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The Summer I'll Never Forget 4.2 - An Amazing Bath

Steph learns something about Amanda and has THE most amazing bath ever
As she reached the bottom steps to go to the kitchen Amanda had already broken out the items that were in the brown bag and grinding the pills that were contained in the bag to a powder substance. She was kind of curious as to what the pills were but it is too late. She found the bottles that contained them but as she read the name of the pills she couldn’t make heads or tails of the name for the two separate pills.

“Ok tell me what I can do to help.” Steph asked Amanda.

Amanda stopped grinding the pills and grabbed a measuring cup and handed it to Steph along with a piece of paper with names to different chemicals most of which she couldn’t pronounce nor did she know their more common names. “Just measure out what the paper tells you to measure out and put the contents in the pot already brewing on the stove. Be sure to go in the order that the paper tells you to.”

Steph looked where the stove was and sure enough there was a tall pot probably three and half feet high sitting on the stove with the flame appearing to be on a simmer setting.

Steph looked at the paper, “When does the stuff you’re grinding go in so I know when to stop and wait for you before I can finish?”

Amanda looked at her while grinding the pills, “Oh these go in very last. After you get done putting in the last of what the paper does if I’m not done grinding these pills can you start stirring until I put in the last item. Make sure you stir nice and slow so the chemicals can bond and what not.”

Steph just nodded and began looking for the first ingredient on the list. After looking through the box she found the bottle she was looking for a huge clear bottle with red fluid matching the name on the ingredient paper. She read the warning label stating not to ingest looked like a normal warning. She looked on how much to fill the measuring cup to…6 cups. Hopefully the bottle will pour out six cups she looked in the box just to make sure there wasn’t another bottle of the same stuff now she knew what she was looking for. Yep found a bottle exactly the same. So she measured out the first ingredient and the bottle filled up to 3 cups. Knowing that she poured what was in the measuring cup along with the other bottle into the pot. She washed out the cup.

Next ingredient she went looking for and found it pretty quickly and read the warning label. Warning: do not ingest, touch bare skin. May be hallucinogenic if swallowed. Ok good to know do not drink unless she wanted to trip out like she was on acid. She looked on how much to measure…2 cups. The bottle filled up to 2 cups and had a little left over. If she had to guess possibly another cup maybe a cup and a half. She poured it into the pot and washed out the cup.

Next ingredient she pulled out she could almost make out the name but why bother at this point. She didn’t even look at the warning label what was the point. She looked at how much to put in…9 cups. Ok she poured the ingredient in the measuring cup and filled it exactly to 3 cups. She looked in the box and found the other two bottles and put them into the pot.

Five ingredients later she was finished with the list that Amanda had given her. She looked in the box and she barely made a dent in it. So she started stirring the ingredients in the pot nice slowly with the long metal spoon with a rubber handle that was already sitting in the pot.

After a few minutes of stirring the ingredients started to bond together going from a thin dark green substance that was easy to stir to a pretty thick light green substance. She thought that was kind of cool but keep stirring and it amazed her how when she first started stirring the ingredients it smelled completely foul that she might actually throw up into the pot but after it started to bond and become thick it started to actually smell wonderful she just couldn’t place the smell.

It smelled like a mix of vanilla and peaches together with a hint of something else but she just couldn’t place the over all smell let alone the hidden smell she was completely unsure of. After it bonded and felt like it was done becoming a solid or at least a very thick substance. It was becoming difficult to stir.

As soon as her arms felt like she could stir any more, Amanda waltzed over to see how it was coming and seeing that it looked perfect to her she dumped the newly smashed powder into the pot and took over the stirring for Steph. Steph thanked her with a head nod while she tried massaging her own arms from stirring something so thick before.

After a little while of watching Amanda stir the strange brew she couldn’t help but notice Amanda’s ass swaying trying to stir the brew. She felt herself begin to drool just wanting to bite down on that ass and punish it. Steph shook herself and thought what the hell is going on here she knows she not a lesbian nor bi-sexual even though it was fun.

Jeez she must be horny as all hell to even consider wanting to tackle Amanda and have her eat her out, bad thing about spending so much time with three brothers. After a few moments Amanda turned off the flame to the oven and keep stirring. About thirty minutes later after the final liquid cooled down Amanda poured a small bottle of it and handed it to Steph. “Here try it out. I’m sure you’ll like it. Pour about a quarter of it and sit in the bath. Trust me.”

Steph took the bottle and looked at it while Amanda told her to ‘trust’ her on this stuff. She wasn’t too sure about that one.

“Listen I make enough of this stuff three to four times a year. And it makes my skin nice and smooth.”

Steph kept looking at the bottle still unsure about it after reading all the warning labels that were on all those bottles just to make this stuff.

“Did you like how smooth and soft my skin felt the other night?” Steph just nodded her head.

“Well this stuff makes it nice and smooth all over including those callous’ on your feet and hands.”

“Alright fine I will try your miracle formula. But if I have some type of allergic reaction I’ll be back to teach you a lesson.” Steph said as she walked away to her room so she can take a bath.

