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The Summer I'll Never Forget - Day 2 (Part 1)

This is the continuation from The Summer Ill Never Forget
Day 2

The next morning came. Stephanie woke up to the smell of coffee more to the point espresso. She lifted her head. Holy hell. Her head was splitting. Man did she get wasted last night. Everything was a blur. After a few moments of holding her head she took the first step and sat up. What the??? Her room was trashed. She felt something move and she looked over and saw him, Jack. Jack was all tied up. She guessed she did win last night she thought to herself. Much good it did her to enjoy any of it. She couldn’t remember shit of anything after the shots were done. Oh well maybe he could help fill in the blanks. All she knew was she needed strong coffee stat and the espresso she smelled smelt really inviting at this moment. She got out of bed and nearly crashed down to the floor. Holy hell my legs are fucking numb she thought to herself. She must have had a really good night last night. She managed to regain her balance and proceeded to walk down to the first floor where that wonderful aroma told her to go.

Steph made it into the kitchen. As soon as she did there sat Amanda reading the paper not even really paying any attention to Steph walking it. As if she sort of expected her to be there any second. Steph walked around the counter grabbed a coffee mug sitting next to the tall pot and pour her first drink to help fight the hangover. Step two of the hangover cure process is still upstairs asleep. She’ll get to that after step one has been completed.

“Rough night?” Amanda said still reading the paper.

All Steph could do at this moment was grunt. After she finished pouring her cup she proceeded to pound the cup and then pour her second cup.

“Ok….what time did you get in last night?”

“I have no clue right now my guess is just before my clothes fell to ground. But like I said that is just a guess.” Stephanie moved behind Amanda.

“Uh huh. Yeah when I got home you were already in your room fucking whoever is in there.” Amanda turned around to face Steph. As she turns around she nearly chokes on her coffee. “Huh why are you naked???”

Steph looked down. Yep she was naked. No wonder why she felt cold but the coffee was helping that right at this moment. “Sorry about that. I didn’t realize I didn’t put on a shirt or anything like to cover up. Right now I’m just gonna finish this cup of coffee and then go back upstairs and have Jack help me with step two of cure of a hangover.”

“Uh huh. How much of last night do you remember anyways?”

“I don’t know….why?”

Amanda was now giggling in access.

“Is it bad??? Come on from one girl friend to another did I make an ass out of myself?”

Amanda continued to giggle and snicker. Finally after a few moments she finally calmed down. “I wouldn’t say bad but damn. Matt Rockler has said he has never had a guest as accommodating as you before.”

“And what is that supposed to mean?”

Amanda just shrugged. “All I know is you went to sex rooms and had yourself video taped.”

“Crap!!!! I guess Jack did win last night. Fuck I thought I won last night. Oh well. I just hope he was a graceful winner. I can’t stand bad winners.”

Once again Amanda shrugged. “I have no idea I did however pull some strings with Matt and he said he’ll have a DVD sent here later.”

“GREAT!!!! Just want I need.”

Amanda just cocked her head and said, “Hey you should be glad I was able to pull this string for you because from the looks of you and from what I heard from everyone at the party you two were drinking hard so I doubt Mr. Lover Boy up there will be able to fill in any blanks for you. I bet he’s probably waking up right now trying to figure out where the hell he is right now.”

Steph just sighed. “You’re probably right about that one. And thank you for doing that for me. You’re a good friend. Now if you shall excuse me time to find out if he can fuck all over again.”

Amanda just rolled off her chair laughing. “You do that. I’ll let you know when the DVD arrives.”

Steph just walked her happy naked ass up the stairs and spanked it signaling to Amanda she can kiss her cheek. My god what kind of shit did I get myself in now. Oh well she couldn’t think of that she needed her step two of hangover cure into action and now. She made it back to her room and surprise surprise Jack was still out. She motioned over to the bed and to see if he was still breathing. Yep he was still breathing. Good she would really hate to fuck a dead guy and that is just too disturbing for her to think of so she immediately wiped the idea out of her mind just was quickly as it entered. She laid out on the bed and started playing with herself to get the juices flowing so it won’t hurt at the same time checking how her drunken friend was.

