The Summer I'll Never Forget 4.4 - The Auction 2

By Lightning454

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Steph watches the rest of the auction and sees all the girls enjoy themselves
Steph didn’t have to go too far before someone stopped her, “I take it you have already danced?”

She looked Step up and down, “And from the looks of it we had some fun out there?”

Steph just nodded with a sly smirk to the lady asking the questions. The lady just shook her head with a smile, “Here let me take you to where you can drop these off,” pointing her chin to the contents in Steph’s arms, “and pick up your things. Plus sign in for your whoever won you to pick you up.”

Steph just nodded, “I hope the waiting room has alcohol in it.”

The lady just nodded to Steph’s remark and turned around and crooked her finger over her shoulder signaling to Steph to follow her. As she was walking maybe it was a bad idea to rip off the thong because it was cold and her nipples agreed with that sentiment. Oh well it was still fun as hell.

Steph continued to follow the lady for a short distance and came up to a make shift booth where a lady sat behind with bundles of black plastic bags. The girl sitting behind the make shift booth looked Steph up and down and sort of chuckled to herself, “Name?”

Steph had to look at her for a second fully realizing that she was in the buff, “Stephanie Gordan.”

The girl turned around and looked at all the bags for a few moments mumbling to herself Steph’s name trying to find the appropriate bag belonging to Steph. She hoped that the correct bag had all her stuff. Fuck it she didn’t care at this moment. Clothes in general would be greatful it’s not like she brought her purse or anything too important aside from her iPhone.

“Ah hah. Here we go Stephanie Gordan,” the girl pulling out this medium sized bag and brought it around laying it on the table in front of Steph.

“If you want to you can put on your clothes over there in the dressing rooms.”

Steph immediately ripped open the bag containing some clothes, luckily as she searched through it it was indeed her bag, and immediately put on her thong and shirt so at least she could cover herself up.

“Or you could change right here too,” the girl said behind the booth while the other lady just laughed at what was happening.

Fuck them she was cold plus she didn’t want to advertise to everyone that she was cold or just plain horny to the point she was beginning to foam at the mouth. She put on all of her clothes and put her iPhone inside her boot so she wouldn’t lose it, the lady waited for her to get fully dressed before making Steph follow her again.

They walked out of the room where everyone was getting ready to dance and what not, after a few moments the lady opened another door to lead into another room where it was completely remodeled for just the occasion. Once again there was another woman sitting behind the booth. The lady that Steph was following, “You can drop off your costume here so it can be recycled.”

What the hell that ever meant. Steph shrugged and thought that recycled meant that all the clothes would be used for another shindig like this or something like that. Whatever it really didn’t matter to Steph she was just glad it was over.

“Oh before you leave you can keep the shoes and hat for the occasion. Along with a nice gift basket for being a part of tonight’s festivities. If you want I can put them in a bag for you or for your convenience we can deliver the basket, boots, and hat to where you are staying,” came from the girl behind the counter.

Steph thought about it for a moment. If she got the bag with all the goodies she would have to lung it around everywhere for the night and more than likely if she got wasted which was a good chance she would leave it behind somewhere.

“I’ll have it delivered if that is alright,” Steph said.

The girl brought out a clip board, “Alright just let me get your information and where you are staying and you will be all set up.” After Steph gave the lady behind the booth all of her information, the other girl that Steph was following led her out of that room.

Steph followed the lady up the stairs and finally made it to the room that the lady was looking for. She opened the door and shook her head notifying to Steph to enter the room. Steph just looked in the room and saw Amanda, Danielle, and a few other girls already in there.

She entered into the room and saw that a portion of the room had an opening to watch the rest of the strip/auction sell that was going on. Steph looked back at the woman in which she replied, “You’ll wait in this room here and you’ll be notified on what is to happen next. Please enjoy the alcohol and food. And if you want to you can watch the rest of the auction.”

