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They finally get it on

A weekend of work or flirtation on the track to fucking...

How did having a business meeting with your partner turn into a sexual onslaught onto the senses, when it is with Alex turner that is who, the man was a walking poster boy to sexual sin with his wavy black hair and green eyes that bore into you like lasers making you think he could see through your cloths.

He was sitting opposite me now, when he thought I was not looking he was staring down my gaping top and I could hear the tapping of his feet under the table laced with books. I was biting my pen oh so suggestively I could swear I heard a moan escape from his direction. I got up from the table to grab a bottle of water. “Where are you going’? He said eyeing me up in my old legging and over sized shirt that hugged generously to my curves. I was standing by the fridge and pointed to the bottle.

His eyes reverted to his work documents. “Why did I have to work at all this weekend is beyond me, does this deal mean that much to you”? I said sulking in a winy tone.

To be completely honest no this deal did not mean a lot to him, but he had nothing better to do that weekend so why not spend it with her: standing there looking at him with a sulky pout on her delicious mouth; pink and brown with out the trace of cosmetics its only moister coming from her licking her lips. And drops of the water she had drunk.

“Yes, this deal does mean a lot to me, so come back and sit down so we can work”. His tone impatient because he wanted her beside him so he could inhale her natural sent, for she was not wearing and perfume.

“Well no can do, you came too early”… But before she could say another word, he cut her off.

“I never come too early”. The suggestive remark hung in the air for a while then he reverted to his papers.

“As I was about to say before I got interrupted, you came to my home too early for me to get ready properly and I never really feel quite awake with out a shower, and plus I feel a little dirty. I said and was walking down the hall toward my bedroom, but still heard his comment that sent my pulse racing.

“But I like you dirty”.

I closed the door behind me softly and leant against it. ‘Why was he being so suggestive this morning? Maybe, it was because they were inside her apartment in a less formal setting and he felt he could let down his guard with her. But it was not fair she really, really wanted him and if he were just joking that would be too bad.

Jasmine moved away from her door she lifted her top all the way off flung it on the bed and pulled down her leggings, she was bras-less so that saved the hassle and she pulled of her pink and blue briefs.

She went into her adjoining en-suite bathroom and left her water to run for a while, and left the door to it open. Because she hated when the steam condensed later into water and stained the mirrors. Talking of mirrors she looked at hers now looking at her self. Shoulder length curly hair, full expressive amber eyes voluptuous brown and pink lips. A slender body but with woman indentations in the right places with high firm breast that were about a 32B. She looked further down. ‘Should I shave’? She though. But there was really no need to at the apex of her thighs her bush was neatly trimmed into a V-shape.

She placed her hand under the running water; it was warming enough now so she stood under its welcoming beat. She went through her normal morning ritual shampoo and condition hair, washed and rinsed. Then time to cleanse the body, she reached for her body shower gel the liquid silky against her skin the liquid also turning to foam. Her hands began to wonder up to her breast circling around the nipple then slowly down and around her midriff, but when she got to the pearl between her legs she stopped. For she feared if she pleasured her self now she could not go back out there and work with a clear head especially around Alex, and definitely not after the glow of and orgasm. For she knew she could always make her self come.


Whilst back in the living room the phone was ringing, it finally got on Alex nerves that much he answered in a terse. “Yes, what is so bloody important”?

“Is Jazz available”? A female voice asked him.

“No she’s in the shower”. Even the though of her in there had sent a dull ache through him all this time.

“Ha, good old Jazz, well tell her Alison called okay”. With that, the caller rang off.

What a complete waste of time he thought.

He was about to walk back to his chair when, he could see the steam rising from under her door, walked down to it, waited for a while to hear movement then he opened her bedroom door. He first saw her bed it was quite big not a double but not a queen size. The bed sheets were simple cotton with flower patters in sky blue. With her closes from earlier on her bed instantly, he spotted her knickers.

He felt like a leeching pervert but he grabbed them and put them in his pocket, walked out and closed the door and headed to the other bathroom down the hall.

