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The Summer I'll Never Forget 4.3 - The Auction 1

Steph Decides to Be Auctioned Off
Steph walked out into the noisy chaos from the mysterious Matt Rockler as the guards closed the doors she felt completely woozy from the alcohol that Matt provided. This was going to be interesting. She headed down to where Amanda was last seen on the monitors so she could catch a drink with her friend before they parted ways and had their own individual fun.

On her way to the bar she bumped into one the guys that were trying to sign people up. “Oh sorry miss. Would you be interested in taking part of the charity?”

Steph wasn’t expecting to bump into one of them so quickly nor has she made the choice to actually take part in it. “Not right now maybe in a little bit after I’ve had some more liquid courage.”

The guy holding the clip board of names laughed at her reply. Steph peered over the clipboard to see all the people that have signed up so far and noticed that Amanda had signed up for the girls to be auctioned off along with all of her personal information. Surprise surprise to her she didn’t think Amanda would sign up so quickly. She couldn’t have been with Matt for too long, could she? She thought about it and decided to say screw it.

“Sure go ahead and sign me up by then I should be three sheets to the wind to do anything.”

The guy holding the clip board just nodded, “Alright let me get your information.” After a few moments on answering all of his questions like her name, where she came from, what she was doing here, her sexual preferences, yada yada.

Glad that that was out of the way she continued heading over to the bar. When she finally reached the bar she saw Amanda laying on the bar with multiple guys taking shots off from her body at different locations. At least Steph knew Amanda was out of her normal bubble and was having fun. Good for her Steph thought even though she had to take a step back to make sure it was her friend on the bar. She finally reached the bar as men were continuing to take shots of Amanda. After a little bit of the alcohol that Matt had served she decided to go light on her drinking for a bit until it settled completely in her system.

“What will it be miss?” Came from the bartender behind the bar getting ready to pour another set of shots that were still all over Amanda.

“Just an appletini will do for now.” The bartender nodded his head and pour the liquid all over Amanda going from her mouth to her crotch spilling the liquid all over Amanda’s breasts and crotch.

Steph kind of cringed at the thought of having alcohol down there because it always never fun for her after everything was said and done. But at least Amanda was having fun screw the consequences and Steph wasn’t one to bring down the fun. After about eight more shots off from Amanda along with Steph’s having a few drinks herself.

Amanda bowed out and hopped off the bar nearly falling over when she landed thankfully Steph caught her along with some other guy. God she was soaked in alcohol and she smelled of whiskey. At least from the smell it was good whiskey but still. She just hoped that the whiskey didn’t burn Amanda like it did to Steph but maybe that was because she was a little bit more sober than Amanda but that wouldn’t last too long. Steph saw what she was looking for.

The heavenly god masquerading in assless chaps, a thong showing off his manliness, cowboy boots, a belt with the tequila and 7 up in his holsters, and a cowboy hat. Or the guy could be seen as the devil instead of a god depending on how someone looked at it but the way Steph loved tequila it was a god to her.

She saw the guy in his get up and looked down at his manliness and….holy fuck!!! Was there a fucking snake in that fucking thong of his? Steph was horny as hell and she wanted to see what was behind that thong but she needed alcohol stat with the auction coming up soon. And the way she gets nervous she will need all the help she can get and her and good tequila were good friends. The guy saw her wave him over to do his show of pouring the mixture in her mouth and shake her all around until he told her to swallow. And with what he was hiding behind that thong she will do whatever he tells her to do. After five of those an announcement that blasted over the music that stopped her from doing another shot.

“The auctioning will be beginning shortly. I repeat the auctioning will be beginning shortly. Those that have signed up please go to room 12. Those that have signed up please go to room 12. Thank you.”

Amanda looked at Steph, “Well I guess I better move my butt over to room 12. Have fun with him and enjoy the show.” Steph smiled, “Na I better come with you so you don’t fall on your way over there. Besides I have to report there as well.” Amanda giggled and walked in the direction that Steph would imagine is where room 12 is at.

As Amanda and her entered what appeared to be room 12 they entered into a different frenzy. A man standing in between two partitions looked at the two of them and held out his arm signaling them to go to the right side of the partition. The man standing there even though he didn’t say a word look like a stone face gay man to Steph. She could tell that he was gay but he was still in denial at least that what it seemed like to her. But who was she to judge just sort of made her giggle of course Amanda thought the same thing because she couldn’t stop giggling.

