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TSINF 6.2 - The Ways We Tease

Amanda helps unload the truck and Steph learns something new about the house...
Steph made it back to Amanda's safely. She could wait to see the look on Amanda's face when she showed her that her bondage toys came in in front of Nate. That will be funny. She wasn't afraid to admit to her brother that she has a very healthy sexual appetite. Hell her brother already knew she had a healthy sexual appetite. Amanda on the other hand would just be comical. Plus she might need Nate's hemp to unload all the heavy boxes mainly the spank machine, the locker machine, the fucking machine, and the box of chemicals that Amanda had Steph pick up for her.

She just hoped when she walked in that at least had put on something over his junk because she doubt she could take another look at his long horn again today without needing to see a shrink. Steph may have some sexual aggression but not for her brother. All she knew was she'll be glad once her monkey rocker is upstairs so she can test it out.

Steph began unloading the truck starting off with the groceries. She walked in to see Amanda sitting on the sofa reading this huge binder obviously Nate's newest book that was coming out soon.

"What's that your reading?" Steph asked while she carried the groceries into the kitchen.

Amanda nearly jumped twenty feet up in the air, like she didn't not hear her coming in with the grocery bags. It wasn't like she was being exactly quiet. After Amanda composed herself, "Oh Steph. I didn't hear you come in. Did you get to see the sights like you wanted to?"

Steph laughed at the question, "Well it sure as hell beat watching my brother pretty much dry hump you."

Amanda nearly giggled at that, "Yeah I know what you mean. Nate is really something. He was nice enough to let me read his upcoming book before it hit the shelves once he found out I love his books."

Steph sort of smiled at that, "Yeah that's Nate for you. Nice to the core. Especially once he finds out you like his books and isn't a stalker."

Amanda laughed, "Yeah I guess I can see the logic there. Oh were you able to pick up my items from Mr. Morris for me?"

Steph smiled an evil smile, "I sure did. Where is Nate we could use his muscles to get it for us?"

Amanda waved her hand, "Oh he took a nap about fifteen minutes ago. I guess I really wore him out."

Steph half wanted to stomp upstairs and kick him out of bed so her surprise won't be ruined. “Did he at least keep his promise?”

Amanda just about fanned herself, “Oh boy did he. On his first try too. Of course he kept going like you. I guess that’s where you got it from, huh?”

Steph nearly had to laugh, “Something like that. Well anyways we can get all caught up I at least want to hear some of the details. Just please leave out how big he is. And while you are telling me you can help me get all these things out.”

Amanda just nodded her head and got up showing Steph she was wearing a short silk bath robe. They walked out to the truck and Amanda nearly went white when she saw the fuck machines in the bed.

“I decided to pick up some items at the sex store and they told me these came in for you.”

Amanda fidgeted for a moment before she finally answered, “Can we quickly get these inside the house before Nate wakes up from his nap. I would be mortified if he saw these.”

Steph laughed, “Please. Nate would love to try these out on you. But if you want to hide these from him that is fine with me. I won’t say anything to him if you want.”

Amanda bowed her head, “Thank you Steph. I appreciate it.” They quickly unloaded the sex machines and brought them inside the house.

“Well now that we these inside where are we going to hide them from Nate?” Steph asked.

Amanda quickly pointed her chin to the door on the other side of the kitchen, “Well put them in there for now. That’s where they are going to go anyways.”

Steph looked over to the door on the other side of the kitchen. Steph searched all over the cabin when she first got there and totally missed this door. Did this door just materialize out of nowhere? No that couldn’t be how she missed it. She guessed when she checked all over the place she focused on all the decorations and everything on the top floors nothing on the first.

“And where does that door led down to?” Steph asked semi curiously.

Steph nearly figured out what the room was for now that Amanda had three different sex machines. They opened the door and she saw that there were stairs leading downstairs more than likely a basement. They got the three boxes downstairs inside the basement. Steph saw that the basement had five separate rooms on one side and just one door on the other.

Steph opened the first room to see a couple of computers with a couple of servers and hard drives. Ok she wasn’t expecting that kind of hardware in a place like this. She moved off to the second door and opened it to reveal a small gym with different types of work out equipments. She saw a treadmill, a bow flex, a conversion bench for free weights, a weight set next to it for the bench, and a couple of other things she didn’t recognize (at least she knew how Amanda stayed in shape. She guessed with a small town like this a gym in your place is probably required to stay fit.). She closed the door to the second room and moved off to the third door.

She opened it to reveal a small theater room with lazy boys and all. The fourth door she opened and was instantly greeted by warm air. She looked in once she adjusted to the warm air to see a huge collection of wine on shelves. Ok so the four out of the five on this side of the corridor didn’t surprise her.

