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The Summer I'll Never Forget 6.1 - Some Away Time

Steph decides to run a few errands to give Amanda and Nate some alone time...
Day 9

Steph woke up feeling completely spent and still tired…well sort of anyways. She looked at the clock where it read 6:43am. She didn’t know how long she had been asleep let alone when she blacked out last night. Steph got up putting on only her Cameo Tennessee shirt and Tennessee Basketball shorts.

After she put on her clothes she walked downstairs to get some much needed coffee. As she reached the kitchen she saw no one there, strange normally Amanda would already be sitting in her normal spot, sipping on her coffee, and reading the newspaper. However, this morning she wasn’t sitting there doing her normal things.

Steph figured that Amanda was still upstairs with Nate enjoying sleeping next to him. She wouldn’t surprised if Amanda just put him in her room that way when her sister shows up there will be room for her. Hell it wasn’t like there wasn’t enough room in this huge place. Granted there was only a few rooms in the place and if need be her or Nate could easily sleep on the couch, but she couldn’t blame Amanda for making that move. If she were Amanda she would have done the same thing because she had to admit her brother was a hottie and she guessed it helped that Amanda was a fan of his work.

After some time and a full pot of coffee both Amanda and Nate came downstairs. She figured the aroma of the coffee must have woken them up. She saw them come down and she had to hide her face. Nate was the first to come down the steps…in his birthday suit. Next and last was Amanda to come down the steps. And she was equally stark naked. Steph didn’t mind seeing Amanda completely naked because at least Amanda wasn’t flesh and blood. So if Amanda’s naked body did anything to Steph’s libido at least she wouldn’t shy away from it like she would if it were Nate’s naked body. That was too disgusting for even Steph. Any erotic thought she might have of her brother or any of them for that matter she would seriously need to go crack open her head and scrub her brain with soap for letting that thought enter it.

"Ianto Nathanial Gordan! Could you at least put a sock on the family long horn when you are walking around like that, please?" Steph said as she held her hand slighty over her eyes so she couldn't see the lower half of Nate's body.

Nate just looked at her and laughed, "Please sis. With how many times I've seen you in the buff I say we're not even just yet. Just be glad you're seeing me in the buff and not some horrible practical joke."

Steph just scowled at him, "You play any practical jokes on me and you better be careful because I fight dirty."

Nate was laughing putting his hand behind his head, "Don't remind me. I think I still have that bald spot on my nuts thanks to you."

This time Steph was laughing while Amanda just looked at them completely clueless. Seeing the look Amanda was giving them. Steph looked over to her, "Long story short. I super glued his dick and nuts to his thigh. Took some time but for a while he walked really funny."

Nate interjected, "Felt like I was walking like a penguin."

This time Amanda was laughing even though between laughs she kissed his cheek and spoke, "Poor baby. You look like walk fine now."

Nate looked at her for a split second and spanked her ass...hard. Even Steph had to flinch at that one, she looked at Amanda's face to see she had a look of pain for a split second. Then it changed to an erotic expression, Steph looked down and saw Nate had his finger in her pussy.

Amanda looked up at Nate with that expression as he said, "Keep that up and you won't be able to walk correctly for sometime."

Amanda keeping her eyes on him and smiled a seductive smile, "Is that a promise or a threat?"

Nate laughed at her and said, "Right now it is a promise."

Amanda just kept her seductive smile on Nate, "Well I looked forward to it. Just remember if I can still walk afterwards I'll just make you do it again until you get it right."

Nate just scratched the back of head and laughed, "I'm sure you will. Crap what have I gotten myself into."

The whole scene that was being played in front of Steph she just wanted to puke. Mainly because it was her brother, any other guy she would try to convince Amanda of a three way. God she needed to get laid, her pussy agreed with that statement. Fortunately for Steph, her hips no longer felt like dust so she was definitely ready to fuck anyone's brains out. Just not her brother.

"Hey Amanda." Amanda turned her attention from Nate to Steph. "I made some coffee but it isn't like your coffee. Is there any way you can make a fresh pot please?"