Steph just nodded knowing that as soon as the woman closed the door more than likely it will be locked so they couldn't go anywhere. Steph was half expecting an old woman with a black doomsday cloak to come out of no where and say, “I’ve got you now my pretty’s. You will stay here forever.” She looked around but it didn’t find her.

Steph immediately headed over to bar and told the bartender to give her the strongest shit he has. The bartender simply nodded and poured her a drink out of a container that had no label. Fuck it she didn’t care at this moment the dance nearly sobered her up completely.

She took one sip of the mystery drink and it went down too smoothly. Well she knew whatever this was just like in Matt’s room it was expensive and good as hell. It shouldn’t take too long before it knocked her on her ass. Hopefully she doesn’t blackout before her winner came and got her. Steph walked over to the balcony to watch the rest of the auction.

“Good job on beating the record for who was bid off for the most,” Steph looked over to see Amanda drinking what looked like she was sipping on champagne.

That’s one thing that Steph never did mix hard alcohol with champagne unless she wanted to as her brothers would say calling the dinosaurs. Amanda had already propped herself a seat out on the balcony to do the same thing Steph wanted to do.

“Thanks I guess.” Steph found herself saying the only thing that came to her mind while she looked down at the contest.

Amanda just waved her hand at her, “Don’t worry about it. Pull a chair and watch the rest. The men are supposed to come on soon. That is always fun to watch.” Amanda told Steph.

“Are you sure we won’t get collected before the men go on stage?” Steph asked.

Amanda looked at her with a half glaze in her eyes telling Steph that Amanda was drunk. Which is probably why Amanda was sipping her champagne.

“No you should be fine. Normally you won’t get ‘collected’” Amanda quoted the word for Steph, “before the auction is completed and some time after that. So go go. Grab a chair and get your ass back over here before you miss the show with the guys.”

Steph smiled at Amanda and went off and found the most appropriate chair. The chair was fairly long to where she could almost lay down. The arms on the chair was high enough to hide her lower body enough to where she might be able to play with herself during the show and probably no one would notice unless they were standing next to her to notice. The chair was perfect for what Steph was looking for. She dragged the perfect chair next to Amanda so she could watch and maybe mask a way to play with herself. Fuck she was horny as hell.

Steph plopped down on the heavenly chair that will hide her masturbation time next to Amanda. Steph noticed that all the girls so far on the balcony were in chairs watching the rest of show. She also noticed that the bartender would come onto the balcony every so often to fill everyone’s drinks. Note to self if she was going to masturbate she better her herself well when the bartender came around to fill up drinks because that would be embarrassing.

“Do you might if I sit next to you?” came from a voice behind a chair.

Steph looked over at her shoulder and saw the girl holding the chair up hiding her face from Steph.

“Sure go ahead.” Steph didn’t mind but fuck there goes her masturbation time.

Steph almost wanted to look down at her screaming clit that seemed to be vibrating on it own and tell it sorry play time will have to wait until she was ‘collected’. Steph almost wanted to tell the girl behind the chair to sit on the other side of Amanda until she realized that someone already had done that. Fucking bitch.

The chair got plopped down beside her and the girl sat down revealing herself to Steph. The girl that sat down next to Steph turned out to be Danielle. How could a girl like her take longer than Steph to get up here? Of course Steph did get dressed rather quickly so it really didn’t surprise her that this girl took so long getting up here. She was going to say something to Danielle to relieve to animity around them until…

“Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to thank the seducing Jemma for being here. Give her a wonderful hand for being a part of tonight’s festivities. I would also like to thank the winner for the great offer of $78,000 for her services. The winner can come get Jemma now or after the auction has finished. Seeing how Jemma was the last girl to offer her services. Now it is on to the boys to strut their stuff. First on our firing range to grace us with his presence. The outlaw himself…Jack.”