The last door took her breath away. She opened it to see all sorts of bondage and masturbation machines. She saw a lovely standing X for bondage. She also saw all sorts of sex machines. All of them instantly made her knees go weak and made her pussy completely soaked. She just wanted to tie Amanda to the X table and hook her up to one of the masturbation machines. Now the machines made more sense to her.

Turns out Amanda was a bigger freak than she was. Well with that much money Steph probably could have given Amanda a run for her money.

They loaded the boxes into the bondage room. “Do you need help putting these together?” Steph looked at Amanda while she sort of rubbed her arm. “Maybe later. Let’s get the rest of the stuff first and if Nate is still asleep then we’ll put these together.”

Steph figured that was reasonable. As the exited the bondage room Steph’s curiosity got the best of her and opened the last door now on her right as they headed back upstairs. She opened the door and saw a room with hangers and a door on each side. She walked in the room and opened the door on her right and saw that it had a very expensive tanning bed just like the ones she saw at those expensive tanning salons.

She closed that door and opened the door on the other side and saw it was a full functioning steam room. Now this she loved. She closed the doors and followed Amanda upstairs to get the rest of the items out of the truck.

They got back to the truck and Amanda noticed Steph’s monkey rocker. “At least I know the real reason why you went the sex shop,” Amanda said with a sly smile.

Steph looked at the rocker and back at Amanda, “Oh please like you didn’t know I was a freak. So this shouldn’t really surprise you.”

Amanda raised her eyebrow, “And what would Nate say if he knew about that?”

Steph laughed, “He would probably ask where his flashlight was.”

Amanda just shrugged her shoulders and sort of chuckled at the comment.

They got the rest of the stuff that was in the truck and Steph took her goodies upstairs. She quickly put her rocker together thankfully there wasn’t too much assembly needed. She was thinking about testing it out but then she thought it would be more fun to watch Amanda try to put her new machines together. Watching Amanda won over testing out her rocker. She can always test out her rocker later even though her pussy screamed at her in disappointment.

Oh well her pussy will thank her once she fully tries out her new toy…later. Watching Amanda put it together won over everything. She thought it might be funny plus if she were lucky Amanda might let her try out her newly acquired toys.

She walked downstairs to see Amanda wasn’t there so she immediately went downstairs to the bondage room. She got in the room sure enough Amanda had one of the boxes open and was reading the instructions on how to put it together. Steph looked over at the open box and read that it was the ‘Robospanker’. This could be interesting. Amanda still had her small silk bath robe on but right now it was beginning to fall off and Steph saw that Amanda was still naked underneath.

Just seeing Amanda’s full breasts Steph really had to rethink her idea of tying Amanda to that X table and just going to town on her. Her pussy told her that was a bad idea. It told her instead that Amanda should tie her to the table and use one of the toys until she went unconscious. Fuck she was horny. After a few hours Amanda and Steph were able to put together all of the new machines.

Steph looked at all the machines and bondage gear and had a stroke of genius, actually her pussy got more and more wet with each machine that she looked at. Fuck she was horny. She looked down to make sure there wasn’t a puddle underneath her. Nope no puddle…not yet anyways. If she stood there any longer there will be a puddle underneath her.

Steph could tell the a hint of deception was in her eyes as she asked Amanda a question, “Do you want to try out one of your new machines to see if it works?”

Amanda looked around at her new machines and turned back, “Sure. Actually I was thinking the same thing, but what about Nate? He should be up by now from his nap.”

Crap she completely forgot about Nate. Shit shit shit fuck damn it all to hell. Steph looked at her, “Yeah maybe you’re right we should get up there. Hopefully he’s wearing some clothes on. But do you might if I try out these machines sometime?”

Amanda laughed, “Yeah sure you can try them out. Like I always said mi casa es su casa. And I don’t mind if he has clothes on or not. Actually I prefer him naked and paying attention to me.”

“Thanks I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth at that image. Geez just take him upstairs to rape him. Now that he is fully rested I’m sure he will be willing to do round 2 on making not walk.” Steph said.

Amanda started laughing, “More like round 7 but that works for me too.”

Steph just shook her head in disbelief. What has she created with Amanda ever since she took her under her wing.

They both got upstairs and found Nate sitting on the sofa watching television on the flat screen watching the discovery channel. Steph and Amanda didn’t really care what he was watching. Amanda didn’t care because she was already walking over towards Nate with her robe open like she was about ready to jump his bones. Steph was surprised he wasn’t watching some sports game. She saw Amanda almost ready to jump on his lap but prevented it by grabbing her arm and taking her back into the kitchen so she could talk to her.

“One little tip dear. Nate doesn’t like it when girls hang all over him. If you want to keep his attention let him come to you. And the more you make him suffer the more he will want to rape you. Trust me. Just sit on the other side of the sofa and keep your robe half closed.”