“I doubt you will have an allergic reaction but I look forward to ‘teaching me a lesson’.” Amanda called up to her as she walked up the stairs.

Steph made it to her room closed the door and locked it. No one was going to bother her now. She immediately threw the small bottle of bath soap that Amanda kindly gave her on the bed. She then undid the straps to her overall shorts and just simply let them drop to the ground and when they landed they made a nice thud sound.

Next she ripped off her Tennessee cameo tank top. As she looked down and felt her panties, yep they were soaked through with her juices. Fuck she needed a shower first before she was gonna play with herself hell she just might play with herself in the bath and after as well. Steph picked up the small bottle of the bed and thought what the hell she’ll give it try.

Steph walked in the bathroom and turned on the water to the bathtub. She felt the water until it got to the perfect hotness for her and turned on the plug so the tub can begin to fill. As soon as it began to get a little full she opened the bottle and began pouring it into the tub right where the water was flowing until it bottle felt like it drained about a quarter of the way just like Amanda said to. Satisfied that she got to the right amount out of the bottle she took a quick smell one last time before closing the bottle and putting it on the bathroom counter.

Something about that smell she just couldn’t place it but it was intoxicating for some odd reason. She was always a sucker for a good smell but this smell was overwhelming. She thought she still needed to take a bath to relax maybe she could hold off on masturbating until she sees Jack again. She put the bottle on the bathroom counter.

Steph took of her bra thanking it didn’t snap and shoot off somewhere. She unpeeled her panties off freeing her pussy into the world and it felt good to finally have her breath down stairs even though it felt like a her pussy was screaming at her to get some attention downstairs. She threw her panties into the corner where the dirty hamper is and she watched as she heard her panties make a weird splat sound as it hit the wall and stuck there for a few moments as if it were defying gravity before it finally fell down into the hamper.

Crap if this keeps up she was gonna have to do some laundry before the maid would show up to do the laundry for her. She might need to anyways because she didn’t want the maid to smell her dirty laundry as it reeked of her high level of pussy juices being dried up. She knows that sounded disgusting but it was still the truth. She just thanked the lord that the maid is female and not male or she would be embarrassed or just trying to hide her clothes so she doesn’t have to broadcast to another male what type of female she was. Oh well. Now that she was completely nude she head back into the bathroom to take her nice long hot bath/masturbation time/alone time.

Steph lowered herself into the bathtub and felt how good it did feel to relax. The water felt so hot and did it feel good. GOD did it feel good. She smelt the water that had the mysterious bath soap inside it and it smelt completely intoxicating. She laid her head back and let the mysterious water do its work to relax her tension. After a few moments she felt every inch of her skin begin to tingle as if she were in the beginning process of having an orgasm. The thing was she wasn’t even touching herself…well not yet anyways. That is a completely weird feeling. The longer she sat in the tub the more sensations she began to feel.

At first the water felt amazingly hot and then it felt like ice were running around her nipples, around her belly button, and on her now vibrating clit and clit hood. What the fuck!!! What the hell is going on here? She was completely freaked out but at this exact moment her nostalgia and excitement was raising and raising. She may have been freaked out but she was definitely enjoying what it was doing to her body. She felt like her nipples were so hard just someone had lightly twisted them for like thirty minutes. Her clit felt like it was out about three inches and a vibrator had been glued there. She couldn’t stand it any longer she reached over and the moment she touched her clit her body went into convulsions wave after wave after wave of orgasm.

Her pussy had felt like a valve had opened up and closed again in time with each wave. Every muscle in body tensed up with each wave and relaxed again at the bottom of the hill then tensed back up when she reached the top of the hill. Every muscle was burning after everything passed. Her calves hurt like hell but she didn’t cramp up. Her toes were on fire but they didn’t cramp up.

What the fuck? How could that happen just by a single touch. Ok there is something special about this bath soap. Very special if its to make her have something that felt like a rollercoaster of an orgasm as if she were on some ride at six flags just from a single touch. She touched herself again just to test that theory as soon as she touched herself a small wave went over her but it was minor. So maybe it was a fluke. Or was it?

She decided to wait a few minutes to see if the same tingling would happen again. After what felt like ten minutes, the tingling began again. Every inch of her body was beginning to feel like needles were poking her like a bad tattoo job but it was a good pain. If you can consider the sensation an actual pain. Her nipples began to harden again as if someone were softly pinching them and rotating them in a clockwise motion. Her clit began to vibrate again like a vibrator was there on it. The time was to come to truly test the theory.

She moved her hand slowly to her pussy feeling every contour to her body and with each inch that she got closer to her womanhood the more her pussy yearned for the touch. The more her clit vibrated. The more her nipples got hard. Finally she reached her clit and the moment she touched it. It happened again. Her pussy opened and closed. Her body went on a rollercoaster of ecstasy. Wave after wave hit her harder and harder. With each wave her pussy opened releasing more of her juices into the water and slammed shut at the bottom of coaster. After it was done her body slumped down like she was rode hard put away soaking wet. Finally after regaining her composure she decided that her body had had enough of being in the water. At least her pussy felt somewhat satisfied. The question was for how long. Steph got out of the bathtub and opened the valve to drain all the water and possibly her juices down the tubes. She wasn’t too sure about the juices but with what just happened she wouldn’t be surprised.

