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Tropical Island Vacation - Chapter 3

Our nude beach day begins. Talia lends a hand. Some friendly advice from some nude beach experts.
It’s the morning of our planned visit to the nude beach, and Talia and I wake up early, shower and have breakfast. Talia seems a little nervous and quiet, but says she’s excited about what the day ahead promises. I also am feeling a little nervous but I hope I’m hiding it well from Talia.

We pack ourselves some lunch into a small cooler along with some bottles of water. Talia is wearing loose shorts and a tiny cut-off t-shirt. As I watch her gathering together our beach gear, my anticipation of seeing her naked on the beach grows. As a result, my penis grows a little in my shorts. It swells and tingles as blood rushes into it in response to Talia’s lithe body.

When all is ready, I start taking things down to the car and Talia goes into the bedroom and when she joins me in the parking lot, she’s wearing a large, over-sized t-shirt that reaches to about mid-thigh.

The drive to the beach is only about 20 minutes. From the directions that Keela at the bikini shop gave us yesterday, we find it easily, though if you didn’t know what you were looking for you could easily drive right past. There is a small dirt road off the main highway that quickly disappears behind tall vegetation. In about a hundred yards, the road widens into a small clearing at the edge of a sugar cane field. There are several other cars parked there. And there is a small wooden sign pointing the way to the beach.

Before getting out of the car, Talia says, “Look. This is all I’m wearing!” And with a grin, lifts the bottom of her long shirt up to reveal her smoothly shaven pussy. Her stiff nipples are visual evidence that she is not wearing a bikini top underneath either. This sweet, naughty girl knows how to make me smile!

Carrying our gear, we walk along the winding trail through the sugar cane field. The cane is tall which keeps us shaded and protected from the hot sun. After about a quarter mile, we break out of the vegetation and are greeted by a pristine white sand beach and the turquoise ocean beyond. We can easily see a half-mile of beach in both directions. A few human figures can be seen scattered along the beach, but all are too distant to tell if any are naked or not.

I admit silently to myself I am a little bit relieved that the beach is not teaming with people. Being our first experience with nudism I’m glad we won't have to disrobe in a crowd. We pretty much have our pick of spots we want to claim as our own, and without having to worry about encroaching on someone else's space, or them on ours.

“Well, this looks pretty safe, all things considered,” Talia says, which indicates to me that she’s been fearing the same thing I have.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I say putting my arm around her. “I know it was your idea, but we don't have to if you want to change your mind.”

“Don’t chicken out on me, Roger. I need your support. I’d never do this on my own, but I really want this to be something we do together.”

“I’m not chickening out,” I say. “Any apprehension I may have about being nude in public is overshadowed by the prospect of seeing your beautiful naked body on such a beautiful beach.”

I pull her body close and we kiss.

“Besides, its hard to get cold feet when standing on hot sand.” I say with a smile.

Talia smiles and says, “Oh, is that an old Hawaiian proverb?”

We kiss again and start marching, hand-in-hand, out onto the beach in search of a resting place. We don't want to be too close to the trail-head, so we slowly walk along the expanse of sand for a hundred yards or so. The beach is on two levels. The upper part is sort of a plateau where the tide and surf rarely reach. There is a distinct edge where the dune falls away a couple of feet in a sharp slope to the lower portion, which gets constantly washed by the ocean waves. Sunning yourself is best done on the upper beach, while the lower is good for walking and wading in the water.

We find a spot on the sand to settle and we spread our blanket. After arranging all our beach paraphernalia and picnic cooler we find ourselves standing face to face and realizing we’ve arrived at the moment of truth. I confess that over the last several minutes I’ve been feeling hornier and hornier at the thought of being publicly naked for the first time in my life. Knowing that my sexy girlfriend will be naked too has caused my penis to swell and lengthen inside my baggy shorts.

With equal measures of nervousness and courage, Talia says, “Well, I guess its time to get naked.”

Her words cause my cock to jerk upward with excitement. Talia can’t help but notice and smiles knowingly at me.

“You better get those shorts off before you rip a hole in them,” she says with a giggle.

With that, I take a deep breath, hook my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts and swiftly pull them to my ankles. I stand straight up again and my penis stands straight out from my body parallel to the ground and pointing directly at Talia. I kick my shorts to one side and hold my arms out at my sides, presenting Talia with my nakedness.

“Your turn,” I say.

