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The Summer I'll Never Forget 5.3 - The Footage

Steph takes a quick shower and decides to find out what was in the box...
With those two indisposed for the rest of the evening knowing Nate she would need to do something to entertain herself until she was ready for bed. All she knew was that she really couldn't think all that good and decided that after a nice hot bath with Amanda's special soap she could figure out what she will be doing for the rest of the night.

Steph got up to her room and started the bath while she got undressed. She quickly stripped down to nothing and waltzed over to the tub. She measured the amount that Amanda told her to use plus a little extra. She got into the tub after she got the water just right for her liking. She sat there while the water filled up to her line and shut off the water.

She sat there in the bath tub and waited to see if the same thing happens again like it did last time. At first nothing was happening but as soon as she started to relax the same tingling sensation began to build in her body. Only thing was that the tingling sensation didn't over come her as quickly as it did last time. The tingling sensation started off really dull. She felt her nipples and felt that they were semi hard. Her breast still felt sore but it now felt like a good sore. It felt like her breasts had swollen but now it felt like her breasts had stopped swelling and reached their appropriate size. Now however her nipples were a different story they still felt normal but they felt like they constantly hard.

She was about to try to think of recent events and what exactly could make her body act like this. Any notions of anything resembling an idea as to why her body was acting like it was disappeared as the tingling sensation began to intensify. Every inch of her body began to warm up and felt like jumper cables were attached to everyone of her nerve endings it felt like she had been fucking a guy for at least fifteen minutes. The reason she knew that was because she felt all her pores opening up and felt like she was sweating.

She felt her nipples becoming extremely hard and it felt like her clit had come out of it's housing. She felt her nipples to see exactly how hard they were. As soon as she touched her nipples a sensation shot through her body that felt just amazing. As the sensation shot through her body she felt her clit begin to vibrate and going into a slow circular motion all on it's own. With that sensation her pussy felt like it was building up something fantastic to be release and very soon at that.

She reached down to begin playing with herself but before her hand could get to her pussy something special happened. An orgasm happened to her. Now the orgasm wasn't as powerful as it was the first time, but it was different. The orgasm was small compared to her normal orgasms but it wasn't a normal orgasm. This orgasm went on in a slow tightening of her insides and equally slowly letting it go. It felt like her body and orgasm was in a pool of molasses. The orgasm seems normal but the molasses slowed down the normal workings of her orgasm. Each normal contraction would normally happen nano seconds apart but now it felt like each contraction took ten to thirty seconds to happen. The sensation was completely indescribable.

As soon as the small slow orgasm dissipated, she just laid in the still hot bath with her brain feeling like mush. She sat there in the hot bath breathing heavily to the euphoria she had just experienced. As she laid there in the still scolding bath even though she just had a nice and slow orgasm to turn brain into mush it felt like there was something huge waiting. It was nagging her to unleash it her body was begging her to do so. The truth was she didn't have the energy to answer the call that her body was begging her to do.

As she laid there the building sensation that was growing in her body felt like a river slowly filling a lake. The river being her orgasm that is slowly filling the lake that was nearly empty and the lake being her pussy trying to contain the orgasm that is slowly coming. Try as much as she can she didn't have the energy to do anything but just lay there and let the oncoming hurricane that is brewing to touchdown.

The longer she lay in the intoxicating bath the more the pressure was building down below. Her nipples were already hard antagonizing her to do it. Her pussy was daring her to try to touch it so it can release the build up that is happening. All her body parts were telling her to do it. Her legs were open welcoming her to reach down and touch herself. It didn't take long before she realized that her hand had already begin it's trip to shaved pearly gates.

Before she could actually move her hand back to really think things through her hand reached her pussy. She succumbed to putting a finger in herself. At first her finger just felt like her finger, completely meaningless. It felt like her normal masturbation technique. Nothing was actually happening just yet. The pressure that was building didn't release once she touched herself. Instead the building began to intensify, she moved her fingers faster inside herself. Playing with her inner g spot.

