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The Summer I'll Never Forget 4.5 - The Auction Fin

The conclusion of the auction
The music started and Matt opened up his leather vest to show his bare chest. Steph didn’t realize that Matt wasn’t wearing a shirt under his leather vest. She thought she would recognize that little tidbit but with the alcohol was really beginning to kick her ass and her continuing raising pressure hiding under her panties demanding a cock inside of it now she could understand missing the little tidbit of not realizing Matt wasn’t wearing a shirt.

As soon as he threw his vest off stage into the crowd some girls came onto stage that rival any girl that posed for Playboy. Once the girls fully came onto stage and what seemed to Steph they were situating to get into the appropriate positions for the obvious dance number that was going to happen. The question that pondered in the back of Steph’s mind was if it was going to be a good dance number or completely horrible.

Oh who was she kidding she was at the height of her peak of horniness like she cared what the dance number would be all she cared about was getting her pussy to stop screaming at her for attention. And right now what would do that would be to focus on Matt and the mystery surrounding him…well ok she had to admit she was more interested in his body mainly his third leg. Fuck she was horny. She just wished at this moment that the auction was over and her ‘collector’ would come collect her so she can get hopefully a guy’s throbbing member to damage her wet damn felt like her pussy was like a teenage dying to get rid of its virginity.

Fuck what the hell was going on with her. She tried to actually think of what was going on with her the constant urge to fuck anything that has a throbbing member filled with the mystical love juice that she found intoxicating. First she tried to think of everything that has happened over the last few days. As she tried to connect the dots if there was any connection to anything a jolt ran through her body starting in her brain going down her spine stopping at her chest running around her nipples, going back down to her spine and shooting to her pussy.

As soon as the jolt ran to her pussy the jolt became more powerful and it was like a thunderbolt was fired down directly from Zeus himself aiming directly at her clit. Holy fucking shit. Steph nearly doubled over with the complete euphoria happening between her legs. She needed the man bone between her legs damn it. Screw trying to connect the dots at this moment wasn’t helping getting her laid for fucks sake.

During the whole trying to figure out if there was any connection to her recent behavior of being a sex crazed maniac Steph snapped back to attention when the announcer chimed onto the loud speaker.

“Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to thank the mystery himself Matt for being here. Give him a wonderful hand for being a part of tonight’s festivities. I would also like to thank the winner for the great offer of $120,000 for his services. The winner can come get Matt now or in a few minutes. Ladies and Gentleman the auction has officially finished.”

Matt bowed to the crowd and exited the stage. Steph barely had a chance to see what Matt looked like. All see saw was his bare ass as he turned and exited off the stage. Damn it all the thinking and the major jolt through her body made her miss the whole show for Matt.

“I would like thank all of those that participated in tonight festivities. Most I would like to thank those that reached down so deep for these people that you won in your bids. For those that didn’t bid or didn’t win please enjoy the rest of the night. Good night.” With that the announcer bowed and disappeared behind the curtains.

How the fuck could she miss the whole dance with the mysterious Matt. Granted she wanted to see what Matt looked like especially just his body at this moment. Well more like him between her legs. Of course with the jolt she wasn’t surprised that she missed the show. Steph looked around to see all the girls situate themselves putting their panties back on. Fixing their make up. Fixing all their clothes. They were all getting up and moving around and getting more to drink.

“Hey are you going to continue sitting there with your hand between your legs? Or are you going you give us a show on how to get you off?” Amanda loomed over Steph while she sat there in a pool of euphoria.

Steph looked down to see that her hand was indeed between her legs. When the hell did that happen? Must have been when Randy was dancing and her hand must have never left. Or it could have been during that jolt that ran through her body. It didn’t matter at this moment, she wasn’t too sure when it happened but she was sure it did happen.

All she knew she wasn’t sure if she should be embarrassed that her hand was between her legs or embrace it and not shame away from it. She decided to go with both and began to fidget trying to put her panties back over her pussy even though her pussy screamed at her not to.

She stood up, “Yeah sorry about that. I was involved with Randy’s show.”

Amanda smiled, “Honey all of us were involved with his show. Now get up and get prepped to be pick up by your winner. He should be here any moment now.”

Steph got up after fixing her panties and short daisy dukes. She rounded around the balcony and found the nice behind the bartender to adjust her bandana make shift halter-top.