As soon as he got in to the bathroom he un-belted his jeans and dropped them to his ankles, pulled down his boxers, and let his erection spring free, he lifted her knickers to his face and in-haled her sent, pure feminine musk but still Jasmine at the same time. He literally shuddered. One hand was slowly building up a rhythm on his impressive member while the other held Jasmine knickers firmly pressed to his face. He was thinking of her in the shower; and his favourite fantasies of her from the office when he had her bent over begging him to thrust faster and faster while she leaned on the shaking desk, or her kneeling sucking him off.

He didn’t quite know which though got him to the edge, but the beating spasm raked though his body and the warm oozing of his come on his hand were there. He waddle over to the sink washed his hands dried them lifted his trousers zipped up and headed to the kitchen come dining room. Now his only worry was what to do with the knickers, he bunched them up and pushed them down into his pocket.

“Hey, I was about to send out the search party”. She said light and breezy. Her eyes rested on him, taking in his flustered face and not so neat appearance. She made no comment and just buckled down to work, her joined her and never made a comment he didn’t even keep her gaze.


7 Hours Later

“Oh my goodness what time is it”. She asked with dismay in her voice.

“Around 7:30 pm”. In a voice that said I can’t quite believed we worked that long. At that precise minute, her tummy growled.

“Are you sticking around for dinner, if so I’m making a light salad with pasta and chicken from yesterday? She stated.

“Yeah sure it would save me the time”.

She got up from the table and went into the kitchen, she began to take things out the fringe and was clearing thing when a green pepper rolled to the ground, instead on bending in her normal modest way forgetting Alex was in the dining room she just did the casual straight legs stick your ass in the air style. Giving him the perfect flashing of her knickers were he could see the were slightly wet, what from? What had she been thinking?

He did not leave it much time before he left his chair, went in the kitchen, and ground round on her soft buttocks. Instead of flying at him in protest as he had expected she moaned and pushed her body into him even more. She got up into a standing position

And dropped the bowls on the counter letting her hands be free. His hands were caressing her breast.

He stepped away she gave a growl of dismay, but all he was doing was bringing his hangs round to un zip the dress she had put on after her shower, there was no bra yet again, he had noticed from earlier. He kissed his way down her back she shuddered with pleasure. He kissed his way back up to her shoulder were his hand slipped of the sleeves and she stepped out of her dress.

"Lets go to my bedroom, before it gets more wild". she said with a laugh in her voice. He took her outstretched hand and followed her to the bedroom. As soon as the door closed behind them he pushed her onto the bed pulled of his shirt and un-belted his trousers struggling in a rush to pull of his jeans nearly tripping.

He landed on top of her, she smiled up at him excitement shimmering in her eyes. He leant forward and kissed her a deep probing kiss that mimicked the act of love making its self, she gyrated beneath him wanting more, he broke the kiss to trail down her neck grazing it in a bit nipping motion, she seemed to like. He went down even more, licking the skin of her breast and suckling the nipple and flicking it with his tongue. She cried out. 

  He kissed her abdomen and trailed down to the junction between her thighs, she lifted her body so he could pull down her panties that now contained  some of her dripping juices. He inhaled her for a second or two, then flicked his tongue her clitoris in quick darting movements then, he went into a slower lick all the way up and down and round and round. His fingers joining in three going in and out and rotating every now and again. He tried to fit another finger in but she was too tight.

"Enough, Ah, Stop, I wan the real thing, come on Fuck ME!"

He withdrew his hand hurriedly took of his boxers and entered her in one swift thrust.

"YES, now more faster wild, Fuck me like your going to die if you do it so hard and fast". She screamed in a slightly breathy and incoherent manner

He happily obliged, with her legs wrapped around him like vice grips he plugged in and our of her tight wet cunt, ploughing and grinding each thrush bringing them higher and higher. Till there release, caused shock waves and spasm to rock though there body. His spunk rushing up into her and draining out in her flowing juices.

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