likely sign them for you if you want.”

Amanda giggled at the news, “Well I be sure to bring them out. But what does he do when he isn’t writing?”

Steph shrugged, “Who knows. When he isn’t writing he is either back packing some place, doing some insane sport like snowboarding or something along those lines, visiting his little sister and giving me hell, visiting the rest of the family, or he is doing something to promote his recent book.”

Steph watched Amanda look at her watch, “Ah shit. It’s already 11am. I need to go into town and run some errands. Do you want to come with me? If you want we can go see Jack and see how he’s doing?”

Steph looked down at herself realizing that she was still wearing only a t shirt and some panties that were completely soaked for some odd reason and her clit felt like it was beginning to vibrate all on its own. Even though her panties felt loose she was glad that they at least stayed on because with how soaked they were she was afraid if they did fall it would make a sound close to what a filled water balloon might sound like when it exploded on the ground.

What the hell was going on? Her body has never been this out of control without some type of stimuli to cause it to go into over drive like this. Whatever it was she really needed to find out the cause of this. Must be the pheromones in the air or something. Whatever it is she needed to get dressed if she were to join Amanda into town and possibly see Jack again.

“Yeah just give me a few moments to get dressed and I’ll be ready to go.”

Amanda shrugged, “Like I’m ready at this moment. Think you can get ready in say thirty minutes? That way we can grab a bite in town for lunch.”

Steph hurried upstairs and called back down, “Sure thing.”

Steph ran into her room and quickly closed the door. Threw off her shirt into the dirty hamper that the maid had set out for her to throw her clothes into to get done while she was ‘visiting’ along with slipping off her drenched panties and threw into the hamper. As her panties hit the corner of the room where the hamper was it made a splat sound. Well she was right about one thing her panties were drenched to the bone. It was beginning to become unbearable.

Her pussy was yelling at her if it didn’t get any attention soon she would regret it. She thought about talking to her lower anatomy to bargain with it but she didn’t have time for that at this moment.

She quickly rummaged through her clothes to find something to wear. Eventually she found what she was looking for her overall shorts, a cameo Tennessee Volunteers tank top, her white halter bra, and her white laced thong. As she put on her thong she could tell it wouldn’t be long before they were soaked through. She almost thought about going commando then remember her previous panties that nearly stuck to the wall before falling into the basket just a few moments ago.

If she did that her overall shorts would tell everyone she was horny or as her brothers would say leaving behind snail trails. So she decided to stick with wearing the underwear and hope its absorbent enough to hold out until they get back. Next she but on her bra….holy shit her bra was completely tight.

What the fuck first her panties felt like they were falling down, like a teenage boy would wear pants two sizes too big so when they take a step their pants would fall without a belt, now her bra won’t fit it felt like her boobs had grown a full size and felt like she had implants in her but she knew better.

Now everything was confirmed there is something going on and now matter how much sex she has been having there is no way her boobs would grow like that…could it. Realizing that she doesn’t have the time to figure it she just loosened the straps on her bra even though it felt like her boobs were falling out of her bra but for now it will do. Damn it she was going to have to go shopping and get new smaller underwear and bigger cup size bras if this kept going.

She had to admit that she did want a bigger cup size but not by much so this might just work out to her benefit as long as the growth doesn’t continue. That’s if the growth is permanent if it was temporary than that is a different story. She shook her head trying not to think about it and quickly threw on the tank and slipped into the over all shorts.

She looked at the clock she still had at least fifteen minutes before she needed to meet up with Amanda so she headed into the bathroom to fix her hair and slap on at least a little bit of make up. Fifteen minutes came and gone. She looked herself up and down in the mirror and decided that this will have to do to run errands its not like they were going out on the town or anything.

Satisfied with the end results she opened her the door to her just in time for Amanda to knock. “Oh! Well I guess you’re ready.”

Steph looked Amanda up and down. She was wearing some white Daisy Duke shorts and string strap tight blue shirt in some sandals.

She was relieved that her outfit was the right mix with what Amanda was wearing. “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”

They got out to the Jeep and hopped in to begin their drive into town. After some time they got into town and made their first stop, it appeared to Steph like a normal supply store.

“I hope you don’t mind but I need to pick up some supplies that I suddenly realized I needed to make this summer perfect?” Amanda said.

Steph just shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t care. I’m just here for the ride.”