They went to the right like the gay man pointed for them to go. What Steph saw were people waiting for people to come in and apparently size them up and see if they needed their make up fixed or added in some cases. After fixing their make up they were handed an outfit and pointed into curtain dressers to change into. Steph saw some other girls exiting with what appeared as their new costume to go onto stage with all complete with a mask. Some of the costumes were well thought out for a cowgirl outfit most of them that she saw weren’t the same most of them stayed in the cowgirl theme but all were completely different.

A woman came up to Amanda, “Ok this one needs some work,” and grabbed Amanda and disappeared behind some make up mirrors that she would imagine would be best fitted in a strip club.

Another woman came up to her, “This one doesn’t need much work,” grabbed her and made her follow her until she was in front of one of the mirrors and made her sit down.

Steph sat down while the woman put some make up on her. After the make up was done she turned Steph around to face herself in the mirror. The make up she had to admit that this woman did make her eyes pop and the glitter all over her breasts made her feel like a stripper. After she saw herself the woman ran off and came back a few moments later with a costume for her in a cleaners bag with a bottle of lotion.

“Go put on this costume and report back here as fast as you can.”

She grabbed Steph and filled her into one of the empty dressing rooms. Steph opened the black bag and saw the costume that was handed to her. Ok after everything was done she was gonna have to visit Matt and either a nice word with him about the attire that was just handed to her or punch him in the face. She just wasn’t sure which way she wanted to play it.

She had to admit the outfit was stunning. If she were alone with a boy she might wear this outfit for kicks. The outfit or costume was leather tear away chaps, latex thongs, latex high heels, short flannel shirt, mask, and cowboy hat. Steph took off what she was wearing and rubbed some of the lotion on her body mainly focusing on her legs, stomach, ass, and breasts. She also decided to put a little along the outside of her pussy seeing how she is shaved might make the thong go on more smoothly and not rub roughly even though it might look latex. How it looks is one thing but feeling how it feels is an entirely different thing.

Steph opened up the bottle and smelled the lotion before going through with putting it on her. If it smelled horrible she wasn’t going to put it on. When she smelled it three different things happened. First she found the smell quite pleasant something between a lotion she might actually put on everyday and it smelled like what strippers might put on. The smell of the lotion smelt to her smelled like strawberry’s with kiwi with a hint of hemp in it. Very interesting scent she thought to herself. Second thing that happened while she was smelling the magical container her free hand was moving in slow motions around her body lightly groping her breasts and lightly going over her own clit like her hand couldn’t wait to have the lotion on it so it could get to work. The third thing that happened as soon as she smelled the mystery bottle of lotion and found the smell quite pleasant her pussy felt like it was dripping heavily.

She almost imagined if a smurf were underneath her legs it would feel like it were raining to them because her pussy was dripping so heavily at least that was it felt like to her. To anyone else that might be looking at her it might look like a small to minor drip that was barely noticeable.

Steph poured the lotion onto her hand and rubbed the lotion in wherever she could mainly focusing on her legs, her butt, her breasts, and her stomach. With what was left over she put over her shaved pelvic area. After she rubbed the lotion onto her skin in the areas there were rubbed in. Two things happened. One the areas where the lotion touch felt like her skin were on fire like she was having sex at that moment and at the same time it felt like ice was being glided over her skin. Both of those feelings felt completely weird and very sensual at the same time.

She kind of smirked at that feeling and the feeling wasn’t there for a few seconds it felt like it might stay there for a while. The second thing that happened her nipples and clit got completely hard and felt like there was a pissed off bubblebee inside her nipples and clit. She decided against playing with herself because there was no telling how long the lady will let her be alone before being disturbed by her. So she put on the outfit and looked at herself in the mirror. Damn she looked down right hot.

She couldn’t take the vibrating in her nipples or clit any longer it was time to do something about it. She forced her hand under the latex thong and started playing with her clit. The small touch to brought the sensation of having that fire away. She was about to hit her o stage then the girl that did her make up had interrupted Steph from playing with herself.

“Glad to see you got done in short time.”

She grabbed Steph’s hand and lead her back to the mirrors. Fucking bitch. Doesn’t this broad know not to interrupt someone in a masturbation season or at least do something about it. Damn her damn her to hell. She kept thinking that over and over as the lady put more make up on her. Fuck she was horny and the latex thong wasn’t soaking up her juices so it felt like a river was running down her leg. After the lady was done with putting more make up on her she turned her around to make Steph look at herself in the mirror.

