The Summer I'll Never Forget

By Lightning454

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The summer that Steph will never forget...
This story is completely fiction. The names, characters, story plot have been pulled out of randomness. This story is from the eyes and thoughts of Stephanie Gordan.

Day 1

Summer was always slow for Ms. Amanda Parker. Freshly out of Yale College for summer break being a freshman. Still unsure what she should major in other than Economics. Amanda always went to her parent’s house for the summer. The mountain air had always brought new life to her ready to take on the world after a summer at her parent’s house. Normally her parents would spend the summer in some other country making sure they never spent time with their kids. Naturally it was unbearable for her, her younger sister Natalie, and her older brother Thomas. But now most of them are used to their parents not wanting to spend any family together unless necessary. So she got used to either spending time with her younger sister and older brother or just spending time to herself. More with her sibling than not but this summer she just wanted to recollect her thoughts.

As houses went this place was surreal to her but her friends told her this place was huge. Nice three-story house with including basement and attic. Yeah they were right it was huge when you were alone. The first floor had a nice kitchen with soapstone counters. Along with the kitchen was a nice dining room with exquisite statues surrounding the dining table that always seemed to make her skin crawl. Who of all people would put statues in a dining room courtside yes dining room no. Along with the nice dining room was a wonderful living room with a huge flat screen TV. The second floor was split in half one side was a second living room with flat screen TV and sofa with lazy boy chairs from the John Elway collection. And the other half of the floor was bedrooms to sleep in with a bathroom in each room. The third floor had the same layout as the second floor just more exquisite than the second floor of the building. The place was huge and could sleep eight people. All in all she called it home.

“God this place is huge!!!”

She heard the familiar voice coming from behind her as looked out the balcony. Her friend, Stephanie, had come with Amanda to her family’s house for the summer. Stephanie Gordan was from a middle class family from Tennessee but without the accent. Stephanie stood about 5’7’’ and weighted maybe 121 lbs or so. She had great legs a great ass and especially a great set of tits of course what would you expect from someone who was athletic. The way Stephanie carried herself you could tell she grew up around brothers because she wasn’t shy about much and was always competitive. Like Amanda, Stephanie just got done with her freshman year at Yale University. She was head cheerleader for Yale and was set about becoming a lawyer. Amanda just smiled to herself.

“Yes. I know but I call it home during the summer.”

“What about the other three seasons of the year.”


Stephanie ran around the whole house checking out everything. She couldn’t believe everything she was seeing. Talk about coming from money.

“Are you sure your parents are ok with me staying here for the summer?”

“They won’t know. They’re off on some country. Italy maybe.”

“For real?”

“Yeah they are usually off having fun without their children. It’s ok I’m used to it just don’t make a big deal please.”

“Ok. What about the boys around here? Please tell me there are boys here.”

“Oh yeah there are boys around here. Get settled in. The Rockler’s over a couple of houses always throw the biggest insane parties for the summer. And for them it is an all summer party for them. I just have to warn you about one boy.”

“And who might that be?”

“His name is Randy David he is the town Casanova. He can get into any girls panties and trust me you don’t want to deal with the heartache if you hook up with him and when the summer ends he’ll just dump you if you’re lucky.”

“Ok thanks for the tip. I need more than a name what does he look like?”

“Well, he looks like Casanova reincarnated,” Amanda slyly smiled to herself, “I have no idea what his hair style will be this summer but it’s usually brown with some type of frost streaks or highlights or something. He has green eyes. Olive skin. And built. Oh lord is he built. If you see him you’ll want to fuck his brains out on the spot. But please avoid the temptation you’ll regret it in the long term.”

“Thanks for the detail. If I didn’t know any better I’d say somebody loves this Randy?”

“Yeah yeah yeah. Maybe in a past life I might have loved him but in this life. That is a different story. And in the past. Right where it should be.”

“Well, excuse me miss haughty taughty. I’ll leave the past drama alone. I’m here to get away from my family and to get some serious strange.”