As they walked into the store Steph realized that this particular supply store did more than your normal supplies. She looked around to find chemicals with warning labels clearly seen and most of these chemicals Steph had never heard of before. Hell all the chemicals she saw she has never heard of but nearly all of them had huge warning labels on them. Some of the bottles were in different languages.

“Supplies huh? What kind of supplies do you need in here except to create something deadly?” Steph looked at Amanda.

“Just something. Trust me you’ll love it once I’m done.”

Steph had no clue what she was talking about but she did need to find out. As soon as that thought had entered her mind that she needed to do some investigating, a man came up to them.

“Ah, Ms. Parker, so glad to see you. I got your order form and all of it is ready for you.”

Amanda smiled at him warmly, “Thank you, Mr. Morris, I appreciate you getting everything together so quickly. I’m also happy all of it was in stock.”

Mr. Morris laughed and shook his head to what Steph could tell was warm, or could it, “And how would you like to take care of this?”

Steph looked at Amanda as she thought about it, “Is it alright if you put this on my tab and I’ll come back later some time before I leave for college and take care of it then?”

Mr. Morris shook his head again, “Sure thing. I’ll just put a statement in your box so you can take care of it when you choose.”

Amanda smiled again, “Thanks I appreciate that.”

Mr. Morris nodded and ran off to the back only to return in a matter of couple of minutes with a huge box in between his arms. “Here is everything.”

Amanda smiled, “Here I’ll take it. I appreciate it.”

Mr. Morris shook his head but only they could see his eyes, “No just point me to your vehicle and I’ll put it in there for you.”

Amanda shrugged, “Well I’m not going to argue with a stubborn man who is still a gentleman. It’s the black Jeep parked out front.”

Within a moment Mr. Morris was gone outside with Amanda and Steph behind his heels. He lifted the big box into the Jeep and gently put it in the back. As he did so Steph could actually see the Jeep lower at least half an inch so that tells her that the box weighed a lot to do that.

“Thank you again sweetheart I appreciate you doing that little old petite me.” Amanda trying her best to have an Okie twang behind it but didn’t quite pull it off. It almost made Steph chuckle to herself but had to resist the urge.

Mr. Morris just nodded with a smile towards them, “Any time for a customer. Especially one such as yourself, with such a big order like this one. Next time if you give me more notice I can just deliver it to your house for you.”

Amanda laughed a little bit, “Then how would I go out see such wonderful people and take in the great view?”

Mr. Morris just shrugged with a smile, “I guess you have a point. Well take care.” Amanda waved bye to Mr. Morris as he returned into the store.

After the supply store the next stop they made was at a clothing store. It wasn’t any major chain store just some mom and pop store from the looks of it to Steph. She looked up at the sign to read ‘Conner’s Clothing’. Not thinking too much about the name. All she knew she’s never heard of it seeing how it wouldn’t be any type of clothing store she wouldn’t normally go into. As she walked in with Amanda she had to change her mind about going into places like this. This place looked small on the outside but it was narrow making everything look so much larger. She saw most of the top lines in clothes and some she knew were from Europe.

As Amanda was searching around looking for particular clothes she motioned to Steph, “I’m going to be a bit. If you want to go ahead and look around I’m sure you want to get some new threads.”

Steph hearing that immediately disappeared into the clothes as if she were a professional diver dived into the task of finding new clothes mainly underwear and bras. She immediately found some bras and underwear that she liked but needed to try them on first to make sure they will fit. Normally she new her size now matter the maker of the bra. But now she had no idea. Eventually she found a dressing room with items in her hands (16 pairs of thongs ranging sizes, 20 sets of bras ranging sizes, 12 pairs of jeans ranging two sizes, and three really cute shirts. As she entered the dressing room she noticed that the dressing rooms were completely clear glass. She thought to herself how the hell was she supposed to change if the glass was completely clear. As soon as she looked the door the glass completely fogged up sealing her from the world’s eye. Now that was cool she had to admit. With that dilemma out of her head of trying out all the clothes she had in her hands and hide at the same time.

She decided that she would try on the bras first seeing how her current one was uncomfortable. As she got all the way down to nothing but her bra and panties she undid her bra and felt like she could finally breathe freely without feeling like she was taking short breaths. The first bra she tried nearly fit her cup size actually the cup was too big. Well that’s four out of the pile that won’t fit. The next one fit her cup size perfectly and felt like it could handle if expansion were to happen. Those four are going into the maybe pile. The next set of bras she tried on fit perfectly but didn’t feel like it could handle if she were to expand again. Those four went into the maybe pile. The next two sets were either too small around the chest or too large around the chest so they are out. Now that the bras were out of the way she decided to change back into her original bra until her maybes were turned into for sures and paid for, then she would change into one of them the current one hurts but it is serving a purpose.