Holy shit, it was Steph’s boy toy for the last few days. Why the fuck is he auction off his service’s? Oh well it’s not like they were exclusive or anything. And she did auction herself off as well so she couldn’t get too mad about it or jealous for that matter. But why did she have those jealousy feelings? Must be because he was a good fuck and she didn’t want anyone else to have a good fuck aside from her…and Amanda seeing how they’re friends her too but not Jack she can have any other man. She just decided to drop the issue unless she wanted World War III to start over just a summer fling, which made no sense to her why she was getting so upset. Drinking would further enrage her or she hoped that when she got ‘collected’ she would take out her frustration on dipshit winner # 1.

Jack came on stage and Steph was at the edge of her seat. Good thing the balcony sat on the side so she was able to get a clear view of everything.

“I have to admit, Jack is a nice guy, even though he is not my type. But fuck he has a body on him,” came from Danielle.

Steph nearly snapped her head at Danielle. Danielle had a small frame on her, Steph was sure she could fold her in half for that comment. Damn why was she so jealous. He’s a good fuck but not a fantastic fuck.

Danielle looked at her and could tell she said something wrong, “What? I’m just saying” and smiled at Steph as if trying to make it ok.

Steph looked at her for a second and decided against folding her in half. She couldn’t understand why she was getting so jealous. Even though she was completely fucking horny she almost wanted Danielle between her legs just to cure an itch or at least cure it a quarter of the way. That is until Danielle’s recent burst changed her mind. She just wanted to tie Danielle up and teach her a lesson for her little burst. And the lesson wouldn’t be good. She would go into the details but she needed to focus on what was going on.

Jack bowed his signaling that he would like the music to start for him. As soon as the music start Steph just laughed her ass off. The song that came on for Jack was “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred. Jack did the same thing as Steph he nearly laughed so hard he tripped over his get up but somehow he recovered turning the fall into a spin making it look like it was purpose.

Steph had to admit it was a nice touch and a really nice recovery. Doubt any of her brothers could pull off a better stunt if it was planned. Of course Jack danced his little heart out and the announcer did his part by telling the audience Jack’s likes his dislikes where he hailed from yada yada. As the music continued Jack ripped off his chaps. Then ripped open his shirt showing off his now bare upper torso showing to the world that he had a nice pack going on. His chest looked like it had baby oil all over him. It looked nice.

There it goes again her pussy went from a slow drip to her lower faucet was completely broken. She would have to use the money Matt was giving her to re-upholstery the chair she was sitting. Actually come to think of it like Matt wouldn’t notice with how big his place is. And if he did it would be a long time before that happens. Oh well he probably half expects some of his furniture to be destroyed in one form or another with the orgies he’s been running lately.

Steph watched as Jack danced around the stage ripping off his chaps revealing a cup strap just covering his walking stick and handles. Steph began to reach below going through the side of her Daisy Duke shorts and under her now soaked panties to start playing with herself. The moment she touched herself she nearly wanted to faint because of the sensation of just being touched even by herself she nearly sent her into a coma of excitement. Hell just touching the lips made her clit happy but the moment she touched the roof of her clit she was sent into such euphoria that she missed the rest of Jack’s dance. She was saddened when the dance was over before more could be taken off mainly Jack’s jock strap.

“Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to thank the outlaw Jack for being here. Give him a wonderful hand for being a part of tonight’s festivities. I would also like to thank the winner for the great offer of $76,000 for his services. The winner can come get Jack now or after the auction has finished.” Jack bowed to the crowd, picked up his clothes, and exited behind the stage. Steph was sad to see Jack exit off the stage. Then something hit her that she might be able to do.

She looked at Amanda, “Seeing how Jack is done is he going to join us up here?” Amanda just looked at her and shook her head, “Unfortunately no. They will be in the room over there,” Amanda pointed across the stage area where Steph saw a balcony and room exactly like they were in, “Matt doesn’t want the different sex contestants to be in the same room so they can focus on the person that bid for their attention.” Steph sighed well there went that idea. Damn it. She was thinking how she was completely fucking horny. It amazed her to an extent how horny she exactly but it really didn’t amaze her at the same time. Just thinking of Jack’s beautiful cock going inside and out of her just made her want to play with herself but the idea was quickly interrupted.