As Steph was fixing her hair so that her hat looked cute again without her hair looking completely mangled like she has had sex, even though she hasn’t had sex yet, Amanda rounded behind her. “Here you might need these.”

Steph turned around to see some purple pills in Amanda’s palm. Steph looked at the pills quizzically, “And what are these???”

Amanda just shrugged her shoulders with the pills still in her palm, “Nothing really. Just a nice little pill that will allow you to have unprotected sex just the way you like with no repercussions. No STD’s. No pregnancies. And a nice little kick as well.”

Steph looked up to Amanda with wide eyes and then back down at the pills. “And it works?”

Amanda just chuckled, “Trust me I wouldn’t offer them if I didn’t know that they didn’t work.”

Steph just had one last question left to ask, “And alcohol won’t affect it?” Steph was surprised her brain was at least working not her pussy doing all the thinking.

Amanda, of course, laughed again, “Trust me it works. Alcohol or no alcohol.”

Steph heard all she wanted to hear. She grabbed the pills out of Amanda’s hand as if they were miniature chocolate filled Twinkies and scarfed them down like they were a beer chaser from the best whiskey. Thinking of that she slammed the drink that the bartender had poured for her while she was fixing her make up before Amanda interrupted her. She turned around to face Amanda to see her smiling like she were some how controlling Steph’s actions. Well at this point it wouldn’t take much influencing to do whatever they please all they had to do was dangle a man’s holy stick with a promise of a ride and she would do anything like a little dog would for a treat.

After a little bit of time and some heavy drinking, thank the lord for top shelf alcohol and brothers that taught her how to drink, the lady that escorted Steph up to this room came into the room to collect and bring her to her winner. Steph exchanged looks with Amanda and the other girls and winked at Amanda basically telling Amanda to have a good night. The lady lead Steph out of the room and down the stairs towards all the people that won waiting in line to the same girl that was running the costume return booth is now running another booth from the looks of it the winner line wait to collect their lucky lady.

Didn’t really matter to her just that she was happy to finally get collected. Steph just hoped it was a man that way her pussy would stop yelling at her to put a man’s throbbing meat in her sopping pussy. The more she thought about it the more damp her panties felt. Not like she couldn’t notice let alone not think about sex it was in control at this moment.

She nearly forgot she was still following the lady to her ‘collector’, whomever that might be. Steph just wished it was a man and if it were she was going to give them one hell of a show for paying $176,000 for her services. Kind of amazes her that someone would pay that much just to get her but with what she has seen in town it shouldn’t really surprise her.

Finally the lady that Steph was following stopped at a door and turned to face her. “Behind this door is your collector for tonight. I hope you have a fun night. Though after your little show I doubt you will have any problem of that. Good night.” Steph smiled as the lady turned around and walked back towards where the line of collectors was at.

Steph turned towards the door and simply stood before the door wondering if she should go through with the promise of a good night or as her brothers would call her “a little chicken shit”. Fuck it she decided as she turned the knob on the door and opened it to the awaiting collector of her affection.

Steph opened the door and walked into a dimly lit room. As she entered the room she noticed that the room was huge must have been as big as the room where she had the meeting with the mysterious Matt Rockler. The room had a bed on one side of the room. The other side of the room had a decent size wet bar with an assortment of alcohol ranging from middle shelf alcohol to some she had never heard of but more than obviously they were top shelf alcohol.

She thought this might be a good thing because if her buzz went away from what she had in store for her collector she could had least have a few more drinks to keep that buzz going. She walked over to the bed to see an assortment of toys and bondage gear. To her it looked like her typical arrangement to have a good night or at least prolong it to two nights of some major fun in her book. Steph looked around to see if she could see her ‘collector’.

It didn’t take her long to find him sitting in a chair. It was easy for her to miss him because the room was very dimly lit. Steph looked him over even though he was sitting in the chair with a glass of alcohol sitting in his hand. From the looks of the glass it had to be bourbon on two cubes of ice. That told her that this man had to be a pompous ass. The type of person that her and brothers always made fun of even though secretly they were jealous of the power that they had.

Even though the room was poorly lit she could tell he was at least six foot. He had brown hair and behind the mask he had gorgeous calypso blue eyes. The mask hid most of his facial features but from his jaw line she could tell that his facial features told her that he seemed like a solid person. There was even a possibly that he played some college ball even though he seemed wealthy. She at least knew he was wealthy enough because he just spent $176k for a night with her.