Steph walked out of the bathroom into her room in the buff. She quickly put on some basketball shorts that she liked to wear from time to time without wearing and underwear. Then she found her tank that she had on earlier. Fuck the whole under garments at this moment. At least her horniness had been satisfied…a little bit. Thank god for that. She walked out of her room and headed downstairs hoping to find Amanda downstairs.

As she walked down the stairs she nearly had to steady herself. Fuck it felt like she had been fucked for four hours straight but without the guy. That’s the thing she missed at this moment feeling the guy release his delicious male yogart that’s what always made her cum the hardest is feeling that yogart enter from inside or in her mouth whichever it felt the same to her. All she knew at this moment was she REALLY needed to find out what was that special bath soap, because it was bloody fantastic.

If this stuff were on the market it would always be sold out and the use for men would be pointless. She could make a killing on the market but she wasn’t sure if it was entirely safe. She finally made it downstairs even though it took some major energy just to walk let alone walking downstairs. It was like her own personal workout. She found Amanda on the couch talking on her cell phone to someone.

“Yeah I’m alone. My company went up to take a bath a while ago.” Amanda said.

After a few moments, “Relax. She’s a really good friend. You’ll like her.”

After a few more seconds, “No I doubt she would like to have dinner with you.”

After a few more seconds, “Because I’m not her you bloody idiot. I don’t know if she would like to have dinner with you let along even talk to you.”

Steph had a good idea what they do after what she just experienced. She wasn’t too sure if she needed to clear her throat or not to let Amanda aware of her presence. Finally she made the decision.

“OH MY GOD! THAT BATH FELT FUCKING FANTASTIC!” Steph said announcing to Amanda that she was there.

Amanda looked over at her while still on her cell phone. Amanda smiled at her with a shit eating smile signaling to her she knew exactly what she meant, she moved her hand over to move around the couch and sit with her. After Steph sat down, Amanda put her hand over the phone moving her lips saying that she’ll be a few moments.

“Uh huh. Listen I’m not gonna sit here and talk about her like I’m a nobody. Why don’t you tell me why you really called.”

A few moments later, “Yeah uh huh. We can talk about this later.”

Amanda nodded her head as if the person on the other side of the phone were actually there, “Fine. Talk to you later.”

She hung up the phone and tossed it over her shoulder on to the lazy boy behind her. Not bad aim for not looking Steph had to admit to herself.

“Sorry about that, just someone calling with an usual unclear motive.” Amanda just looked at her with a huge smile, “I take it you enjoyed the bath?”

Steph looked at her with a huge smile on her and what felt like an afterglow like having sex for six hours. “Oh yeah. That was awesome. What does that bath soap supposed to do? Because it is FUCKING FANTASTIC.”

Amanda laughed at her comments. “Yeah that soap works wonders at times. Other times it doesn’t do much than just relax you. So what exactly happened to you in your bath, I’m curious.”

Steph felt her face go flush with the question, but when has she been exactly shy about details. But something about this just seemed weird so she decided to leave out some details. Not all of the details just enough until she can really confirm what just happened upstairs wasn’t an hallucinogen but if actually happened. Steph went onto what all happened in the bathtub well most it. Some of it she lied about like instead of it being just a simple touch to bring her to ecstasy it was a few simple rubs.

Amanda just laughed at hearing the news, “Well that sounds about right.”

Steph cocked her head, “How so?”

Amanda looked off into the distance as if she were looking through Steph. “It’s hard to describe.”

God Steph was really getting tired of her being cryptic nearly all the damn time. Steph looked down and put her head in her hands, “You know I really hate when you do that. Just try please. I’m freaking out what happened even though it was completely amazing.”

Amanda just smirked. “Well the first time I used it. It made my body act weird. It felt like in one moment my nipples and clit were being pierced and the next moment I was laying in a heap due to euphoria of orgasms. Now it is just a nice enhancer to masturbating in the bath. The first time my sister used it after she became sexually active it was like an aphrodisiac to her,” Amanda chucked to herself as if she were recalling a memory, “my sister says it is awesome to fuck in with the bath soap.”

Steph made a mental note to try that. Just what she needed to do is have more sex than she normally did. “My brother won’t exactly say what it does to him. Me and my sister have a good idea on what it does to him. Me and her laugh all the time when we ask about it.”

Amanda started laughing out loud, “He always tells us to shut up while us two girls are rolling on the floor. It is even funnier when he calls me to make him a batch to last him a while. Yet I still make it for that lug head.” Steph just laughed with Amanda.

“What exactly is in that ‘soap’?”

Once again. Amanda looked off into the distance outside the window as if something caught her attention. “Actually the recipe is a family secret. What I can tell you is that even though you saw all those bottle with warning labels. If you mix them just right they neutralize each other. So all you have left over is an amazing soap that rejuvenates your body plus a few other things. That is what I can tell you.”