Once she touched herself something happened she didn’t expect. She was super sensitive. Actually that didn’t really surprise her after the night she had. She stuck a finger up herself to check the oils so to speak. As she pulled out her finger. Oh yeah there is some major lubrication going on down there. She was ready. Dipshit was still knocked out. Well at least her drinking reputation was still in tact but this was ridiculous. Fuck it. She pulled the sheets down. Thank you God for making men having morning wood. Half her job was already done.

She straddled on top of him and Jack was still zonked out. Great after this she was really going to find a different guy because this guy was turning more and more into a dud. As she put him inside of her she was amazed the more she got down to the bed the deeper it went. Oh maybe there was more to him than she realized. Maybe she might not have been paying attention to this man’s Johnson. Finally she got down to the root and it felt like her stomach was being pushing into her throat. Ok yeah he was big.

After a few moments of going up and down. He finally woke up to her fucking him. Finally she thought. He looked at her then looked down at his crotch then back at her. He must be thinking he was dreaming. Then he just start moving his hips in time with her. Oh crap did this feel good. Steph started moaning. Oh yeah this felt good. Whenever she moaned that was a good sign to her that he was going a good job.

“Untie my hands please?”

While still humping him she undid his handcuffs. Then with one fail swoop she was turned around a full 180 degrees without leaving his dick inside her. She untied his feet. She felt something amazing. He grabbed her ass and just started pounded her for everything he was worth. That was what she needed right now to help cure her hangover. No romantic dinner. No sex changing positions. Just a good pounding for her second step process for hangovers that has never failed her.

And the best position for a good pounding was either in the doggy position or in the missionary. Reverse cowgirl could achieve a good pounding but some serious skill was required. And boy howdy this guy had the skill. She was already set up in a reverse cowgirl position. And he just pounded her away and spanking her and grabbing her hips for better thrusting.

After what felt like five minutes of good pounding turned into ten. Then ten turned into twenty. Twenty into thirty. Steph was foaming at the moan of wave after wave of nirvana happening between her legs as he just kept pounding away. Thirty soon turned into forty. The only way she was able to keep track of time was she was facing the clock on the top of the table. And holy hell this boy could fuck. Ok maybe she should keep him around.

Then finally after forty-three minutes of unadulterated no holds barred banging. No love. No passion. Just good olde American fucking. This boy had the stuff to make the greats. After falling over from the sex she quickly looked around to see if there were any hidden cameras for a badly lit porno. She also checked around to see if her brains were lying around because it felt like they were fucked out of her.

“Well thank you so much for the wake up call, Steph.”

Steph cooed at him, “No thank you for curing my hangover.”

“Well your welcome then. But not to be rude. Where are we?”

“Relax, we’re at my friend’s place.”

“And that would be….????”



“Yeah you know her?”

“Only by reputation. One of my buddies has a major crush on her. Said things happened once with her but nothing after that.”


“When did we get here?”

“You don’t know either?”

Jack simply shakes his head, “Nope. All I remember was us drinking shots. And after that…..” He struggles to think of last night, “nothing. The next thing I remember is waking up to you riding me like a wild woman.”

Steph just smiled at him, “So you don’t remember who won the challenge?”

Jack just looked around, “From the looks of it I would imagine you won.”

Steph just decided to leave it at that. After some kissing and some small talk. She decided it was time for Jack to get home and change because he reeked of the alcohol from last night. And no offense she knew she smelled of Patron as well along with some other alcohols just not sure which. Patron was always good going down. Always horrible smelling coming out of the pores afterwards.

They exchanged each other numbers and Jack went on his way. Steph quickly took a shower, dried off and threw on a pair of panties and a t-shirt to wear downstairs. It was difficult to walk down the stairs she almost thought about doing a military crawl down the stairs to the sofa.

“So did your second stage work?”

“Boy howdy did it.” Steph said with a shit-eating grin.

Amanda just rolled her eyes. “Well at least one of us got lucky this morning.”