“Next up we have a very nice man. The hometown local himself has decided to be apart of tonight’s festivities. Some of you ladies may know him as Casanova reincarnated from what I hear. All the ladies beg to have him theirs. The famous Randy,” came from the announcer. Now this was an interesting twist. Now Steph will be able to see why Amanda and apparently all the other girls around here say he is Casanova reincarnated.

“Oooooo, I was hoping he would be here tonight,” came from Danielle sitting next to Steph.

Steph looked at Danielle as she pulled off her lower clothing until she was bare downstairs letting everyone see. Steph was almost taken back until she looked around and saw all the females sitting on the balcony with her doing the same thing. She even looked at Amanda and she was doing the same thing.

What the fuck all these females couldn’t be doing this just for one man. She looked around and all of them had nothing on below the waist.

Steph decided to pretty much say hell with it. Hell she needed to relieve the itch that was going on downstairs. As soon as she took off her shorts and panties to let her pussy breathe, her clit felt completely relieved as if it wanted to say hello to the world. She looked down to make sure her clit wasn’t standing out even though if it did it wouldn’t surprise her with how horny she has been lately. Thankfully her clit was securely hidden under its roof between her now plump pussy lips.

Before Steph could really think as to how her pussy lips were completely pumped like someone had a vacuum over her pussy making everything extra sensitive, an applause happened signaling that someone else had stepped on stage. Steph looked from her plump pussy to see a man standing on the stage.

The man standing on stage looked to be at least 6 foot maybe a little bit taller but not by much. From the creases in the trench coat that he was wearing he looked to be at least 220lbs and possibly very built but the clothes he was wearing hid too much of that right now.

He was wearing a hat that Steph could tell it was the hat that Val Kilmer wore as Doc Holiday in Tombstone. Aside from the coat and hat he was wearing a mask hiding the majority of his face except his lips from the looks of it. Actually come to think of it the whole get up looked exactly like what Val Kilmer wore as Doc Holiday in Tombstone. Actually it looked more natural on this guy than it did on Val Kilmer even though Val Kilmer had to act and look as sick as possible because Doc Holiday was really sick in those days.

From what Steph could tell the man standing on stage didn’t look like much just a normal man. Yet females down in the crowd were hootering and hollering and saying all sorts of lewd comments. Steph looked around on the ground floor to see girls that were wearing skirts were pulling off their underwear and throwing it at Randy on the stage. This was crazy almost as bad as being at a concert where people were crazy. Steph laid back to relax and saw all the girls including Amanda were already playing with themselves. That was definitely a shock to her. Why would all these girls being so in love with this man? No man should be gawked over for no reason in Steph’s mind.

Just then the music started snapping Steph’s attention to center stage. Randy tipped his head forward and started walking forward slowly to the middle of the t shaped stage where the pole that scared Steph was located. Steph could tell that he walked very confidently towards that mysterious pole. At least she could simi understand every female’s fascination with him. Confidence definitely struck a cord with her that always fascinated her no matter if it was female or male.

Mainly males that were confident she always wanted to pick their brain just to find out what makes them so confident. That and wanting to fuck their brains out just to remove their confidence and imagining injecting their confidence into her with their hypnotic love juice. Aside from the thought the music kept playing while Randy still walked slowly to pole of the main stage.

Steph could almost make out the song that was playing but it was too slow for her to recognize just yet but she wasn’t too focused on the music. Steph was too focused on the mysterious man walking down the stage that was making all the girls masturbate on the balcony instead of trying to figure out what song was playing. It seemed too trivial at this point. First things first and that was unwrapping the mystery of the reincarnated Casanova himself…Randy David.