“*Giggles* Then I think Randy might be the person you actually want then if you only want strange then.”

“Well then when is the party?”

“Relax we got the rest of the day before the party starts. In the mean time, unless you want to starve I suggest we hit up the grocery store. Plus I might be able to find out more of the party tonight and if there are any themes this year.”


“I’ll explain after we get back. Come on.”

Both Amanda and Stephanie loaded into the Jeep Wrangler. Amanda shifted the Jeep into drive and drove down the hill. Stephanie just looked around at all the scenery of all the trees as Amanda drove towards town to the grocery store. One thing she noticed about all these so-called cabins and houses. They weren’t cabins or houses more like huge fucking mansions in log form. Well not as huge as a mansion but damn close. Oh no none of these people have actually worked a single day of their lives Steph thought to herself. She had to admit that everything looked beautiful she wouldn’t be surprised if this place was nicknamed the Wood Hamptons filled with the rich. Ok she had to ask Amanda.

“Tell me again what your parents do and how is it you got such a sweet thing going on here?”

“Well frankly put my parents own a few film companies along with a few other companies no big. I gave up trying to find out what all my parents did other than not be parents.”

Wow talk about some serious attitude. Steph made a mental note to herself not to talk about or ask questions about Amanda’s parents unless she wanted a sweet thing to turn into a major drag. Oh well she just shrugged it off.

“Well I’m just saying this place is fucking sweet. I don’t think I have ever been in a more beautiful place than this place.”

“Granted this place is beautiful I can think of other places that are as or more beautiful. Like Marseilles, France or Monaco or Monte Carlo. Now those places are beautiful but those are more gorgeous for the ocean than anything else.”

“Ah well maybe one of these days I might go to those places just not right now. This seems more like a paradise than anything else.”

*Laughs*”Yeah well let me know after the summer is over.”

“Oh don’t worry I will. Just don’t be surprised if you hear some noises coming from my room some time during the summer.”

“Damn you took the words out of my mouth.”

With all the talking Stephanie failed to notice that they stopped at some grocery store. As they got out of the car she noticed some top of the line cars both luxury and sports alike. She saw a Bugatti, Lambo, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, etc. Yeah the more and more she saw the more and more it looked like rich town of the woods. They walked in together and began the shopping for what they wanted to eat of the next month or so. Thank god for the Jeep. As they walked out Amanda bumped into some hot looking man.

“Hey you, long time no see.” Said the hot looking man.

“Yeah back home from college. Well home for the summer anyways like normal. James let me introduce you to my roommate at the college I’m attending. This is Stephanie. Stephanie this is one of my good friends, James.”

James reached out and shook her hand. My god did he have a firm hand shake.

“Nice to meet you, Stephanie. Tell me what do you think of our nice part of the country?”

“Pleasure is mine, James. This place is beautiful. Tell me are all the places around here huge?”

James laughs, “Well I don’t know about huge. But this is the place for the privileged that like the outdoors look.”

“And where do you fit in the privileged James?”

“Me, my parents are silent partners of a couple of computer and software companies.”

“Yes, James is our resident computer genius. MIT and other colleges like that are all fighting over him. Quite amazing actually.” Amanda chiming into their little conversation.

James starts to scratch behind his head as if all embarrassed. “Well I guess that is true but that is besides the point. Say are you two going to the Rockler’s party tonight?”

Amanda just looks at Steph as she tries not to shake her head like a bobble head doll. “Yes I do believe we’ll be there tonight. Say you wouldn’t happen to know if this year has a theme or not.”

James sounds a little too over joyed at the news, “That sounds great. Actually yeah I do know this year’s theme. I believe it is a toga theme.”

“Sounds good. See you then in your toga.” Amanda kissed James on the check. And Stephanie noticed James turning red and tried to turn his head towards Amanda she he could kiss her fully on the lips but she already turned around and started taking the newly bought groceries towards the Jeep. Steph made a mental note to herself not to make any advances on James because it sounds like there is more to Amanda and James together. Besides like it really mattered what Steph saw in James eyes she was a figment of his imagination because his eyes were only focused on Amanda. Oh well one down and many more to go after tonight.