Amanda looked at her with a blank look mainly because Nate's finger was still inside her. Took her a minute before she agreed and went to the task of making a fresh pot of her special blend of coffee. While she was at that task, Steph put her mind at the task of trying to figure the recent changes in her body. She needed to get a confirmation from a professional. She was sure in a small town like this they would more than likely have a hospital. She also figured because of how many people around seem to be rich that the service would be higher than normal at any other hospital.

"Oh, Amanda, is there any way I can use one of your vehicles for a little while to make a trip into town and see the sights?"

Amanda stopped what she was doing and turned her attention to Steph. She seemed to be deep in thought and after what felt like a few moments she simply replied to the question, "Sure go ahead take whichever vehicle catches your eye. Only if stop by that ingredient store and pick up some more supplies for me. Oh and if you do some shopping just have them put it on my account remember you're my guest."

Steph nodded, "Great thanks. I'll remember that and I do appreciate it. I'll go get dressed real quick and have some of your delicious coffee before I leave."

Steph turned around and headed upstairs to get dressed real quick but before she fully made it upstairs she heard a loud smack and Nate speak, "And after she leaves will you let me do anything to your body that I may please?"

After he spoke Amanda quickly replied, "Only of you fulfill your promise to make me not able to walk. Remember if you don't we'll just do it until you fulfill your promise."

Nate simply laughed and replied, "Deal." Good thing Steph was going upstairs because if she heard or saw any more of their obsession with each other she was going to puke.

By the time Steph made it upstairs to change, some weird and familiar happened. She breasts felt extremely swollen like usual but nothing like this. Her clit felt like it was on fire. Her nipples felt like they were pierced even though they weren't. Her basketball shorts felt soaked and she felt a line of her juices going down her leg. Her shorts also felt loose but not maybe it was because it was elastic. It seemed the scene between Amanda and her brother actually did something to her body, even though her mind was too busy being disgusted to actually notice.

She didn't have time to do anything about it at this moment she had other things to do first before she could answer her pussy’s call for attention. Steph quickly stripped off her shirt and shorts and put on some panties, jeans, bra, and shirt. She went into the bathroom and quickly fixed her hair and slapped some make up on.

Steph came downstairs to be welcomed by Amanda's special coffee. The coffee and the sight of seeing Amanda giving her brother, Nate, another back rub. Of course, they were still in the buff. Steph walked around and poured herself a cup of coffee.

As she was pouring the coffee Amanda noticing her spoke to her, "I already called in the order for you so you can pick it up anytime as long as you do it before you do so before you come back here. And remember whichever place you go to and shop tell them to put it on my account. If you don't I will take it as a great insult."

Steph smiled at her as she said everything to her like she was one of those old school commercials from the 60's where all those females smiled. Hell if she were being bang by a freak like her brother she doubt nothing could stop her from having a mile smile for a very very long time.

Steph just nodded saying that she agreed while she pounded the coffee so she could get the hell out of there. As she finished her coffee and was about to walk out the door, Nate spoke over his shoulder while Amanda was rubbing his shoulders, "See ya sis. Drive safe. Have fun out there. And please take your sweet time."

Steph laughed and spoke as she walked out the door, "Don’t worry Playboy I will." She closed the door just in time to hear Nate laugh and say, "Now where were we?"

Steph was outside of the cabin and walked around to the garage never really noticing before how big it exactly was. She always saw the garage as they pulled up to the place and as she left, but she never really got a good look at it. The garage was a six door garage, funny she only noticed two doors. Oh well like something should surprise her by now but still it was fucking huge.

She opened the first door to see it was two cars deep. The first car in front was a 1968 sky blue Chevy Camaro SS 396 with white racing stripes. She rounded around the car to check out the interior to find it was pearl white and it was a stick shift. Crap as much as Steph loved classic cars thanks to her brothers, but she was never good with a stick shift. She stood back out and looked behind the Camaro to see a 2006 navy green Chevy Tahoe. Big SUV's were never her style so she turned her head to see the rest of the vehicles. She saw a white Hummer the classic Hummer. A classic Mustang along with a new Mustang next to it, she couldn’t exactly tell which years they were. A truck. And a couple of other muscle cars she really didn't recognize she just knew they weren't American muscle cars.

She made her decision and decided to take the truck because she loved trucks, it was a Chevy and because it was in front so she didn't have to play magical cars to get to it. She hopped in the truck to notice that the keys were in the ignition. She opened the garage, started the truck and began her drive into town.