Steph could barely recognize herself what she saw in the mirror. Note to self if she was ever going to do this for a guy she had better take notes of how she looks because DAMN!!! With the costume and the make up fuck she looked like a hooker that was very high priced. And that is not to say in a bad way at this moment. The girl turned Steph around, “Alright head over to the front with this slip, put your name on it, and they will tell you what to do.” Steph headed in the direction that the woman pointed out, wrote down her name on the card, and watched the girl head off to the next lucky contestant taking part in the auction and do the same thing to that girl as she did to Steph.

Steph over to the area that the make up girl said and met a guy standing next to a door way what appeared to be the entrance to the stage. There were a bunch of other girls there standing and waiting. Steph made it up to where the man was with a radio and handed her card number reading number 17 with her name. The guy standing at the entrance read the card and relayed the info on the radio.

“Ok Ms. Gordan. What’s going to happen when you hear your name you go out onto the stage. When you get on stage you will proceed to a little dance number and take off whatever you want to. Good tip more you take off the more people will bid for you. After your done with your dance you will come back in here and return your outfit except for the mask and they will further inform you want to do from there.” Steph heard all the information and felt like a school of butterflies were in her stomach even though there was plenty of alcohol in her to knock a frat boy on his rear.

“Don’t worry about the nervousness it’s natural. Just imagine you are giving your little boy toy a nice little show.” Came from a familiar voice behind her.

Steph turned around to a stranger and saw someone familiar. Took her a minute to realize it was Amanda. She barely recognized her in her little get up. Her costume had less clothing than Steph’s. Amanda’s costume had about the same theme as Steph’s leather chaps, latex thong that was visible like Steph’s only it showed more skin than Steph’s thong did, flannel shirt tied in a knot showing more of Amanda’s breasts compared to the flannel that Steph had on. Like Steph, Amanda was wearing a mask. All in all the costume was quite cute but to still do something like this felt like Steph should change her name to Faith or something like that because she felt like she was an aspiring stripper in the get up she was wearing.

“Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to thank Danielle for being here. Give her a wonderful hand for being a part of tonight’s festivities. I would also like to thank the great offer of $56,000 for her services. The winner can come get Danielle now or after the auction has finished.”

The girl that was on stage, Danielle from what the announcer said it was, strode into the back with all the waiting girls to go up next. When she entered Steph saw that all she had on was the mask, the thong, and high heel stiletto cowboy boots. Everything else that she had on before she went on stage was bundled up in her arms.

Steph saw that Danielle had to stand about 5’6” must have weighed near 110lbs. She also saw that Danielle was very petite had to have at least B cup breasts, her waist had to at least be a size 1 or 0. Though Danielle stood about 5’6” Steph noticed that Danielle was all leg.

When she finally looked past the legs on Danielle, which Steph imagined no man in their right mind wouldn’t want wrapped their waist or head god if her brothers were there they would probably beat the crap out of each other just to have her wrapped around them or as they say “I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers” she always laughed at that saying even though it was bad, she had about shoulder length light brown hair and hazel eyes. Thank god they weren’t emerald or calypso blue that was Steph’s kryptonite, yes having brothers she read a lot of comic books, but thank god she wasn’t a lesbian because if she were she probably would have said fuck the auction and taken Danielle in the back to find out her magic flavor.

At that moment her clit and nipples wouldn’t disagree they wanted attention from wherever it could attention from. Steph watched Danielle make sure she had gathered everything from the stage and walked back to where all the mirrors were and disappear. She had to barter with herself not to follow Danielle and succumb to her libido’s desires instead she decided to stay strong because soon they will get their needed attention.

“Next up we have the lovely Amanda.” Amanda just looked at Steph with a smile, “That’s my queue. Enjoy yourself out there.”

Steph watched as Amanda took the stage. Amanda posed for a few moments on the stage until the music started she kept that pose going until the music finally started ramping up in the beat and she started to dance with the music.

“Amanda currently resides in Houston, Texas. She comes to our lovely community during her summers.”

Steph watched as Amanda strip off the chaps like a professional stripper.

“She loves sunsets, cute honest guys, dogs, and taking a long nice bath while reading a book.”

Next Amanda ripped open the flannel shirt showing off her breasts to the crowd and throwing the shirt to the back of the stage where the chaps currently lay.

