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The Summer I'll Never Forget 5.1 - My Brother

Steph woke up not expecting someone special showing up....
Day 7

Steph woke up, sort of, after her long night of partying like she had never partied before. She laid in bed for what felt like forever fearful that she might have a hangover from hell. After a little while of just laying there in bed she decided to get up. As she got up her head was pounding like someone were tattooing the inside of head while the whole cast of ‘The Lord of Dance’ were doing a tap number on her temples. She didn’t fully get up from the bed just yet but held her head in the cradle of her hands just hoping her head would stop pounding. She didn’t know exactly where she was for a few moments because her hand was pounding so hard she didn’t take in the time to survey her surroundings to see where she was. For all she knew she was still at the Rockler estate.

That thought quickly dissipated, as a familiar aroma appeared that she fully recognized, Amanda’s special espresso blend. The aroma told her that she was back at Amanda’s grotto. At least that’s what she hoped the aroma told her. She looked over her shoulder to see if the masked man was laying in bed beside her and to fully survey her surroundings.

She saw that she was indeed in her bed that she was staying in while visiting with Amanda. And her bed was completely alone only her. Steph tried to remember what all happened last night but something hit her. She needed to use the bathroom really badly. She quickly sprinted to the bathroom that was adjacent to her bedroom and slid to the toilet barely making it in time before she would piss herself.

After a few moments of using the bathroom and feeling a few pounds lighter, Steph got up to see her reflection in the mirror and notice two things. One there was all sorts of bruises and lash marks all over her body from last night’s bondage parade. She could have sworn that all that got marked up was the backside of her body not her front.

Oh well she thought to herself they were welcomed badges of honor. The second thing she noticed was that her body hurt like hell and not from the hangover. Sure the hangover sucked but her breasts hurt and felt completely swollen. Her nipples were still standing at full attention.

Her hips hurt something fierce like they were turned into dust from how hard she was being banged last night. Her pussy hurt but felt satisfied at least. It wasn’t yelling at her for attention. That was a first and a welcomed first at that. She was getting tired of her pussy being on a constant rage for dick. Took her a few moments to survey all the damage to her body before she finally decided to go downstairs.

First she needed to get dressed at the very least. She quickly threw on a thong, a pair of Tennessee Basketball shorts, and put on her cameo tank from Tennessee.

Steph slowly made her way down the stairs to the main kitchen where the wonderful aroma was coming from. She felt like she needed a wheelchair because her legs weren’t really obeying her. This sucked. Note to self do not fuck like ever again. Even though she had to admit having an orgasm that huge to knock her right out was the best in the world. But the after effects weren’t all the fun.

After what felt like twenty minutes of trying to get downstairs she finally made it. She hobbled into the kitchen to see Amanda sitting on the bar stool reading a book and sipping on her coffee. Amanda was just wearing an over sized white t-shirt with nothing on underneath it. Oh well it wasn’t like she was checking Amanda out but it wasn’t that hard to notice. The white shirt was practically see through. Amanda’s hair was all messed up. Steph could tell the look it was the same as her. Amanda’s hairstyle said bed head with a combination of sex hair. At least Steph knew Amanda had fun like her last night. She wondered exactly how much fun compared to her did Amanda actually have.

Amanda didn’t look from her book, “Sorry I poured the last cup of coffee for myself seeing how you over slept like I did. I have another one brewing now. It should be done in a few moments.”

Steph looked at the coffee machine and saw that it was indeed brewing. From the smell it wouldn’t be too much longer.

“No worries. It’s not like I’m in a rush. While I’m waiting I guess I should at least have a cup of water. I feel a little dehydrated.” Steph walked around and filled a glass full of water and proceeded to chug it.

Amanda giggled, “I take it you had some fun last night?”

Steph without looking at Amanda could tell she was smiling. Steph sighed, “Yeah I had fun last night. I have the marks to prove it.”

Amanda just laughed out loud, “Trust me you are not the only one.”

Amanda took off her shirt showing off to Steph her brand new marks that were all over her naked body. Steph turned around to look at Amanda to see all sorts of marks all over Amanda’s naked body.

At first she notice nice long slashes along Amanda’s abdomen like the person hit her with a wicker stick or a whip. Nice those either hurt to where it’s not sexual anymore or it’s just perfect to make your lower region just drip and drip. Next she saw some bruising around Amanda’s breasts and nipples like someone had clamps on her nipples and had her breasts tied up. Once again those either turn you off or turn you on depending if you are into it. Tying her breasts Steph never really cared for but she loved having her nipples punished.