Steph finally got into town and drove around for a little bit until she found the hospital. She drove into the parking lot and walked into the hospital. Maybe they might be able to answer some questions as to why her body was acting the way it was. At first when her breast got sore and swollen she first thought she was pregnant but after concealing some pregnancy tests when she went to store with Amanda. They all told her it was negative. Then when she felt like she lost weight and felt it in her hips the idea of pregnancy quickly disapated. So she was just about out of ideas at this point.

She walked into the hospital signed herself in and sat in the waiting room until she was called to be seen. While sitting there she listed all her symptoms in her head and tried to think of something that would cause this to her body, but nothing came to mind. After what felt like forever but more than likely it was only forty minutes of waiting her name was called. She got up and followed the lady into one of the waiting rooms to waiting for the doctor.

Another thirty minutes went by until the doctor opened the door and entered the room. Steph sighed a relief when she saw the doctor was a woman. At least she wouldn't be embarrassed when she explained what was going on and the doctor could at least understand where she was coming from because the doctor was a woman as well.

"Hello Ms. Gordan, my name is Dr. Zooran. What can I do for you today?" came from the now Dr. Zooran.

Steph wasn't too sure exactly how much information to share and decided to tell all maybe the doctor will know what is going on with her. "Well doctor for the past few days something weird has been going on with my body. At first I thought I was pregnant but when the store bought pregnancy tests said negative I didn't know what else to think off. Especially when other things were happened."

Steph felt herself rambling. So she decided to start from the beginning and tell her everything that was happening.

The doctor wrote down everything she was saying. After Steph finished talking Dr. Zooran finally spoke, "Well if I was you I would be worried too but from the sounds of it. It sounds like your body is probably hitting a lament growth spurt or something along those lines. But to be double safe let's run some tests real quick and when I get the results I'll let you know. In the mean time I'm going to step out while you strip down and put on a gown so we can run the tests. Does that sound good to you?"

Steph simply nodded and the doctor disappeared out of the room while Steph stripped down and put on the gown.

After a few moments the doctor came in with a female nurse following quickly behind her. "First thing we'll need is some blood so we can officially rule out pregnancy along with other things that might cause these problems."

Once again Steph nodded and the nurse very quickly pricked her with a needle drawing out two viles of blood. The next thirty went by quickly for Steph, Dr. Zooran must have ran at least a dozen different tests ranging from blood draw to breast lymph note tests to some tests that Steph never heard of.

Steph walked out of the hospital almost 2 1/2 hours later after so many tests and what not. The doctor told her that she will contact her when she got all the results in and to assume that everything was fine until the tests come in. So if she needed a drink to go ahead and get as drunk as she wanted to and have as much as she wanted. Easy enough directions for Steph to understand and abide by, they were from a doctor. It’s not like a doctor was ever wrong right? She definitely could use a drink after that little fiasco and she could also use a good fuck.

First things Steph had a few more stops before she could drink or fuck.

Steph's next stop she made was at a sports shop so she can acquire some more sports gear. She got herself three more basketball jerseys, two basketball shorts, and four football jerserys. All the items she was lucky enough to find her Tennessee Volunteers and just in her size.

Before she checked out she decided to grab one more football jersey from Tennessee in XL just the right size for Nate. She could give the football jersey to Amanda so she could present it to Nate as a gift.

The next stop Steph made was the clothing store from last time. She quickly grabbed a few more pairs of panties and some more shorts and shirts. Actually to tell the truth her tight shirts either felt too tight or too loose. Her thongs felt like they were going to fall off. And her shorts were still good but the ones she found she couldn't pass up. So the new additions that she got either fixed her little issues or were too cute to pass up.

The next stop she made was the grocery store and picked up some items so she could cook some dinner because this going out was beginning to irritate her. She also picked up Nate's favorite beer and hard liquor, at least she hoped they were still his favorites anyways. She knows in a pinch they are the core favorites but current favorites always change. She knew at least if she got a dark ale for Nate she was covered. Whiskey in the core was always a favorite for Nate. Steph could go for a whiskey instead of tequila. After she got everything she was looking for she checked out and went on to her next stop.

