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The Wakefield Cases; The Licentious Life Of Mr. Lacey, Part 6

The Wakefield Cases; The Licentious Life Of Mr. Lacey, Part 6

Mr. Wakefields meets with Alice to learn new evidence!
“Miss Kite?” I inquired as I opened the door.

She smiled at me. Alice looked as lovely as the faithful day I met her. She no longer wore a maids cap. Instead she wore her hair up and wavy like it was the fashion. I could not see what she wore under her olive green coat, but admittedly I was curious.

“May I take your coat, Miss?”

It was all quite silly really. I had only just gotten to the office myself, and I realized that I had absolutely no idea where the coat hangers were – if the were any!

None the less I took her coat and folded it neatly over the back of a chair.

“My! It sure is dusty in here!” said Alice.

“We need to hurry. I'll go first!”

I sat down with Alice and told her everything that had happened. I thought she would be repulsed by my actions as I sensed Jane was, but there was something else in her eyes. A sense of adventure.

“I'm sorry. You have been involved, but I swear I did not know it would be this serious!”

“I know.” said Alice.

“My turn then. I asked around. I spoke to most of the servants in the neighborhood. Mr. Harding even threatened to smack me with a book if I did not stop gossiping!”

I grinned.

“Either way, the caretaker of Miss Johnson's building told the police that he saw or heard nothing! They say he is heavy on the gin, so I believe him! But Kelly – she serves with the Ingalls and she says she saw Ellen arriving sometime after you said the delivery was supposed to take place. She says, Ellen was running and wore no coat. She rang the bell. Which I might say is odd, if you say she had her own key! Now, Kelly says the caretaker was clearly drunk that night. I believe this is why he has mentioned nothing about it. He probably doesn't remember.”

“Miss Kite! I am not sure what to make of this!”

“Shh! Mr. Wakefield! Here comes the important bit. Now, then Kelly told Florence from the Kenneths and she told their second footman. Then he phoned the other night – Boy! Mr. Harding was livid! I am getting quite a reputation for being popular with the boys! Either way, he told me that he was walking the family dog Trevor later that night. It was after dark, but he definitely saw someone in a long coat going into the building – and THAT person had a key!”

“But that could be anyone living in the building!”

“Well, I asked and it turns out that only five apartments there are occupied. One is Miss Phillipa Johnson, two are families who were both away on holiday, one is the caretaker and the last is an old man named Earl Winston, who at the time was confined to bed with influenza. Do you see? Not only was that the killer! The killer had Miss Johnson's key!”

I pondered. This was getting 'curiouser and curiouser' as Alice Liddell would say.

“Did Ellen have the suitcase with the money?”

“I never asked. But I assume not,” said Alice.

“I don't know how to thank you! It really does help! Even if it doesn't seem like it right now!”

Alice looked at me. Her big green eyes searched me. I felt warm and feverish. For a moment I thought it might be my wound bleeding again, but when I looked down it was as perfectly hidden by my shirt as it had been when I left the hotel.

“There... is something,” whispered Alice – almost fearfully.

“What?” I replied.

“It's just.. You're a real detective, right? So will you not need a secretary? I can type! I really can!”

“But Alice! Erh.. Miss Kite! I couldn't take you on! I have no means to pay you! This will be my first case. If I survive it, that is.”

Alice looked up at me. I could tell she was about to cry.

“Please don't leave me there to rot. I don't care about money. I never had any. But I don't want to be a maid for the rest of my life. I want adventure! I don't want to dust and wash and listen to posh ladies chatting for the rest of my life! Please.. Ira..”

“Okay,” I stuttered.

Alice launched herself into my arms and hugged my tightly. I could feel the wetness of her tears and I held her.

“It's alright. But Alice, where will you live?”

Alice didn't reply.

I wondered. Mr. Newcomb owned this building. The times I had been here I had not heard a sound from above. Perhaps he would give me the other apartments too? After all, if I succeeded I would also save his life!

“You could move here!” I said. “You can take one of the apartments here! Which would you prefer?”

“You really think I could?”

I nodded and to my surprise Alice kissed me on the cheek.

There was one apartment on the ground floor and two apartments on each floor above it. Alice chose the one on the same floor as the office. The key Jane had given me fit the lock perfectly and I realized that this was not a key specifically for the office, but a key which allowed Newcomb to enter every room in the building he owned.

“I shall have to change the lock,” I mumbled and Alice smiled at me.

The apartment was not in good shape to put it mildly, but it did not smell as bad as the one on the ground floor.

“At least there is no water damage!” I said.

“Are you kidding? I've never had a room as big as this entree! All this needs is a little work and it's fit for a queen!”

I smiled at Alice. It was a completely normal middle class apartment size.

“Well, you are a queen!” I smiled.

Alice stuck her tongue out at me.

“I'll hand in my notice this when I return and come over with my things!”

“There's no mattress here! Wait, I have a little money at the hotel. Tell you what! I'll see if there is enough for a mattress and if there is then I'll buy one and come over with it tonight!”

Alice smiled and I handed her the key.

“You'll be here first so leave the door open for me!”

We walked down on the street together and parted. She waved at me before walking away.

I was almost skipping back to the hotel. I couldn't feel my chest at all! Except for my heart beating.

Jane stood outside the house. Her arms were crossed and her mouth was crooked as if it had forgotten how to properly frown.