Randy finally made it the pole and the music stopped. Once it did that Randy took off his hat and threw it off to the back of the stage revealing his mid length dirty blonde hair that flowed down hiding a portion of his face and mask. All the girls continued to holler for Randy. Well at least in the crowd. The girls on the balcony Steph noticed were slowly masturbating. Steph should recognize the pattern it was the same thing she was doing. At least she knew she wasn’t the only one that was horny. She was at least relieved to find out females were horny as hell but still it was a little bit embarrassing but the feeling of releasing herself to her inhibitions did feel really good and over won her embarrassment.

As soon as Randy’s hat landed on the stage the real music started. Steph nearly wanted to laugh her ass off to the song selection. But for some reason the song seemed right for the occasion. The song that came on was Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

All these girls and guys came onto stage beginning to dance to the song already naked. At least Steph wasn’t the only one who was giggling at the song choice. But soon the laughter quickly died down.

“I should have figured that Randy would choose this song to strip to,” came simultaneously from Danielle and Amanda at the same time.

Weird that they would think the same thing at nearly the same time. Steph knew that Amanda had some past with Randy but from the sounds of it sounds like Danielle had some past with Randy as well. When they said that out loud the rest of the girls on the balcony chimed in saying that they liked the selection or would like to see what he can do with the song. Steph just wanted to laugh her ass off because of the song that Randy selected didn't make any sense to strip to.

Randy was the only one that the spot light focused on during the song. As the first chorus began Randy put his arms behind him as two of the girls came up behind him to remove the coat he was wearing and they threw it to the back of the stage. Steph looked around at all the girls on the balcony and see that the momentum of their masturbation stayed about the same…slow.

The main stage dancing stayed about the same where Randy was the main focus of the dance. As soon as they got done with a few step numbers that was choreographed exactly like the music video, Randy ripped open his shirt and vest revealing his chiseled chest and perfect 8 pack abs and threw the now ripped clothing into the crowd. His skin that Steph could tell was tanned perfectly for her.

It wasn’t too dark from too much tanning that most people mainly girls forget about, mainly people tan too much that they no longer look like they did. Nor was it too white from the lack of sun like other guys she knows mainly the ones that sit in front of a computer for hours on end to where they take off their glows and they naturally glow. It was perfect for Steph’s taste. She just wanted to nibble on the perfect tan god now dancing on the floor. Fuck this is probably way all girls fanned over this reincarnated Casanova. She was beginning to understand the lure to this man. Way so many girls wanted to bang his brains out and why there were so many broken hearts in his wake.

The second started up and at the moment Randy ripped off his pants and threw them off into the crowd. Steph watched as the pants went into the crowd and a couple of girls fought over the pants. It amazed her but if she were down there she probably would be fighting over them too or at least trying to find a nice dark corner to masturbate to him dancing. Once her eyes reverted back to Randy she saw that just like his upper body his lower legs look like the were chiseled out of stone and it was about the same color as his upper body. She also noticed that he was wearing REALLY tight boxers that didn’t hide his long member behind the cloth.

Steph could feel her jaw dropping as she imagined how long his walking stick was. She also felt her momentum on her clit begin to pick up speed. She had to remind herself to slow down and just play with herself until she was ‘collected’ by the winner because she had some things to relieve on the poor soul after watching what she was watching. The person that would be picking her up would feel the full wrath of her kegel muscles and letting her damn explode over that person just to get some relief.

She just wanted to build her uphoria for now hoping it would counter act all the alcohol she was consuming. Speaking of which she looked down to the table that was holding her drink and saw that it was nearly empty with another glass looking to be the same thing as hers just behind it. Along with her glasses of alcohol she noticed another glass in the shape of a martini. Must be Danielle’s.