Steph just shook her head. “Ok if that is what can you tell that is fine. But who created this ‘soap’?”

Amanda just chuckled, “Somehow I knew that was coming around. Well when I told you my grandparents created all these ‘various’ items. My grandmother was one hell of a chemist. She was the one that created the soap. When I was growing up she all taught us how to create the soap. I was the only one that was able to recreate it perfectly every single time. After she passed, I’ve played around with the mixtures and found a better combination that made it ten times better. Of those mixtures that I played with were in my grandmother’s diary. So I didn’t go too much out my range.” Well at least some things were explained finally.

“Oh before I forget miss noisy,” Amanda chuckled out loud, “we have been invited to another stunning Rockler party.”

Well that was good news to Steph she might be able to meet this Matt Rockler. Added benefit it seemed like Amanda wasn’t mad at her or irritated at her for wanting to know things about her friend.

“Think you could invite me to Matt Rockler this time around?”

Amanda looked at her for a moment, “Maybe but that is really up to him.”

Steph laughed to herself while thinking at the same time. Damn there goes her idea but if it does happen how would she play it.

“Ok fine by me. Is there a theme this time around or just dress like we are going to a fancy club?”

Amanda looked at her then grabbed the envelop that was handed to her at the restaurant during lunch of the coffee table and handed it to Steph. “Read for yourself.”

Steph looked at her for a moment before looking at the invitation that was put back in the envelop. She opened the envelop and pulled out the invitation.

It read ‘The Rockler’s invite you to the official summer start up party. This year’s party like previously will be a cowgirl/bandit costume party. Please make sure you where a mask to hide your anonymity. There will also be a charity auction for the Cancer Society Foundation at this years annual festivities. We are hoping that you will attend. The party will start at 10pm.’ Then the invitation said Amanda’s name and said one guest to accompany her.

Steph wondered what will be auctioned off for the benefit. Oh well she will find out at 10pm what that might be. She had some ideas but that’s just because her mind at the moment isn’t firing on all cylinders due to the amazing bath and the fact her mind was on fuck anything in sight mode. Steph looked at the invitation and ran down a list of clothes she has with her and if she can pull off a cowgirl outfit.

She ran down the list the only thing she did not have with her unfortunately were her cute cowboy boots that her dad got for her a while back other than that she had everything she needed to pull off a cute cowgirl outfit, at least she thought it might look cute what everyone else thought was completely different.

“So do you think you have everything you need to pull off your outfit now that you know the costume?” Amanda asked Steph.

“Almost everything except the cowboy boots and hat. I think I need to acquire some cowboy boots and hat somehow.”

Amanda laughed, “You didn’t bring those cute little cowboy boots?”

Steph just sighed, “Na I didn’t think I would need them for the summer.”

Amanda just continued to laugh as if she were making fun of Steph, “That’s not a problem I think I have a set of boots that might work for you along with a nice hat. What size are you?”

Steph kind of pouted at Amanda at the remark but at the same time smirked, “7 ½.”

“Well the boots I have are 8’s so they should fit just nicely.” Steph just nodded her head and thanked Amanda for being so kind. Steph was just lucky that Amanda was at least prepared for anything that might come up.

If these costume parties kept going on she was going to be spending a lot of money and time trying to meet the requirements for the parties if she wanted to keep going. Fuck they might as well make it a bottomless party with how horny she has been lately but that was just an inner thought.

Steph ran to her room after she acquired the boots and hat from Amanda and began getting ready for the party that was supposed to happen in like three hours. That might be just enough time to get ready because she wasn’t too sure how she was going to pull this off. First she stripped off what she currently had on.

Next she found a nice thong that she hadn’t soaked yet, probably won’t be long before they were soaked to the bone at the current rate things were going lately. Next she put on her torn denim Daisy Duke shorts that she had that showed off her legs nicely. After putting on the shorts she pulled up her thong just enough so her strings were showing to the world. She then checked herself out in the mirror to see how it looked so far. She liked what she saw so far.

Next she put on the boots to make sure that they matched with what she was currently wearing at this moment. After checking in the mirror it looked alright to her. She made a note to herself if she couldn’t find anything to put on her top torso she might have to switch out her shorts for a pair of jeans skirt or possibly tight jeans, she wasn’t too sure at this point the deciding point would be what she chose for a top. First she decided to try on a bra.

She quickly grabbed her tube bra that showed off her cleavage begging the world to motor boat her. When she put it on two things happened, first it felt like it was too tight like she couldn’t breath, and second it couldn’t hold her breasts anymore.

Did it shrink or did her boobs grow?

No matter she snapped it off. Well there went that idea. Next she grabbed one of her normal bras. Like the tube bra it was too tight like her breasts had become too big making the chest area so tight that she might crack her ribs if she breathed too deeply. That bra was thrown to the side. Then something came across her that she hadn’t tried.

