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TSINF 7.1 - The Deal

Steph talks to Matt and finds out what her deal is....
Day 10

Steph woke up some time in the afternoon. She knew it was afternoon for two reasons: 1.) She didn't wake up to be greeted by the aluring aroma of Amanda's special coffee blend and 2.) The birds weren't really chirping that much outside because they were out getting food or what not. She sat up in the bed and felt that she was still drained. Like she didn't sleep long enough, like her body needed more sleep after what happened last night. Then it hit her...she needed to use the bathroom and now. Steph immediately made a dash to the bathroom and nearly slid to the toilet like she was a professional baseball player stealing home base. She barely made it in time before it was too late. After she emptied her bladder, she walked out of the bathroom and put on her new Tennessee Volunteers jersey so she can head downstairs.

She made it downstairs to see Amanda, wearing a simple white cotton robe, working away in the kitchen cooking something. Whatever it was it didn't have any smell so she couldn't tell exactly what it was. "What are you cooking?" Amanda appeared to jump at least ten feet in the air obviously too intrigued with what she was cooking. She looked over at her as if trying to think of an excuse and finally finding one that she liked. Amanda shrugged, "Just some base for my family soap." Steph walked over to the pot and looked in to see clear liquid almost as if it were water being cooked.

"Base, huh? What is exactly in your base?" Steph continued to look in the pot and tried to smell but there was nothing to smell. "The base is a combination of ingredients that is used in all of the soaps and what not that is cooked with this." Steph finally turned her attention to Amanda to judge her reaction, "What else has a base besides your soaps?" Amanda seemed to sense that Steph was closely judging her reaction turned her face complete stone making it hard from Steph to see any reaction, "Mainly some lotions, soaps, and body wash use this type of base." Steph sensing she wasn't going to get much more out of Amanda she walked over to the coffee pot to see if there was any left over coffee.

Amanda seeing Steph's reaction to the coffee pot, "Sorry I haven't made much coffee since this morning. If someone didn't sleep until the crack of two you could have gotten it fresh. Just take whatever is left over and nuke it. It seemed like you needed you're beauty sleep after last night."

Steph sighed and chuckled at the same time, "Boy I guess I needed it. I still need to pay you back after what happened last night." This time Amanda was laughing, "I think you deserved what you got last night after what you tried. And I look forward to your pay back." This time Steph chuckled, "Yeah well maybe later when you least expect it I will pay you back. Say what was in that stuff you gave me last night before I zonked out?" Amanda just shrugged her shoulders, "Just some vitamins and some other nutritional things." Steph did have to admit that normally over the past few days when she woke up her breasts and nipples were hurting like they had grown a size and it felt like her clit was vibrating on it's own. But this morning it felt like her body was back to normal. Her breasts still felt swollen but it was a dull sensation. Her clit still felt like it was vibrating but it felt like it was within it's normal state. Whatever that stuff was it did the job.

Amanda was sitting there grinding up some stuff obviously for her 'base'. "Where's Nate by the way?" Amanda stopped what she was doing for a moment and looked at her, "He said he wasn't going to pass up such beautiful scenery. He borrowed some of my camping equipment and left a few hours ago. He said he would be back in a few days." Steph looked at Amanda while she said that to see if there was any reaction to what she was saying. "And how does that make you feel?" Steph watched as Amanda looked a little depressed as if she lost her orgasm toy, "I don't know. A little sad I guess but he said he'd be back in a day or two. Honestly, I'm not too sure what to think of Nate." Steph just nodded her head to Amanda, "Well trust me if he shows up before then that is a good sign that he likes you."