The girls loaded the groceries into the Jeep and headed back to the house. Stephanie couldn’t help herself from her curiosity plus she thought it would be good to confirm her suspicions and the drive would go by quicker.

“So, what is the deal with James? Looks like he likes you or something?”

“What!?! Oh……” Amanda blushes as if calling back a memory, “Yeah James. We had a little fling back in the day. Nothing too much to talk about now. It was in the past. We both have grown up since then. Besides the last I heard he was engaged to some gold digger named Jessica or something like that.”

“Oh sorry I didn’t know he was spoken for. The way he was acting didn’t look like it to me but what do I know.”

“No he’s always acted like that. Quite cute sometimes but…”


“But…I don’t know…there are times being cute is great and other times you want a guy to take charge. It’s hard to explain. That time me and James had a work out of the hips. It was amazing but….things changed after that. I saw him in a new light and found that I wanted more that he just couldn’t provide.”


“I just don’t know yet. If it happens then it happens but right now we may have clicked psychically once or twice but we haven’t click mentally yet. It’s hard to explain. Can we just change the subject, please?”

“Sorry it just looked like there was more to it from him it seemed to me. I won’t mention it again. So tell me about this party tonight? How many single men will there be there tonight? You have already told me about Randy, but what about the rest of them?”

They arrived at the house and unloaded the groceries from the Jeep to inside.

“I don’t know how many single men there will be tonight. If I had to guess maybe a dozen or so will be completely available. Another two dozen will sleep with you even though they are already spoken for. And perhaps another dozen will try to convince you into a threesome with their boo be careful some of them won’t be guys asking but girls too trying to keep the passion alive with their guy. Other than that I have no idea how many people will be there. I just know the first night of summer is always crazy at the Rockler’s and is the place to be. So in the mean time I suggest you find out if you want to wear any clothes underneath your sheet for tonight and how you might want to style the sheet to your body.”

“Ok” with that said Steph ran upstairs and tried to figure out how she should stylize herself for the coming party.

As she reached her room with all of her stuff for the summer. She looked around her clothes to see if she had anything to match the toga theme for the party tonight. Just as she expected none of her clothes can be transformed into a toga without completely destroying it. So she ran downstairs looking for Amanda to ask her a question about using some sheets and if she can destroy them to create a toga for herself. After looking around the first floor. Nothing. She immediately ran upstairs to the second floor. Nothing. Finally she ran upstairs to the third floor and looks in the first room. Nothing. She starts towards the next room and hers Amanda talking to someone but can’t quite hear what is going on. As she gets closer she begins to hear clear what Amanda is saying and sees she is on the phone through the cracked door.

“….no I don’t believe you. No! We’ll talk about this later. I have company currently. That was the past and you know that was it. Just a stupid fling. Your engaged now so don’t even try to call me telling me you want to get back together with me you blooming idiot. No don’t call here again. NO!!!!” SLAMMM!!!!

Stephanie lightly knocks on the door. “Sorry to disturb you. But I was wondering if everything was alright.” Steph looks at Amanda and her eyes are all puffy from trying not to cry. She can tell she looks stressed out from whoever that was who called. Was it James? Didn’t sound like it but she couldn’t tell for sure. Whoever it was seriously rattled her badly.

Amanda wiped her eyes. “Yeah come in. Sorry if you heard anything.”

“Yeah sounded like he needed a stern kicking or something.”

Amanda laughs in between sobs. “You might be right about that one. I appreciate you coming up to see if I was ok. Sorry was I too loud or something.”

“No. What….no. Actually I came up here for a different reason.”


“And I don’t have anything to fashion into a toga well not anything I want to ruin without….well you know.”

Amanda smirks. “Yeah I know what you mean. Sure go ahead I’m sure there are some extra sheets you can ‘destroy’ to fashion into a toga for yourself. Just check one of the closets around here I’m sure you’ll find some sheets that mind do the trick.”