Steph saw the marks all over Amanda’s back and legs looks like the marks of a cat of nine tails from the looks of it because they were the same marks along her ass and lower back. Amanda’s pussy lips looked completely swollen like someone had a vacuum on it for a little bit. Steph knows that feeling always made her feel like a virgin again because her pussy was so tight someone could put their pinkie finger up her and it felt like they stuck three fingers in her. Those were fun and sucked all in the same moment. Also very hard to explain without doing it, the analogy that she thought up was probably the best way to explain it to anyone that wanted to try it.

Steph smiled, “I have to admit those marks are nice. Just like these marks are nice.”

Steph lifted her shirt and Amanda put her fingers all over some of her marks. She could hear Amanda chuckle as she lightly touched each mark. As if knowing each mark that was on Steph’s body. When Amanda’s finger touched a certain part of her body that had a mark that Amanda was unsure of what could make that mark. Steph would turn around or use a mirror to figure out which mark she was talking about and answer what would make that mark. Like the hot wax marks that were too close together. Or a short whip with a rubber ball that was always fun. Stuff like that. Most of the marks she knew. Others she was completely clueless on.

The two compared marks with each other and was about to tell each other their story of how the marks exactly came about. That was until a knock came on the door. Both of them nearly jumped out of their skins. As soon as both of them put on their clothes back on from showing each other their sex scars, Amanda opened the door.

Steph was looking at Amanda because she froze at the door just looking out at the person just standing there. She could tell it was a guy because the look on Amanda’s face was just priceless.

“I’m sorry I must be at the wrong house. Is this the Parker estate?” came from the other side of the door.

Steph watched Amanda as she barely nodded her head. The voice to Steph sounded somewhat familiar but couldn’t exactly tell from where.

“Ok good. I don’t think it’s often when a beautiful woman opens a door like that for me. Would Stephanie be up to greeting me?”

Steph continued to watch Amanda she could almost see Amanda’s jaw completely open and nearly at the point of drooling. Once again Amanda simply nodded but finally snapped back to attention as his words finally hit her like she was slapped in the face.

Amanda turned to Steph, “Steph there is another gorgeous man here for you.”

Steph was curious as to who could be here for her. As she approached the door she saw the look on Amanda’s face like she was completely jealous of her for having so many male callers for her. When she finally reached the door to see who was there for her she was completely surprised.

In the doorway a man stood there. He was at least 6’1’’ maybe 180lbs. His brown hair was short and slicked back. He had a full brown beard. She nearly didn’t recognize the man standing there with a huge smile on his face that felt warm and loving.

“IANTO!!!” Sprinting to the man appearing to be her brother nearly tackling him to where he nearly lost his balance and fell down with Steph in his arms. He dropped the box he was holding along with his two duffel bags that he had slinged over his shoulder. But eventually he did fall on his butt with Steph in his arms just laughing.

“Ianto?” came from Amanda completely flabbergasted.

The man laughing with Steph in his arms, “Now sis, how many times have I told you to call me Nate in front of other people?”

Steph looked up at ‘Nate’ with tears in her eyes, “Sorry I got caught up in the moment, bro.”

Steph picked herself up and helped her brother up from the ground.

“Oh where are my manners, Amanda this is my brother Ianto. Commonly known as Nate. Nate this is my best friend and roommate Amanda Parker.”

Nate still laughing brushed himself off and stuck out his hand towards Amanda, “Pleased I’m sure. Anyone that can handle my little sis here is a friend indeed. I feel sorry for you though.”

He continued to chuckle as Steph quickly punched him in the side before Amanda could retrieve the offer of a hand to shake.

Nate quickly grabbed his side from his little sister’s punch and was still chuckling, “Geez whatever happened to your famous humor little kegel.”

Again Steph punched him in the other side that he wasn’t protecting, “Oh funny real funny. I’ll remember that when your birthday comes up.”

Nate continued to laugh in the walkway of the door. Steph looked over to see Amanda still wide eyed not saying much but just looking Nate up and down.

“Come let’s get your stuff inside and you can catch us up to what all you have been up and why you are here?”

Steph quickly grabbed one the duffel bags and the box that he was holding before she elegantly tackled him off his feet. Nate just simply nodded while continued to laugh and grabbed his other bag. Steph and Nate were finally able to get inside of the house from the cold day. Weird how it was in the middle of summer yet it was nice and cool outside in the afternoon sun. As Nate dropped his bag next to the entrance and walked over to where the sofa was and flopped down on the sofa. Steph did the same dropping the other duffel bag and box with the other bag. As she turned around from dropping such a heavy bag she saw Amanda was already sitting on the other side of the sofa. Steph shrugged her shoulders Amanda could take Nate for all she cared.