She wondered her eyes down to see he was fully clothed for the part of a masked bandito much like Zorro without the cape. Or the black shirt for that matter, instead of it being black he had on a white shirt. Other than those small details she wouldn’t be able to mistake the connection for Zorro. What Steph couldn’t see was how right her assumptions were because the room was so dimly light so it was hard to tell exactly if what she was seeing was really what she was seeing.

The whole time she was looking him up and down he was doing to the same thing to her. The entire time it seemed like a game to her. The rules felt like whoever stopped looking and said a word lost to her. Every once in a while the guy sitting in the chair of the poorly lit room would take a sip from his glass of liquid.

Steph looked up and down the man sitting in the chair while the man was doing the same thing to her. She could feel his eyes trying to check her out but he couldn’t move past her tits. It seemed to her that they were playing a little game of whoever spoke first would lose the imaginary game. So she decided to stop playing the little charade and take it up a notch. She undid her bandana shirt free her breasts out for the non-speaking man sitting relaxing in the chair hoping that he will lose the little game of speaking. Her nipples definitely thanked her for doing so.

She walked back towards the bar letting her make shift bandana shirt fall to the ground as she strode over the magical liquid known for dulling things out mainly her brain synapses. Steph found one of the glasses and dropped a couple cubes of ice. The man sitting in the chair continued to sip on his liquor intently keeping his eye on her. She bent over lingering a little longer than normal while collecting a few bottles of alcohol just to give the man a few moments to stare at her ass. She looked behind her to see if he was checking out her ass. She was right.

She came up to stare back at the man. Hell her breasts were staring at the man as if they had eyes. Her nipples got hard as if to approve of the man sitting in the chair. She opened each bottle to smell to see if she approved of the alcohol. She finally found the bottle she was looking for and poured herself a nice tall glass. While pouring the glass she decided to unbutton her shorts and let them fall to the ground so when she returned giving this man one hell of a show. She didn’t take to losing whatsoever. Damn brothers for making her so fucking competitive. Oh well it was still fun to play any game. Even more fun when she wins any game especially when it comes to sex games. Those are always the most fun.

She walked back towards to unknown man with nothing on but her thong underwear, even though it felt like they were going to fall off. Glass in hand with her boots, hat and mask still on. When she finally reached the man she sat down in a chair opposite the man and crossed her legs just staring at the man. She felt like she was being jibbed at the moment because she was nearly naked, by choice, and he was still fully clothed. Clothed or not the game was still on and she will be damned if she was going to lose this little game. However, if the game continued any longer she was just going to masturbate and left this retard behind and find someone who will satisfy her. Paid or not he beginning to irritate her. She was just too horny at this moment for these games. Fuck it she decided she’ll break the rule and actually talk to find out what he wants. Hopefully it will be a fun night.

Steph pounded the class of alcohol. It didn’t matter to her what the alcohol was at that moment. “So are you just gonna sit there and stare at my welcoming body or are gonna actually do something. Like maybe pound this body into oblivion with your standing third leg perhaps?” Steph could tell the alcohol was affecting her because she could actually tell she was slurring really bad. Oh well she might be able to least go once with this wanna be Zorro before the possibility of a blackout. Actually with her alcohol goggles Zorro could look like one of those unattractive actors compared to this guy.

The man sitting the chair chuckled at her and finally spoke as if he was happy that he won the little game, “Why don’t you put on the little number on that is on the bed then we’ll see what I shall do to your body.” His sounded extremely timber. The vibrations in his voice made her instantly wet. Like she wasn’t wet to begin with. Steph looked over to the bed and found a nice little outfit mainly geared towards bondage. The outfit was a leather torso deal that nuzzled only her stomach with attachments for her breasts. She lifted the little outfit and looked at the masked man.

“I doubt we will really be needing this. Tell you what. How about you stand up so I can rip off your clothes with my teeth and throw you on the bed?” Steph looked intently in the man’s eyes while holding the little outfit while her other hand was on her breast.

She looked to her hand on her breast. At least her hand wasn’t on her pussy. Fuck she was horny. After checking how hard her nipples were she waltzed over to him and threw the outfit off towards the bar and when she reached him still she bend over putting her breasts in his face. Urging him to put his mouth over her nipples at least she hoped. She brought herself down more to where her mouth was next to his hear. “Wouldn’t you agree?” she whispered into his ear as she reached down and felt his third leg harder than hell.

