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Thug Passion Vol One

The set up: Long lost friends reunite after several years apart; only to find they have more in common than they’d thought. So Armando boards a plane to visit his friend Sarah.


We decide to go out to a nice restaurant to eat for dinner.  The hostess sits us in a secluded corner booth.  As we look at the menus you slide over so that you are sitting right next to me.  I lean into you, pressing my body against your side.  You move your hand down to my thigh and slowly slide it upward.  At this point my legs are crossed and I uncross them to give you easier access.  You are taking your time about moving your hand to where I want it most and it is driving me crazy.  I bite my lip and start to squirm because I want your hand on my pussy so bad it burns.  I slide my hand up your leg and grab a hold of your big fat dick and start to rub.  Just as you are about to slip you finger inside, the waiter comes to take our order.  I can barely speak I am so horny so you have to do the honors.  As you give him our orders your hand starts brushing the fabric of my panties.  You can feel the wetness of my pussy through the material.  Finally, after the waiter has leaves, you slide our had down inside my panties, parting my slit, and taking two fingers, sliding them up and down the length of my soaking wet pussy.  Up and down describes your movement, soft then hard then halfway down only to stop on my pearl.  Meanwhile, I am still stroking your hard and erected dick, up and down with a nice firm grip, massaging your balls with my hand and wishing that I could take you inside me right then and there.  It feels so good, I know we are in a public place but I don’t give a damn!  I can’t breathe; I can only focus on what you are doing.  The tension is building and I open my legs even more so that you can slip your fingers inside.  Oh my god…It feels so good I can’t stop the moan from coming out.  Even as the waiter comes back with our food and looks at me strangely I still can’t stop moving.  He can’t see our hands under the table but I’m sure he can just guess what we are doing.  While the waiter is still standing there you decide to pick up the pace and move your fingers faster and faster over my already engorged clit.  I am getting higher and higher and I can’t help it.  I arch my back and my pelvis grinds against your hand.  Just as I am about to cum you move your hand out of my pants and tell me that we will finish what we started later.  It’s time to eat!  WTF!!!  I can’t decide whether I want to fuck you or kill you…I guess I’ll know the answer to that after dinner


After we finish dinner we head for the exit of the restaurant still caught in the moment of wanting each other. We decide to head back to the hotel slowly walking towards the car holding hands in the rain. Looking at you in your wet clothes is turning me on more and more. Knowing I can't wait until we make it back to the room, I lean over and kiss you passionately. Dropping my hand down to your panties rubbing my fingers gently across your pearl tongue your back begins to arch and your body starts to lift up making it easier to remove the thong that you whore just for me. I move your leg over so that they're spread apart messaging the inside walls with every stroke. Biting on your hard nipples and licking on your soft breast you ask me to take you, but I'm not ready yet. The window starts to fog up giving us a little more privacy. I turn you over lifting your skirt trying to see how deep my tongue can go into your ass.  Then I put my tongue into your pussy determined to make you cum at least twice before we leave to go back to the room, tonight is all about you. Stretched out yet still able to move you begin to rotate your body round and round my tongue wanting my dick more and more. Removing your clothes then climbing over my lap you start kissing me grinding on my hard ass dick. reaching down unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants you pull out my dick amazed how much dick is really there you smile while easing it into your pussy...damn!!! Up and down slowly, so wet and so deep. After only a few strokes you say damn baby I'm about to cum, and then I feel warm juices trickling down to my balls. Still on top of me naked and slowly grinding on my dick which is still inside you, you ask if I like that and if I'm ready to cum. I reply that I do like that but I'm not quite ready to cum yet. Riding me reaching back to play with my balls your cell phone rings causing us to take notice of the time. We discovered that we had been in the parking lot for almost 2 hours. You turn over and say to me to hit it from the back daddy, I do. Hitting it harder and harder making both you and the car move and shake; I'm now ready to explode. deeper with every stroke forgetting that we're both in relationships I ask can I leave it in baby, you reply no, then yes, then no, then yes confused not wanting it to stop you say yes give it all to me daddy. At that point a knock at the window distracts us both wondering who could it be....  