Talia’s eyes sweep over my body. Her eyes linger a moment on my half-erect cock and then looks at my face. She grabs the hem of her oversized t-shirt and with the grace of a dancer lifts the garment over her head with a flourish and tosses it aside and stands before me naked in the sunshine.

My cock twitches and bobs in excitement as I drink in her perfect loveliness with my eyes. After a few seconds we step towards each other and lock our bodies in a comforting and mutually reassuring embrace. Her arms wrapping around and pulling herself against me, her breasts pressed flat against my chest. I run my hands through her hair and kiss her on the lips. My extended penis is trapped between us pulsing against the satiny skin of her belly.

We continue to exchange congratulatory kisses and celebratory caresses, proud of ourselves and each other for actually having gone through with it. Our nude beach adventure has begun. And there’s no turning back now.

We had already covered each other from head to toe with sunscreen before we had left the condo. That in itself had been a very pleasant and arousing experience and threatened to delay or even cancel our planned trip to the nude beach. We’d gotten so turned on by each other that we easily could have spent the entire day indoors sexing each other up, but we had been determined to go through with our first experience of being naked in public. It had only been about 30 minutes since we’d left the condo, yet now it seems like hours ago and a world away.

We lay side-by-side, face down on the blanket with the warm Hawaiian sun beaming down on our exposed backsides. We each have our head turned toward the other, gazing into the other’s eyes and smiling. We’re holding hands. We quietly talk about how we’re feeling, our excitement, and our nervousness. This is such a new experience for both of us.

Occasionally we’re aware of other beach-goers walking past nearby, and a quick glance out of the corner of my eye reveals some to be solo men, some are solo women, some are couples. All are as naked as we are. None pass too close to us, respecting our privacy, and seem to be as comfortable with our nudity as they are with their own.

I envy them their experience or sophistication, or whatever it is that allows them to be so casual with public nakedness. I’m still worried my body will reveal my true feelings about the situation by responding in what others might consider a lewd and inappropriate manner. I mention this to Talia and she smiles, knowing exactly what I mean.

“Afraid people are going to see you with a stiffy?” she teases. “But wouldn’t that satisfy your secret exhibitionist desires?”

“I’m serious, Tal. I don’t want to be the only guy on the beach with a hard-on. It’ll be embarrassing. It’s gonna be a problem.”

To illustrate my point, I roll onto my side lifting the front of my body toward Talia, revealing the raging boner protruding from between my legs. We both stare at my tumescent shaft for a few seconds.

“It’s not going down, Talia. It’s been hard since we first got undressed and it just isn’t going to go down on it’s own.”

Talia ponders my dilemma for a few seconds then takes a quick look around. There’s no one nearby at the moment. She sits up and quickly takes action.

“Well, I’ll just have to take matters into my own hands then,” she says with a smirk. “Sit up and scoot down to the end of the blanket.”

I do as instructed and Talia sits directly behind me with her legs on either side. She wraps her arms around me and pulls her body tight against me. As she hugs me I can feel her entire body pressing against my back. Her firm, pert breasts against my shoulder blades. Her warm crotch against the small of my back. Her hands massage my chest for a while and then move down my torso and finally wrap themselves around my turgid cock.

“No one should be able to see what we’re doing this way,” she whispers as her hands start slowly pumping my cock. “And you obviously need to get off. You want Talia to get you off?”

I can’t speak, overwhelmed by the sensations caused by Talia’s delicate hand sliding up and down my shaft. Her other hand has moved down to cup my scrotum and finger my bloated balls. I feel her hugging me tighter and rubbing her torso against my back and she’s nuzzling and kissing my neck.

Panting hard, I find my voice, saying, “It’s not gonna take long, Tal!”

I feel Talia’s hot breath on my neck, her left hand tugging on my balls and her right hand stroking my erection. My legs are open and slightly bent, and my feet are dug into the sand in front of me. Talia’s legs are hugging me tight and my hands are gripping and massaging her soft, satiny thighs.

“Are you gonna cum for me?” Talia breathes in my ear. “Is that the only way to get rid of this nasty, nasty hard-on? You wanna show me how much cum you’ve got in there?”

With that, I look down at my girl’s hands caressing my throbbing prick and my orgasm wells up from deep inside me. Talia senses it and looks over my shoulder and urgently whispers in my ear, “Let me see that hot load!”

After a couple more strokes, she points my cock straight out in front of me just as I start shooting long, thick streams of cum out onto the shimmering sand. I moan in absolute delight and I hear Talia moaning her approval. With Talia’s expert hands doing the work, spurt after spurt of cum shoots from my happy penis and my entire body is shaking with pleasure.