Amanda smiled, "Oh before I forget. Matt called looking for you. He told me to have you call him as soon as you wake up." Steph just looked at her, "Did he say anything else than that?" Amanda just shook her head, "No not really. What's going on? Why does Matt want to speak with you?" Steph sighed for a moment, "Well you remember the other night when we auctioned ourselves off?" Amanda nodded confirming that she remembered. "And you remember how he asked me to stay behind so he could talk to me?" Once again Amanda nodded her head. "Well he offered me a deal if I were to help him out with one of his endeavers." Amanda still grinding down some pills for her base, "What kind of deal?" Steph shrugged, "Some major money and a chair with the law firm that he does business with as long as help him with his endeavor." Amanda stopped grinding her pills and looked at her, "And..." "And I accepted for the money he was offering." Amanda sighed, "Well whatever the deal is. I would still be leery on it but it's really up to you. Just keep your guard up around him." Steph smiled warmly at Amanda, "Thanks for the tip. I guess I should call him and face the music." Amanda laughed at the statement and went back to what she was doing.

Steph went upstairs, grabbed her iPhone, and entered in the number for Matt that Amanda had written down for her. The phone rang a couple of times and then a deep voice answered the phone.

"This is Matt," came from the receiver obviously being Matt.

"Hi Matt. This is Stephanie. You called?"

"Ah yes, Stephanie, I thought you weren't going to call today seeing it is beginning to become late." Steph just rolled her eyes, "Yeah well after our deal I'm not going to do that. So why did you call? I imagine it's to discuss our deal further." Steph could hear Matt chuckle on the other end of the line. “How astute. Yes I would like you to come to my abode so we can further discuss our deal. We’ll have dinner first then we will discuss our deal. I will have someone come by Amanda’s place at 5:30pm to pick you up. See you then.” Steph heard the phone click like the conversation was over between them. Well hell. Steph looked at the time that displayed on her phone and read it was 3:40pm. Well crap that gave her about two hours to get ready. Thankfully that gave her more than enough time in her mind.

Steph went into the bathroom and started up the water in the bathtub. She kept her wrist under the flowing water until it was hot enough for her and closed off the drain so the hot water can build up in the tub. She reached over and grabbed the small sample bottle of bath soap that Amanda gave her and poured in enough until it was completely foamed up. With the amount of soap she poured in was enough for two baths and hopefully twice the amount of orgasms. Hopefully was the key word. Steph took off her Tennessee jersey that she had on and stepped into the tub.

Steph laid down in the tub and laid back to relax. She allowed the mystery bath soap to work its magic on her body. Within moments she felt her mind beginning to wonder off realizing that her stress of having a meeting with Matt begin to fade away. Her body began to tingle with the heat of the bath water. Her breasts began to harden in the soapy hot water. Her pussy began to start juicing with the sensation from the bath water and the alure of mysterious bath soap.

Steph was beginning to see a pattern with this soap (like she didn't notice it before). Normally she would have seen the pattern by the second time but since every time she took a bath she was extremely horny so she just waved it off to coincidence. So this time was a different story sure she was a little horny, like what one might feel after just having sex. You want to go more but are either too exhausted from the exercise or just disappointed because your partner couldn't least longer than five minutes. Lucky when she was unfortunate enough to have a person giving her the bone lasting only seconds she learned that a small orgasm was still better than no orgasm. That's if eight second man could bring her to climax. If he didn't she would discreetly disappear after he went to sleep and take care of business. Usually in those cases if limp man wasn't her boo she would just go find another guy if she were at limp man's house. If they were at her place she would call a taxi and kick him out to do his walk of shame for being an idiot. However, if she were in a relationship with unsatisfy man when she discreetly disappeared a nice little toy would tide her over until limp man can get it up again for round 2 or whatever round they were on. She has even had to use Viagra on the guy just to get her rocks off in some rare cases. Rare she would have to stoop to that level but when she needed to have an orgasm she needed a damn orgasm.