“What about last night?”

“Oh yeah I got satisfied last night just not this morning. Sorry I didn’t feel like bringing home anyone last night.”

“Was I allowed to bring people home?”

“Oh yeah sure no harm no fowl. Don’t worry about it. I came home last night and was about to check on you but heard some names and whipping and well you get the picture.”

“Yeah sorry about that.”

“Oh no worries like I said at least you got some na na this morning.”

Steph sat down for a little while with Amanda talking to each other about their nights last night. From what Steph could gather from Amanda she did go speak to Matt Rockler about what she wasn’t too specific. Oh well. After that Amanda hooked up with some guy that Amanda knew named Chris but she didn’t know who he was. Amanda said she’ll meet Chris later that night her Chris, Steph, and her new lover boy were all supposed to go out and eat dinner. Steph just shrugged at the future plans and needed to call Jack but figured he’ll find out he get’s here.

“Maybe I should call Jack about the plans just to make sure he isn’t busy.” Steph said looking for her purse to get out her cell phone. But before she could get out her cell phone, Amanda spoke keeping her from calling Jack.

“Don’t worry I told Jack to be back here at 5 pm sharp. He looked confused at first thinking I was going to do something to him. But I reassured him and told him we were all going to go out to dinner. He said he would be here.”

“Ok good because I definitely want to see more of that boy after what happened after I went back upstairs for my second stage was amazing.” As Steph twirled her hair in one finger and the other hand on her crotch lightly rubbing herself. “I just wish he was here so we could go back and do it again. Fuck that was amazing.”

Amanda just gave her a shallow look of disgust with a hint of jealousy, “Hmm mmmmm. Well while you were banging like a mad dog upstairs. Your DVD came with a nice little note for you.”

Amanda held out the little note towards Steph. Steph immediately snatched the note out of Amanda’s hand and proceeded to tear open the little envelope and pulled out the note.

She began to read the note to herself as Amanda chimed in, “Well don’t keep me in suspense. What does the note say?”

Obviously Amanda was interested.

Steph looked at Amanda but just decided to read the note, “I hope this DVD helps fill in the blanks. From the looks of it, it looks like you had fun. Enjoy. Signed M.”

Amanda just rolled her eyes at the last part. “That’s Matt for ya always checking everything making sure he doesn’t get embarrassed and his privacy is kept in tact. Oh well do you want to watch the DVD alone or do you want me to make some popcorn?”

Steph thought about it and figured what the hell, “Go ahead and pop in the disc and let’s see together how crazy I got.” Amanda popped in the disc and the movie started on the big screen.

The television started off with some Logo that Steph has never seen before and she has seen just about every single logo for each company. The logo that came up was two letters fused together of an M and R spinning faster and faster until two bolts of lightning hits it. Oh well it didn’t matter at this moment but as if Amanda could read her mind, “Got to love Matt’s personal insignia. It’s not much but it is flashy.” Well that answers her internal question. After the insignia dissolved and up popped up her entering the party with Amanda. “Ok yeah that much I remember.” They fast forwarded a little bit and stopped at the point where Amanda didn’t remember. She watched as the movie played. Steph and Jack were sitting at the bar taking shots. Slowly as time moved on people started noticing that they were having a contest. And after each shot the crowd around them got bigger and bigger until finally Steph couldn’t tell but the camera was focused on the crowd it was focused on Steph and Jack. From the looks of it they were both equal when it came to drinking…until finally Jack fell over. Next Stephanie jumped up and down and started shaking her booty and pointing at Jack and laughing. Amanda just chuckled, “Wow!!! Someone is a gracious winner.” Steph just gave her best pirate look as her brothers always called it when she sneered at them.

“Yeah well that comes from living with three brothers who all play sports.”

Their attention was drawn back on the television. Finally, after some more victory dancing from Stephanie on the tube she just kissed Jack. And kissed. And kissed. Steph grabbed the remote and fast-forwarded a little bit past the make out session. Then finally Steph grabbed Jack lead him to one of the empty canopies outside. That next scene didn’t surprise Steph in the least.

