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The Summer I'll Never Forget 5.2 - Shared Stories

The three of them decide to grab some food while continuing sharing stories...
Steph went upstairs with her box that now read 'Fluffy' instead of her name.

As she reached her room she threw the box onto her bed to remind her of it later. She took off her shirt and simply dropped it on the ground. Steph's breasts still felt sore and swollen to the point where she won't need a bra because her breasts wasn't going to move much. Oh well she needn't worry about that right at this moment.

She took off her Tennessee college basketball shorts simply letting it fall to the ground. Next she took off her thong and felt that it was soaked to the bone. They felt so soaked that if she were to ring it out she wouldn't be surprised if a small puddle would be ringed out.

She threw her soaked thong like it was just trivial and typical for her pussy to be over producing that all it took was a good gust of wind against her body to get her pussy to soak her underwear to the bone. Well lately at least that's all it took anyways before the summer started a guy would have to do a lot of teasing to her before her panties got soaked.

She tossed her soaked panties into the dirty hamper and watched as her panties hit the wall with a medium size thud and leaving a small wet mark on the wall. Steph turned around and went into the huge bathroom putting up her hair so she could take a quick shower to wash out her alcohol filled pores. She took her quick shower washing out her pores with a nice soap. While in the shower she quickly shaved her legs, armpits, and pussy.

Normally she didn't shave those regions very often like she has been but with how much sex she was having lately it would be a good idea to stay smooth just in case. Great now her smelled like an Irish Spring, at least she didn't smell like alcohol anymore. She got out of the shower and dried herself off finding she only had like twelve minutes left before she was supposed to be ready to go out for dinner. Well shit, shaving her body took more time than she was willing to give.

She quickly threw her used towel into the dirty hamper and quickly threw on a pair on thongs, short blue shorts that showed off her ass nicely, and a white string strap tight shirt showing off that she wasn't wearing a bra to whoever would look at them. After she fully got dressed quickly slipping on her converse slippers, Steph quickly combed her wet hair as straight as she can and threw on a bandanna for the added affect she was looking for. When she got finished she barely had four minutes left.

Steph rushed downstairs to meet up with Nate and Amanda so they could go out for some dinner she knew of only two things right now. One was that she was starving. And two was that her pussy was telling her that she was horny once more even though the rest of her body begged to differ.

When she got down stairs she saw Amanda rubbing Nate's shoulders and back while they were waiting for her. She saw that Amanda was wearing almost the same outfit she was wearing except she was wearing black stiletto Gucci heels. Amanda's shirt was black instead of white. Other than those subtle changes it was basically the same outfit.

Nate for the moment wasn't wearing anything on his upper torso on account of Amanda rubbing his shoulders and back. She really couldn't tell what else he was wearing because he was sitting down for the rub and the current angle that Steph was in she couldn't see much. Not that she was checking out her own brother that is just disgusting.

"I take it Nate talked you into rubbing his shoulders while you were waiting on me?"

That got their attention. Amanda turned her head around looking like she was blushing hard. Nate was probably teasing the hell of her that was the normal look any girl had when they gave him a back rub. Nate turned around to the question but before he answered he looked at Amanda to see the fact that she was indeed blushing.

Seeming pleased with his handiwork, "Yeah I talked her into it after caring those heavy duffel bags. I told her if she rubbed my back until we went out for dinner then when we got back from dinner I would return the favor." Nate said with a sly smile on his face.

Like she didn't know what that meant in Nate code meant during his massage, which many of her girlfriends had been on the receiving end of this massage after they turned 18 of course, he was going to tease the hell out you until you tore off his clothes and fucked him. His massage would consist of the basic massage techniques and that was to focus on stress areas but he would do more than just that. He would get you to lay on a bed completely naked and massage you.

From what Steph had heard from her friends that still talk to her after that happened was that the massage was completely fabulous. He would focus on their stress areas for a while then he would give them the best ass massage they have ever had because normally no one would do that to their ass aside from just smacking it like there was a sign that instructed them to hit it as hard as they possibly can to get their attention. Which is another reason Steph was a firm believer of hitting back whenever some jackass would smack her ass she would turn around and do the same thing and then asked them if it felt good.