“Thanks. Not exactly what I was going for. But that works too.”

“Oh you were asking if you could take the Jeep into town to get sheets to destroy. Please!!! Go ahead use our sheets. Whatever damage we do my parents have a maid come here three times a week to clean and replace anything destroyed whether it be sheets or televisions. That’s what she is paid to do. So go ahead get to fashioning a toga you don’t have much time. I’ll be down in a little bit to help you if you need it.”

“Oooooook. Thanks again, Amanda. I might need your help with some things with the toga then. How about you? You got a toga already?”

“Huuuh?!? Oh no. My last one got destroyed or something like that I think.”

“Oh. Oh ok. Well if you want you can come down and we’ll create a toga together. The more of us the quicker we can get it done.”

Amanda just gives a small smirk to Steph and blows her nose. “Yeah. Sure. Sounds good. You go ahead and get started and I’ll be down shortly to help you creating the togas for ourselves.”

“Ok. Sounds like a plan. Don’t be too long or I’ll be back up. And you don’t want me to come back up here you know I will.”

Amanda just laughs to herself. “Ok. I hear ya. Don’t worry I’ll be down shortly please. Geez what is it with girls who grew up around brothers.” Amanda smiles politely at Steph.

Steph laughs and smiles back at Amanda. “It’s a curse and benefit at times.”

Steph heads back down to her floor. She guessed they’ll be sleeping on different floors for the rest of the summer. That was good for her as she thought. She knew that she could be a real screamer at times when fucking a guy. That could be good she didn’t want Amanda to know the depths of her freaky-ness that would be embarrassing. Oh well.

On to her current task…finding where the sheets are hidden. After checking a few cabinets she finally found a bundle of sheets of different colors and sizes. Now that she had her sheets next was trying to figure out how to style them. Ummmm should she make the toga a two-piece or one. After some much consideration she finally decided to make her toga a two-piece. She immediately picked up one of the sheets being beige and ripped it to long strips about 3 to 4 inches thick each.

After ripping them she had six strips of 3 to 4 inch thick beige sheets. Next was trying to figure out how to use the strips as a bra or tube top or something close to that. While she was trying to figure that out something hit her. Steph realized that she hasn’t had sex in over four months what with course over loads, midterms, and finals. Well she hasn’t had sex with a man in over four months.

Sex with herself or a toy was a whole entire different story but it wasn’t considered sex it was better known as masturbation. Fuck she was really horny. That fact helped make up her mind on how to style her toga. Less is more she has always learned. No how to pull it off. She sat there for a few moments trying to figure out how to make her top then suddenly it came to her.

She quickly tied two strips together at one end and put the tied end behind her back just below her bra line. As she wrapped the strips in a criss cross manner around the back of her neck and back down. Up and down until her breasts were covered and kept it tight enough to where her 32C’s were in place.

Didn’t take much because she liked keeping herself in shape so her breasts didn’t need much encouragement to stay in place. After she felt that the top was finished she tucked what was left over wherever it could without being visible enough to beg to be freed from her famous tuck. The most famous tuck that her brothers and ex lovers would say a rig could go 55 mph with rope attached to her towel after she showered and it wouldn’t budge. She would but the towel wouldn’t move once she tucked it. That was one trick that came very useful at this moment she thought to herself.

Just before she could check out her job in the mirror. Steph heard steps coming from the third floor towards the second on to her. Amanda appeared from the steps.

“Oh your top looks magnificent.”

“Thank you. I could make the same for you.”

“You better because my last toga didn’t have the criss cross pattern like what you have going on.” Amanda said slyly.

“Yeah well I’m not finished for this two piece.”

Amanda just smiled at the comment. Steph looked Amanda up and down. Trying to figure out what color best suits Amanda. She had to admit that Amanda didn’t have the same size top as she did but she still had looks. If she had to guess Amanda’s breast size she would say she is a 34 B at best. God she would kill to have Amanda’s waist though. Once again she guessed Amanda was a size 2 but she could guess she could fit in a 1 or even a 0 but that would be a stretch.