Seeing how the party is a cowgirl/bandits party she pulled out her bandana to see if she can use it to make a makeshift bra. Who knows it might turn really cute or really slut, hopefully whichever she does decide it’s not in a bad way. She pulls out one of her long red bandana’s that she has been using to tie up Jack’s legs lately. Since the bandana was so long she might be able to fit it around her chest hopefully she thought to herself though with recent discoveries about her breasts feeling larger than they were when the summer started that might be difficult. Steph wrapped the extra large bandana around her chest and surprise surprise it actually fit.

With a little bit of a twist here and a turn there not to mention some hang here it looked like a shirt. A really nice shirt that screamed rip me off and fuck me to the point where I will actually have to walk like a cowgirl for a week. Not a look she would normally go for…yeah right. Once again she looked into the mirror to take a look at herself. Now this was a sight to see. Her in the bandana make shift shirt with her nipples poking out yelling to the world she was horny.

The shorts made her ass look REALLY good screaming to the world that her ass looked better than any famous actress. The thong showing just added a cherry on top like the thong hid the secret cherry that someone would have to find in order to get a ticket to bliss. All together it also showed her mighty toned tummy and showed off her navel piercing nicely. The boots really made the outfit pop quite nicely she thought to herself. Now for the finishing touch…the cowboy hat. She put on the cowboy hat that looked like it came directly off some hot country singer like Brad Paisley or Garth Brooks, in his younger years she might add, or a very young Travis Twitt.

Whichever the case may be but the cowboy hat did add a sway about her that just made the costume just totally raw to her. She looked at herself and felt like she was looking back at a stranger and a close companion at the same time. It was completely weird to look at herself now that she has seen her hidden changes now that clothes were on her to show the definition.

Kind of weird if one were to think about it, seeing more definition on one self with clothes on than one would if they were naked. She saw that her imagination of having bigger breasts wasn’t exactly true to looked the same just more firm now like implants were actually there even though they are real. Last time she checked unless she somehow she was put under the knife while a sleep. Her ass felt so firm that someone could bounce a quarter off of it into a shot glass three miles away. Her abs looked like a body builder on steroids.

Wow something about hardly eating and fucking at a constant rate the definition made some sense to her. But something about the whole ensemble looked like it was missing something.

First she tried on a white hills gold necklace that her brother, Nate, got her. Nope not what it needed. She went through all of her jewelry and none of it looked good with the costume. Then Steph thought it was her hair being straight down maybe she needed to put it to pig tails.

Ah now she was getting somewhere but two pigtails looked too Okie to her so she put into a single braid. Now that looked better to her. After her was done and her costume was put on she put some make up. She decided to put on make up very lightly. After she put on all everything she was going to put on in order to make the costume sizzle. She decided to go out of her room and meet up with Amanda now that she only had an hour before they were supposed to be at the party for Matt Rockler.

She was there downstairs completely alone. She argued with herself whether to go upstairs and see if Amanda needed help or figure out a plan if she was going to see Matt Rockler. She decided to do both and hopefully if she were to get in the same room as Matt how was she going to find out if what Amanda said is true and if there is another side to the story without Amanda being there.

Maybe it will be a mystery to her for the rest of her smile. Oh well she thought to herself. Steph headed up the flights of stairs until she finally reached the door where Amanda hid on the other side. She knocked on the door hoping Amanda would be at least dressed. She knew she wasn’t a lesbian but with the way things were going lately she wasn’t sure if she could control herself after what happened the other night where she played the dominatrix on Amanda making her squirt all of Steph. That imagine played in her mind and Steph could instantly feel her thong get a little moist.

Her urges and sex motor went from a mild six cylinder engine to a supped up V8 engine, one advantage of living with brothers who were into cars she picked up a few things here and there knowing more than the average female. Oh great if this were to continue she was might be pulling a train at the party if she didn’t watch herself. Steph wrapped on the door to hear Amanda tell her to enter. Steph opened the door hesitantly and peaked into the room before her whole body was free to do what it felt like doing and saw that Amanda was nearly fully dressed.

She thought to herself that was a good sign that Amanda was nearly done getting ready because she didn’t know what her body would ache to do. First thing Steph noticed that Amanda was wearing were her boots. Her boots looked exquisite but a little too much over the top when it comes to a costume where you were supposed to look like a genuine cowgirl from the good olde days but still look cute.

Maybe if the boots were more worn in then it would look more natural and way more cute. Amanda was wearing a really nice pair of jeans that were tight forming to her legs and butt. The jeans had cuts down the legs as if the jeans were dragged behind a speeding truck down a dirt road without anyone in them. She was wearing a nice flannel shirt that she was tying into a knot in the front so she could show off her bare stomach and buttoning a couple of the remaining buttons to where she was only showing off just enough of her bare cleavage. Steph could actually tell that Amanda wasn’t wearing a bra in order to pull off that show but she imagined that Amanda was using duct tape or something like that to keep her breasts in line not that she needed any help from what Steph felt the other night.