Her next stop of course was at the local sex shop. She quickly went in sort of knowing what she was looking for but at the same time open to anything at this moment. She looked at all the different toys and her pussy felt it went into a frenzy meltdown. It screamed at her to ask the person behind the counter if they wouldn't mind her trying out all the toys. She was actually gonna listen and ask the question until she saw the sign. The sign read: No toy testing allowed. You open it you just bought it. Mtg.

Well there went that idea. So she looked around at all the toys anyways just teasing herself with the idea of fun sex. She came upon some thing that caught her attention...some ben wa balls. She used to have a pair of those, those things were always fun, but they disappeared some time ago. She grabbed a set that looked really nice and thought the engravings would heighten the orgasm. The set she grabbed were orange with a dragon and tiger engraved on either side. She would prefer it being the logo of her Tennessee Volunteers but them being orange made up for it. She figured if she wanted a set of ben wa balls with the logo of her Tennessee Volunteers engraved into them she would have to special order them.

The rest of the toys she saw she either had with her at Amanda's house, had at one point in time, or they didn't really interest her. She looked around finding kegel exercisers, vibrating bullets, and all sorts of dildos. She looked around and saw a door with a note reading: enter at your own caution. She walked into the door and saw all sorts of machines. Now this looked more like it, exactly what she was looking for. After looking at the sex swing, spank machine, and various sex and bondage machines she found what she was looking for.

She found a little rocking contraption called a monkey rocker. It was exactly what she called for. It was small enough to put in the corner to where most people won't notice it and if times were tough she can use it when she is single. She picked up the box to see it read some assembly required. That didn't matter to her. After she gather the items she was looking for meaning the ben wa balls, the monkey rocker, 8 different dildos for the rocker, 2 vibrators, a couple of clips for her nipples, 2 pairs of wireless remote panties, and 3 bottles of lube (kind of required with all the items she has, if she didn't she would probably get dried out). She knew she would need lube for the rocker. She took her items to the casher.

"Hello Miss, did you find everything to your liking?" came from the female cashier wearing a catholic school girl outfit.

Steph though about the question and seeing the outfit reminded her that while she was here she might as well enjoy herself. "Actually no I need a couple more things if you wouldn't mind helping me out?"

The cashier seeming intrigued and excited mainly to make a sale agreed. "Good. Could you point me in the right direction for the costumes and fitting area?"

The cashier looked at her and pointed her to the costumes and corresponding fitting rooms. Steph found the costumes and got 2 catholic school girl outfits, 1 skimpy nurse outfit, 2 playboy bunny outfits, and 2 skirty 3 piece. Each one was only for her and the second one was for Amanda.

Well to be completely honest the costumes were for Nate. She judged the sizes for Amanda from what she has seen. The other sizes that were for her she had to try on and found them to her liking along with being the right size. With the costumes decisions made, she took the selections back to the cashier and thought she did enough damage.

Naturally the cashier finished ringing up all the items bringing the damage to $400. The cashier looked at Steph and said, "Do you have account with us Miss?"

Steph thought about it and wasn't too sure if she should bring up Amanda's name. Steph realized that she didn't bring her purse to pay for everything so she was going to have to bring up Amanda's name and put it on her account. She'll pay Amanda back once she got back to her place and explain why she was giving her money.

"No I don't have an account with you all, but I do believe one of my friends does. Her name is Amanda Parker. Am I right?" The cashier entered Amanda's name into the computer Steph would imagine to see if she did have an account.

The cashier spoke as she was looking, "Parker. Parker. Parker. Ah yes here we go Amanda Parker," Steph was half amazed that Amanda would step one foot into an establishment like this let alone have an account with them because was too timid before Steph ruined her.

"It seems Ms. Parker had some items on backorder that finally came in. Would you like me to add them to the purchase and put it on her account?"

Now Steph was intrigued with what the cashier had said to her. What could Amanda have ordered from this place that was on backorder until now? Naturally Steph told the cashier sure add it to the order just so she could find out what it could be.

"Alright Miss your purchase been completed. The items that Amanda had on backorder are quite large we can deliver it for you if you would like?"

Steph had a huge grin on her face, "Oh no that will be fine I have a truck outside it should fit whatever it may be."

The cashier shrugged, "Fine with me. Just let me call Lenny to bring it around for you." The cashier picked up the phone and told Lenny to bring the items for Amanda around front.

