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TSINF 7.2 - Brother's Safety

Steph learns Nate is safe and Amanda admits her attraction....
"I need to get back Amanda's. My brother is in town visiting me. And this morning he went out to go camping. I need to make sure his dumb ass made it back there or I'm going to have to hunt him down to personally drag him back so I know he's safe."

Matt looked at her for a moment, sighed, and chuckled, "I guess we'll have to rain check our quarters arrangement. Come on I'll have my driver take you back."

This time Steph laughed and punched him in the arm, "Please! If we played quarters you'd be put under the table. But I will accept your rain check."

Matt rubbed his arm and laughed, "I doubt that. Maybe during one of my parties this summer you can come up and we'll play quarters until whoever falls. In the mean time, let's get you back to Amanda. And I need to oversee the fortification.”

Steph laughed, "I would like that. But if we play we better have a crowd so there's no cheating. And thanks for having me here tonight. I had fun." She put her hand on his chest and kissed him on the cheek. "Good night."

She left Matt's place and luckily the same driver, Arthur, took her back to Amanda's place. The entire time she was worried about whether Nate was smart enough to see the storm and get his ass back to Amanda's.

She also wondered if she could get Jack over for tonight. But with how the other night went down with the auction and all, she wondered if Jack will talk to her at all. He shouldn't be seeing how he auctioned off himself as well. She didn't know if she should call him or not. And she hadn't seen him in a few days. She knew this was a summer fling and she didn't want to get herself attached at all but the time she had spent with him she could tell she liked him. That or she just liked having a repeating ranch sauce tasting.

The entire way back to Amanda's her stomach was in knots. She knew she was worried for Nate's well being. She also didn't really want to be alone tonight and she knew she wanted Jack to spent the night with her. She fought with herself reminding that this was only a summer fling.

The entire ride was too quiet even for her. Also she knew was she needed to get back. First things first. She needed to make sure Nate was ok.

Arthur finally made it back to Amanda's place. Thank the lord. The entire trip took maybe forty...fifty minutes tops but it felt like three hours had passed because she was so worried about her brother. Granted the trip to Matt's place or back took maybe thirty minutes but because of the road conditions Arthur took extra precautions. She was just happy to be back at Amanda's.

Steph hugged Arthur thanking him for the ride back and rushed into the house. She entered into the place to see a young woman sitting next to Amanda talking, but obviously their conversation was interrupted when she entered into the house. Steph quickly searched the house to see if there was any clues if Nate made it back or not. She wasn't really interested in who the girl was sitting next to Amanda at this moment.

Amanda smiled at her, "Oh good your back. Steph I'd..." Steph didn't care for the introductions at this moment, "Save the introductions for later. Is Nate back yet?"

Her obvious interruption made Amanda stutter for a moment and just slowly spoke, "Uh yeah. He returned a little while ago saying something about not finding a good camping spot. Which is good because of the weather." Steph sighed loudly and thanked the lord that her brother was safe. Dumb lug head would have rode out the weather but thank the lord he couldn't find an appropriate camping site. Thankfully Nate has always been meticulous about his camping habits. If it didn't look good he wasn't going to stay there. Sure it sounded weird but for Nate that was normal. "Where is he now?" Both of the girls sitting on the couch looked at each other then Amanda smiled at her, "He went downstairs to work out then said he was going to lounge in the steam room. That was about thirty minutes ago." Once again Steph sighed in relief at the news.

Steph smiled at Amanda and the girl, "Sorry if I sounded rude. But because of the weather I wad concerned for my brothers safety." The girl chimed in, "No problems. If I were you I probably would have done the same thing."

Now that her main concerns were taken care of. As soon as the introductions were taken care of she was going downstairs to give Nate an ear full for being an idiot and not checking the weather reports before going camping. Probably smack him around so she get her point through to the lug head.

"Now that I know my dumb ass brother is safe. You were about to give me an introduction?"

Amanda laughed, "Well like I was about to say good thing your home. Steph this is my sister, Natalie. Natalie this is my roommate from Yale, Stephanie."

Natalie stood up and rounded around the couch to greet her. She reached her hand to Steph, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Stephanie."

Steph looked Natalie up and down. Natalie looked to be about sixteen or seventeen. She was about 5'4'' or 5'5'' maybe 109 lbs but no more than 115 lbs. She was skinny but lean just like Amanda. She had to be at least B cup breasts and looked about right for her figure. If she had to guess Natalie was probably a 32B a size 2 but could easily fit in a 0. She had dirty blonde hair and azure eyes. Not exactly blue and not exactly grey eyes they have to be contacts no way those are her real eye colors.