She shrugged and grabbed the nearly empty glass and threw it back letting all of it flow down her throat. Feeling like the alcohol wasn’t enough she grabbed the full glass and threw it back letting all of it flow down her throat and warm her insides. After the glass was empty she held up the glass to notify to the bartender that her glass was full and that she needed it refilled. The bartender was there within seconds and filled the glass still held up by Steph and then disappeared after filling the glass to the brim. She looked at the find and thought the bartender wasn’t a cheap bartender. Oh well back to focusing on the glorious man dancing with nothing but boots, tight underwear, and mask.

During the last part of the song Randy ripped off the underwear like it was made to do than threw it onto the balcony where Steph and the rest of the female bid selections were. All the girls that were next to the underwear dived for it showing off the shaved snatches to the rest of the girls on the balcony including Steph. She wanted to laugh with the rest of the girls that was watching the scene unfold but she was secretly jealous of whoever wins getting the magical boxer that held the horse dong that was tied up in them. Naturally she laughed at the site of all these girls fighting over a pair of boxers while showing everyone on the balcony their choice of carpet maintenance.

Steph diverted her eyes from the winner of the horse dong hider now jumping up and down to the masked man showing everyone including Steph why he was considered Casanova. My god if the alcohol hasn’t playing tricks on Steph she would swear that it reached down to his knees. It has to be the alcohol. There is NO way a man’s girth is that fucking long. She has never met a man like this only heard people tell stories of stories of guy that made them want to run away but at the same time it was the most awesome sex they have had. She nearly wanted to faint at just the sight. Steph was sure if she was in a room alone with that man and he dropped his trousers to release that anaconda between his legs she was 100 percent sure she would faint. Not saying that would be a bad thing.

“If only that man was up here and used that wonderful fire hose on me I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to walk for a week and would love every second of it…” came from Danielle who was now picking up the speed of her masturbation. Steph could tell Danielle was almost at her ‘O’ stage because her eyes were about to roll in the back of her head. “Again.”

“Yeah Danielle you would love every second of him doing so much damage you can’t walk for a week.” Came from Amanda.

It almost sounded spiteful to Steph but she wasn’t too sure at this moment all the alcohol and the constant build to release herself was playing one hell of a number on her. She wasn’t too sure of anything at this moment other than she needed a man between her legs not her fucking hand.

“Oh I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy having that man cripple me for a week. I’m just saying its not worth the heartache when he goes for another woman while you are laying on the ground in ecstasy and can’t keep him from going after another woman.” Danielle looked at Amanda like she wanted to kill her but then, “You are right about that one. But it is still worth it when you’re laying on that ground in ecstasy.” Amanda just laughed and nodded in agreement.

“Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to thank the Casanova himself Randy for being here. Give him a wonderful hand for being a part of tonight’s festivities. I would also like to thank the winner for the great offer of $150,000 for his services. The winner can come get Randy now or after the auction has finished.”

Randy bowed to the crowd. He then did something that made Steph nearly fall over and laugh. Randy took his dick in his hand, swung it around like it was a cane, waddled off stage, picked up his clothes, and exited behind the stage.

The act definitely reminded her of a stripper Charlie Chaplin. Yes thanks to her brother ‘Nate’ she knew who Charlie Chaplin was. Steph was sad to see Randy exit off the stage. It was amusing to see Randy do that. Of course the other girls didn’t get the joke that Randy played out. Didn’t really surprise her that the girls on the balcony didn’t get the joke.

The rest of the auction became a complete blur she really didn’t pay attention to the rest of guys that came onto the stage. After Randy the girls just put their panties back on well those that wanted to give the winners a hard time to get their treasure. Steph didn’t care about that as long as it got attention and the more clothing her put over her drenched cat felt like she was suffocating herself.

At least with it out in the open air she might have a chance to dry herself up before the person ‘collected’ her she might have a chance of giving her collector a hell of a time. The more dry she was the longer she could hold out her ‘O’ making the experience she was having more lasting. Plus if she were to get dry so she could get wet again making her ‘O’ go from ‘O’ to ‘Holy Fucking Hell This Fucking Amazing O’ if she was lucky and played her cards right. If she continued to be drenched like she was lately she wouldn’t be surprised if her ‘O’ was mediocre but still fulfilling. At the continued rate though she would be surprised.