Steph could fit in a 2 but it was always way too tight so she just liked being in a 4 just loose enough to be comfortable but tight enough to show off her assets. She slowly laughed to herself that was one thing she always got from her brothers always wearing one or two sizes bigger than normal just for comfort but in recent years she realized that having loose clothes didn’t attract the boys so she had to trade comfort for being chased around by wearing more revealing clothes.

“Do you want beige like me or would you like a different color?”

“I don’t know do you have any blue or green sheets in that bundle?”

They laughed together and threw each other different color sheets at each other. Finally Steph decided on some wonderful plain green sheets were best it really matched Amanda. So Amanda ripped up one sheet just like Steph had getting six strips of 5 foot 3 to 4 inch wide strips. In which, Steph wrapped in the same manner of a criss cross pattern to hold Amanda’s breasts in place.

She was so horny in wrapping Amanda’s breasts she had to stop herself from wanting to suck on Amanda’s nipples. Normally Steph wasn’t much of a…..what was the term her brothers always called lesbians…..oh yeah….rug muncher. She always hated when her brothers called lesbians those various names they always had. Oh well. Once she got done wrapping Amanda’s breasts and tucked the access in the same manner she tucked her access. Once she did she finally got a look in the mirror at her job with just the top bit and noticed immediately that both of their chests were pointing. Oh she was slightly embarrassed that her headlights were on.

“Ok right now that the top is done now we got to figure out how we should do the bottoms.”

After much consideration she had an idea. She grabbed the other strip left over from the bra top and made a waistband. With the waistband in place she grabbed two other sheets folding them in half and tucked one in front. Then one in the back. She waltzed over to the mirror and looked at what she looked like. Granted with wasn’t much of a toga but god even she looked good. It showed off just enough of her legs but it showed too much of her thong. So she loosed it just enough to where it hugged but it fell so it wouldn’t show what her thong looked like. She almost toyed with the idea of going commando but throw that idea out didn’t want the boys to think she was easy so early in the game.

“Yeah that looks good on you but I want something else.” Amanda looked at her.

“Why I think we could pull this off for you as well.” Steph said with a smirk.

“Trust me it wouldn’t look good. I don’t have the hips like you do.” Amanda said kind of looking a lot like a jealous person would.

“Ok, let’s try it this way.” Steph grabbed a green sheet wrapped it around her waist and was about to tuck it but that didn’t look good immediately. She grabbed a clip and one safety pin that she had set out just in case and pinned the top of the sheets just at the waist. With that pin in place she opened up the flaps and used the safety pin just inside for more support. After she was done with the adjustments she had to admit it looked good. Amanda went over to the mirror and she turned around slowly.

“Looks better than my last toga. Well now that we have our togas done. I guess we should finish getting ready. I’m gonna take a shower. We’ll meet back down here in two hours and put our togas on for the party.”

Crap she nearly forgot that she still had to do her hair and make up. She looked out the window and noticed it was beginning to get dark. Fuck making togas from scratch sure does take time. Steph didn’t even bother cleaning up her mess. She walked into the room she was gonna be sleeping in the next few weeks. She stripped from her homemade toga untucked her top, unwrapped herself and let the cloths fall to the ground. S

he stood there in the room with only her thong on. Steph walked into the bathroom this was the first time she walked into the bathroom. Holy fuck this bathroom was the size of her parents living room back home. Marble sink tops. Gorgeous mirrors. Mable flooring with unique carpets for the toilet, sink, and shower. She looked at the shower. Oh my god the shower was impressive.

She turned on the water and the water immediately came from the ceiling. She just stood there in awe. If she were to die right now she would be happy with just the sights she saw here. After what felt like an eternity watching as the water fell from the ceiling she slowly walked into the falling water and wet her hair.

She looked over to find a huge tub that could easily fit her and her three brothers with room to spare.