Finally only thick globs of semen slowly ooze from the tip as Talia’s hands milk every last drop out of me. But she doesn’t loosen her grip on my cock nor on my body. As my brain recovers from it’s orgasmic bliss, I notice that Talia is humping her pussy against my lower back and she’s whimpering with pleasure. I grab her legs with my hands and pull her even tighter against me. She keeps hunching her crotch against my back and gasps in desperation as she climbs the mountain. At last she reaches the peak and her climax wracks her body. Clinging to me for dear life, her orgasm washes over her like the ocean surf, one wave after another.

With a heavy sigh Talia relinquishes her death-grip on my penis and falls back onto the blanket. I turn and crawl up next to her, snuggling in close. I gently caress her breasts with my hand as her chest still heaves with deep breaths. I toy with her stiff nipples and she giggles in delight. I pull her to me and hug her tight. We kiss. No words are necessary. No words would suffice.

We doze off in each other’s arms. Upon awakening and reestablishing our whereabouts in our groggy minds, we both grab our water bottles. Being out in the hot Hawaiian sun has made us both very thirsty and we quickly down the contents. Instantly, I feel refreshed and realize how comfortable I feel being naked. Talia looks adorable standing across the blanket from me recapping her empty water bottle.

“We’re going to need more water,” I say. “I remember seeing a water spigot up where the trail emptied onto the beach? We’d better go refill. Our stuff will be fine here for a few minutes.”

Talia strolls over to me with a sly smile on her face.

“You’re right,” she says. “And you’re especially going to have to replenish your fluids.” She puts her arms around my neck and we kiss. I hold her slender body to me and when our lips part she grins big and says, “God, you shoot like a cannon! I love it!”

“Well, you did the trick,” I say stepping away and looking down at my flaccid penis. “See? No more embarrassing erection!”

“As long as you feel better, that’s all that matters,” she quips. Then leaning her head on my chest she adds coyly, “But actually, I prefer seeing it hard. It makes me feel good seeing you aroused.”

I cuddle her and kiss her on the forehead. Then I take her by the hand and grab our empty water bottles.

We walk straight up the beach so we can walk in the shade of the trees back to the trail-head. The trees block our view of the small clearing where the water spigot is located, and as we make the turn of the corner and walk into the clearing, we find ourselves face-to-face with another couple. They too are there to fill their water bottles. They are also as naked as we are.

Talia and I stop short and must have looked like a couple of deer in headlights. The couple looks up at us frozen in our footsteps.

“Hi!” says the woman in a bright and friendly tone. “Come for a fill-up? Well, step right up. There's plenty!”

Sensing our nervousness, the man steps away from the spigot, but the woman simply moves behind it. We move forward not knowing where to look.

The man looks to be in his mid 30s and the woman maybe 5 years younger. Both are very fit and healthy looking. Although obviously not a bodybuilder, the man appears to do some weightlifting, evidenced by broad shoulders and muscular arms and legs. His penis is of average length and his balls hang low between his legs. He has a little chest hair and the hair around his genitals is tightly curled and dense, though short.

Apart from the thick mane of nearly black hair on her head, the woman doesn't have a single hair anywhere on her body. And what a body! Athletic, “runners legs” that meet with round, womanly hips. Her waist pinches in with a smooth, flat belly. Natural, breasts the size of grapefruits perching firmly on her chest. All encased in satiny, dark olive skin, which glows with a thin sheen of oil as if buffed and polished.

“I’m Lynnette, and this is Steve,” she says cheerfully. Steve smiles and waves a friendly “hello” between gulps from his water bottle.

“Hi. I'm Roger and this is Talia,” I stammer haltingly as we stop in front of the waterspout.

“I’ll bet you're newbies, aren’t ya?” Lynnette says.

“Does it show?” Talia says shyly.

“Hey, on a nude beach, EVERYTHING shows!” Lynnette laughs. “But yeah, I can almost always tell. Body language and all.”

“She likes reading body language, especially on naked people.” Steve teases. Lynnette squirts her water bottle in Steve's direction in mock anger.

“A little advice from a couple of pros. Just be cool, hang loose with it and enjoy the fun. You obviously decided to try this because you think it’ll be fun. But its only fun if you let it.”

Lynnette's friendly open manner was helping us both feel more at ease. She continued merrily chattering away as I bent down to fill the first of our water bottles.

“You both have terrific bodies,” she says, “so you should be very proud to show them off.”