Amanda turned around putting on her cowboy hat that look similar to what Steph was wearing but it was a different color. Steph could also tell that Amanda was wearing a rope around her waist very loosely looking like a make shift belt like her brothers were always doing when they couldn’t find their own belts. All in all both of them looked stunning from what Steph could tell.

“You ready for this shindig?” Amanda said with an Okie twang that made Steph nearly fall over laughing because it didn’t sound like Amanda.

The only thing Steph could do was just nod her head. They walked outside to the car that was waiting for them obviously sent by Matt Rockler or someone along those lines.

Amanda and Steph rode in the back of the car while the driver drove to where they were going. Steph really couldn’t remember much of the first night she went to the Rockler house on a account of being completely trashed within a couple of hours.

So the whole ride and just about everything she did the first night was a complete haze. Hell she even hazed the sex with Jack and that was hard to do. How the dvd showed her functioning was a complete mystery to her.

It seemed to her like all the scenery towards the Rockler mansion was completely new to her. She almost felt excited until they reached the gate then she remembered the gate. Once again there were guards posted outside the gate and stopped the car. One of the guards approached the passenger window where Amanda was sitting and made a motion with his hand signaling to her to roll down her window. As Amanda rolled down her window the guard bent down to see who was in the car.

“Invitations please?” Came from the burly looking guard now bending down to see both of them. His voice had a very timber sound to it but from the accent she could tell he came from Icelandic decent or somewhere from that area. She could also tell from his size that he shouldn’t be messed with no matter if he had weapons or not.

Amanda looked into her purse and pulled out the invitation that was handed to her when they had lunch at Jack’s restaurant. God she drank way too much way too quickly. She just wanted to jump his bones and ride him until next Sunday but she was happy to get feed instead. She finally found it in her purse and pulled it out and gave it to the brick wall called a man. He took out the invitation and walked back to the other guard where he was holding the guest list. Both guards looked at the list and the invitation. After a few moments the human wall walked back to the car where Amanda and her were sitting and waiting.

He bent down handing back the invitation, “Thank you Miss Parker and Miss Gordan. You have an audience with Mr. Rockler when you get in. Please enjoy your stay.”

Amanda just nodded her thank you to the human wall and he waved them in as the gate opened for them. As they rolled into the gated complex it looked like it might take some time before they reached the door now she was beginning to remember how huge the front lawn. She remembered making fun of the front lawn looking like a par 5 golf course, another side effect of having brothers knowing what from what when it came to sports.

After the driver drove around the windy road that lead up to the palace of palace’s they got out of the car and Steph notice two more human sized walls standing guard by the door dressed in cowboy attire sort of looked forced. And it looked hilarious if they weren’t brick wall posing as a human being and scary looking to boot then she would have laughed out loud but she rethought that idea.

They open the doors for them releasing the madness that came from inside to spill outside. Amanda and Steph walked into the controlled chaos that was called a party. Steph saw a couple of guys walking around in a thong, chaps, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat with a two gun holster belt in one holster was a bottle of what looked like tequila and the other bottle was sprite or something like that walking around pouring the mixture in peoples mouths while they shook them before they could swallow the mixture. Looked like fun to her.

Amanda looked at her, “We might as well get the talk with Matt out of the way seeing how you were added to the request.”

Steph just shook her head and Amanda lead the way as Steph followed close on her heels while checking out the chaos. She realized as she was following Amanda that her panties were no longer moist but soaked to her. Fuck she was horny but she needed to get business done and hopefully an opportunity arised where she could talk to Matt alone and find out something that has been nagging at her ever since Amanda told her her little story.

They finally made it through the crowd and up the stairs and reach the door where the mysterious Matt Rockler hides behind. The guards stationed outside the door look at Amanda and Steph and just simply open the door for them. Steph thought about it a moment then just thought that because Amanda probably has to talk to Matt enough the guards know her by face. Amanda and Steph walk into this huge room that made her bedroom that she was staying in at Amanda’s place look like an outhouse.

She saw all sorts of things in the room ranging from a pool table to a bed and a desk in front of a wall of televisions for surveillance. Steph could tell before she even saw Matt that he had to either be a hunk or some mythological being. This tall dark man stood up from the chair hidden behind the desk.

“Glad to see you can make time for me mar shire.” Matt strode up to Amanda and kissed her hand. And then looked at Steph, “I don’t believe we have had the pleasure Ms. Gordan, my name is Matt Rockler.” He also kissed her hand.

With so much chivalry her knees nearly buckled from underneath her. Her nipples ached to have his lips on them. Her clit vibrated to have his tongue on it. Her pussy just sopped like it was crying for him to be in it. Every fiber of her screamed to tackle this man and ride him for every inch he was worth. Chivalry was almost a lost concept to her but it was nice to see it coming from someone so young as him. Maybe that’s why her body reacted like it did because she rarely saw guys do that. Oh well.

“Yeah yeah Matt. Why did you want to speak to us?” Amanda just looked at him as if she already knew what he wanted. That or there was some history between them. Maybe from what she told her of James there was more to it.

Matt took a step back as if to avoid the hostility from Amanda, “Well I was wondering if you wonderful ladies will be a part of the auction?”