Now that she was in the bath she was noticing exactly what the bath soap was doing. She noticed her breast feeling that they were getting swollen and her nipples her harder than any known substance she has ever heard of. Her ass felt more firm like she just got done doing a full work out of lunges. Her abs felt more tight like she had been doing crunches all morning. Yet her muscles may feel rock solid like she was all tense but she could tell and feel that her body was completely relaxed. She brushed her hand along her stomach and pushed down to confirm her suspicions. As soon as she pushed her hand down along her tummy it didn't allow much room to go down very far and was extremly hard. If she wasn't raised around so many boys growing up she would think the stereotypical female that she might have broken her fake nail but the idea of it might breaking still loomed in the back of her head. Ok her suspicions of her stomach has been confirmed. Now to see if her suspicions of her ass being solid enough one could bounce a quarter off of it quite a distance. Steph shifted her weight in the tub and rolled slowly on her side and finally nearly laying fully on her stomach. When she rolled her body in the tub, something weird happened.

When she rolled her body in the quickly cooling tub she moved her legs around so when was laying on her stomach it would feel more comfortable. Her thigh pressed up against her pussy lips putting pressure against her clit. Normally she had felt this sensation various times in her life so the sensation should be nothing new to her, but now that sensation was intensified. Holy hell this bath is raising more questions each time she uses it. She decided to ignore the sensation or she would be late for her meeting with Matt. Oh Shit! What time is it? Steph quickly hopped out of the bath tub and ran into the bed room where a readable clock was. She looked at the time and saw that she only had about forty minutes left before her ride picked her up. Fuck!!!

Steph ran back into the bathroom opened the drain to the bathtub and grabbed a towel quickly drying herself. After she dried herself, well most of herself anyways, she ran back into the bedroom to figure out what the hell she was going to wear. At first she naturally laid out all her clothes that would closely resemble a professional attire. She threw all her maybes onto the bed and after rumiging through her suitcases that still had clothes in them, from the bags that still had clothes in them from when she went shopping, and all the clothes the maid had done for her. After looking through everything she found one pair of charcoal dress slacks (what...they were cute and she could use them for any occasion), two dresses that were simi professional and not exactly whorish, one blue blouse, two black skirts that could work, and a few shirts that weren't exactly slutty. After seeing exactly what she had, Steph silently shook her head in utter disbelief to herself. Sure she has pulled off great feats with less things but she had to laugh how she always got herself in these situations. (Note to self pack at least two dress outfits for situations like these now matter what the occasion may be.)

Steph decided to try on the charcoal slacks first so she quickly hopped into a pair of simple white and pink boy short underwear and hopped into the slacks. She snapped the hooks closed and adjusted the straps on the sides so they hugged her hips instead of feeling like they were gonna fall down. Steph took a quick look on the mirror to see how the bottom portion her body being dressed looked like. She turned around still looking in the mirror and saw that it looked alright but could look better with the right elements working for her. She looked at her top choices and couldn't find anything that would work. She looked desperately through her things to find something that would work but could only find her tube top bra with her normal white shirt that normally used as her substitute pajamas when her normal ones were too dirty to wear. After tucking the shirt in she took another look in the mirror and thought to herself that it didn't look too bad. It looked simi professional, not overly professional, but professional none the less. Steph looked down at her bare feet and then looked at her suitcase full of shoes along with the spread shoes simply flung all over the room trying to see if any of them were professional worthy. She looked around finding either as Nate would say fuck me heels or some type of comfort wear ranging from sandals to sneakers. She looked down at the length of her dress slacks to found that if she did it right she could wear a pair of her fuck me heels and the left over hang of slacks would hide a majority of her heels. Another reason why she loved her slacks and had always brought them wherever she went. After a few moments she found the heels she was looking for her silver 4 1/2 in. Report Signature Series Cooper heels, she slipped them on and looked at herself in the mirror. She gazed upon herself in the mirror and thought there was something missing even though under the circumstances it didn't look half bad. Steph quickly put her hair into a pony tail and looked at the time to see how much time she had left when she heard the door bell go off.