Steph took Natalie's hand and shook it, "It's a pleasure to meet you too, Natalie." Natalie smiled at her, "So Amanda was telling me about your first night here. Interesting I expected something different."

Amanda quickly said something, "Natalie!!!" Natalie quickly whipped around meeting Amanda, "What?" Amanda just continued to stare at her as if her stare was supposed to punish this little girl, "How many times have I told you not to be so blunt and to be tactful?" Natalie continued to stare at Amanda showing that her stare wasn't going to do anything to her, "I didn't mean anything by it. I was just paying her a compliment." Amanda continued the stare, "Well I don't know about Steph but it didn't sound like a compliment to me. If I were you I'd apologize to her and pay her an actual compliment."

Natalie turned her attention back to Steph, "I'm sorry I didn't mean anything by my comment. I was just trying to tell you looked pretty." Steph just smiled at her trying to accept the compliment. She wasn't sure if she should be embarrassed from what Amanda had told her or be pissed and smack the bitch for what sounded like that Natalie was calling her a whore. She decided to stay out of it.

Amanda looked at her, "I apologize for my little sis being that way. You'll get used to her tact once you spend more than a few days with her." Steph just continued to smile at Amanda, "It's alright. I'm sure I'll get used to her personality." Amanda continued to smile, "So why did Matt ask you to come to his place for dinner?" Natalie turned her head to Steph with wide eyes. From the look in Natalie's eyes and her expression she could tell that name shook something in her but what she couldn't tell exactly.

Steph continued to smile, "Maybe later. I have an appointment to kick a brother in the shin for making me worry."

Once again Natalie looked at her with a look in her eye. From the look Steph could tell that it was lust in her eyes, that was the usual look any female gave her once they've seen Nate. Amanda laughed, "Alright. Enjoy kicking your brothers butt. Once you get done bring him up here so he can entertain us with some more stories." Steph laughed, "Thanks and if he tells any more embarrassing stories the gloves are off." This time both of them were laughing.

Steph marched herself down into the basement. She quickly entered the room where she knew the weight room was. No Nate. Well that left only one place left he had to be. The steam room. She crossed the hall and entered the mini room that lead to the steam room or tanning room. She kicked off her heels and stripped off her shirt and slacks. She looked down at her bra and underwear might not be the best situation for a steam room. Oh well she was going in there to chew out her lug head of a brother for making her worry. Plus she really didn't want to have her slacks and shirt shrink in the steam room. Her bra and panties can easily be replaced the slacks were expensive. She opened the door with such a quickness she got welcomed to a wall of steam. That and she got welcomed to someone enveloped in the steam.

"Who is there? Is my little love slave ready for another spanking?"

Well at least that confirms where Nate is. "Save it dipshit. Why didn't you tell me you were gonna go camping for a few days let alone tell me goodbye?" Matt laughed, "Yeah...well. Sorry about that but I know how you are if you aren't woken in a certain way shoes usually fly at my head so I decided to let you sleep. So I had Amanda let you know I will be gone for a few days." Steph stood there still in the buff not caring about embarrassing herself she was still pissed at him for being a lug head. "And another thing you stupid jackass. If you were gonna go camping why didn't you at least check the upcoming weather to make sure everything was clear for time you were gonna go camping?" Her eyes were beginning to adjust to seeing something in the steam room more than just a stupid silhouette of him sitting down. Shit he was naked in the steam room. Crap now she was going to have to get drunk to erase his Johnson from her mind, possibly use pencils to take out her eyeballs. At least now she can see his facial expressions while she chewed him out. At this point she can tell she was making him feel like shit. He was scratching his sweat soaked head looking down, "Yeah sorry. I really didn't think about that. But hey at least when I decided to head back it was still simi clear. But I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was gonna go camping. Next time I'll let you know how's that?" She continued to look down at him until finally sighed, "Ok. If you do wake me up at least have a cup of coffee in your hand for me that way shoes won't be flying at your head."

Nate laughed, "Done. Can you forgive me?" Steph rolled her eyes at him, "Fine you're forgiven." Nate opened up his arms like he was expecting a hug. "Don't you think we should wait until we have more clothes on before we hug Mr. Boogie Nights." He looked down then back up at her then up and down on himself realizing that he was naked. He chuckled, "Yeah that would probably be a better idea."