Lynnette's position directly behind the faucet results in my getting a very up-close view of her bald pussy, which is right about at my eye level. I can’t help but stare. As the water surges from the faucet, I feel a surge in my loins. I return to a standing position and Linnette's eyes go straight to my cock. Looking down at myself, I see that my penis has begun to swell. Lynnette smiles knowingly at me and I look over at Talia who has also followed the other woman's gaze and has observed the beginnings of my arousal. Talia looks slightly peeved at me. But Lynnette laughs.

“And for god's sake, don't worry about getting a hard-on. It’s a natural response to nudity. Happens to every guy. Happens to Steve all the time.”

Steve has casually sauntered over to stand next to Lynnette and slips one arm around her waist.

“Mostly it happens cuz she can’t keep her hands off my dick,” he says with a smile.

“Well, that’s true,” Lynnette concedes. And in support of the point, she nonchalantly reaches down and wraps her fingers around Steve's dangling penis. She turns toward her man and leans into him.

“Admit it, Stevie. You love me to cuddle your pretty pecker, don’t you?”

Suddenly the two are kissing passionately. Then they look back at Talia and myself and Lynnette holds Steve's dick in the palm of her hand and displays it to us. It’s half erect and growing by the second.

“See? Told ya!” Lynnette giggles. “Hey Talia, better get busy. Someone’s getting jealous.” She nods toward me and my cock, which is swelling more and twitching with excitement.

Tally moves next to me and snuggles close, but only looks down hungrily at my cock and doesn't reach for it.

“On second thought, maybe we’d better cool it,” Lynnette says. “Best not to get carried away on this part of the beach. Everyone who comes here is adult and knows that a certain amount of fondling is gonna go on between couples, but it’s not cool to be too blatant about it. Just be discrete here on the main beach. Now down at The Dunes, that's a different story.”

“The Dunes?” Talia queries.

“Yeah, The Dunes is an area at the far south end of this beach, just before the cliffs. The beach widens quite a bit and there are lots of hills and valleys in the sand. It’s the place to go if you want to get more intimate with your partner. Or with yourself!”

As she's talking, Lynnette bends down and refills her water bottle, then proceeds to pour the water all over her body. The clear liquid flows over her sun-browned skin making it glisten and shine. Over her shoulders and down her chest, the liquid shimmer coats her firm tits, encircles them and drips off the underside. Her nipples stiffen and lengthen before our eyes. The cool water trickles down her belly, into her hairless crotch and down her thighs. She pauses and sighs.

“Ah, damn, but its hot today!”

Talia has moved close to me and we each have an arm around one another. Witnessing the display of Lynnette's impromptu shower causes my cock to pulse and I feel a horniness deep in my balls. I pull Talia closer and tighter to my side feeling her warm skin pressing against mine.

“Anyway,” Lynnette continues, “just about anything goes down at The Dunes. Fucking, sucking, masturbating. All out in the open. Everybody who goes down there knows why they're there, so no one interferes with anyone else’s fun.”

“We’ll undoubtedly end up there a bit later,” says Steve with a sly smile. “After spending several hours naked and with Lynnette playing with my dick so much, I'll need to unload.”

Lynnette flashes a big smile at us. “Maybe we'll see you down there later, huh?”

Talia looks back down at my half-erect cock. “Yeah, I think we may have to go down there. I've always wanted to make love on the beach, and it looks like Roger likes the idea too.”

My cock continues to grow stiffer. The two girls giggle and Steve and I look at each other. Both of us thinking we're the luckiest two guys on the face of the earth.

Everyone refills their water bottles one more time and Talia and I bid farewell to the other couple. We walk back toward our spot on the beach hand-in-hand, much more at ease with our nakedness than before our encounter with Lynnette and Steve. My happy cock swings from side to side and my low hanging balls slap against my thighs as I walk. The breeze off the ocean feels refreshing on our bare skin, and I look down to see Talia’s nipples very hard and erect…just the way I like them. Talia looks at me with her soft, beautiful eyes.

“Who knew there would be a special area of the beach for sex?” Talia muses.

“I guess we’re lucky no one saw us earlier when you jerked me off up here on the main part of the beach,” I say as if we’d gotten away with something (which we had).

“So, you wanna go to The Dunes after lunch?” she says softly.

I stop and pull her to me. I kiss her deeply, feeling her stiff nipples against my chest and my still swollen cock pressing her lower belly. When we break our kiss, I still hold her in my arms and gaze into her eyes.

“I think we're going to have to,” I said, and we both break into devilish grins.

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