Amanda looked like she was pretending to be upset even though she could tell she might be a little excited about it. Steph knew she was but maybe she was projecting her excitement on Amanda.

“And what does this auction entail to? Is it for the night? Is it for the summer? Is going to be only here? If we get auctioned off what will our duties be? How long will we be auctioned off for?”

Damn you go girl Steph thought to herself amazed at the level of questions that were shooting out of Amanda at that moment. She’s surprised that Amanda didn’t enroll in the lawyer program. Actually she wasn’t too sure which program Amanda was enrolled in aside from doing business economics class.

Matt turned around to a table set aside next to where all the televisions were that was displaying all the chaos going on all over his house and poured himself a class from an alcohol pitcher where he poured some type of brown liquor for himself. Probably some type of whiskey or something like that. He turned around to face them and took a sip of his drink before speaking.

“Well the benefit is for the breast cancer foundation or children cancer foundation. I haven’t really decided just yet which one will get the money for this fundraising. The auction will ‘sell’” he quoted the sell with his fingers, “eligible single bachelor’s and bachelorette’s. Each person will be sold off for the night unless the person that won the bid wants to pay twice the amount of their bid to keep their winning person for tomorrow as well. The person that is auctioned off their duties is really up to the winner of the bid. I am offering a variety of ways to compensate their most inner desire. The theme of the auction is to satisfy ones inner dream. So if the winner just wants sex for the night then it is up to that person that was auctioned off to fulfill that part of the negotiations. If the winner wants to just talk then that’s up to you to just talk to them. Really it is up to the winner what they are supposed to do and for how long.”

“So let me get this straight. You want me to pose for the event. If someone wins me I have to do whatever they want no matter if I don’t want to be tied up or put in leather I still have to do it?” Amanda was tapping her foot.

Steph knew better than Matt did, Steph knew Amanda was a freak when it came to sex after what happened the other night but she still could understand why she was acting like she did. At least she hoped she knew better. She didn’t want people to know how much of a freak she was either but with the performance she put on the first night that conception might be shot out the window.

“Well like I said that’s why I wanted you to come up here. I was hoping that you would sign up for it. I’m not saying right now but the auction will start in two hours. You can either be auctioned off or you can take place in the bidding. The choice is up to you. But seeing how we are friends I thought I would ask you instead of one of my lackeys downstairs. Just made more sense to me. In the mean time enjoy the festivities downstairs and I look forward to your decision. If you decide to be auction up just sign up with one of the lackeys downstairs. If not then I hope you win whatever you bid on.” Matt said as he looked off on to the monitors as if the conversation is over between him and her.

“I don’t know I will think about it. Are you auctioning off yourself as well?” Amanda asked as if telling him that the conversation wasn’t over yet.

Steph felt uncomfortable with all the talking and she wasn’t in the conversation what so ever but she kept her mouth shut until asked it seemed like things were beginning to heat up between Amanda and Matt.

As Steph could tell at this moment was that she was completely horny and the auction would give her a chance to have some freaky deaky sex with someone that paid a butt load of money for her. Cause she knew she didn’t have the money to bid on anyone even if she wanted to. Fuck she was horny. Hearing Matt’s voice just made the sensations she was having completely unbearable. Her nipples and pussy ached for his attention.

“You’ll find out when the auction happens if I will be auctioned off or not. Why are you interested in bidding for my services?” Matt sipped his drink without even looking back.

Even Steph could tell he was smirking like a complete smartass. Ok even though Steph knew Matt was being a smartass her body still ached to have him on it. She could tell Amanda was not amused but still smirked, “Well then you will have to do it just to find out.” As she said that she turned around and motioned Steph to follow her out. Steph was only glad to do so even though she wanted to stay for two different reasons both of which were selfish.

Before they reached the door to leave Matt’s emporium. “Steph is it?”

Amanda stopped and Steph turned around. “Yes it is. Only to friends though. To you it is Stephanie.”

Steph couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her, because she was completely surprised.

“Ok Stephanie. Would you mind staying behind? I would like to talk to you alone. If that is ok with you two?”

He turned around to face Amanda, “I promise to be good.” And waited for Amanda to leave.

Amanda looked at him, “Fine whatever.”

She looked over to Steph, “I’ll be at the bar when you’re done with him.”

Steph just nodded her thanks. Amanda turned around and walked out the door as the guards closed it behind her. Matt turned around and waited for what seemed like forever until he saw Amanda on his screens heading towards what seemed like she was heading towards the bar. Once Matt was satisfied with what he was waiting for he finally turned around.

Steph spoke first, “Did you want me to stay behind just to be asked if I were going to take place in the auction?”

Matt just shook his, “No like I told Amanda that is up to you. I’m not going to tell you what to do.”

Steph folded her arms together, “Good because if you told me I was supposed to then I was going to decline.”

Matt just laughed at her comment. “No no. I was hoping you could help with a little business proposition.”

Steph automatically went on the defensive. “What kind of business proposition?”