Amanda stuck her head into Steph's room, "It appears your ride is here to take you to Mr. Rockler." Steph looked at Amanda and was about to say thank you but the look that was on Amanda's face made her change her statement. "Thanks! I'll explain when I get back." Steph rounded the bed as she heard Amanda give her an uh huh as she walked down the stairs. Steph walked downstairs and outside of the Parker estate to the man waiting next to the limo with the back passenger door open. Steph nearly chuckled to herself because the scene to her reminder her of every romantic chick flick with a limo in the scene. Steph just shrugged after the thought hit her because it felt like she was getting driven to a demon for all she cared. Whether that demon was good looking or not. The driver nodded to Steph as she walked up to the limo with the door already open, "Evening, Ms. Gordan, I'll be your driver for tonight." Steph nodded and introduced herself, "Thank you...". Steph trailed off to get the driver's name. He quickly fidgitted with what she said, "Arthur, Ms. Gordan." Steph quickly chimed in, "Arthur. Please call me Stephanie. And it's a pleasure to meet you," she slapped the back of her hand against his shoulder hard, "now let's get going." Steph dived into the limo as Arthur closed the door behind her and began their drive to their combined singular destination.

Steph arrived at Matt Rockler's estate and was surprised to see that the usual breathing bricks weren't at their usual post but figured that was only for the parties and not for the usual days. Oh well it made no difference to her but the breathing brick walls did make her feel safer. Not like she would admit that to anyone. One thing she did notice this time compared to the previous times is that Matt's front lawn looked magnificent. There were all sorts of bushes carved into animals mainly the mythical kind. A winged horse here a sphinx there and other types of interesting creatures carved into bushes she has never seen before. She focused too much on the different garden designs she didn't realize that the car had stopped and Arthur had opened the door for her. When Arthur cleared his throat Steph snapped her attention back to reality and she got out of the car to head towards the lions den...even if that lion was tempting.

Steph was led into a dimly lit room where she saw a medium sized dining table that could seat four easily with candles lit on it. She saw the table on one side of the room and when she looked on the other side of the room she nearly jumped. On the other side she saw Matt half laying on a leather sofa reading a book facing her. Geez he really needed to make some noise because if the light behind him wasn't turned on she would be sure she wouldn’t have noticed he was there. Matt continued reading the book not really acknowledging she was there but she was sure he knew she was there. Before she could make a sound or step closer so she could see exactly what book he was reading. "Go ahead and make yourself comfortable. Behind me is a full bar if you would like something to drink. I'll be with you shortly." She was thankful that he at least acknowledged her instead of fully ignoring her. Steph walked past Matt and tried to check out what he was reading on her way to the bar. She saw the title of the book but didn't really recognize the title because it was in a language she didn't know.

Steph shrugged to herself on the inside and thought it really didn't matter what he was reading. Even though on the inside she felt a little hurt that he would be more interested in a book instead of why she was there. Steph looked around the bar seeing various bottles of alcohol, some labeled some not. After opening and sniffing the unlabeled bottles she made her decision on some clear unscented liquid. After taking a small sip of the liquid and found it also had no taste. Great whatever this is it could either hydrate her or severly fuck her world up. Either way she will find out soon enough.

Steph plopped herself down with her drink in hand in the adjacent sofa where Matt was sitting waiting for him to finish what he was reading. Matt continued to read for what seemed like forever to Steph. That was until he got to the stopping point he was looking for in which he placed a book mark and closed his book. Steph watched as Matt placed the book onto the table and adjusted himself in the couch so he could properly face her.

“I take it the book is good?” Steph said with content in her voice. It amazed her how she was in control instead of being not in control.

Matt looked at her for a moment and then a small smirk spread across his chiseled face. “Yeah. It is a good read. I suggest you read it if it weren’t in Russian. But none the less a good read.” He bend down for a moment to reach across the book to a glass filled with a liquid in it. Steph was surprised she didn’t notice the drink on the table. Oh well nothing to really focus on. She was too focused on the fact that Matt wasn’t wearing a shirt, just pants and shoes.

