The Summer I'll Never Forget - Day 2 (Part 2)

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This is the continuation of Day 2 from the Life of Steph
Finally dinner ended and if it had lasted any longer Steph would have said fuck it and thrown Jack on the table and ordered some ice cream, chocolate with a side of rope and whips. She lost track of the conversations she wasn’t really listening anyways. All she knew was that Chris wanted Amanda and from the looks of it Amanda wanted him in return. She could see Amanda’s expression and looked exactly like hers. Amanda looked like she was on the approach of having an earth shattering Orgasm just like her. She guessed Chris was doing to her what Jack was doing to her. Driving her insane with playing with her. Tonight was going to be interesting. Jack and Chris split the bill and they loaded into a limo Jack had called in. If Jack was trying to impress Steph he had already done that this morning the limo didn’t matter much to her.

They all loaded into the limo. As they sat down in the limo Steph positioned herself next to Jack so he could hide his hand more importantly his finger in her pussy. After a couple of seconds Steph said fuck it and straddled Jack to make out with him. As she straddled him, she also pulled his now throbbing cock out and pulled her panties aside forcing his cock in her. Time to see how long she can keep him on the verge. This drive will be one Jack will never forget. Fuck it Amanda and Chris were going to get a show. She was completely horny.

As she looked to her side she saw Amanda was doing the same thing. Amanda was straddled over Chris and was fucking him too. Steph just looked over grabbed Amanda’s chin and kissed her while they both fucked the guy they were on top off. Soon she shifted from kissing Amanda and fucking Jack to kissing and fondling Amanda and fucking Jack.

She could hear Jack moan and saying things like, “Oh that is a nice feeling.”

“Oh crap she has control of her kegel muscles.”

“ Holy fuck dude she’s not letting me cum.”

Damn did it feel good to hear those kinds of things. Before she could go for the grand finale the car stopped signaling that they have arrived at their destination. If the ride took any longer a lot more things were going to happen. They got situated and unloaded into the car. Making out with each other as they fell in the front door of Amanda’s cabin.

All four of them fell into the cottage. Before Steph could position herself from falling, Amanda rolled on top of her and smiled.

“Time to have a foursome.”

She winked at Steph and before she could protest Amanda was kissing her. God even though she wasn’t a lesbian she had to admit that Amanda could kiss. Amanda already had her top off, her skirt was off and her bra was gone.

Amanda looked at the boys, “Do you guys mind holding back? I know you won’t mind the show.”

Jack and Chris just nodded and sat back while they bumped fists together not being able to believe what they were seeing.

Amanda slowly bent down to Steph’s ear and said, “Let’s give these boys a nice little show.”

Steph just moaned and stood up. As Steph stood up facing the boys, Amanda was standing behind her slowly unzipping the back of her mini dress with her teeth. Oh yeah good move Amanda that got the boys going. Their cocks were whipped out.

Next Amanda was removing Steph’s panties with her teeth and in return Steph did the same to Amanda removing Amanda’s panties with her teeth. As she stood up Steph embraced Amanda and threw her on the floor so she could have her way with Amanda. There were some things she wanted to do to Amanda. And now was the perfect time to do it.

Steph looked back at the boys and said, “Could one of you be a darling and go up to my room on the second floor and get my small bag of toys out of my suitcase it should be hidden under all the clothes? Chris you think you could be up to the task?”

With that Chris disappeared upstairs.

While he was gone, she looked at Jack, “Oh and honey don’t you dare blow your load right now I still have things for you to do.”

Jack just looked at her and nodded but kept rubbing his dick.

She just shook her head. “Fine if you want that played with…” she looks at Amanda, “Could you please suck him off seeing how he won’t listen while I’m down here and please make sure he doesn’t cum.”

She sticks her finger in Amanda. All Amanda could do was moan and nod while she pinched her own nipples.

She looked back at Jack and says, “Now remember if you cum, you will be sorry.”

With that Jack was over by Amanda’s mouth and she immediately started sucking him off. She pinched Amanda’s clit and Amanda stopped sucking Jack and looked up at her.

All Steph said, “Slowly dear. Or do you need to be punished too for not listening?”