"Would you like something to drink Nate?"

Nate turned around on the sofa to face Steph, "I would love something juice if you have it. Thanks darlin'."

Steph nearly wanted to throw a glass at Nate's head, "Umm. Nate I'm not one of your little girl toys.”

Nate nearly flinched at the statement, “Please sis force of habit. You understand, I promise it won't happen again."

Steph gave him her best pirate look at him, "Or???"

Nate sighed, "Or I'll let you smack me in the back of the head."

Even Amanda chuckled at that. Steph quickly smiled at Amanda, "How about you sweetie? Do you want me to top you off?"

Amanda waved her hand at Steph, "No, just bring me what is left in the cup I had. I'll be fine with whatever is left in the cup. Just help yourself to the remaining coffee."

She turned to Nate and smiled, "I find too much coffee makes me too jittery."

Steph could tell that Amanda was trying to flirt with Nate. Steph chuckled to herself silently. If Amanda thought that one night with her was amazing wait until Nate got his hands on her literally. She shrugged to herself and filled up a cup of apple juice for Nate. Filled a coffee cup with Amanda's special espresso blend for herself. She situated all three cups in one arm and walked over to the sofa to hand Nate and Amanda their drinks.

Steph finally sat on the other sofa so she could catch up with Nate while Amanda undressed him her eyes. Secretly Steph laughed to herself because if Amanda thought that Steph had one hell of a sex drive wait until Nate beds her. Oh well.

"So Nate you never told me why you came all the way up here?"

Nate smiled at Amanda and turned to Steph, "Now is that any way to talk to your brother?" he cocked his head to her with a big smile.

She narrowed her eyes at him, "Ianto!"

She could see Nate narrow his shoulders, "Fine. I'm here because I wanted to see you. Plus I just got done with another one of books so I have like a month before I have to go on tour for it. So here I am visiting my little sis before the next time I can see her again is next year." Steph just wanted to mock him but decided against it, instead she just smiled at the sentiment.

Steph watched as Nate reached over from his side and lightly walked his fingers up Amanda’s leg until his hand went under her shirt. Steph didn’t let him finish with what he was about to do, “So Nate,” snapping his attention from what he was going to do to back to her and caught Amanda sigh like she wanted to reach over the sofa and smack Steph for interrupting him. She took a sip of her coffee, thinking finally she was getting her much needed coffee it didn’t take long before the effects hit her.

“So are you going to spend you’re entire month here or just a part of it.”

Nate looked at her for a moment as if contemplating his options. Steph knew exactly what he was contemplating on whether him staying here will give him a ton of pussy or at least Amanda’s pussy until it was time to ship off for his book signing that he had to do right after each book was released to the public.

“I haven’t quite decided just yet kegel. But I will let you know when I have decided.”

Once Nate called her kegel she instantly gave him her pirate look. “You know I hate it when you call me kegel, Ianto.”

Nate laughed at her, “Hey it’s either ‘Kegel’ or ‘Fluffy’. Take your pick sis.”

Once again Steph glared at him not answering his question.

Amanda finally chimed into the conversation, “Why do you call her those two names?”

Nate looked over at Steph and she glared at him hoping that he wouldn’t tell her why he called her those names. Nate laughed, “You know if I tell you those names I think I will have to hide in your room so you can protect me from her.”

Amanda looked at her and she could tell that her face was completely red at those names.

Please god just kill me now she simply thought to herself.

Amanda just smiled and looked back at Nate. She put her finger in her hair trying to act all innocent, “We’ll see darling.”

Nate just laughed even harder, “Well me and my brothers when Steph here turned 16, we signed her up for Kegel muscle exercise classes as a joke.”

Amanda just looked at Nate like a deer in headlights. Steph took a sip of her coffee and put her head in her hands she knew that she was going to be embarrassed. Nate catching on to Steph just poured it on, “Anyways after we signed her up for the kegel classes as a joke we started calling her Kegel because of it and it sort of stuck. We all laugh about it now, of course we don’t dare say it in front of mom and pop.”

He continued to laugh while Steph decided to see if there was a hiding hole inside the sofa. Amanda smiled at the story, “Ok Kegel I really don’t get that one,”

Steph immediately thought to herself thank god for that one.

”What about ‘Fluffy’?”