Her bra back on next were the panties she decided to put them on over her current pair hoping to protect them from the moistness. The first set fit perfectly, those are going into the maybe pile. The next set where too loose and nearly fell to the ground, those are a no. The last set was too tight. Mmmm she thought about how her current pair were loose but decided against it just in case it was a fluke and she gained the invisible weight back making her current undies snug again. So that set went into the no pile.

As Steph started to decide what to try on next she heard the dressing room next to her close and some heavy breathing. She didn’t think much of it. She decided to try on the pants next. The first pair fit really well it hugged in the right places and was loose in the right places, that went into the maybe pile. The next four pairs were the same plus really cute, they of course went into the maybe pile. The rest either fit really well but weren’t cute and the rest were either too tight or too loose. Naturally those went into the no pile.

“We can’t!!! You’re working….” Came from the next stall over in a low hush whisper. It almost sounded like Amanda but she couldn’t tell with her whispering.

“Oh baby I wanted to do this to you for a long time.” Came from the man in the same low hushed whisper.

Now Steph was intrigued by what was going on next door instead of trying to find out what fits and what doesn’t, she had done most of the work anyways. If the shirts fit great if they’re too large that’s great too. Luckily the shirts she chose are close enough to her normal size. She was too interested in what was going on next door. Then a smell entered the room that Steph knew all too well. It was the smell of condom and sex.

Fuck why was Amanda getting some at this moment and not her. God she was horny. She started to reach down to her panties. The closer she got down to there the wetter she could feel herself getting not the mention the new sensation of her clit beginning to vibrate in harmony the closer her hand got down there. She wanted sex, she needed sex, she yearned for it, and it was pulsating inside her.

Knock *Knock*

Steph jumped at the person knocking on her door.

“Hey Steph everything fitting ok?”

Shit it was Amanda. Damn her. Damn her to hell.

“Um, yeah. I think I got the things I want to get.” Steph looked down at herself she was nearly dressed from the looks of it all except her shirt.

“Ok well just checking on you.” Amanda voice trailed off like she was walking away.

Steph looked around to see if her shirt is hidden somewhere. She looked around on the hangers. No shirt. She looked in the maybe pile that turned into the yes pile. Nope not there. Finally she looked in the no pile. Yep there it was she found her Tennessee cameo tank under all the no’s and she quickly slipped on the shirt and buttoned on the straps to her overalls.

After she got all dressed up she quickly rounded up her yes’s and unlocked the dressing room making the glass clear again releasing her into the world again. As she exited the dressing room a strong scent of fresh laid sex came from the dressing room next to her but the door was still locked hiding Mr. Fucker and Ms. Fuckie from the world. Fuck that fresh scent nearly made her want to take a bat to the door of the dressing room and make Mr. Fucker go round 2 on her.

“I take it you have made your choices on the clothes?”

That snapped her back to reality as she looked around and found Amanda gawking at her signaling to her she’s ready to leave if she were as well, aka basically telling her to hurry her small ass up. She knew that look too well she’s seen it one too many from her brothers growing up. She quickly wiped her chin just to make sure she wasn’t drooling it was already too late to wipe the inside of her thighs because the felt like a river was running down both sides her pussy being the main source.

As she started towards Amanda so she could check out she could feel her clit vibrating so much that she felt like she was going to double over in pleasure but she had to keep her cool. At least she was able to keep some composure the question was how long will they last. Steph reached the counter and watched as the girl ring up her items. After about five minutes the girl rang up the last of her items and saw the final damage…$1298.32!?!

What the fuck?

Guess she didn’t look at the actual price tags of a couple pairs of those pants or shirts. Before Steph can pull out her wallet out of her back pocket, “Go ahead and put her items on my tab as well.” Amanda told the girl behind the counter and the girl just wrote down a number on the receipt and put the receipt in the cash drawer.

Steph gave Amanda her pirate look, “What! We’re in a little bit of a rush if we’re going to make it for lunch and meet up with Jack.”

That changed Steph’s mind and she smiled and nodded while thinking at least she could take him in the back and at least get her inner thighs a good work out fuck food at this moment. They quickly threw they’re bags in the Jeep and started to head off to their next destination.