The building was beginning to become too much to bare but she had to release it before she went insane. After a few moments the building of what felt like a supernova of orgasms stopped building and held it's strength. After what felt like an eternity of playing with herself with no payoff she decided to turn it up a notch. Steph drained the water until it was down to ass cheek level and stopped the drain keeping the remaining water in the tub. She turned the faucet back on and adjusted the water until it was the right temperature. She positioned herself where the water was hitting her clit just right and moved her hand from side to side imagining the feeling was someone eating her out. Once that image entered her head that was the exact ticket she was looking for.

The explosion that happened inside Steph's body was completely indescribable. To actually put the experience into words or something close to it, imagine putting a twenty-pound weight of explosive put in your body and light the fuse. That was probably the best analogy she could come up with. Every muscle in her body just locked into place, the only thing seemed to moving was her pussy going into convulsions. The explosion felt like it lasted twenty minutes but to put in reality it maybe lasted twenty seconds. As soon as it was done she went completely limp, she finally found her breath and readjusted herself in tub so she wouldn't drown.

After the bath and orgasm that could rival a supernova, note to self get ingredients for special soap or just stay friends with Amanda so she can have a healthy supply of that love drug, Steph sat on her bed completely naked and still wet from her bath she noticed the box that was still on her bed with Nate's handwriting of 'Fluffy' on it. Curiosity getting the best of her, instead of laying down and getting some sleep, she opened the box to find an envelop with her name on it along with a laptop and external hard drive . Steph seeming clueless on where the laptop and external hard drive is coming from so she opened the envelop with her name on it. When the letter came out on the front of the fold had her name in calligraphy, kind of exquisite if you ask her. She completely unfolded the letter to read it.


Here is the footage you asked for you as promised. You will find the footage quite interesting. I have not only given you all the footage from the first night you were here. I have taken the liberty of organizing the folders for you by date and room. The hard drive also contains the interesting show from last night. I hope you enjoy. We’ll talk later about our arrangement. In the mean time I hope what you are looking for you will find it.


Steph just looked at the letter for a moment and finally remember the deal she struck with someone that she thought of someone that could rival the man downstairs himself. Of course this man really knew how to throw one hell of a party so at least he’s not that bad. Just all the mystery about him intrigued her and irritated her all at the same time. She guessed when you have money you have to protect it along with a piece of your soul. Oh well it wasn’t like she was in love with the man or anything just irritating to her. She plugged in the computer and hooked up the external hard drive and turned everything on. After the computer booted up it immediately recognized the hard drive. She looked up the date for the first night Amanda and her were there. Sure enough it was there along with what seemed like a lot of footage. She opened the footage that pertained to the first night.

She easily found the footage for the front door they entered into the mansion. The footage for the main entrance started when the first group of people entered into the party with their togas on. She fast-forwarded to when they came for the party. Finally finding the footage she pulled up the rest of the footage and finally found what she was looking for. She found the footage of James and followed them all the way up until Amanda came close to James.

Throughout the footage from when they first came into the party James and what’s her face looked like they were perfect strangers. One moment she is all over him and the next moment she was all over other people. At least what James was telling Amanda that she was only there for his money or least that’s what he tried to convince her of.

Occasionally she would catch James looking around the party for someone and would often leave her with some guy she was grinding up on. Naturally she would find him again and be all over him trying to kiss him and all sorts of things Steph noticed that most of her friends from high school would do when they cheated on their guy. They would constantly keep a close eye on them because they were afraid of being alone. The look on his face told it all to her.

He was only with her because he was afraid of being alone too but she could tell at least he was guarded. Finally the moment of truth, Amanda came into view where James noticed it. He had a huge smile on his face and was beginning to walk towards her as if to talk to her and try to get away from ‘Gold Digging Bitch’. The only problem was that ‘Gold Digging Bitch’ saw Amanda and saw that James was going towards her and quickly ran towards James and tried to kiss all over him.