After a little while she realized she better get out and dry her hair. Over the next hour and a half Steph took her bath, dried herself off, did her hair, and did her make up. She didn’t have time to find the perfect thong for the ensemble but she was able to find the closest color to beige she had for underwear and quickly put on her man made toga. She stepped out of her room to see Amanda sitting on the couch sprawled out watching TV.

As soon as Amanda realized that Steph had come out of her room.

“Oh a few more minutes and I would have had to come in there.” Amanda said slyly.

“And do what pray tell?” Steph was intrigued to what Amanda might have done.

“Well you’ll never know now. Well I guess we should head off to the party. Or we could stay here for you to not meet any boys until later.” Amanda said.

“No no. I need a guy now. Trust me I need an itch scratched.” Steph said with a smile.

They headed out to the front of the house.

“I hope you don’t mind but we’ll be going there by taxi. I plan on getting trashed tonight. Among other things.”

That was a relief to Steph she was beginning to think Amanda was a lesbian. Of course she wouldn’t mind but she really needed a good dick right now and no amount of pussy could relieve that urge.

“Fine by me. I agree with the need to get drunk and ‘other things’ as you put it,”

Steph shrugged. Amanda just laughed.

As the taxi pulled up they got in and Amanda told the driver, “Rockler’s cabin on 500 Browning please.”

The taxi driver nodded and drove off in the direction that Amanda told him. As they were driven towards the location Amanda remained quiet. After what seemed to be 30 minutes of driving the cab pulled up to a huge metal gate with guards standing in three piece suits. As the guards approached the vehicle Stephanie noticed that the guards had Uzi’s under their coats. The first of the guards approached the window where Amanda was sitting. Holy crap this guy look like he could be a starter for the Dallas Cowboys or a WWE wrestler he was just a wall of solid muscle from the looks of it.

“Name please.”

Amanda just looked like she was used to this or it was expected. “Ms. Parker plus one.”

The first guard looked at the second guard who appeared to be bigger than the first. “Parker plus one?”

The second guard pulled a small laminated sheet from behind his back. “Parker….Parker…..Parker…..ah yes Parker plus one. They’re cleared with a star.”

The first guard nodded at the second one and returned his attention to Amanda. “Your cleared Ms. Parker. Please enjoy yourself and Mr. Rockler would like to see you once you have a chance tonight. Please go through.”

The gates opened and the taxi driver drove through the huge metal gates. As they were driving towards the building she noticed it wasn’t a house or a freaking cabin. It was a freaking mansion and no matter who told her different it was still a damn mansion. They got closer and she could hear rave music going. By the time they got to the front door the music felt like her body was pulsating from the inside out. At the front door there were two more huge guards and as they approached the only thing they did was nod and opened the door for them to enter. As they entered people were dancing to the music and all sorts of canopies were set up in certain parts of the building. Everyone was dressed in togas just like her. At least she didn’t have to wear the most extravagant thing to be noticed. But the togas were extravagant on some of the girls.

Stephanie and Amanda parted ways but before they did Amanda just simply told Steph if she wanted to go home tell the taxi to take her to Parker House or just call her to meet up until then you are on your own. Steph watched as Amanda disappeared into the crowd and saw her again heading upstairs and then she disappeared again. She thought she was going to she this Mr. Rockler to get it out of her hair. Steph saw enough and then decided to mingle with the crowd. After a few moments she couldn’t believe all the females around here. She saw so much tail and thought she definitely had her work cut out for her. With this much tail running around here it will be hard to find a decent piece of ass to cure her urge. She went over to the bar and ordered her drink. Thankfully this shindig was catered to the fullest and just the right price free. So she immediately ordered herself six shots of Platinum Patron to start the night just right. To follow the shots she ordered herself an Appletini. As she got her Appletini she walked out side to see more canopies with people making out inside each one and a couple of them there just straight orgies for people to watch. WOW this has to be the best party she has ever been to. It didn’t take long outside before her outfit got her first bite.

“Hello there. I’ve never seen you here before.” Came a magnificent voice behind her.