With that Steph just pushed her thumb on Amanda’s clit and started moving it circular motions. Amanda nodded and moaned again and put Jack’s cock in her mouth now moving up and down on his shaft slowly just like Steph wanted her too. Steph lower herself to Amanda’s pussy and noticed that her pussy was nicely shaved. Oh yeah this will be fun she thought to herself.

Within a few moments after Steph started eating out Amanda, Chris finally returned with her little black bag of tricks. Chris handed Steph her little black bag. After a few moments of searching in her bag she found what she was looking for. She pulled out a small rope of steel balls tied to a battery-operated remote control.

She looked at Jack, “Ok you’re finished getting a blow job from Amanda,” Steph pinched down lightly on Amanda’s clit to prove her point, “Isn’t he Amanda?”

Amanda just lightly yelped and just nodded. Jack got up like he was kicked in the balls.

She looked at Jack, “Come here.”

Jack waltzed over to her. She grabbed his cock and kissed his shaft lightly and pinched at the base of his shaft.

“Don’t worry your not done. Just sit over there until I tell you otherwise. And remember you come early you’ll be punished.” Steph said with a shit eating smile and winked at him. That did the trick he smiled and quickly joined Chris to watch the show that was taking place before them.

Now it was her time to have some fucking fun with Amanda and see how long she could go before Amanda started foaming at the mouth. Which reminded her let’s put that test to the theory.

She quickly looked at the boys, “Any of you boys got a timer?” They both just nodded.

“Good start the timer. I’ll tell you when to stop the timer.” Once again they just nodded.

She gave them her patented pirate look. Chris pressed something on his watch and just nodded at her. That was her queue that the time had started.

She got up to Amanda’s ear and whispered, “I want you to scream ‘Blitzkrieg’ when you have had enough. Letting me know you want a cock to finish you off. Until then sit back and enjoy yourself.”

Amanda didn’t do anything.

Once again Steph pinched Amanda’s clit. Amanda yelped and nodded.

That was all she needed.

She brought herself down to Amanda’s breasts. Nice, she had to admit for Amanda being a B cup they were still nice. She just had to nibble on her nipples she had no control. Of course that meant that her pussy would be left unattended. So she paused for a second and stuck one of the steel balls inside Amanda and turned on the setting to low. A low hum started and Amanda immediately moaned. Steph returned to nibbling on Amanda’s nipples.

That got her going.

While she was nibbling on Amanda’s nipples Steph slipped another one of the steel balls into Amanda. Steph could tell Amanda was beginning to foam at the mouth. She needed a little more encouragement.

Steph lowered herself down to Amanda’s shaved pussy and put her mouth over Amanda’s clit for just a second and thought why should Amanda have all the attention. It was time for her pussy to get some attention.

She looked back at the boys, “Will one of you please put your cock in Amanda’s mouth? And the other one please eat me out?”

With that said Chris came to Amanda and she immediately started sucking him off.

Steph quickly pinched Amanda’s clit and said, “Remember slow. You’re not done you are officially being punished for not listening.”

Amanda just yelped and moaned at the same time and did what she was told to do and started sucking Chris slowly.

She pinched her clit again, “Don’t neglect his balls.”

Amanda did what she was told.

Steph bent back down to start licking Amanda’s clit and slipped the last of the balls from the string. From behind Jack put his dick inside her and which she quickly squeezed she kegel muscles hard around the tip of his dick. He yelped and was about to say something.

She simply said to him, “Lick me until I tell you otherwise.”

She was in full dominatrix mode.

And she loved being in control of what was going on.

Jack positioned himself and started eating her out. Her only thought to herself as everyone listening to her every whim was ‘Good Bitch’.

After a few moments of licking Amanda she stuck one finger inside Amanda to add to the balls already vibrating inside her bouncing around. She was able to use her finger inside Amanda and position the vibrating steel ball to Amanda’s inner g spot. Steph used her other to put pressure on Amanda’s pelvis to make sure that the vibrating ball was where it should be.

As she did that Amanda started violently moving her hips and all Steph did was put more pressure down on Amanda’s pelvis to make her hips stop thrashing around. She could tell Amanda was about to have a violent orgasm.

Little bitch was putting up one hell of a fight.

That was good.