Startled from the knock on the window, we both stop what we are doing and scramble to pull our shit together before rolling down the window a crack to see who it is.  It turns out it is just the parking lot security checking to make sure everything is alright because he heard the commotion we were making and saw the car shaking.  His ass knows what we were doing he just wanted to take a peek.  After the untimely interruption we decide that we better get to the hotel room quickly so that we can have some privacy and finish what we started.  Knowing that you haven't cum yet I begin to stroke you while you are driving to keep ourselves in the mood.  Pretty soon though stroking is not enough and I lean over and unzip your pants so that I can feel you better.  I want to take you in my mouth because your dick looks so tasty.  We still have a couple of minutes drive before we get to the hotel so I think "What the hell!"  I lean further over you and talk that big thick chocolate stick into my mouth. taste so good.  I can still taste myself on you.  We taste good together.  Up and down I lick, swirling my tongue around the tip, down your shaft and back up again while I am massaging your balls.  I take the head into my mouth and slowly move all the way down your shaft.  Sucking the shit out of it because I just can seem to get enough.  I begin to pick up the pace a bit and I can hear your groans over my head.  I like the way you sound.  It turns me on to know that I can give you this pleasure.  I am getting wetter by the minute and I want you back inside me right now!  All I can think about is that juicy dick in my wet ass pussy.  I don't care right now that we both have people at home...all I can think about is you.  I am moaning while you are in my mouth and the added vibration brings you close to the edge, you say you are about to cum and I suck harder.  Just when I can fell you balls drawing up to let it go, we reach the hotel.  I am shocked that we made it without having an accident.  I pull away and fix re-zip your pants.  I have to go and check in because you are in no shape to be seen in public.  I get the key and we hop on the elevator to go to our room.  I am anxious to get there and can barely keep my hands off you. I'm kissing on your neck and I have my hands under your shirt rubbing your chest and skimming over your nipples. As soon as those elevator doors close it's over for you...


Once in the elevator waiting impatiently for the door to close, thoughts of yet another fantasy, sex in an elevator. Finally the door begins closing, hold that elevator!!! Somebody yells out. Not wanting to share it with anyone else we let the door close. instantly embracing each other passionately kissing, rubbing, and grinding on each other still very much worked up from diner and the episode in the car, I know that it wont be long before I'm ready to cum. the panties I took off you in the car are still in my pocket, so I lean back so that my back now lays against the elevator wall; turning you around then pulling you back onto me. Reaching around your body squeezing your tits firmly. I reach down lifting the back of your skirt to put my dick inside you one more time before making it to the room. The sound of you moaning makes me harder, the harder I get the deeper I go. Got damn daddy do that shit, that's what I'm talking about, are the words that you're moaning in my ear. Sweating from the work and poor ventilation a bell sounds signaling us of a stop, the 3rd light lights up. Still inside you we stop while the door opens. An elderly couple greets us as they enter the elevator. Pushing the 7th floor button good evening says the man, (thinking to myself if you only knew) turning back around to await their floor, you start to grind slowly on my dick. Trying hard to hold in all sounds ready to bust at any minuet, the bell sounds again. 7th floor, good night says the man smiling as he stepped off the elevator with his wife. Four floors B4 our stop. Soon as the door closes I bend you over and commence to beat that shit up. 15 to 20 long, hard, and deep strokes per floor, 8th floor, 9th floor, 10th floor. Bracing yourself by hold onto the wall in front moaning louder and louder I start to bust...DAMN!!!!! Oh shit, shit. Barely able to balance myself and trying to catch your breath you turn and tell me "my god it isn’t like this at home daddy". Putting my dick back into my pants and zipping up my zipper the elevator sounds the bell and opens. Kissing me on the cheek smiling you say wait until we get into the room....  