Steph watched as Matt took a sip from his glass and set it back down on the table right next to the book. “If you are interested I can recommend the book in English.” Steph just looked at him and gave him a smartass smirk, “Maybe another time. I just want to get this over with. I would like to get back to my vacation as quickly as possible.”

Steph watched as Matt chuckled for a moment, “Well I don’t want to keep you from your vacation either.” He leaned forward, “Let’s discuss it over dinner.” She continued to watch him and he picked up the phone that was on the table. It looked like he was on the phone only for a moment and he hung up the phone.

Matt stood up and stretched for a moment. "Well let's sit down at the
table so we can discuss our arrangement. And the cook has prepared
something special for us." He bent down, picked up his drink, and
headed towards the table.

Steph wanted to smirk at his comment about the cook cooking up something special. She found her smirk quickly fading and turning into a gaping gawk as she watched Matt's behind sway as he walked towards the table on the other side of the room. She just kept staring at his firm ass sway and silently wished to herself what she wouldn't do to have her hands grabbed that firm ass while her legs were wrapped around his waist.

Oh great now she was getting really horny. Maybe that bath with the special soap wasn't such a great idea.

Steph didn't realize her thoughts had made her zone out completely until she heard someone clearing their throat. The sound snapped her attention back to reality. She looked up to see Matt head half turned towards her with a smirk on his face. CRAP!!! She knew for sure that he had totally caught her checking him out. She just thanked to the heavens that the room wasn't lit properly. If it were lit properly she was sure that Matt could she her turning at least five shades of red at this moment.

She got up and began to follow Matt towards the table hoping that he would turn around and finish his stride to the table. That way she can at least wipe the drool from her chin if there were any.

Once they arrived at the table she quickly sat down and Matt rounded around her. As if he were thinking everything through, "So you know why I called you here?"

She squinted her eyes and made a small smirk to show him her best smartass smirk, "I hope it's to continue the deal we made a few nights back."

She watched as Matt chuckled to himself, "Yes, but first I hope the footage I sent you was of help?"

Took Steph a moment to judge whether Matt was actually genuinely concerned for what she was looking for or was just curious to find out why she would want the footage. She straightened herself, "Yes it was of big help. Thank you again."

She continued to watch him intently as he tried to think to himself with the inner turmoil of what to say next. As if he found what he was looking for he snapped his fingers, "Of course, how rude of me. I called you here to feed you not ask you 20 questions. Please forgive me." She watched him clap his hands together above his head making THE loudest clap she had ever heard in life. It sounded like Zeus gave Matt his hands so he could clap like thunder was coming.

Note to self if she ever gets this man in bed remember not to let him spank her. That is unless she wanted his hand print permently tattooed to her ass...then again that could be fun. Fuck she needs someone between her legs.

A hand reached around her to lay a napkin over her lap. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! The butler or whatever the guy was appeared out of nowhere and scared the bejesus out of her. She was pretty sure she nearly crapped herself.

The butler or whatever he was sensed that she jumped about fifteen feet, "Oh I'm sorry Miss. Please forgive me if I startled you. I was just preparing your plate. Is there anything I can get you to drink?"

Steph took a deep breath to compose herself just to make sure her voice wasn't high pitched or shaking because her heart was racing. "Yes, some top selve tequila with a water chaser would be nice. Thank you." The well dressed man bowed his head and hurried off.

Matt tilted his head back and laughed out loud. "How come that doesn't surprise me that you would say that."

Steph looked back over at Matt and gave him her best smartass grin. "While that guy is getting me my drink perhaps we can discuss why I'm here."

Once again Matt tilted his head back and laughed, "Boy you are persistant. Fine. I was hoping to delay this a little bit longer so you can enjoy your vacation a little bit longer. But..." Matt ran his fingers through his hair.

Steph squinted her eyes at him with a small smirk to signallfy to Matt she wasn't going to play along, "But what??"

Matt laughed again, "But I am now working under a crucial time table with the person I mentioned. I really don't want to go into too much detail but I'll give you the information you need to know."