“How come it doesn’t surprise me that this DVD would lead to this?” came from Amanda.

Yeah that scene didn’t surprise Steph either. Next after the session of fucking with the toga still on, surprisingly much to Steph’s dismay. She took Jack up to the second floor. Oh god not the second floor Steph thought to herself. Please don’t go towards the fantasy rooms. Please please. Oh she turned right. Crap that’s the way towards the sex rooms.

Amanda laughed, “Oh this might turn interesting. At least I will be able to confirm how much of a freak you truly are.”

Steph turned beat red and before she could grab the remote and turn it off; Amanda already had turned off the DVD ejected it and handed the disc inside the case to her.

“Here before you are too embarrassed. I won’t invade your sexual privacy unless you want me to. Even though that is kind of funny seeing how you tell me just about everything about your sexual exploits. Trust me it’s one thing to hear and another to see.”

“Thank you. I appreciate it.” Steph was still blushing but was glad Amanda was kind enough to stop it. If it were any other one of her friends they would seize the remote so Steph couldn’t turn it off. God if it were her brothers it would be worse.

The rest of the day was uneventful. That was until dinner or at least before dinner was enjoyable. Jack showed up exactly at 5 like Amanda told him to show up. A knock came at the door of her bedroom just as she walked out of her bathroom with a towel around her breasts and another drying her hair.

“Knock knock. Ready or not here I come.” Jack poked his head with a sly smile. Geez there’s that smile again. God did he look good as he walked the rest of the way in.

Steph just laughs, “Does it look like I’m ready?”

“Depends.” Jack’s smile went from normal to sly.

“On……..???” Steph tried rolling her eyes back but couldn’t. She just wanted to tackle him like a linebacker would tackle a running back and just bang his brains out until he was foaming at the mouth. If this boy could fuck her earlier for forty-three minutes wait until she applies some pressure. If she used her kegel muscles to help prolong the sex that will make him foam at the mouth. She guessed she could make him not cum for at least another thirty minutes possibly another forty if she did it correctly. Thank god her brothers made her take Kegel muscle exercise classes when she became a teenager. At first the exercises were meant as a joke but later after she became sexually active she found that training quite handy when needed.

“On what you’re getting ready for.” Jack’s smile went from sly to shit eating. He winked at her.

Ok that was actually lame she thought to herself but she still found herself getting horny amazingly enough. “I don’t think we have time for that. Aren’t we supposed to be out the door by 6?”

“Yeah I thought so too but Amanda notified me that Chris couldn’t get reservations for dinner until 8 so we have a little bit of time before we absolutely have to be there.” Jack was beginning to get closer to her to make a move on her.

“Oh really and you think we have time for a quickie before we have to be ready for dinner for you.” Before she could thoroughly make a valid argument why that was a bad idea Jack already had his hand in between her legs and was already moving his finger in a medium paced circular motion on her clit. That was all the encouragement she needed.

Steph grabbed Jack by the collar and threw him on the bed and ripped off his pants and boxers in one swift move. She didn’t care how impressive that might have been at this moment she needed sex and she needed to make it quick before they leave for dinner. She straddled Jack and forced his wonderful prick inside her. It didn’t take long before both of them were humping for everything they were worth. Finally after thirty minutes they came together and she fell in a heap on top of Jack. After what felt like an eternity she got up and went back into the bathroom to comb her hair and get ready for the dinner that was going to take place in an hour. Shit she didn’t have much time to get ready. After forty minutes she was ready for dinner finally. She walked out in a one-piece skintight dress that stopped just above her knees.

“Wow. You look gorgeous.” Jack looked at her like she was his stunning present that he couldn’t wait to open. He walked up to her and grabbed her ass.

“Ok keep it in your pants nympho. You can wait until after dinner. Trust me I’ll make it worth your while.” She just kissed him and led him down to meet up with Amanda.