Steph turned around and there stood Mr. Hotty himself. He had on of course a toga like everyone else but it was the way the toga flowed that showed off his man-ness. He must of stood at least six or seven inches over her which wasn’t saying much. He had shoulder length brown hair pulled into a tight mini pony. His eyes she had to blink to get past his eyes. Beautiful grey eyes he must be wearing contacts for that color because that color was impossible. He didn’t have much in the muscles department but he was lean and fit. Steph had to make sure her chin wasn’t in her drink.

“Yeah I’m new. Well not new new. But yeah….well you catch my drift. Sorry I’m Stephanie. But everyone just calls me Steph.” Steph stuck her hand out.

The handsome man with no name looked at her. Grabbed her hand and kissed it. It made her nearly cream herself. Thank god for panties at this moment. “Pleased to meet you Steph. The name is Jack.”

“Jack. Nice to meet you. Sorry to sound so forward. Are you one of those guys trying to get me to agree to some type of threesome or foursome?”

Jack looks at her and just chuckles, “Tempting as an offer as that is….no and no. I’m completely available last time I checked.”

Steph just smiles, “Well that is good to hear. When was the last time you checked to see if you were single?”

Jack seeming to catch on, “About five minutes ago. Why are you offering to change that standing?” He smiled at her. God she liked his smile.

Steph just swayed her hips hoping he would notice, “Maybe. Let’s see how the rest of the night goes. In the mean time, seeing how I am new around here you want to give me five dollar tour.”

Jack just smiled at her. “Sure, well as you can tell here are the canopies where anything and everything can happen. In fact some of it is encouraged at times. Out here is where the people escape from the music if it is too loud. Inside on the first floor is music, alcohol, and those that are inclined is to do X to their hearts content.”

Jack kept talking about the place but honestly Steph wasn’t paying much attention to what he was saying. She was more fantasizing what she would love to do to this man. That is until something she heard him say that snapped her attention.

“Wait a minute did you say something about sex rooms.”

Jack laughed, “Yeah on the second floor. There are sex rooms in anyone is inclined. The rooms have anything and everything you fancy. If you use the rooms though you will be recorded.”

“Recorded?!? Isn’t that against our privacy? Or something?”

“Well yeah but that is the price you pay for using the rooms. Part of the nondisclosure paper you sign to go into the rooms. I have to admit these Rockler’s think of everything.”

“Yeah…” Steph wasn’t listening anymore she heard all she wanted to hear.

Steph made Jack take her to bar get some drinks. “How well can you hold your liquor nancy boy.”

“I take that as a challenge.”

“Oh how right you are. Little man.”

“And what are the conditions for this challenge?”

“If I win I get to take you home with me to tie and fuck all summer long.” Steph said slyly.

“And if I win?” Jack said.

“You get to do whatever you want. Even if that means you want to take me to the second floor to do whatever fantasy you want to full fill.” Just the sound of the terms made Steph’s panties soaked to the bone. Damn she was horny and this lean boy will be her bone no matter who wins.

“Alright it is a deal. Shake?”

Steph just grabbed the back of his head and kissed him for everything she was worth.

“That works too.” Was all the Jack could muster. “Well seeing how you wanted to do the challenge. You shall start us off with whatever drink you want to start off with.”

Stephanie just smiled and said, “Bring on the shots baby. You are going down.”

“Shots it is. Any particular alcohol you want to start off with?”

“My best friend Patron if you please.”

After twelve shots of Platinum Patron her world faded into black. Stephanie was proud that she could drink anyone under the table thanks to the tricks her brothers taught her over the years. Granted when she drank in access unlike her brothers she could always keep the liquor down and between her and her three brothers she would always be the last one to pass out. Nice trick to have in times like these. Especially when bets were on the line. But even she had limits. And that limit was expensive liquors like Platinum Patron. She was always turned into putty with those types of alcohol. But fuck it’s not like she could afford Platinum Patron everyday so whenever she could take advantage of rare occasions such as this she did no matter the consequences.