Steph was sort of interested in what Matt was talking about but at the same time it sounded like she was in another class. Just when she thought she was going to zone out the well dressed butler showed up with a tray filled with food and drinks. Steph rolled her eyes, "Ok as much as I love you being evasive and cryptic. Why don't you just tell me what I have to do in order to fulfill our bargain?"

Matt stopped dead in his tracks and just chuckled again, "Straight to point. I can't tell whether I like that or not at this moment." Matt gave her a smile and she couldn't tell if the smile was forced or genuine. "Ok. The deal I have struck is with a close friend and future business partner if things go as planned." Steph just rolled her eyes and motioned her hand in a circular motion telling Matt to hurry it up.

"Right. Well like I said your little performance your first night here got the attention of my friend, Patrick, and his girlfriend, Monika." Steph rolled her hand telling him that she already knew from last time. Still the recap was nice but still embarrassing. Granted she was horny that night and the alcohol didn't help.

Matt cleared his throat and laughed, "Right. Well part of the stipulation is that you do another performance for them for a day. Now I'm still hammering what you will be doing and for how long. Unfortunately I don't have long before the deal falls through. All I know for sure is that they would like to see you this weekend."

Steph let everything soak in what he was saying and probably sat there what felt like an eterity. "So let me get this straight," Matt opened up his palm telling her to go ahead with her questions.

"So you invited me here to tell me that this weekend I am supposed to fulfill my end of the bargain?" Matt sighed and nodded.

"You don't know what they want me to do for them other than give them a little show?" Once again Matt nodded at her question.

"And you don't know if they want my show for an hour or the rest of the weekend because you're still hammering at the details?" Steph could feel herself beginning to get pissed off and was trying to control her temper. At least her raising tension down below was beginning to subside but not by much. Once again Matt nodded to her question.

Steph tried to focus her rage and control her voice so it didn't sound too threatening, "Ok if you don't know the details or for how long this Patrick and his fence jumping girlfriend Monika wants me for. Why exactly am I here?"

Matt sighed, picked up his glass and took a sip before speaking, "Yeah sorry about that. I think I got a little excited because this deal is nearly in the bag. Hence why you're here because I wanted to share this feat with someone and seeing how we had a deal it just made sense to me."

Ok that answer kind of shocked her. For all she knew about Matt, which was enough to fill a timble and that isn't much, she didn't peg him for getting easily excited over something like this. Sure maybe after everything is said and done, not while it is still a transition position. Steph wasn't too sure what to do. She wasn't sure if she should mock him for acting like this. She wasn't sure if there was some type of hidden agenda he was hoping for. So she decided to go with her instincts, "Ok I wasn't expecting you to act like this. That is great I guess that you wanted to add me to this pre celebration you got going on here. Dont get me wrong. I appreciate you immediately thought of me. But it still leaves why I'm here?"

Steph watched as Matt hung his head down for a few moments. Great now she felt like she hurt his feelings. She got up and rounded around the table until she reached Matt. She walked behind him and begun rubbing his shoulders, "I'm sorry if I sounded insensitive. I'm just on edge and expected a full summary of what was expected of me." She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, "Can you forgive me."

Matt chuckled to himself, "It's alright. I forgive you. I actually expected you to get pissed off. But while you are here I have drawn up a contract for you because I'm such a nice guy. But if you really want to make it up to me. I haven't had a worthy adversary when it comes to quarters. If you're up to the task that is."

This time Steph had to laugh at the comment Matt just made. He had just signed his own death. If it's one she has had plenty of practice with is quarters thanks to her brothers. "Go get the papers and then you're going down rich boy."

Matt laughed, "I was hoping you would say that. I'll go get the papers." He walked out of the room. Once again Steph watched him sway his ass as he left the room.