Amanda just looked down at herself, “Well I guess your right. I do come off a little needy.” She closed her robe and then Steph adjusted her robe showing off cleavage, turned her around, whispered into her ear “Here’s something to tide you over until he latches onto the bait”, Steph put her fingers onto Amanda’s clit and started moving it in circular motions.

Steph reached into Amanda’s robe with her free hand and pinched Amanda’s right nipple. After a few moments and hearing Amanda begin to moan and she started to grind on Steph’s hand. Then she spanked Amanda on her bare ass, “Now get your ass over there and make him drool until he reaches over and bends you over the couch.”

Amanda jumped at her rear getting spanked and began to walk over to the couch. She got about half way there and turned around, “That wasn’t fair.” And she turned back around to finish off her strut to the couch.

Steph watched as Amanda plopped onto the sofa, crossed her legs sideways towards Nate so he could see her pussy, and sighed. Steph made it around the sofa and sat down. She could tell that Nate averted his eyes from the television to Amanda’s welcoming body. Thankfully Nate was wearing cameo shorts but nothing else on. Well at least that was a step up from being completely naked.

“So, Ianto, what are you watching?”

Nate snapped his attention from Amanda’s body back to Steph as if to give her the stink eye for calling him ‘Ianto’. “Oh just some show about how tattoos came about and the different variations how tattoos were done over the years in different cultures. It’s actually quite interesting sort of. Most of the tattoo designs are interesting especially the Japanese tattoos are quite intriguing.”

Steph looked at the television and wished something else was on. Educational shows always bored her to the bone, she wished he put on an action film or porno at the very least. She looked at the clock and realized it was dinner time. Crap. She shot right up and ran into the kitchen. Nate and Amanda were surprised that she got up so quickly and watched her go into the kitchen.

“What are you doing Steph?” both of them asked.

Steph spoke over her shoulder, “Well Amanda. Seeing how you have been so nice of letting me be here I thought I would be nice and at least cook a nice dinner for you.”

Nate laughed, “And what about me I get some too right?”

Steph just scowled at him, “Oh no Playboy you’re on your own. If you want dinner so bad just eat out Amanda.” Amanda began to giggle.

“Yes of course you’re getting dinner dip. Just sit back and relax. Watch your educational show while I cook dinner.”

Nate just laughed again, “Ok well have fun don’t burn your pussy hairs off trying to impress us.”

Steph wanted to walked back to Nate and smack him in the back of his head.

Steph reluctantly walked back to the kitchen and began to prepare for what to make for dinner instead of smacking the back of Nate’s head. Steph watched from the corner of her eye get up from the couch and disappear upstairs. She didn’t think much of it and began chopping up some garlic and onions.

“Need any help?” Steph nearly jumped ten feet to Amanda’s inquiry.

Took her a moment to regain her composure, “No. I’m fine really. Just sit next to Nate and go over what we talked about until dinner is done.” Amanda just sighed and nodded.

Steph went back to cutting up the garlic and onions until she was so rudely interrupted. She didn’t even see Amanda sneak up behind her. Amanda wrapped an arm around her, slipped her thong aside, stuck a large curved vibrating dildo that was turned on inside her all the way to the hilt, and slipped her thong back over her pussy. Steph completely forgot that she took off her pants and bra when she was putting her rocker together. Steph’s eye immediately rolled into the back of her head.

She felt Amanda come in close to her ear, with her arm still around her and whispered into her ear, “This is payback for your little stunt. I don’t want you to take this out of you until I tell you other wise.”

Steph still had her eyes rolled in the back of head as she agreed to Amanda’s terms. “Ok. Enjoy cooking dinner. I hope it turns out well.”

Steph watched as Amanda went back to the couch and sat on the other side of the couch that Nate was on. That fucking bitch. How could she pull a stunt like that to her? Oh she was going to get her back for that one. Only question was how.

The question that she had quickly evaporated as she sensed an orgasm begin to build inside her. She quickly put her mind to the task of making dinner. The entire time trying to not to cum so dinner wouldn’t be delayed. Some how she was able to finish dinner and not be able to cum during the whole time. It surprised her that she could put her mind else where even though that vibrating dildo was inside her. She was going to kill Amanda for doing this to her.

She just couldn’t believe she actually agreed, normally she was the dominator so this was a rare situation not to mention a turn on. Female or not she was going to pay her back. In fact, those new machines gave her some great ideas. And Nate was going to help with that. One way or another she was going to make Amanda pay. She would guarantee it.

Steph was about to tell them that dinner was ready until she saw Amanda sitting on her brother’s lap. She was slowly moving up and down facing away from him towards the television. She could tell that they were having sex. For fuck’s sake Amanda couldn’t wait until later to be fucking her brother again. With the way things going lately and her hormones going into complete overdrive she would be doing the same thing just not her brother.

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