Once we get into the room, I make the suggestion of taking a shower.  We have been fucking on and off for the past couple of hours and I feel the need to get clean.  I go into the bathroom and discover that we have one of those Jacuzzi tubs and all thoughts of a shower flee as I begin to think of all the things we could do in that tub.  While the water is running I set the mood.  I had brought candles with me for just such an occasion and I have a Robin Thicke CD playing softly in the background.  Finally everything is ready and I call you into the bathroom.  You have been impatiently waiting in the bedroom wondering what the hell I was doing in there but when you see the bathroom, understanding hits.  The rest of the night is for romance and seduction, not just a quick fuck.  As you slide your fine naked ass into the tub I follow you in and sit in your lap facing you.  I begin stroking your chest and kissing on your face and neck.  Slowly I make my way to your mouth where we share a passionate kiss that last for a good while.  I'm rubbing your back and doing a slow grind on your dick.  I want you inside me badly but I also want to enjoy the moment.  You tell me to lean back a little so that you can suck on my tits and that really drives me crazy!  The more you lick and suck the louder I begin to moan.  It feels so good I don't want you to stop but I tell you to anyway.  I get off of your lap and move so that I am kneeling between your legs.  I tell you to move up to the edge of the tub so that I have better access to your tasty dick and I really don't want to drown myself!!  I take your dick into my mouth slowly, loving the way you taste and feel.  Up and down moving so slowly, licking the head, going down your shaft, sucking and massaging your balls, I am just savoring the moment and enjoying the sounds your making.  This shit can be addicting.  I am already hooked.  At this moment all I am thinking about is us.  The outside world does not exist.  All I want right now is you so deep inside me I can feel you in my throat.  Finally after some mind-blowing dick sucking, you move back into the tub and I get back onto your lap, this time taking you deep inside me.  I begin to ride your pole slowly at first, but it feels too good to go slow.  Harder and faster is how I want it.  Damn Baby... you feel so good.  You begin to once again suck and lick on my tits because you know it drives me wild!  I'm making so much noise I know the whole hotel can here me but I don't care.  Oh Yes...Oh Yes...Oh Yes...that is all I can seem to say.  You pull out and flip my ass over so that you can hit it from the back.  Slap that ass Daddy!!!  You lean over me and pound me, pumping faster and faster.  Water is all over the place.  I'm about to cum you tell me.  I want you inside me when you cum, I say, it feels better that way.  Just then you groan and I can feel you pumping all your shit into me.  I follow right behind you screaming your name as I cum.  We drain the tub and turn on the shower to clean ourselves up.  That was the best I've had in a long time.  I am exhausted after all of that and we move into the bedroom to relax...

Reaching down to turn off the water I began to feel weak and gasp for breath. Leaning my back against the shower wall unable to move for a minuet or so, I start to think to myself wow, is this really happening? Seven fantasies in less then 24 hours. Most men only live out 2 or 3 fantasies in a life time, but not me… this trip has turned out to be what I expected and more. Now able to breathe again I pull myself together and grab a towel from the rack. Still a little shaky I begin to dry off. Entering the bedroom I see you sitting along the bedside still wrapped in your towel looking through a bag that you brought. After sliding into my red silk boxers I notice curtains concealing a big window, a CD player, a gas fireplace, a coffee table holding a vase of long-stemmed roses and a card, …roses and a card!, I didn’t buy them so I started to hope you didn’t buy them for me (that’s a little gay), but once I read the card I found that the hotel provided this bouquet purely for deco rational purposes. Venturing of into the kitchen I can see a small stack of logs (perfect size for the fireplace), a microwave and other appliances. As you head back towards the bathroom with your toothbrush and bag, I plan to set the scene. Taking the blanket off the bed, I lay it onto the floor in front of the fireplace. After quickly placing candles throughout the room and lighting them, I place a couple of logs into the fireplace from the kitchen and light them as well. Now the music… at a low volume plays a CD of soft music that I made especially for that night. Utilizing the microwave I warm up some baby oil for a nice well needed seductive massage. Opening the curtains revealed one of the most beautiful views I had ever seen. Raindrops fall into the ocean creating small ripples in the moons reflection. Now having other plans for the hotel’s decorations I decide to remove the peddles from all the roses but one, scattering them evenly around the pallet on the floor, holding the last rose inside my hand  for you.  Pleased with the stage I put together, something was still missing… but what? Oh yeah the drinks! I pour a colorful cutesy drink with a whip cream top for you, Hennessey on the rocks for myself. As I turn off the lights a sigh of relief is released turning around to see “the perfect” setting. Perfect timing… just then the bathroom door opens…


You look up to see me standing there in my red teddy with the garter belt and thong. The whole nine...I notice the scene you have set up and a big smile comes across my face.  I was hoping that this trip of yours would include a little romance and not just sex.  I take the drink that you pass me, taking a sip I'm surprised at how good it tastes.  How did you know I like fruity drinks? You tell me to have a seat and relax while you start to prep the oil for the massage you are going to give me.  I get caught up in the mood and just sit back and enjoy it all.  You are looking mighty fine in those red boxers of yours.  As you sit yourself on the pallet next to me I lean over and give you a kiss to show my appreciation for the relaxing scene.  It starts off as just a soft kiss on the lips but quickly turns into a more passionate one.  Before we can get caught up though, you pull back and tell me to lay on my stomach with the top of my teddy off.  You lean over to get the oil and I can't help but rub my hands across the semi that you have in your boxers.  You take my hand and lower it, telling me we have time for that later.  These stolen moments are about us enjoying the closeness and each others company.  You begin to rub the oil into my back, around my neck, down my arms.  UMMMM...It feels so good to have your hands on me this way.  I groan as you come to a spot where my muscles are really tight.  After you give them some attention, the tension and knots start to disappear.  I am so relaxed I can feel myself close to drifting off to sleep.  Before that happens you get up and hold out your hand for me to follow you to the bed... 