“She hates jerks, cheaters, smokers, drug users, and people that try to pressure her into anything she doesn’t want to do.”

Next Amanda threw off her hat to the back and continued dancing to the music.

“I would like to start the betting at $1,000. Thank you.” The announcer continued asking for money but Steph wasn’t really listening to the announcer anymore she was too entranced with Amanda’s dance like it called to her.

Seeing Amanda’s breasts were glistening in the spot light. Watching her ass dip and sway to the music just made Steph want to step out there and grind her.

What the fuck. Grind her?

Ok she knew she was horny but god she had to admit even though she wasn’t a lesbian Amanda looked scrumptious. What the fuck is going on? Her libido was never this bad. She just shrugged her shoulders not really listening to her head anymore where her pussy screamed at her for some attention.

In unison with her clit wanting attention her nipples instantly protested to her that they needed attention as well. It felt like her body wasn’t her own anymore. Her desires were in control now instead of her rational side of her mind were in control of her body. She didn’t realize that she was succumbing to her desires when the announcer snapped her back to attention.

“Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to thank Amanda for being here. Give her a wonderful hand for being a part of tonight’s festivities. I would also like to thank the great offer of $95,000 for her services. The winner can come get Amanda now or after the auction has finished.”

“Next up we have the seducing Stephanie.”

Steph took a deep breath, ok it was now or never.

Note to self punch announcer for interrupting her from playing with herself.

Steph walked out from behind the curtain onto the lit stage. As soon as she stepped out she looked around to see a pole, like what would be seen on a strip club. She couldn’t see very far off the stage maybe a couple of feet. The most she could see was maybe a few feet and the rest were silhouettes. She tried to look more into the crowd to see if there was anyone she knew but the looking didn’t last long until her song started playing.

The song that started playing started off with a heavy guitar solo. Steph figured out which song was playing immediately because it was one of her favorites. The song that was playing that she was supposed to dance to was Nickelback’s “S.E.X.” from their Dark Horse album. She immediately bowed her head and lightly stomped her foot to the rhythm of the guitar strumming. As soon as the song became more than a guitar solo she started dancing until finally the first beats started going. Steph swayed her hips to the rhythm. It almost felt like she was doing an impression from Charlie’s Angels 2 with the scene with Cameron Diaz in a t-shirt and underwear just moving her ass in circular motions. For all Steph knew that was exactly what she was doing but it felt sexier to her.

‘No’ is a dirty word,
Never gonna say it first,
‘No’ it's just a thought that never crosses my mind.
Maybe in the parking lot,
Better bring your friend along,
Better rock together than just one at a time.

While that was being sung Steph was moving from one of the stage to other waggling her finger in a ‘no’ motion while she was doing a half stride half skip motion. The whole time this was being sung the announcer was doing his job.

“Stephanie comes to us from Tennessee. This is her first visit to our community.”

At that moment the chorus came on, personally Steph’s favorite part of the song.

S is for the simple need.
E is for the ecstasy.
X is just to mark the spot,
Because that's the one you really want.
‘Yes!’ Sex is always the answer, it's never a question,
'Cause the answer's yes, oh the answers ‘Yes’
Not just a suggestion, if you ask the question,
Then it's always yes. Yeah!

At that moment, Steph just like Amanda, ripped off her assless chaps like it was being held together by Velcro and started swinging it over her head like it was an imaginary lasso and finally flung it in the back.

“She loves rough housing with her brothers, cute honest guys, big dogs, watching Burn Notice and NCIS, and taking a long nice bath while reading a book,” came from the announcer but Steph wasn’t really paying any attention to him she was too into the dance and the song. She just thanked the lord that they didn’t include that she loved to have sex like what she told the guy that filled out all the paper work for her. Or the fact that the edited her original statement that she likes well hung men that could fuck her for hours. That would be embarrassing. She had to admit she was toasted when she answered the questionnaire form. Kind of ironic that they were playing a song dedicated to sex and she was a fan of sex.

She started doing her best impression of a stripper and started dipping down to show off her ass. She rolled around the stage and pretending to hump the air. Crawling around the stage and wiggling her ass all over the place.

I'm loving what you wanna wear,
I wonder what's up under there?
Wonder if I'll ever have it under my tongue?
I'd love to try to set you free,
All of you all over me.
Love hearin' the sound you make the second you're done.