While Matt was gone Steph got herself another glass of alcohol from the mini bar and casually search over the room. During her casual search she found a medium size book shelf with various books. She looked over the titles some in English others in different languages. She thumbed over some of the titles and found the Twilight series and the same set at least four times but obvious in different languages. Now those definitely surprised Steph. Why would someone like Matt be into those books but with the recent craze for Twilight and series like it it really didn't surprise her. Now the only question was he part of Team Edward or Team Jacob? All she knew was that she was part of Team Jacob.

She continued to thumb over the titles most of which she had never heard of before the only series she recognized was the Sherlock Holmes series. From what she could tell however from all the titles they were either mystery/detective books or sci fi/supernatural books. She did notice with each book where the title was in English there was at least four or five books in different languages, probably the same book, before the next book was in English. That was the only pattern she saw with the books.

Right after her eyes from the book shelf Steph heard a loud clack from the skies with an extremely bright light. The sound scared the shit out of her. She was sure she jumped at least ten or fifteen feet. Right after the sound she clearly heard rain falling down.

Great! Just what she needed was a big storm.

Shortly after the obvious thunder and lightning making her jump, Matt returned back into the room. He held up the papers, "Here we go. A nice little contract documenting the transaction of our little deal minus the statement of any sexual favors. I'm sure you don't want to broadcast that. So like we agreed the contract states you will foresee over the deal to make sure both parties have signed a negotiable contract you will receive $350,000 and a seat at the law firm upon your graduation that handles all my business." He handed the papers over to her. She looked over the contract quickly to make sure it didn't state or imply to anything sexual. Sure enough it said basically like Matt said that she would foresee over the arrangement for the money and a seat with Stone and Associates. She looked back over at Matt, "Thank you for being so kind. That and making sure it didn't hint towards any sexual act. I really don't feel like sounding like a high priced whore." Matt slightly chuckled to himself, "Well like I said this deal would mean a lot to me and there is a lot of money to be made if this deal goes through. So if you help me achieve this deal you are entitled to everything plus more."

"Wait. What do you mean IF this deal goes through? What happens if it doesn't go through?" The way Matt worded it made Steph question what were to happen if it didn't work out.

Matt looked off to outside that is now pouring. He finally turned his attention back to her and looked her in the eyes. "If the deal doesn't go through, it doesn't go through. Don't worry you'll still get your money and seat with my law firm like we agreed upon. If you notice in the contract if the deal goes through you'll get an extra $100,000 for the completion of the deal." The way he was looking into her eyes made him look like a completely different person at that moment. She couldn't tell if it made him completely scary to her that he can easily change his moods at a moments notice. Or if it turned her on.

She quickly thumb through the contract. Sure enough it did state that upon supervision of the deal she would get the money and the job offer no matter what. And it did say that upon that completion of the deal she would get a $100,000 bonus. So everything he had said was true. That was all she was looking for just to make sure she didn't get screwed out of this sweet deal that had landed in her lap. She picked up the pen that Matt had handed to her and signed the contract.

After she signed the contract, Matt picked up the document. "Thank you so much. And now I guess we should get you back to Amanda before the storm gets worse and they decide to close down the roads."

"Why would they close down the roads?"

Matt looked outside and scratched his head showing off his muscular bicep. "Well they say on the news that a really bad storm is heading our way and to be on the watch for flash floods and mud slides. I already have my staff working on fortifying the grounds just case a flood or mud slide does happen." Steph looked outside through the window seeing that it looked like it was raining cats and dogs outside. She could also see that lightning was striking down at random intervals with thunder closely following it. From the sounds of it it sounded like the lightning was striking really close. While she was looking outside, she heard Matt say, "That or you could stay here for the night if you wish."

Steph quickly turned her attention back to Matt. So she now had a choice. On one hand she could stay the night and possibly wrap her legs around this mysterious kind man or on the other hand she could go back to Amanda's place and see how Amanda is handling the storm and possibly see how Nate was doing. Nate...she just remembered he went out to go camping. Fuck. Her choice was made she needed to get back to Amanda's to make sure Nate made it back and hope that stubborn jackass made the right decision to get his skinny ass back over there in this storm.

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