After what seemed like an eternity to get to the restaurant probably was only like a couple of minutes. In Steph’s mind a couple of minutes was too long. They arrived at the restaurant and from the outside it looked like some mom and pop restaurant. Actually come to think of it most of these places looked like places that weren’t overly extravagant or anything like that from the outside. But the inside was a different story. And this restaurant was no different. This place had an awesome decorum. But at this point Steph didn’t care her pussy was in overdrive and juicin’ to the max like there was a constant snail trail where she walked. She didn’t even understand why she was wearing panties at this point they were probably at their max wetness capacity. Oh well. She got in the restaurant and was immediately looking around for Jack so she could sneak him into the bathroom or into the walk in freezer whichever didn’t matter at this point. Finally she saw him walking towards them after talking to one of the other workers. He looked especially yummy at this point wearing a three piece suit. A very tight suit at that she might add. Hell at this point he could be wearing a clown suit and he would still look yummy to her. Of course underneath all the clothes she knows there is a wonderful cock that could cure her pulsating pussy that was in overdrive and juicin’ something fierce. Or at least that was something she was hoping because this feeling to just fuck and fuck was getting annoying but at the same time enjoyable. The feeling of a cock especially the one that is attached to a man was completely indescribable. Jack finally reached them. Jack bent down to kiss Amanda on the check and hugged her. Ok that got Steph jealous a little bit, actually a lot.

Then he did the same thing to her and whispered in her ear after kissing her on the cheek, “Sorry I haven’t been over the last couple of days have been swamped with work. I promise I’ll make it up to you later.”

He backed away from her, “I’m so glad to see my two favorite ladies gracing their presence in my humble restaurant.”

As if he were making a speech to everyone around him. Steph thought he was acting weird but still cute. Jack led them to their table, bowed and said, “I hope you ladies will excuse me. I have work to attend to. I hope you enjoy the lunch.” He turned around and disappeared into the back. Ok that really pissed off Steph. She wanted nookie and now damn it. What the fuck is going on. She just looked at Amanda hoping she would explain. Amanda sensing what was going on with her.

“You’ll have to excuse him. He does tend to get extremely busy when summer officially starts.”

Steph just cocked her head signaling to Amanda to go on because she was not amused with the small info she always gave her. “Well your male meat over there owns more than half of the stores that we stopped at today along with a good portion of the land within 100miles starting at the lake and going north. Which is way most of the people live on the south side of the lake. Also Jack has a nice skiing resort 80 miles north of the lake. And seeing how summer officially started today for everyone he usually gets busy about this time.”

After she was finished telling Steph of this. It made more sense to her why she hadn’t seen him over yesterday or today to do the dirty leg workout. Still it would be nice to go into his back office and feeling his wonderful wood inside her. Fuck she was completely horny. So far she has completely soaked two pairs of panties and the day isn’t even over yet. If she’s not careful she just might go through her complete bundle of panties before the day is out including her new bundle of panties that Amanda bought for her just a little while ago.

Steph hopes that once she does get some sex that lower region flood will lessen. Oh well she’ll just let her juices to continue to build to show Jack a lesson, even though she’s not too sure that is a good lesson. More than likely that lesson will probably back fire on her. Fuck normally she can reason with herself and uphold herself to higher standards but since coming to this nice get away with Amanda she has been more hornier than she has ever been in her life. She couldn’t believe it but with all the stress at Yale it doesn’t exactly surprise her. Her thinking got interrupted when a plate of food was laid out in front of her and then some red wine was poured for her. She looked down at some kind of delicacy this place made like it was made special only for her.

She looked over to see what Amanda’s plate looked like. It looked nearly the same but completely different delicacy. Then she could tell the person who poured her the wine was using a completely different red wine for her than what that same person poured for her. Amanda noticed that Steph realized that two different wines were poured for the food that was brought to them.

She sighed for a moment and shook her head, “They’re pour me a different wine because with each special it comes with a different type of wine. Jack is a little perfectionist when it comes to this. That way the food and the wine just blend together perfectly. I don’t understand it myself but I can’t argue with the results.”