Well the rest of the auction was a blur that is until the announcer said something that snapped Steph’s attention to full on alert.

“Last up we have the gentleman of the hour. The gatherer of tonight’s festivities has decided to be apart of this wonderful shindig. Some of you ladies may know him as an enigma. But from what I hear from the females is that they would love to have him visit their beds. The only man that could possibly rival the ravaging creature known as Casanova reincarnated for tonight. The infamous Matt Rockler himself. Let’s give him a warm hand,” came from the announcer.

Steph leaned forward to see what was going to happen and turned her head to Amanda, “This ought to be interesting. Right?”

Amanda just looked at her for a moment and shrugged her shoulders, “Possibly. Last year there was a fight over him and Casanova between two girls cause they couldn’t decide who would have what.”

Steph looked back at the stage instead of Amanda, “I mean the strip of Matt not what happened between two girls.”

Steph could hear Amanda sigh, “Actually to tell you the truth I wasn’t here for last year’s auction just heard rumors. So I have no idea what Matt looks like without clothes on. I have only seen him with clothes on.”

Well that was a major disappointment to Steph then she kind of smirked and turned back to Amanda, “Well good. At least this will be a new sight for the both of us.”

Amanda just laughed, “I guess you are right. Sit back and enjoy the show then.”

Steph decided that was a good idea just in case Mr. Rockler’s body turned her on she could at least play with herself some more. Unfortunately for her, her pussy finally felt dry with the recent amount of open air even though internally it felt like a hose was stuck in her with slowly filling up her insides. One thing was for sure once her ‘collector’ came for her she was going to do more than rock their world, she was going to take them to the beginning of time and make them a believer of the way of Stephanie. Hell it felt like if someone put their dick in her it would be like a needle popping a full water balloon. Might be interesting because she knew she was always wet but squirting was not one of her feats. Steph knew Amanda was a squirter but not her.

Matt came out on stage in his costume, walked over to the announcer, and took the microphone from the announcer. “So far this auction has been great. I’m sorry to say that more people wouldn’t volunteer themselves for such a good cause. I am happy, however, so far that we have been able to raise over $1 million for charity. Give yourself a round of applause for digging so deep down for charity I really appreciate everything you have done so far.”

The crowd cheered like Matt asked them to do. Steph was sort of impressed that Matt looked so calm up there. If it were her she would be stuttering so bad it wouldn’t be funny.

“I’d also like to thank Randy for allowing himself to being auctioned off for tonight’s festivities. Randy stand up you dog where are you so people can get a good look at you before your collector takes you off for tonight.”

The crowd and Steph looked towards the other side of the room as the spot light focused on Randy standing on the balcony waving to everyone as they cheered and clapped.

“I’d also like to thank our newest addition Stephanie Gordan for allowing herself to being auctioned off for tonight’s festivities. Stephanie please stand up wherever you are so people can get a good look at you before your collector takes you off for the night.”

The spotlight focused on her on the balcony reluctantly she stood up and waved to everyone as they cheered and clapped for her. Obviously they enjoyed her little show.

“Seeing how these two people had the highest bidding done for tonight. But for those of your that didn’t do as well as these two tonight, I would still like to thank you for those that allowed yourselves to be on stage here tonight for such a great cause. I think they did spectacular tonight, don’t you agree people?”

There was clapping and cheering from the crowd and from the balconies.

“I can’t hear you. Don’t you think they did spectacular tonight?”

Now the crowd got louder with their cheering. Matt put his hand over his ear getting the crowd to cheer louder and they got loud. He smiled as he found the decibel he was looking for.

“Well without further ado start the damn music.” Matt tossed the mic back to the announcer.