As they reached downstairs Steph noticed Amanda with some guy facing her. When they got closer Steph got a good look at the guy talking to Amanda. The guy had to be about the same height as Jack. He must have weighed about 170 lbs. He seemed like he worked out but just enough to stay in shape. He sure as hell wasn’t one of the muscle bound dick heads that thought of nothing but working out. He had short cut dirty blonde hair.

“Oh there you are Steph. I’d like you to meet a good friend of mine, Chris. Chris this is my roommate from college staying here for the summer, Stephanie. And this handsome man is her newly acquired friend, Jack. I think you already know Jack.”

Chris turned around to meet Steph and she finally got a better look of this man. Aside from his blonde hair and his quite impressive body he had green eyes. Fuck those green eyes were stunning. Now why couldn’t she have hooked up with Chris instead of Jack. Oh well. Jack did have his good qualities besides Chris was spoken by Amanda or at least for the time being. HOW THE HELL AM I SUDDENLY FUCKING HORNY!!! Steph thought to herself. Je-Sus this is ridiculous. Geez were all guys around here just completely handsome or what. He had some really good facial features that could possibly rival Fabio. Now that was one man that was over rated but she didn’t care she already had her squeeze for the summer. Even though she wouldn’t mind running a foursome at that moment. Fuck she couldn’t believe how horny she was. Must be in the water she figured. She thought to herself she would really need to control her urges before she does something she might regret.

Chris offered his hand out to Steph, “Pleasure I’m sure.”

“Pleasure is definitely mine.” Steph shook Chris’s hand like a body builder would trying not to shake his hand all feminine or anything like that. Women that shook other peoples hands with no strength irritated her. She really needed to thank her brothers to be more than feminine.

Chris went from looking at Steph to Jack and said, “Jack how are you doing this summer?”

“Hey, Chris, long time. Obviously you can see that my summer is going good.” Jack said to Chris. Obviously to Steph that they knew each other more than just acquaintances there was some history between them. Didn’t really matter to her.

“Well I guess we should get going or we’ll lose our reservations.”

They headed out of the cottage and drove to their destination. Took a while to get there but she guessed when you live in a mountain area it takes more than ten minutes to drive anywhere in this town. When they got to their restaurant she noticed it looked nice for the area. As she walked in she was wrong. The place looked more adequate than it did outside. The place was well hidden from the world and exquisite. After the food was served it looked like the plates were made out of gold. God she was out of her element. Like that mattered to her at this moment she was unbelievably horny. She just wanted to mount Jack on the table and have her way with him for the next 48 hrs. That might satisfy her craving she thought.

“So Chris how long have you lived here in this area?” Steph said as she put her hand down Jack’s pants and started rubbing his wonderful cock on the outside of the pants.

“Well like Amanda, I have grown up around here but I’m just here house sitting for one of the families that decided to go to somewhere in Europe for the summer.” Chris said.

At this moment she wouldn’t be surprised if smoke came out from Jack’s crotch. She was sure she might rub him raw.

“Why would you be house sitting?” Now her interest was no longer focused on the conversation.

She was paying attention to what Chris was saying because she was no longer stroking Jack’s cock. He was now playing with her clit. Very well she might add. If he kept this up she didn’t think she could take this much longer and might actually indulge her initial thought of throwing Jack on the table tie him down and give everyone in this restaurant a show.

“Well unlike Amanda and Jack here I don’t come from money. I have to work hard just to stay afloat. Fortunately I was able to score this house-sitting gig this summer so I have more time than I normally do. So I was able to connect with Amanda and see how she was doing.”

“Yeah during the party last night, I ran into Chris after talking to Matt. And we sort of reconnected. I thought it would be nice to have dinner and see what all he has been up to.” Amanda chimed in with a nice smile.

Steph didn’t care anymore with Jack playing with her clit she thought her eyes were going to go into the back of her head. When was dinner going to end? Not soon enough for her at this moment. She tried every trick she knew not to moan because Jack was doing a number on her. The only thought running in her mind was not to scream from please god she would be embarrassed. No O no O no O. She tried to control her orgasm let it build and build until after they leave this restaurant letting the dam break and letting the flow start.

Be on the look out for Part 2 of Day 2

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