Poor Amanda, the look on her face as she watched ‘Gold Digging Bitch’ hang all over James and pretty much dry hump his leg. Steph watched as Amanda turned around and walked in a different direction. She pulled up the next camera following Amanda while keeping the other footage going to see James reaction. She zoomed up and watched as James had this sour look of disgust on his face at ‘Gold Digging Bitch’ and he grabs her arm taking her outside.

She looked over as soon as James left screen to Amanda and saw that she was coming up to her drinking scene with Jack. She pulled up the footage for outside trying to find James. After three different cameras she finally found him. He was still leading her outside by the arm until they were a good distance that felt right to James until he stopped spinning her around to him. Steph could tell from the look on the girl’s face that he just yelled at her and could tell she knew she was in trouble.

After a few moments the girl didn’t say much but just sit there crying why he yelled at her. Then it finally happened after James was done talking to her he turned around to leave her she grabbed his arm and was begging him not to leave her. James just simply yanked his arm away from her and just walked away from her.

The girl was smart and simply sat there to cry instead of trying to follow him.

After a few moments she composed herself and went back into the party as James had already disappeared into the fringes of the party. She pulled up the footage for her drinking match against Jack instead of focusing on her match she looked around the edges for Amanda and she hoped James would try to be there to talk to Amanda.

With in a few moments she found Amanda in the beginning of her drinking match. After the tenth shot of the match the crowd had tripled in size. Of course, Amanda stayed on the outside of the crowd becoming further and further away so she could escape easily. By the fifteenth shot, James entered into the camera’s view trying to find Amanda until he finally found her. Amanda caught him in her view trying to get to her as she left the crowd and disappeared off camera.

Well at least that explained some things for Steph. She saw what happened the only question was should she watch more to see what happens next or just leave it. The actual bigger question was does she show it to Amanda to see that James has a thing for her with a possibility that he actually got rid of ‘Gold Digging Bitch’.

She thought about the questions intently for a while and decided it would probably be best to hold off on the information for a little while to see how things will go for her brother and Amanda. If things go really well between those two she just might have to hold onto that information until her death. That is as long as the relationship between Nate and Amanda kept going to way it was going there would probably be no reason to bring this up to her.

Now that she answered her curiosity about what exactly happened at the party between Amanda and James, the next question she had to answer was what happened after she blacked out last night. She pulled up the video footage to just her room and fast-forwarded to the last thing she remembered. She got to the point where she completely tied up in a doggy position by rope and tape. She watched as he was pounding her that what felt like at the time that the bed was moving into a new zip code. That idea may have been a little bit of an exaggeration, but the bed was definitely moving.

After about ten minutes of mystery man banging her she saw that he arched his back signaling to her that he was cumming. She also saw her trying to do same and saw the orgasm that ensued because mystery man arched again and again like he felt his dick being smashed due to her orgasm. As soon as it was over the guy fell backwards and from the looks of it passed out, while she was still in the doggy position because she was tied up so well.

Damn this was hot. Hopefully, Matt will let her keep this so she can replay this whenever she wanted to if she were ever in a funk. She kept the video playing of her rest period. Then was some type of movement not much at first but the mystery man finally got up and untied her. Once she was untied she proceed to throw the man on the bed laying him down and then proceeded to tie him up. After she tied him up, she search around the room and found what she was looking for. The mystery man still had a raging hard on because of the ring he was wearing around his dick. She pulled up the same cat of nine tails that was used on her and proceeded to lightly whip the man along his chest and stomach. Then she straddled him on his face to eat her out while she gave him a blow job.

Steph got so hot at the video she put the computer on the side so she could still see it and went for something in her magic bag of tricks pulling out a vibrating dildo. She laid back down on the bed to watch it while she put the dildo inside of her. She first started the vibration on low and slowly worked the dildo inside of her while she watched the video. Slowly while watching the video she quickened the pace of her dildo. After about twenty minutes she was furiously playing the dildo inside of her. She felt another monster orgasm beginning to build inside of her begging her to go faster to release the monster inside of her. And quickly the release happened she couldn’t do much but let go and let her body do its work. She heard the dildo fly across the room hitting the wall because of her orgasm. Then when her orgasm finished she blacked out.

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