“Ira! Where HAVE you been? I was worried sick!”

“Calm down, Jane! I only had to see a witness on short notice!”

Her eyes grew wide.

“What witness?”

Her eyes narrowed.

“Jane, come inside with me it's quite alright.”

“What did you learn?” said Jane.

“Jane, please! Nothing! It doesn't matter!”

Jane grabbed my arm.

“What's her name?”

“What? Jane! Please! Stop it!”

Jane's eyes softened. She looked at her hand almost as if it was a foreign object.

“I'm sorry. It's silly. I was just so afraid..”

She led me inside.

“Macy, has not gone home. She wanted to see you were okay!”

“Really?” I said.

Macy stood at the end of the stairs. She followed Jane and me up the stairs. I thought it was all quite silly. The women were acting as if I might break.

“You have to get back to bed,” said Macy when we reached my room.

“I don't feel tired,” I said.

Jane had already begun to remove my coat.

“You really must rest! It is only for the best,” said Macy and pushed me gently down on the bed.

She then removed my shoes, while Jane moved the bedcovers as best she could. I protested but the women undressed me swiftly. I lay down on my back naked and they pulled the cover over me.

The two women looked at each other. I could not understand what they were thinking.

“Oh, Macy! You look tired as well! You have worked so hard! Perhaps you should rest as well before you get ill!” said Jane and smirked.

“Now that you mention it, I feel unwell!” said Macy.

“Let me assist you! You must rest!” said Jane and began to undress Macy.

My jaw dropped. Macy stood there wearing only her panties with her blondes hair shimmering in the lamplight.

“But Jane! You feel so warm! You must be getting a fever! You must rest too! Trust me! I used to be a nurse!”

Jane slipped out of her dress and sat down on the edge on the bed. Macy helped her remove her shoes, undergarments and stockings. Macy lifted the covers and Jane crawled into the bed – lying on me left side.

Macy chuckled and slowly pulled her panties down. She was obviously mimicking some burlesque show. She crawled up on my right.

“You know, Macy, it's rather chilly in here! Should we not stay close for warmth?” purred Jane.

“I think you're right,” said Macy.

She lifted her leg and moved across mine and back again. I could feel the warmth of her skin against mine.

“Let me check on your wound,” said Jane.

She got up and sat astride me. I could feel the moist warmth of her pussy on my cock. It raised itself and pressed against her buttocks. Jane did not removed my bandages. She simply ran her hands across my chest.

“That doesn't look good!” she said.

“We had better do a full body examination and see that he doesn't have blood-poisoning,” grinned Macy.

Jane got off me and crawled up to my face. She lowered her head and kissed my deeply. While her tongue brushed against mine and could feel firm hands massaging my inner thighs.

“Anything there?”

“Not yet,” said Jane. “I'll keep looking.”

She began to alternately kiss and lick my neck. I raised my hands and cupped her petite breasts. Then I felt a pair of lips on the tip of my cock. A hand grabbed my balls and played with them.

“Oh, I really think I'm sick,” I mumbled.

“Mmmmm,” growled Macy as my cock went into her throat.

Jane purred and crawled to Macy.

Macy was sucking harder and harder.

I could feel I was about to unload. I grabbed the sheets and raised my pelvis in the air to thrust myself deeper into her throat. At that moment I came in her.

She closes her lips as hard as she could around my cock to prevent anything from seeping out. Her cheeks filled like a hamster and she slowly got her mouth of me.

Jane grabbed her shoulder and kissed her. My seed ran down their chin as they shared it.

My cock lay softening between the two naked women who were now feeling each other. Jane's hands massaged Macy breasts and Macy's hand was now between Jane's legs.

I gasped and felt my cock stir once again. Having finished their drink, the ladies turned to me and smiled mischievously. They crawled up to me. Jane got astride again and placed my cock at her warm cunt. Macy crawled further up and positioned herself over my head, but facing Jane. Just above my was Macy's pussy and it smelled sweetly.

Macy and Jane grabbed one another and continued to touch while I felt Jane pushing down on me and my cock slowly entering her. The feeling of her inner walls giving way was indescribable. I raised my hands and took hold of Macys ass. I lowered it slowly down and began to lick her.

Both girls moaned in unison and the song this created was the sweetest melody I had ever heard! My body felt like it was on fire. The golden haired beauties on top of me moved as if they had never done anything else.

Macy's juices dripped down on my face as she came. Her body twitched and Jane held her tighter. Jane moved violently on my cock and after her recovery Macy kept rubbing her. I could feel Macys fingertips brushing against my cock. I continued to lick. I wanted every drop in me.

When Jane came, she cried out and me and the sheets became awfully wet. She squirted over me and Macy gasped in surprise.

Macy got of me and lay my side with my arm around her. Jane collapsed upon me and lay over my stomach with my cock still deep inside her.

I pulled her off and place her on my other side. Her pussy made nice swup when it released my member.

“You'll stay right here,” mumbled Jane.

Her eyes were closed and so was Macy's. I kissed Jane softly on her lips.

I waited for the girls to fall asleep. Then I very carefully got out of the bed. I placed the covers over them and Jane grabbed Macy in her sleep. As they were spooning, I got dressed.

I went through my luggage and found what little I had left. It was time to go mattress-shopping.

After all, I had made a promise!
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