Steph moaned softly in his ear. “I think your lower anatomy would agree with that.” She could hear him moan in unison with that statement.

Steph nearly fell over as the man finally stood up ripping his shirt completely off. She didn’t know whether to be pissed off because of the sudden movement or to be relieved that he was finally going to do something fun with her. The question was how much fun he had in store for her.

She decided to hold off on being pissed off until they were finished and judge how much she was satisfied before deciding the level of pissed she shall be. With all the thoughts that were going through her mind she missed that the guy stripped himself only to his boxers and was snapped back to attention when he spoke, “Now we are on equal playing grounds having the same amount of clothing on. The ball is in your court, darlin’.”

Steph nearly wanted to correct him that she is no one’s ‘darlin’ but the accent this guy had told her that he was more than likely from the south. Well more south than where she hailed from.

Steph was taken back as she looked the man now standing in his boxers and a mask. She realized that the mask was really distracting from judging the man to she if he was mediocre or fucking hot. She saw that wasn’t exactly muscle bound. His chest seemed like it was made out of marble. He had an extremely hairy chest but that was just his chest. Her wondered down to his stomach. She could tell that he tried to keep himself in shape because there was distinct definition of abs but it wasn’t as defined as his chest. That put him in his mid twenties if she were to take a guess. It also told her that he either worked out constantly or he has recently taken a break.

Either way just his body alone definitely turned her on. Her eyes kept going down to see his purple headed yogurt slinger standing at full attention. Her eyes stopped at the container for the hidden magical love juice. She the sight of seeing his popped tent made her mouth water. She decided to take actions into her own hands seeing how he told her that the ball was in her court as he so elegantly put it. She waltzed up to him and proceeded to throw him onto the bed. She had to admit for being just shy of 115lbs she was able to throw this 210lbs man onto a bed like he was a throw pillow. Thank you hormones for giving her the hidden strength to actually pull off a feat like throwing a man at least 10 feet.

The man landed on the bed laughing as if amplifying her hormones to see what made him tick. All the toys that were laid out on the bed either flew off the bed with him landing on the bed. Or they staying under him as he landed. She jumped onto the bed like she were a limber cat. She immediately found the handcuffs and cuffed him to the bed. Before binding his legs to the bed she pulled off his boxers only leaving him with his mask.

She thought about taking of the mask but decided to leave on the mask to leave the mystery there. It seemed more intriguing for her to leave on the mask. Besides she wasn’t interested what was behind the mask anymore she was in full fuck mode to actually care what the face looked like. The only thing that was running through her mind was the size of his penis and how well he knew how to work it.

She looked down to see his soldier standing at full attention and was surprised it wasn’t as big as she expected but who knows he might be a god in the bed and the size never really mattered to her. What really mattered to her was that a man could work his love stick to make her cum at least four times. If they couldn’t make her cum four times with her on their dick it was a waste. Of course if a man had a large member and could work it the way she liked it just a major bonus to her. If a guy had a huge schlong and went limp within a few seconds was just a complete waste to her.

Steph ripped off her panties and didn’t know if she was going to either give him one hell of a blow job or just fuck his brains out. She decided and the decision was to just fuck his brains out. They both win in that scenario. She decided not to really think about which decision would work best. The only thing she wanted at this moment was to stop her pussy from screaming for attention. She found a nice little toy she hasn’t played with in a very long time. She found herself nice little cock ring that looked about the right size to put on Mr. Wonderful here. She put the cock ring on the man. She wanted some major fun and right now. She straddled the mysterious man with the mediocre cock and had him penetrated her. Her pussy felt like it finally sighed with relief. The deeper his throbbing cock went into her the more her pussy felt satisfied. Finally his cock was fully inside her. At this moment it felt like he was actually at the roof of her pussy if that was even to believe, which she didn’t. GOD DID THIS FEEL GOOD.

Steph couldn’t control herself any longer. She just started humping him for all she was worth. With the cock ring on the man she decided she really didn’t need to use her kegel muscles that much. Something very disappointing happened that nearly pissed her off to no end. As soon as her orgasm was about to happen it completely disappeared. She just wanted to beat the shit out of the man like it was his fault that her orgasm decided to disappear. So she decided to change positions from being on top to reverse cowgirl. Once again she started humping him for all he was worth.