She needed a little more encouragement to push her over the top. Steph sat up putting her pussy on top of Jack’s face.

She looked down at Jack and said, “That’s good honey. Just as soon as little miss here throws in the towel. It’ll be your turn to be tortured. If I were you I would use that nice little vibrator to help you.”

She grabbed two small vibrators out and handed one to Jack to torture herself. She focused her attention back on Amanda.

She pinched Amanda’s clit, “Had enough yet?”

Amanda just moaned really loudly and she could tell Chris was about to lose his load.

She pinched Amanda’s clit again, “Stop sucking Chris.”

Amanda did as she was told.

She looked at Chris, “Regain your strength because you’re going to need it.”

Chris sat down and looked completely drained but he just nodded at Steph. Steph used the other vibrator on Amanda’s clit and she put two of her fingers inside Amanda and put the steel ball on Amanda’s inner g spot.

With her hands being full she again looked at Chris, “Could you be a dear and turn that remote control from low to full please?”

Chris immediately rounded around the scene and turned the knob currently reading low to high just like Steph wanted.

Oh she could feel some major pressure building on her fingers. Talking about pressure, Jack sure as hell was bringing a good amount of pressure on her. Fuck she needed this to end now if Amanda wasn’t going to foam at the mouth she sure as hell was going to be foaming at the mouth soon.

She thought to herself I’ll be damned if I let this little bitch beat me at my own game, oh it is on. Amanda is almost there she can just feel it.

She just needs a little more stimuli.

“Had enough sweetheart I can feel you’re almost at your wits end.”

Amanda just moaned even louder and humped her hips to the imaginary man between her legs.

She just needed a little more of a push to drive it home.

Steph started rolling the now vibrating steel ball set at high on Amanda’s inner g spot and with her other hand moving the vibrator on Amanda’s clit in small circular patterns. She also started moving her fingers in and out while rolling the ball at the same time.


With that Amanda proceeded to spray all over Steph.

That was a nice surprise.

She pulled her fingers out of Amanda along with all the balls out of Amanda and turned off all the vibrators.

Amanda fell into a small heap on the floor and panted extremely hard.

She looked at Chris, “Time.”

Chris looked at his watch, “26 minutes 38 seconds.”

Steph just smiled to herself.

Now she needed to focus on the man whose face was buried between her legs.

“Are you ready for your punishment?”

Jack just nodded his head between her legs.

“Ok I think I have been serviced enough.”

She laid him down and straddled him. She forced his cock inside her. And off she went to humping Jack.

At first it was slow.

After a few moments she speed up but the look in Jack’s eyes she slowed back down and squeezed her kegel muscles. She kept up this movement. Ten minutes went by and she can tell Jack’s eyes were beginning to look like saucers.

Oh no, she wasn’t going to let him cum yet.

She squeezed her kegel muscles as hard as she could.

Immediately Jack foamed at the mouth and began protesting, “Please let me cum. Please let me cum. It’s beginning to hurt. You’re going to kill me.”

She kept going.

She fastened her pace.

The faster she moved the more she squeezed her kegel muscles. The more Jack screamed that he felt like he was going to die.

Finally an explosion happened between her legs. The biggest orgasm yet in her life that she has ever felt and it was only heightened when Jack came inside her.

Jack just passed out from having an equal orgasm that was too large for his brain to comprehend.

Well that was two down and a third to go.

Steph grabbed Chris by the hand and brought his cock to the right hardness and led him over to Amanda.

Amanda was just looking at them as Steph opened up Amanda’s leg giving Chris an open invitation to fuck Amanda.

To keep Amanda from protesting because she was really sensitive at this moment Steph leaned down to kiss her and whispered into her ear, “Did I say your punishment was over?”

Amanda was about to protest Steph turned Amanda over and forced her face into Steph’s pussy.

Amanda just gave in and started eating her pussy. Steph ran her fingers through Amanda’s hair encouraging her to keep going.

With that Chris entered Amanda from behind. After about ten minutes Chris came and fell down. So did Amanda. And Steph just leaned back thinking. This was one hell of a night. Damn the consequences. With that everyone passed out right where they were.

Amanda was in between Steph’s legs.

Chris is still inside Amanda…well sort of.

And Jack just five feet away passed out.