Nate just started to boom with laughter like he couldn’t get enough as Steph continued to bury her face in her hands in between taking nice helpings of her coffee.

"Well to tell the story right. Our beautiful Steph here just got done with her first sexual encounter with her first boyfriend. How old were you again when you lost your magical v shirt there 'Fluffy'," both Nate and Amanda turned their attention to her.

Steph was sure her face had gone complete beat red, a lobster would be pale compared to the current color of red she was wearing at this moment, "16."

Nate snapped his fingers, "That's right. Anyways she was with her 2nd boyfriend, my best friend's little brother Jason I think it was, were making out in her bedroom. Normally our parents won't let us have girlfriends or boyfriends over at any time of day unless it were to study under their supervision. And trust me it was interesting back then to talk one's girlfriend into a hand job with your parents keeping a close eye on us. Those were always hilarious. You could always tell when one of us were trying that by the look on the girls face while the rest of us tried not to laugh."

Amanda interrupted him in his story obviously interested in the telling with a sly smile on her face, "And how many times were you able to pull that feat off?"

Once again Nate was laughing, "Not as many times as my brothers were able to pull it off. If I had to guess maybe at least four or five times."

Steph obviously tired of the conversation, "And let's not forget the time you were able to talk mom and pop into letting you and Samantha study human anatomy in your bed room so she wouldn't be scared of answering such questions that would be on the 'test' in front of our parents and then proceeding to bang her for everything she was worth."

Nate started laughing again, "Ah yes. Lassie she was a good girl."

Amanda interjected into the conversation, "Lassie?"

Nate just looked back at Amanda with a sly smile, "She was a screamer."

Both Nate and Steph were laughing at the comment as Amanda just looked at them with a blank look. Nate just smiled back at her, "Amanda my dear are you a screamer in the sack?"

Before Amanda could answer the question Steph quickly answered, "Ah Nate my dear brother don't tell me you are intrigued with our now blushing host?" Steph could tell Amanda was trying to hide the fact that she was blushing.

"Anyways where was I with my story?" Nate looked around at both obviously lost in his train of thought.

Steph was replaying the memories of past events she could feel herself becoming hot and bothered. She looked down to see that in fact her nipples were indeed hard and her pussy felt extremely wet. Note to self she was going to have to change her panties after they broke for something hopefully it would be soon because even though she felt her pussy getting wet she also felt her clit beginning to vibrate. Great this shit again. Like her hips didn't feel like dust already to deter her from having sex again.

"I believe you were talking about our Steph and her 2nd boy toy Jason," Amanda said obviously trying to get to the funny part of the story.

Steph quickly took a drink from her coffee and found it completely empty. Great she thought to herself but what could she do about it. Amanda obviously seeing Steph trying to drink the last drop of her coffee, "Oh Steph, if you want more coffee the machine is all ready to make another pot all you need to is turn it on and wait like five minutes and it should be ready."

That was the only thing she needed to hear she sprang from the cushions like there was a spring under her ass. She rushed forward into the kitchen and flipped the switch to turn on the coffee maker to make some more of that elusive brew. "Is there anyway I can talk you out of another glass of juice there, Fluffy?" Nate slightly chuckled as he held up his glass and all she wanted to do was smack the back of his head for that comment. However, if the roles were reversed she would probably do the same thing.

She picked up his glass and asked Amanda, "How about you dear?" Amanda just smiled at her, "Same as your brother just some juice."

A few moments later Steph returned with their drinks, she returned to the kitchen just in time for the coffee to be ready. Steph returned just in time for Nate to continue his story about her even though she wished she could excuse herself so she could play with herself to get her pussy from talking to her for attention or at least change her panties. Maybe take a nice bath with Amanda's special bath soap. She failed to notice that Nate's hand was up Amanda's shirt and cupped around her breast while Amanda was stilling there with a nice huge smile on her face.

Steph snapped back to attention when Nate spoke again, "Glad you could return sunshine because I don't want to miss the look on your face when I finish this story."

Steph just glared at him with her pirate look.

"There's the look I was looking for." Nate laughed again, "Now where was I again..."

"Jason..." Amanda said with a nice giggle as Nate's hand was still cupped on her breast.

Jesus Amanda he isn't even here for less than a day and you are giving him an invitation to your Sistine chapel. Oh well.

Nate slapped his knee with his free hand, "That's right Jason. Well anyways little miss here snuck Jason into her bedroom in the middle of the night like she had been doing for the last few weeks. None of us knew otherwise until one night I decided to wake up in the middle of the night. As I approached her bedroom on my way to the bathroom, I heard some strange noises coming from her bedroom. Me being the curious person that I am I decided to take a peak to see what was going on."