Now that you're relaxed and have a cool little buzz going on I lead you to the
bed. Somewhat buzzed myself and high, I lay u down on your back and start to
suck and lick on your perfectly formed tits. Both nipples harden showing your
enjoyment. You run your nails up and down my back lightly scratching it with
your well groomed nails sending chills down my body. While my four play
continues to distract u I apply a small amount of motion lotion onto the tip of my
fingers then rub it gently onto your pearl tongue and onto the lips of your
pussy. Instantly you start to squirm not knowing that the applied substance
heats up for her enjoyment. Never have you felt so hot before u tell me
slowly moving your body around so your pearl tongue grinds up against my
fingers. Wanting to feel me inside you; you reach down to place my fingers
into your hot and wet pussy releasing a loud outburst. I want u inside me
daddy, please I want u. ok, I reply standing up to remove my boxers. Lying
on your back with your legs open, you start to play with your pussy waiting for
me to engage. Watching you play with yourself turns me on even more, so I
hold your legs up and open to give me better access to run my tongue up
between your to lips. Just as my tongue touches the bottom of your pussy your
body lifts up as if you were about to fuck my face. My wet tongue feels so
good to you, soothing the warmth of your pussy. Eating your pussy while
sliding my fingers in and out push’s you closer and closer to climax, within
minuets u let it go along with a extremely loud scream. Oh shit, oh shit,
got damn daddy. Now wanting to suck on my hard ass, big ass dick we switch
into a different position, 69. Damn near choking on the bottom, you say flip
over. Now lying on my back you put your pussy in my face and start to suck
on my dick again. Slurping loud, up and down, twisting your hand back and
forth gets my dick even harder. Damn baby you're going to make me nut doing it
like that. I put both of my hands around your ass putting your pussy into a
locked position. In between your ass cheeks, across your booty hole, into
your booty hole, and then back down to your pussy. Ready to cum again your
body tries to shift but cant because of the hold I have on you. At that very
moment I start to feel your warm cum drip out of your pussy onto my chest.
you turn around and guide my dick into your pussy slowly trying to completely
sit down on it realizing that my dick is to big to sit all the way down on,
you start to rock back and forth teasing your hole with short in and out
Leaning forward we start to kiss making it a passionate experience
for both of us. Ready to cum? You ask me. Yeah in a soft voice barely able to
speak I am. I want to be riding you when you do you tell me. give it all to me
daddy I love how warm you feel inside me. Shortly after riding me, I bust,
lifting your body up pushing my dick in as far as I can...aaaawwwwwwwwww
shitttttt!!!!! Still rotating your pussy around my dick above me, I lay
lifeless on the bed. You lift up allowing your pussy to release my dick and
say I want the next one in my ass...


 As I get up from the bed, I cross the room to grab some more lubricant from the dresser by the wall. We are going to need it for this next session.  Before I can turn to walk back to the bed though you are behind me.  Not so fast, you say and you turn my body to face the mirror that is over the dresser.  Pressing your chest against my back and your hard ass dick against my ass, you make eye contact with me in the mirror.  Look at yourself Sarah.  Your nipples are hard and begging for attention.  Your eyes are begging too.  Don't worry, you say, I'm going to give you want you need.  Your hand cups my breast from behind, tweaking my nipples, causing me to cry out.  The reflection showed me standing there with just my red garter belt and stockings that framed my wet and pouting pussy.  Your arms surrounding my body and your hands running over me.  Me soft and you hard, me light and you dark is a true contrast.  The sight of your hands on my body is turning me on.  My breath begins to come in pants as your hands roam over my body.  Your lips are nipping playfully along my neck and shoulder.  I reach behind me and grab your ass, pulling you against me harder and spreading my legs further apart to show you what I want.  Your hand slides down my belly to the front of my crotch.  Teasingly your fingers begin to brush against my pussy lips.  I whimper and beg and move my hips against your hand wanting you so badly I can hardly stand.  Another groan escapes my lips as your hand finally begins to spread my lips apart, causing my already swollen clit to thrust out.  Please, I beg as I look at you in the mirror. Grabbing my hands and placing them firmly on the dresser, you command me to keep them there.  This position thrust my ass out and made my body hum in anticipation of what was about to come.  I could see your throbbing dick straining towards me.  My mouth starts to water and I licked my lips thinking of how that dick tastes.  Seeing me lick my lips in the mirror you smile and tell me I can have a taste of that later but right now you are going to fuck  me so hard I'll be lucky if I can walk tomorrow.  I spread my legs further apart and arch my back in invitation.  Showing you where I want that big ass dick of yours.  Grabbing both cheeks in you hand, you begin to massage them, spreading them apart you bend over and give a sharp bite.  Moving one hand from my ass you dip your fingers into my soaking wet pussy and start to stroke.  Oh Yeah hips begin to match the rhythm of your strokes.  Just when it is getting really good you pull your fingers out and spread my cheeks, guide your dick into my tight ass hole.  Slowly you push, letting my body adjust to your size.  In and out, a little at a time, until finally my muscles relax and with one quick hard thrust you fill me completely.  I let my head fall forward and you close your eyes and start pounding my ass.  Your dick is hot and thick in my ass and every move you make causes me to shake.  Every few strokes you swivel your hips sharply, thrusting deeper and deeper hitting my spot that is buried deep inside me.  My panting changes to whimpers of pleasure as you pick up speed.  Soon your fierce pumping causes my hands to slide from the edge of the dresser to the wall behind it, giving me leverage to push back.  Yes...yes...that’s it...there...harder I cry.  My insides begin milking you and our eyes connect in the mirror once again.  With a final groan escaping your lips, I begin to feel your warm cum shooting inside me.  My head falls towards the dresser as I struggle to stay standing in the aftermath.  You wrap me in your strong arms and pull me up, turn me towards you and place soft kisses on my neck as you whisper in my ear. Was that what you wanted???