Then it happened again as soon as she was about to hit her orgasm it completely disappeared. FUCK!!!! What does a girl have to do in order to get her fucking rocks off damn it. She could tell from the man that he was in the same predictament. They were both foaming at the mouth. He was foaming at the mouth because of the cock ring, which she was totally enjoying. But her not being able to cum was beginning to really piss her off. She quickly turned around him since of he was still inside of her. As she finally turned around fully she took off the man’s handcuffs. As she took off the handcuffs for the man immediately tried to reach down to get the ring off his dick. As soon as he tried she immediately forced him back down and waved her finger telling him not to even try. Seems like they were back to the silent game.

She got off his dick and tried to find some lube because all the humping made her dry. Well not exactly dry but it was like she wasn’t secreting anything at all. Before she all wet to the touch but now it was completely different. She didn’t know what exactly what to think. Finally found the lube she was looking for. Warming gel. Thank you whoever put out the assortment of toys and lubes.

She took the lube and put it up inside her and did a nice squeeze. It felt like a guy actually came up inside of her but not. Once she put the right amount of lube inside of her she tossed the bottle over to the masked man. She watched him as he put on a good amount of the viscous liquid all over his throbbing cock.

She reapproached the masked man the sat back down on the bed. She crooked her finger to him telling to ravage her like she never had been ravaged before. He definitely came up to her like she wanted him to. He laid on top of her and started doing her missionary. He started at first slow for a little bit.

The warming gel was beginning to work on her and him because the fast his pace became the more the warming gel became warm until it felt like there was a white hot coal inbetween them. When it felt like that he was pumping her so hard it felt like her pelvis was going to turn into dust with how hard their bodies were smacking. She felt her orgasm beginning to rise with him thrusting. Her orgasm began to rise higher and higher until she felt like she was going to explode.

Then it went away. FUCK! SON OF A BITCH! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!!! Her mind was in a rash of curse words that would rival an Englishman. Oh she had fucking had it. She turned herself around to initiate the doggy style position. He approached her pouring some more lube on his throbbing cock. She could tell that he hasn’t came yet.

As soon as he entered her from behind it felt like to her like insides were a slip and slide. As soon as he started thrusting her she found one of the vibrating bullets that were still on the bed and immediately turned it to put on her clit while masked boy behind her was going to town on her pussy.

She had to admit at least he was lasting longer than any man she has ever been with before. If he wasn’t careful she might actually fall in love with this mystery man that can fuck all night long. They were pounding each other while she had the now vibrating bullet on her clit. Once again she felt her orgasm beginning to rise higher and higher than it did last time.

Huh that was a new and strange sensation. She had never felt or orgasm begin to raise this high before. It felt like her orgasm was beginning to climb to elusive Everest Mountain itself but not being able to reach to top just yet. They were thrusting each other like the normal sex positions that couples do were going out of style. Then suddenly like before her orgasm fell of the imaginary Everest Mountain disappearing in the on coming snow storm. Ok that was it.

She threw the man that was behind her and walked back to the bar. Her alcohol induced fun had disappeared so now it was time to replenish it. Fuck she had to admit this night was interesting in itself but this was completely ridiculous to no end. As she reached the bar she didn’t bother to grab a glass. She just grabbed one of the bottles that seemed like tequila to her along with a bottle of water. She threw the bottle of water at the masked man as he caught it they both did the same thing. She pounded as much of the tequila as she could while the silent man pounded the water. After that little break for liquid, even though if she were smart she would drink some water as well probably might help with the whole not coming problem.

She walked back to the masked man who were still playing the silent game with each other. She eyed one of the toys and found a cat of nine tails. That gave her an idea. She picked up the toy and handed it to masked man. He just looked at the toy then back up to her and simply smiled. “What shall the safe word be?” Steph said coyly with her finger next to her mouth. The mysterious man thought about it for a moment and simply said, “Bon of a sitch.” The word kind of took her back but she didn’t have much time to think of what the word meant. The guy walked around the bed and found a gag ball and walked back to her signaling to her that it was her that was going to be dominated in this little charade. Normally she was the dominatrix in any of these types of situations but under the circumstances she shrugged her shoulders and put the gag ball in her mouth.