Normally most guys just lowered their heads and would apologize. That always made her laugh but now no one smacks her ass unless it's during sex, which was a great feeling. After he was done massaging their ass he would turn them over and massage their front. He would rub their flat tummies in a circular motion and open their legs to massage the tops of the hamstrings. He would move from there to their breasts giving them their much needed attention and would pinch their nipples. Finally he would massage the insides of their thighs and pussy lips lightly massing them together to rub along their clit.

After the massage was over he would fuck them in every position imaginable. Actually all her brothers used the same technique but from what Steph hears is that Nate is the best because even though they would all use the same technique Nate would actually spend time on their stress areas before moving onto their ass, tits, and pussy.

Hell just the idea really turned Steph on hell any guy that would massage Steph's ass for more than five minutes before they could move onto her tits and pussy she would be ready to fuck their brains out. Hell she would demand it. Just not Nate or any of her brothers, fuck just family in general was disgusting. Granted she had to admit her brothers were definite lookers but no. No thanks she's not into inbred at all. All Steph knew was that Amanda was in for one hell of a night.

Amanda looked at Steph, "Well seeing how you are now ready we can finally go get something to eat." Steph smiled at Amanda, walked up behind Nate and smacked him in the back of the neck, "You heard her playboy put your shirt back on before I lose my appetite."

"That was rough, sis." Nate said as he stood up to put his shirt back and turned around to face the girls with a smile on his face. "I'm ready whenever you two are."

The three walked out of the huge cabin and filed into Amanda's jeep and off they drove. Steph decided to sit in the back to let Nate and Amanda get to know each other while she sat in the back to fantasize about some guy preferably Jack give her Nate's patented massage ass and all. Her dream made her completely horny.

Like she wasn't horny to begin with. All the dreaming and phasing out the conversation between Nate and Amanda, she missed that they stopped at the restaurant Amanda was looking for. She looked up at the name and nearly wanted to die of embarrassment.

It was the same restaurant that Jack owned where she made an ass of herself.

Note to self tell Nate when he gives Amanda his patent massage to torture the shit out of her.

Then she thought about it and figured Amanda would like that too much, Steph knew she would enjoy it. However, there was a fine line between that type of torture to actual torture. All one would have to do is handcuff you down so they can just tease you even longer and you can't do anything about it. Now that was the idea of torture that Steph had in mind.

They walked into the restaurant and Steph looked around for both Chris and Jack but they were nowhere to be seen. "Good evening Miss Parker. Table for 3?" came from the hostess. Amanda simply nodded her head as the hostess led them to a half circle booth where all of them could sit comfortably. They sat with Nate in the middle with Amanda and her sitting of either side of him. As they sat down the hostess handed out the menus and the waiter quickly followed waiting for their drink orders. Amanda quickly glanced at the wine selection, "Can we get a bottle of your 55 Port? Oh some water would be fabulous." The waiter looked at for a moment and bowed his head to her and disappeared.

Nate smiled, "I like where this night is going."

He turned his attention to Steph, "Your friend is very generous to be buying us a bottle of $500 Port."

He turned his attention back to Amanda and leaned over and nibbled on her neck to which she simply giggled like he was tickling her. "I appreciate you buying such a lovely selection for us. Shows good character on your part. But you do realize that you don't need to get me drunk in order to get me to your bed. Your looks will coax me there without the alcohol."

Amanda was blushing at that comment but she surprised Steph and made her remember why she liked Amanda as a friend. "Thanks for the tip, but with the stories that Steph has told me about you I doubt one bottle will phase you."

As Steph quickly chimed in with a smile, "Try like seven bottles."

Nate started laughing, "Oh ouch. Coming from both sides. I knew I should have sat on the outside of the booth so I could quickly get away."