Steph being satisfied with that answer she kind of chuckled but the smell of the food overpowered her making her realizing she was starving. Bad thing about being constantly horny you completely forget your starving, probably another reason why her panties felt a little loose because she hasn’t had much to eat since summer started for her unless you consider man’s love yogurt a good source of nutrition. Some people would argue that it is good for you and other people would say it isn’t good for you, all she knew is that on some guys their inner yogurt tasted delicious and some other guys it tasted completely awful.

Most of the guys she has been with their yogurt was wholesome of course there has been a couple she has been with she had to go to the bathroom to spit it out. And in Jack’s case it tasted like Banana Crème Pie her most favorite of all pies. Aside from the chocolate family that is. You give her chocolate anything she is sold. She even stole a box of chocolate bars from her brother that was in training for wrestling and football. Turned out the chocolate bars that her brother had been designed to make you gain weight. She ended gaining close to 28lbs. Yeah that summer sucked so bad she spent most of it in the gym working out with her brother and swimming trying to lose all the weight those stupid bars put on her. Of course her brother was laughing when he realized what was going on. After that she learned to read the labels of all chocolate and only eat it on special occasions.

Back to the food she nearly devoured all of it in a few seconds including the salad and pounded the red wine like it was a Jell-O shot. Amanda just stared at her, “What! It smelled good and I’m fucking starving. You going to touch your salad by the way?” Amanda just shook her head and Steph grabbed it and devoured it within a matter of moments.

She realized that the waiter was pouring her some more wine, “You might as well leave the bottle. And can you give my compliments to the chef for the delish food?”

The waiter placed the bottle before her and bowed to her and disappeared in the back. Steph thought to herself now this place had service. And the food OMG. Almost as good as getting eaten out. Well almost. The food did make her tingle all over but she just figured that was from finally getting some actual food instead of man yogurt special. Or the tingling could be coming from the wine. She pounded the new glass of wine and decided to keep on going, she grabbed the bottle and see if she could make the contents disappear. She got about half of the bottle down her gullet before she was interrupted. “I think you should slow down on the wine, ma’am.”

“And I think you should go take your bow tie and shove it up your ass.” Wow that came out of no where. She checked herself…yep drunk.

She looked at the wine’s content. Holy shit no wonder she was already wasted this bottle is 150 yrs old. Crap she really got it in now. Guess being this horny where there was literally a puddle beneath her and mixing alcohol is probably not the best of all ideas.

“Ma’am I would hate to ask you to leave.” The gentleman said but a stranger behind him but his hand on his shoulder, “It’s ok Mark. I’ve got this one. She seems like a handful.”

The gentleman named Mark looked at her and then said, “Yes sir. You’re the boss. You might be right about that though if you want my advise.”

Before Steph could look up at the stranger with the familiar voice she saw Amanda smile an actual smile up at the stranger. Steph turned her head up to him to see…Chris.

She could see why Amanda was smiling and she found herself smiling back to her, “I see you can still hold your liquor from what Jack has told me.”

Steph could see Chris turn his attention to Amanda looking deeply in her eyes, fuck another guy looking deeply into Amanda’s eyes…great just fucking great she thought to herself. “You go ahead and finish eating. I’m going to take our little wino here outside for some fresh air and hopefully won’t embarrass you anymore than she already has.”

Amanda just laughed and shook her head, “Yeah sure I appreciate it. I’ll meet you guys outside. Thank you.”

Amanda was about to turn her attention to the food still sitting in front of her before Chris handed her an envelop, “Also Jack wanted me to give this to you.”

Amanda took the envelop smiling at him like it was a hidden code for saying thank you and waved him and her off so she can eat. Chris escorted Steph outside into the warm air but she could tell it was beginning to cool off.

“Sorry if I was acting like a fool but I was starving among other things.” Steph said as she sort of looked out at the lake and looking down at the same time.

“I’m not the one you should be apologizing to.” Jack said as he laughed. “But I sort of understand your blight I usually get nasty too if I go for a while without eating.”

Steph just smiled at him and thought to herself the mountain air was beginning to help her sober up…a little that is. That 150 yr old bottle of wine really did a number on her. And she hasn’t even really digested it yet. She’s just hoping the food in her stomach will help absorb it and help her get more sobered up and quickly she might add. Being a little tipsy is one thing but being trashed and flowing downstairs as well is very very dangerous for her when a guy is around her because she will want to fuck him no matter the consequences.

She just kept telling herself in her head, he’s Amanda’s, he’s Amanda’s, he’s Amanda’s. She just kept repeating that in her head while she looked out on the lake while keeping Chris at arm’s length. “So, boss, what are you doing here?”