Steph waited for maybe three minutes when this hunk of a man walked into the front door. The man stood about 5'10'', weighed maybe 170lbs, and looked completely stunning.

Steph really couldn't check him out too much longer because the cashier interrupted her, "There you are Lenny. Please help this nice lady load all the items she has here and that you brought around front for Ms. Parker into her truck for her.”

Steph was reluctant to let him see what all she had but before she could defend her items from him he already had them in his hand and walked outside. Steph followed him outside to see three huge boxes sitting next to the door. One box read 'Robospanker', another read 'Stockade Fucking Machine', and the last one read 'The Locker'. On top of the boxes also sat four big bags with miscellaneous items inside it.

Steph wanted to see what was in the bags but Lenny picked up the bags and was on his way to where Steph parked. Steph led him to where she parked and he loaded all the bags in the passenger side of the truck while Steph just sat in the truck waiting for him to load the rest of the things. While the guy was loading the boxes into the bed of the pick up, Steph opened the bags containing Amanda's things.

It was easy for Steph to figure which were things and which were Amanda's, her bags were black with the stores logo and Amanda's were simple white bags. She looked through them to find a couple sets of ben wa balls ranging in size, an assortment of dildos for the boxes being loaded into the bed she imagined, a few bottles of flavored lube, and an assortment of bondage gear mainly designed to tie someone up.

It appears to Steph that Amanda might be just as big of a freak as her just a closet freak. Typical for Amanda's personality. Her thoughts were snapped back to attention when Lenny closed the bed of the truck. Steph turned around to make sure all the items were back there mainly her monkey rocker the rest of the boxes intrigued her and an urge to test them but for now her only concern was the rocker. After confirming that it was there she turned around and started up the truck to her next destination.

After Steph made a quick stop for a bite to eat, mainly a burger and a diet coke, Steph made her last stop...the pharmacy store for Amanda. She walked in and the same man that greeted them last time ran up to her to greet her. "Mr. Morris it's so good to see you," Steph tried to sound normal even though he appeared out of nowhere nearly scared the shit out of her.

Mr. Morris laughed, "Stephanie, right?"

Steph just nodded amazed that he would remember her name. "Just call me Kevin please," said the now first name Mr. Kevin Morris.

Steph raised her eyebrow, "Kevin huh? How come you let Amanda call you Mr. Morris. And you want me to call you Kevin?"

Kevin just laughed again, "That's because I keep telling her to call me Kevin but she just keeps calling me Mr. Morris. I just gave up after three years. So what can I do for you today Stephanie?"

Steph folded her arms and raised her eyebrow at Kevin, "Well I'm here to pick up Amanda's order. She did call it in right?"

Kevin sensing her irritation quickly answered, "Relax I'm just seeing how you were doing and what would bring a beautiful woman like yourself in my humble abode. That's all really."

Steph now felt guilty because she did sort of bite his head off, "I'm sorry if I sounded crass. I'm fine thank you very much. And I bet you say that to all the ladies." She sort of blushed because one she felt a little embarrassed and two it felt like she was being hit on. It's always flattering to be hit on but still in these situations it always made her feel small.

Kevin laughed, "Don't worry about it I understand it. And I only hit on the ones who deserve it," that caught Steph off guard and quickly interjected. "And who exactly deserve it?"

Kevin quickly straightened, "The ones who are fortunate to walk in here."

Once again Steph felt like she quickly jumped to conclusions. Kevin sensing she was embarrassed again, "Anyways I have the order already for you. Just let me go get it real quickly so we can send you on your merry way."

Steph bowed her head, "I'm sorry again and thank you."

Kevin was already walking away hearing her simply waved his hand, "No worries."

Kevin returned a few moments later with an even bigger box than last time. Steph led him outside and to the truck. Kevin loaded the big box into the bed, "Now I hope you have a good time here. Just remember any day above ground is a good day. And please remind Amanda we can deliver this stuff to her. Take care Stephanie." And he quickly left her at the truck as if he was high tailing it before he would say the wrong thing for Steph to misunderstand and bite his head off.

She wanted to say sorry again but he was already inside the store. She shrugged her shoulders, got into the truck, started it and headed back up to Amanda's.

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