Steph saw the look in Amanda's eyes like she was ready to kick him so he could grow up. Nate saw the look and smiled. Steph watched Nate run his finger lightly up Amanda's leg until he reached her shorts. He glided his finger inside her shorts which Amanda opened her legs more for him to lightly do circular patterns over her panties where her clit was located and nibbled on her neck again.

After he nibbled on her neck, "However, how can I not resist sitting next to such beautiful company such as yourself. I would be crazy if I didn't sit next to you."

Steph watched as Amanda's eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head. Steph wanted to puke because it was her brother but wanted to laugh at the same time.

Steph realized that the waiter was coming back with the wine and water for them so she smacked Nate's leg hard, "You can continue that another time I think that our waiter is coming back for our food order."

That made both of them jump and fumble for the menus quickly trying to figure out what they wanted to eat. Even though Steph already knew what Nate wanted to eat or should she say whom he wanted to eat.

The waiter sensed that Amanda and Nate weren't exactly ready to order just yet and turned his attention to Steph. Steph looked at the menu and found what she was looking for. "I'll have the prime cut steak medium rare with a baked potato with sour cream, chives, and bacon." The waiter wrote down her order, "Would you like soup or salad with that?"

Steph thought about the question for a moment giving more time for Amanda and Nate to figure out what they wanted, "Salad is fine. Ranch on the side please."

The waiter smiled at her as if thanking her for being prepared on her order instead of asking all these stupid questions.

The waiter turned his attention back to Amanda. Amanda continued to look at the menu and finally made her decision, "I'll have the buffalo and cayenne peppered chicken with mashed potatoes and a side of garlic bread no soup or salad thank you." The waiter bowed his head as if saying to her that was a fine selection.

Finally it was Nate's turn to order and he continued to look at the menu for a moment, "I'll have the Amanda platter," both Amanda and Steph kicked his shin telling him to quit fooling around, "I mean the shrimp platter." Nate was laughing at his little play of words as both her and Amanda scowled at him.

The waiter wrote down his order, "Very well sir any particular way you want your shrimp prepared?" Nate thought about it, "Just bring me a mixture if you can. If not whichever way is fine with me." The waiter bowed and hurried off to put in their order.

Amanda looked at Steph, "So Steph, Nate has told me some embarrassing moments about you. It's time I think you return the favor and tell me some embarrassing stories about him."

Nate laughed and without missing a beat, "I think we are going to need a few more bottles for this one.”

Steph thought about the question at first and finally found the perfect story, "Well to be fair to poor Nate here there are a lot of stories about him and our two other brothers just like they have on me."

Nate interrupted her, "Yeah you were an easy target back then so yeah I have a lot of stories of you."

Steph like a typical sister and being a smartass, "Like you weren't an easy target yourself."

Nate just laughed and rolled his hand telling her to continue. "Well this story takes place when we were both in high school. I think I was 16 and Nate was 18. Nate was on the varsity football team even though he shouldn’t be on varsity but because he was so good they moved him up.”

“Anyways he was dating the captain of the cheerleading squad. I can't remember her name anymore. So one night when my parents were out of town he decided to go to a party with his girlfriend and his jock buddies. After partying with the rest of the jocks and having a grand old time with his girlfriend, he came home sloshed out of his mind.”

“Well a bunch of my female friends were spending the night and having a pajama party. Most of us are either 16 or 17.”

“So he comes into the living room stumbling like a fool and proceeds to go bed. None of us never really thought about it after that. Why should we care because we were also drinking as well so we were pretty much drunk ourselves.”

“So my friends and I were playing all sorts of games like spin the bottle, never have I ever, and truth or dare. During our drinking games, Nate decides to take a piss and decides to relieve himself.”

“Now you have to know where Nate's room was and the closest bathroom were on the opposite ends of the house. What I didn't know at that time was that Nate liked to sleep in the buff especially when our parents were out of town."

Nate interrupted her again, "Hey it's hard to sleep in the nude when mom comes into the room and does her rude awakings by ripping the sheets off your bed."

By this time Amanda was laughing. And their food finally arrived.