Chris looked at her then back out on the lake, “Well working of course. Jack was kind enough to give me the manager’s position at this restaurant and the other restaurant two blocks over. So now with house sitting I’ll be busy managing two restaurants.”

Steph just nodded, “So how’d you land that sweet deal?”

Chris just shrugged, “Jack and I are old buddies from high school so whenever he can float me a job I usually take it. Last year he had me managing two restaurants along with the grocery store just a mile that way.”

Steph just looked over at Chris realizing now that he was something like her a hard working individual just trying to make it in the big bad world. Now her panties were WAY past their holding capacity. She looked down just to make sure there wasn’t puddle beneath her along with checking to make sure a wet mark hadn’t formed on her coverall shorts.

She was glad she was wearing what she was wearing because she knew for sure her nipples were standing out at least two feet out due to the fact of how horny she was. She was sure her nipples had broken through the material of her bra.

It felt like an eternity before Amanda came out of the restaurant, “Are you feeling any better now that you have had some fresh air?”

Steph spun around to see Amanda standing before them and she was glad that both of them were still arms length away from each other, “Yeah sorry about the scene I caused earlier. I don’t know came over me.”

Steph looked down like she was five years old being punished by her parents for being a little brat in a Chuckie Cheese.

Amanda just chuckled, “It’s alright. I wouldn’t be friends with you if I didn’t know about your downfalls.”

Steph just looked up and smiled back at Amanda thinking that she is at least a good friend enough to forgive her for acting like she did. Normally any friend would be embarrassed but she guessed because Amanda was always misunderstood she somewhat knew where Steph was coming from. “Well come on we have one last stop before we head back. Thanks again Chris for what you did back there. I appreciate it.”

Chris just smiled at her, “Anytime for you.” And he walked over to Amanda and kissed her on the cheek before entering back into the restaurant.

Amanda looked back at Steph and smiled warmly at her. They both got back into the Jeep and headed off to their last stop.

They finally reached their last destination at some store. Steph didn’t know what type of store it was but she’ll trust Amanda on whatever it may be.

She was about to get out before Amanda said, “Oh you can stay here. I’ll only be a minute.”

Steph got her leg back in the car as Amanda hopped out of the vehicle and ran inside the store. After what seemed like forever because Steph was ready to go home and use some toys on herself because who knew when she was going to be able to do her kegel workout again on Jack.

Amanda finally emerged from the story will a simple brown bag. After she threw the bag in the back she started up the engine and looked at Steph, “Are you ready to head back?”

Steph rolled her eyes at Amanda, “What do you think?”

Amanda looked at her and just laughed out loud. She put the car in drive and off they were back to the cabin.

They finally arrived at the cabin, usually Steph just loved take in the scenery while Amanda did all the driving but at this point her mind was too preoccupied with wanting to be left alone with she used some of her toys on herself hoping to cure the itch that is between her legs even though it won’t be the same. They got out of the Jeep.

“Hey Steph can you help me with this box? It looked a lot lighter when Mr. Morris was carrying it.”

Steph frustrated that she was going to put off her toy time, “Yeah sure.”

They both grab the box and lift it out of the Jeep. Holy hell this box is heavy. What is in here, bricks? It took a little bit of maneuvering but they were able to get the box filled with dangerous chemicals, at least that’s what all the bottles in the warehouse said. “Just put it in the kitchen.”

After a little more maneuvering they were able to get the box inside the kitchen and lift it onto the kitchen counter just like Amanda wanted it to be. Steph and Amanda both went back outside and grabbed the rest of their things. As soon as they got back inside, “Hey Steph.”

Steph looked at Amanda hopping that she wouldn’t ask something of her that would delay her rendezvous with her toys, “as soon as you put your new clothes away. Can you come back down here and help me prepare for something?”

Ok that got Steph’s curiosity even though she was cursing under her breath that she was right about delaying her time with her toys. “Yeah sure. What are you preparing?”

Amanda just shrugged, “Oh just a family secret for the ultimate bath soap.”

Ultimate bath soap huh? Steph thought to herself. “Yeah sure just let me put these away,” holding up the bag of clothes, “and I’ll be right down to help you.”

Steph ran upstairs, opened her door to her room, threw her bag of clothes on top of her bed, whispered to her toys that she’ll be back while patting her pussy, and closed her door to return back to the kitchen so she can help Amanda.

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