Nate took a break from the story to take a drink from his glass and looked at Amanda, which even Steph could tell that Amanda was hanging onto every word of the story that Nate was telling.

"Before I could even open the door the smell of sex instantly hit my face. At first I was going to break open the door and scare the crap of Jason not to mention wake up everyone and embarrass the shit out of our little Steph here. Before I could make the move to break down the door. What do I hear but a faint whisper from Jason in the room."

Nate lowered his voice to simulate what Jason said that night, "Honey, I can't go any longer I'm spent."

Nate waited for Amanda to digest what was going on.

Amanda was definitely hanging onto the story, "So what did you do?"

Amanda was paying much attention that she now had her head in his lap and his hand moved from her breast and was now fully cupped on her ass. Steph almost wanted to laugh but thank god those two were off in their own little world to notice that Steph had been lightly playing with herself under her Tennessee basketball shorts as Nate was retelling the story as she imagined that she was actually there.

"Well before I could react to anything at all I hear Steph in the same low tone. 'Oh the hell you are.' With that line I was definitely intrigued. So now I definitely have to find out what is going on. So I every quietly open the door to her room and peak my head in can you imagine what I see?"

Nate stopped for Amanda to answer. She looked at him for a few moments and thought about the question along with thinking whom they were exactly talking about...Steph.

After a few moments Amanda answered to the question, "I don't know probably gave him a blow job."

Nate smiled, "Exactly.”

“I see my little sister giving my best friend's little brother a blowjob. At first, I thought to myself I was going to put a stop to this right after I take some screwdrivers and pluck out my eyeballs. The entire time I'm watching this I see the look on his face as he is begging her to stop what she was doing. After a few moments she came back up for two items put them on his dick to continue to fuck him for everything he had which was like two sessions ago from the look on his face." Nate stopped to laugh as if recalling the memory.

"After that I started calling her Fluffy like a person would do to get a male porn star hard again for the next scene when Viagra wasn't working anymore."

With the story ended Amanda shot out from Nate’s lap and just looked at her, “You are just a whore aren’t you.”

Steph barely had time to get her hand out from her basketball shorts.

Steph collected her thoughts because she was nearly at the height of an orgasm. Fucking bitch wouldn’t you know it seems like something was always in the way lately making her not climax right when she wanted to.

After a few seconds Steph found her thoughts on what to say, “Ok first of all, me and the first guy broke up for two weeks before Jason and I got together. I recently lost my virginity to him just before I got with Jason. Secondly after I lost my virginity I was constantly horny. They were lucky I didn’t run away to become a prostitute. Thirdly Jason challenged me that men had a higher sex drive than a woman. So that night I snuck him in and tested his boast. The count during that Night, I was at 12 orgasms and him at 4 orgasms when Nate came into the room that night. The fourth one was questionable. And his dick was the biggest one I had at the time.”

Steph broke off for a moment, “Come to thing about it, his dick is probably in the running in today’s society. I would have to say now the third biggest.”

Then it dawned on her, “Why am I even defending myself. It was fun.”

She looked over at Nate, “Don’t make me bring out your peccadilloes for bring mine out.” She said with a smile on her face.

"Before we uncover all my secrets to the nice lady, is there anyway we could get me all settled in and possibly a meal?" came from Nate as he noticed the time.

Both Steph and Amanda noticed the time as well. Fuck no wonder why Steph was so hungry it was well past five in the evening. Both of them each said their curse words for it being that late.

Amanda chimed in after her spew of curse words, "Well follow me Nate and I'll show you to your room. After I show you to your room Steph and I should get ready to take you for dinner."

Amanda turned her attention to Steph, "Think you can get ready in about thirty minutes?"

Steph checked and simply nodded until Nate spoke, "Thirty minutes? Hell if you tell her to get ready in ten minutes she'll be ready in eight. We drilled that into her growing up."

Amanda looked back at Steph with a smirk on her face, "Good to know."

They all got up about the same time while Nate picked up his bags and followed Amanda up the stairs towards his room. Steph noticed he left the box behind and was about to let him know when she noticed her name written over the box.

She thought about opening the box to see what was inside of it but her hunger pain reminded her that she needed to get ready and get food in her stomach before finding out what was in the box. The only real thing she noticed on the box was that Nate scratched out her name in handwriting she had never seen before and wrote over it in sharpie 'Fluffy'.

Note to self, kick brother as hard as she can in the shin for not growing up.

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