Steph quickly tried to stuff her face and finish the story all at the same time. "Yeah trust me mom did that to me too. Hence why I always wore a plain white shirt and nothing else underneath. Most of the boyfriends that snuck in enjoyed that look."

This time Amanda interrupted her, "Except during that time of the month, right?"

This time Nate had something to say, "Please not while I'm eating. Thank you."

"Oh of course.”

“Anyways Nate walked through our little drunken slumber party, which most of were only wearing our panties and nothing else, completely stark naked scratching himself.”

“Naturally all of us are flabbergasted that my brother just walked past all us girls with nothing but our panties on. Nate leaves the bathroom door open so that all of us girls can hear him loudly pissing, while all of us were laughing. So he finishes 'draining the main vein' as he liked to call it, walks back through the room and stops to see all of us. Some of us with our jaw open others were staring at his naked body mainly his long member saying hello to us. And he says and I quote...'Please like you haven't seen a naked boy before'. And proceeds to go back to bed."

Amanda was sitting there giggling at the story. All of them had finished off their food. Steph barely recognized that she actually ate because she didn't remember eating but her stomach told her otherwise.

After a few more stories each sharing an embarrassing moment about one another. Amanda mainly told embarrassing stories about herself, but most of her stories were a cakewalk compared to Nate and Steph's stories about one another.

After some time the waiter brought the check finally came after two more bottles of port.

Steph didn't realize that they had drank so much wine but it didn't surprise her with how much they were laughing and telling stories. After Amanda paid for the check she told the waiter to call for a taxi because she sure as hell wasn't driving.

Nate and Steph didn't argue that nor did they offer to drive because obviously it wouldn't be safe for anyone on the road if they were to drive. Another bottle of port arrived and they drank the bottle to continue to tell stories until the taxi arrived.

They filed into the taxi and had the taxi took them back to Amanda's huge cabin. They arrived at the cabin as all of them stumbled into the cabin each one of them laughing and what not.

Amanda even started calling Steph 'Fluffer'. Nate started to laugh but corrected Amanda that only he can call her by that name if she wanted to give Steph a nickname she would have to find one that correctly fits Steph's character.

Steph thought to herself Thank you brother for not allowing her to use that name it was a little embarrassing especially if the person heard the story. Amanda thought about for a while and told them she couldn't think of any cleaver names so she'll just stick with Steph.

Steph told her that was probably a good idea because she already had one for Amanda. Both Amanda and Nate looked at her waiting for the nickname that she had for Amanda. Feeling the eyes on her Steph just told them that they would hear the name as a comeback and only then. Nate roared with laughter telling Amanda that was his sister for him.

Steph could tell that Amanda was feeling dangerous, Amanda turned to Nate with a sly smile on her face and said, "I thought you told me before we left for dinner if I gave you a back massage you would return the favor."

Nate looked at her and laughed, "Why Mrs. Parker if I weren't wiser I'd say you were trying to get me to your bed."

Amanda didn't miss a beat with Nate's statement as if she were reading Steph's mind, "Well you shouldn't have offered if you aren't going to fulfill."

Nate looked at as if in complete shock. Before Nate could recover with some witty comeback Steph just put a nail in Nate's coffin, "Uh oh brother you might want to be careful with this one. She just made you drop your dick in the dirt."

Steph was rolling on the floor with the look on Nate's face. He just looked at both of them and simply laughed, "I guess you're right. And you little miss you'll have to say pretty please if you want your massage so badly."

Steph just looked at him, "Now brother why are you making her plead for something you promised anyways."

Amanda smiled as if nonchalantly sticking her tongue out at him. Steph turned her attention to Amanda and smiled at her, "And if I were you I'd say pretty please with your dick inside me and cherries on top for his special massage."

Amanda seemed a little frazzled at what Steph said but she positioned herself and put on her best cute face while she repeated what Steph said, "Pretty please with your dick inside my wet pussy and cherries on top will you give me your special massage?"

Nate laughed and took her hand, "Alright only because you one up-ed my sister by adding your wet pussy you shall get your massage. Let the way to your bed."

Steph watched as Amanda let Nate upstairs for the night.
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