Falling back onto the edge of the bed trying hard to collect myself. Breathe taken, I watch u as you walk around to what is obviously your side of the bed, the wet side. The room is at an uncomfortable temperature so I wrap a towel around my waist and head over towards the window to let in some cool air. Before reaching the window I picked up my clothes and grabbed my luggage, to put them inside of what I thought was a closet...oh to my surprise. What I thought to be a closet turned out to be an entry way to our own private balcony. Looking back I say: "Sarah look at this". You walk over very slowly still sore from being dug out against the dresser and pop your head out to see a balcony with a view. Warm raindrops fall softly down onto our bodies as we stand wrapped around one another. Ceasing the moment, I slide behind you placing my hands around your waist passionately kissing your neck. You reach over to pull your hair to one side to give me better access. Nibbling on your ear I pull you closer to me. Rubbing my hand across your body up to your tits massaging them firmly already hard from the raindrops. I reach down placing my hands around your waist lifting you up onto the ledge. Leaning back using your hands for support I kiss your stomach slowly making my way down to your wet, and hot pussy. One long stroke upward with my tongue....aaaawwwwww!!!! Is the sound you let out as u squirm your body around. After kissing on your inner thigh I wanted to taste you again so I gave it one long stroke again, then again, and again. You’re moving your body around slowly while I eat your pussy. The baby oil and rain makes holding onto your legs a challenge for mebut I manage to do so. Hanging your head back with your eyes closed, u start to tighten yourmuscles and scream out "I'm cumin daddy, I'm cumin". Pulling me up off my knees, leaning up you kiss me. I pull you down off the ledge as you wrap your long legs around my waist, and your arms around my neck. I walk over to a big comfy looking chair turn and sit down. You lift up a little to make yourself more comfortable. Grinding on my dick, and stroking it with your hands, I squirt out a little pre ejaculation. Rubbing it around the head of my dick you start to jack me off. Kissing me passionately. Now guiding my long hard erected dick into your awaiting pussy, you ease down onto it. "Shit! Be gentle daddy, don't hurt me", you whisper into my ear. Reaching around I spread your ass cheeks to allow my dick to dig deeper and deeper. Slowly bouncing your pussy on my dick, you hold yourself up with your hands so I can only go so deep. I reach up and grab hold of your hips pulling down while pushing my dick up, feeling like I was hitting the bottom. “I can feel you in my stomach" you exclaim. Pushing back on your shoulders to dig deeper you sit up off my dick. "Hit it from the back daddy" you say. Bending you across the chair you brace your self, because you know what I’m about to do to the pussy. I tell you to spread your ass; you reach back and do so. I tease your pussy hole with the tip of my dick with in and out motions, followed by a deep stroke. In rhythm our bodies move creating passionate memories that will forever be remembered, and often thought about. Ready to cum I speed up the pace moving faster and faster with thrusts of passion. Oow, oow, oow, louder and louder you scream out, only turning me on even more. Banging the shit out of your pussy I start to nut. Shooting more of my shit inside you, you start to shake cumin' all over my dick. Completely drained, you lay forward leaving my dick inside of you pussy falling asleep for a spell.....


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