Steph tried to moan as loud as she could without screaming but she thinks the facial expression she had said everything for her. Of course it helped running her hands over body because as soon as her hands over her breasts just having there almost felt like ecstasy. She continued to dance around the stage she withholding going on the pole until the chorus came back on. Plus she was afraid that she might eat it. As she was dancing she decided to lift her leg doing a vertical splits and pulling her thong aside showing off her linoleum box to the people in the crowd and shaked her ass at the same time. Helped that she was flexible and a cheerleader at this moment. Thank you brothers for making her do cheerleading of course it was only a ploy for them to hook up with other cheerleaders she thought to herself.

“She hates assholes, cheaters, any judge show including Judge Hatchett, Judge Mathis, and Judge Joe Brown, drug users, and people that try to pressure her into anything she doesn’t want to do,” came from the announcer. Most of that was true she did hate judge shows she really didn’t see the point of it. Only she used more curse words to the guy filling out the paperwork for her. Along with some innuendoes for the drug heads that she was more graphic about. Oh well.

S is for the simple need.
E is for the ecstasy.
X is just to mark the spot,
Because that's the one you really want.
(Yes!) Sex is always the answer, it's never a question,
'Cause the answer's yes, oh the answers (Yes).
Not just a suggestion, if you ask the question,
Then it's always yes. Yeah! (YES)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

The time was now or never she strolled over to the stripper pole that was main center of the stage. Steph did a dip down showing off her hardwood flooring again. She closed her legs and gently slid herself up the pole. As soon as she was fully standing she ripped open the shirt showing off her perky breasts to the arena of people watching. Showing off to the world the golden circles were saying hello to everyone. Next she grabbed her latex thong and ripped it off like it was made out of nothing and threw both items into the back.

“At this time I would like to start the bidding at $1,000.” The announcer started the bidding for her valuable time. Normally if someone was bidding for her to fuck them she normally wouldn’t do it but with how horny she was at that moment and lately she was going to give the winner one hell of a show. Her ears perked up to the bidding trying to listen to what people might think she was worth but she couldn’t see anyone other than the stage. Fuck it she decided to keep up with the dance it was more fun. Besides she will find out what people will think she is worth after she is done.

Steph kept dancing all over the floor. She thought that she had danced enough along the floor. It was time to hit the stripper pole. She took a full on run to the pole so she could spin her body around it. The whole way felt like time slowed to the point where it felt like she was moving through molasses.

S is for the simple need.
E is for the ecstasy.
X is just to mark the spot,

Steph’s footsteps felt like she was running along nearly dried glue. The only thing going through her head was please not to eat shit. That would be bad.

Because that's the one you really want.
(Yes!) Sex is always the answer, it's never a question,
'Cause the answer's yes, oh the answer's (Yes).
Not just a suggestion, if you ask the question,

She got closer to the pole. Don’t eat it.

Then it's always yes. Yeah! (YES)
(Yes!) Sex is always the answer, it's never a question,
'Cause the answer's yes, oh the answer's (Yes).
Not just a suggestion, if you ask the question,
Then it's always yes. Yeah! (YES)

She felt like she was close enough to leap for the pole to spin along. Don’t eat it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

She hit the pole with so much force it felt like she was going to fall on her butt or it was going to launch her into the crowd. She just hoped if she were to be launched into the crowd it was on to someone so it would break her fall. Thankfully when she hit the pole she was able to latch on to the pole and spin herself around the pole. So this is what it felt like to be a stripper. This was actually fun. Only on occasion though.


“Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to thank Stephanie for being here. Give her a wonderful hand for being a part of tonight’s festivities. I would also like to thank the winner for the great offer of $176,000 for her services. The winner can come get Stephanie now or after the auction has finished.”

WOW! That really amazed Steph for the price someone paid for her. Steph lifted her leg into the air doing the standing splits to give the crowd one last look at her now soaping pussy which was nicely glistened from the dance, and shaked her ass while still in the splits. The crowd cheered for her. Steph bowed for their applause. She grabbed her things in the back where she threw her costume and walked into the back. The guard looked at her, “Nice show.” Steph nodded her thanks. “Remember to head over there to turn in your costume and you will get your things back.” Steph looked into the direction that the guard pointed her to. As she walked in the direction and heard the announcer, “Next up we have the amazing Nadine.” Steph really didn’t look back in the direction with the next victim to the horny masses, even though she was unbelievably horny, she just simply headed in the direction.

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