Matt walked back over to his liquor cabinet of goodies and poured himself another glass full of whatever whiskey or brandy was in that crystal vase. “Where is my manners? Would you like a drink while we talk this over?”

She thought about it and thought screw it might as well get the party started because after this she is gonna have a good olde time. “Whatever you’re drinking is fine I’m not too choosy.”

Matt shrugged his shoulders and poured her a glass of the same stuff he was drinking. He walked over to her, handed her the glass and went over to huge plush sofa sitting next to the fire place and offered her a seat on the adjoining sofa on the other side. She kindly sat down where he offered with his.

As she sat down took a nice whiff of the alcohol that was in the glass and smelled the alcohol that was stirring in the glass only to find that it had no smell what so ever. With that information Steph immediately knew this was going to be some strong stuff.

Over the years and thanks to her brothers the stronger the alcohol and high grade it was the less it smelled. The lower the grade the more it smelled. So this also told her that this stuff is expensive and probably a very high grade alcohol. She took one little sip to test her theory. The liquid had no taste and it went down like water.

Ok she knew that she shouldn’t drink too much of this stuff and to only sip it because if she downed it like she did anything else she would be three sheets to the wind in no time flat before the night even started. And that would suck.

“I understand you’re going to school with Amanda to become a lawyer.” Matt said completely shocked that he knew that but at the same time it didn’t surprised her.

She just simply nodded her head to confirm what Matt was saying.

“I was hoping that you could me with someone that I am trying to conduct business with but he is being evasive currently.”

Steph straightened her spine now as if she were going into her lawyer mode now thinking with her head that is squarely on her shoulders instead of some imaginary head that was between her legs, which felt like it was leaking a continuous leak.

“Who is it? And what kind of business are you trying to conduct with him?” She may have had only one year of training but she knew enough to watch what she said.

Matt just shrugged his shoulders, “Nothing too big I was trying to buy some land off of Patrick James in order to build a nice snow lodge outside of Vancouver and some other places like that he has. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to intrigue him enough to get him to sell.”

Steph just looked at him, “And what does this have to do with me?”

Matt just shrugged again at the question, “Well he was here the first night with his girlfriend. Pat and his girl really liked your performance under one of the awnings. He told me if he could get a repeat performance from you with him and his girl then he might reconsider my proposal.”

Steph could feel her face blush and redden all over at the same time from embarrassment and getting pissed. “And what makes you think I will agree to sleeping with him and his girl?”

Matt just relaxed a bit, “I never said anything about sleeping with them. I just said a repeat performance. I guess his girl really gets into those things. And whatever his girl wants she gets. Plus if you agree to the terms I will make it worth your while.”

Steph was beginning to understand how a prostitute feels when she is haggling for money from a potential client. “Like what?”

Matt just smiled like he knew he was winning, “Well I was thinking I would pay you enough money to pay off your school loans in order to get your law degree plus a little extra. As well as getting paid like this you may have future employment in the law firm that handles all of my business. Along with anything else you might require but realize if you walk out that door the deal is off.”

Great now he was putting a time limit on this.

“Ok let me get this straight if I do as asked I get enough money to pay my school loans the entire I am in school in order to get my law degree plus extra money as well as a seat at the law firm that handles all of your business not to mention anything else that I might require. How much money are we talking here?”

Matt looked at the corner of the room and Steph nearly shit herself seeing a man form out of no where and walk over to the couch where Matt was sitting and handed him a piece of paper. Matt look over the numbers that were on the paper from what Steph could tell.

Matt looked up at her, “How does $350,000 sound? That should be enough for school plus $250,000 in your pocket.”

Steph swallowed hard at that number. She was flattered that she would be considered that much but still it felt completely wrong. Plus if she turned down the deal it would probably take at least 15 years to pay off her loans. Even though she was on a scholarship program it wasn’t a full scholarship.

So if she took the deal she wouldn’t have to waste 15 years paying off her loan it would be paid in full before she left for the big bad world. And that extra $250,000 could go a long way.

“Ok I’ll do it for everything you said plus I was wondering if I could get a copy of what transpired to Amanda the other night when I got drunk along with tonight’s festivities as well would be nice.”

Matt thought about the addition for a moment and stuck out his hand, “It’s a deal then and I’ll have someone drop off the footage of the other night and tonight. I’ll throw in all of it not just Amanda.”

That sounded great to Steph she immediately grabbed Matt’s hand and shook it with her best squeeze that her brothers taught her. Matt smiled at her, “I’m glad you agreed.”

Steph just sort of smirked, “So when do I have to do this ‘repeat performance’?”

Matt thought about it a moment, “Well I’m not sure if they are here yet but we’ll arrange it for another night so you can at least have fun tonight. How does that sound?”

Steph liked the sound of that. She just nodded her head. She tried to sip some more of the liquor from her glass but found it empty. Didn’t surprise her that she drank it all during the conversation but it was three fingers deep when she first got it. Great she was going to be wobbly the rest of the night. She got up to bid Matt a good night so she could escape into the chaos.

Be on the look out for the continuation of this interesting night.

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