After a few moments and maneuvering the silent man situated the bed to be a make shift torture bed, kind of in genius she had to admit to herself. He took her hand and forced her down to the bed with the gag ball still in her mouth. As he lay her down stomach down and hand cuffed her to the bed she knew this might be fun to actually be dominated. It has been a long time since the last time anyone dominated her and was good at it. But with how little this person was talking she figured he might actually be good at it. After tying her hands down then proceeded to tie her legs in a position that were open so that he could easily penetrate her sopping pussy. Of course of all the time she has been banging this guy out to where her hips felt like they were busted and now her pussy gets into action where her internal dam finally busted open. Figures she thought to herself. She didn’t have to think long before the guy ran the whip up the inside of her right thigh until it reached her pussy. As soon as it did reach her water hole he slowly let it run along her pussy so that she would be able to fill every stitch on the raw hide strips. As every groove moved along her clit she moaned more and more. The way this guy tied her she couldn’t really move her hips at all. The only thing she could move was her head and neck. She couldn’t fidgit at all. This sucked and was very very erotic at the same time. She had to admit that he has done this before if he was able to tie her down to where she couldn’t move. He definitely intrigued her highly. As each groove moved along her clit she felt pussy just letting more and more of her juice drop out. She wasn’t sure how long the guy moved the whip along her pussy until finally she felt the last of it move along her clit until it went past her ass. In one shift movement he flicked his wrist and she felt the cat of nine tails go across her bare ass like one of her brothers had just smacked it at a full running gallop. Holy shit that fucking hurt. But it felt extremely good. She moaned so hard she couldn’t the sensation that went through her body.

After the next twenty minutes or so, at least it felt like twenty minutes, the masked man tortured her body raising her orgasm higher and higher than what it felt like before. He did all sorts of things to her like putting a butt plug into her balloon nut (she was going to kick his ass for that one but she was into it at least), putting vibrating balls inside her pussy and aiming them at her internal g spot, dripping hot wax on her ass and back. All of it felt extremely good. She wanted to laugh at least because the entire time he was doing all of this he still had on the cock ring his member pulsating at her like it was about to shoot its hypnotic juice at her but it couldn’t. All in all it felt extremely good. With each thing that he did to her pussy would drip more and more raising her orgasm higher and higher. Felt like the little engine that could going up Everest. Until her raising orgasm disappeared. Fuck she just wanted to cry at this point. She had enough of this fucking bullshit. At least her pussy was dripping so hard she felt like she was squirting but not. She mumbled with the gag ball still in her mouth until the masked man reached around to remove the ball.

“BON OF A SITCH!!!!! I WANT THAT FUCKING THROBBING COCK INSIDE OF ME NOW AND DON”T FUCKING STOP POUNDING ME UNTIL I TELL YOU OTHERWISE YOU FUCKING BASTARD. YOU FUCKING HEAR ME DAMN IT.” That surprised even her but at least she wasn’t lying. She was tired of this fucking shit. She wondered what was going on with her body for this to be happening to her. It wasn’t long before she could actually recall the recent events to find the clear answer to her dilemma. The masked man entered her while she was still tied up and just pounded her for everything was worth. He pulled her hair like she was some horse that he was riding. Her approaching orgasm built higher and higher. She could feel it raising so high like it had never been before.

After what felt like thirty minutes of him pounding her so hard like they moving the bed into another zip code. Her pussy releasing more and more juices making the pounding he was doing to her more and more slippery. She felt her clit to begin to vibrate on its own. Her nipples began to vibrate in unison with her clit. Her insides felt like they were beginning to vibrate around the throbbing yogurt slinging machine feeling every inch of it. Her insides felt like they had a mind of their own like it was on auto pilot. This kept up the vibrating at first like a low hum barely noticeable. Then after time went on the vibrating became more and more powerful. To the point where it felt like there were three vibrating bullets at each place of her body that was vibrating. Her pussy was flowing so hard until she felt the masked man finally reach his orgasm stage releasing all of his hypnotic love juice inside of her. The instant she felt the love juice filling her pussy it felt like a m-80 had exploded inside of her. Her orgasm hit her so hard she couldn’t believe it. Her pussy clinched around his dick so hard she felt like she broke it off. Her clit felt like it was so hard like someone could put a 50 lb weight on it and it wouldn’t be phased. Her nipples felt like if someone were to put ice on them they would just chisel the ice. Her nervous system just completely shut down. Her brain just turned into pudding because of the orgasm that was happened. Wave after wave hit her like someone was firing a Tommy gun. Each wave being bigger than the last one, until finally it was over and she passed out due to the biggest orgasm of her life.

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