She sat down inside in the steam room still naked in an eerie silence. She was sure that the silence was probably beginning to irritate Nate but she didn't care at this moment. She was sitting to relax in steam room. She was also thinking whether she should call Jack to have him come over. On one hand she can find out if he was mad at her for taking part in the auction. But also they weren't dating so it's not really a big thing. But he hasn't called her either and if she were to call him she didn't want to come off needy. Plus if he did come over she would have to shave her pussy legs and arms. Plus if he did come over and he wasn't mad at her she could possibly get some sex out of her. Fuck she needed sex and now. Sure fake sex or a toy could work but it lack the magic elixir that they had. Plus if they did have sex he could last longer than ten minutes and she knew she loved that. Then again if she didn't call him she wouldn't have to shave until this weekend for her deal. And she wouldn't have sex until possibly the weekend. She didn't know if she could last that long. Looks like her decision was made for her. She was gonna call him as soon as she got out of here.

Before she could get up to make her booty call Nate spoke, "Hey Sis'. Can I ask you question?"

Great of all times for Nate to ask a question it had to be now. She sighed, "Yeah sure. What is it?"

He fumbled for a moment, "Is it ok that I'm doing your friend?"

Steph had to lightly chuckle to herself, "Yes it is alright that you are doing my friend."

Nate sighed as a sign of relief, "Ok good. I was worried for a moment." Steph laughed at him for a moment, "Plus I think you should know Playboy. That she actually likes you. So if you play your cards right you might actually turn her into a real relationship." Nate laughed, "Great my sister the pimp. Thanks for the 411. If you want me to play my cards maybe you can give some info that might help me turn it into a serious relationship." Steph chuckled again, "Like you being a writer that she fans over isn't enough." He raised his eyebrow at her, "That I already figured when she asked me to sign all my books that she has. What else you got?" Steph sighed again and then an idea struck her, "Maybe in a little while I have a phone call to make before I tell you more juicy details that might be able to tell you." She got up from her spot and walked towards the door but she stopped in front of Nate. She leaned forward, "But I warn you if you hurt her I'll castrate you. Do we understand one another?" Nate just simply smiled, "If you give me good enough juicy details I'll agree to your castration." Typical Nate. She rolled her eyes, "Fine. I'll text you later so we can get away from them and then I will fill you in." Nate laughed, "I can't wait." She looked down to see his member was standing at full attention. She slapped his member, "Until then keep him in check," then she walked out as he laid there holding his dick. Serves him right she thought as she closed the door.

She grabbed a towel from the stack, wrapped it around her body, grabbed her clothes laying on the floor, and left the room entering the hallway to get out of the basement.

Steph arrived back in her room at the Parker estate. She dropped the towel that was wrapped around her body and rummaged through her slacks that she was wearing to get her phone and call Jack. She found the phone and quickly dialed Jack. After a few moments of ringing the other side picked up, "Hello!"

She tumbled for a moment, "Uh...hi! Jack?" Great just great Steph sound completely unsure.


"This is Steph."

"Oh Hi! How have been doing?"

"Um ok...I guess!"

"What's wrong?"

Oh great she was definitely sounding needy and pathetic at this moment. She thought to herself that she might be able to turn this around. "Oh nothing. It's just that all the lightning and thunder is kind of making me scared." Ok that was a big fat freaking lie. Truth was that she loved the lightning and thunder. Whenever that happened she would always stand outside with a few cold ones and watch the show.

"Is there anything I can do for you?"

Score. Now time to reel him in. "Well I was wondering if I can talk you into coming up and comfort me until the storm dissipates?"

"Well I'm still at work for another hour. But when I get off if the storm is still going on I can come up if you're still up that is."

Shit. Just her fucking luck. She wanted him now not in an hour and a half. She just wanted to wrap her legs around his head and let him eat his way to her heart. "Well that would be great. I doubt I'll be able to sleep while this storm is still going on." Steph had to hold back on the chuckling from her lie on the storm. Fuck the only storms that scare her are tornadoes and hurricanes.

"Alright well I will see when I get off then."

"Ok hurry up I don't want to be scared too much longer."

He hung up. Well at least she will see him soon. Well she confirmed that he didn't seem mad at her for the whole auction fiasco. She looked down at her naked body and realized that she better hop in the shower and do a quick shave. No time for a bath if she was going to go back downstairs and hang out with everyone. Plus she wanted to get to know Amanda's sister Natalie and make sure Nate doesn't share too many embarrassing stories about her.

Steph returned downstairs after taking a quick shower and shaving her vital points not to mention putting on her Tennessee basketball shorts and her white shirt. Once she returned downstairs she saw Nate in Chicago Bulls shorts with an equally white shirt just like her. It always made her laugh that Nate was raised in Tennessee that he became a Chicago Bulls fan. Granted during the Michael Jordan era she even caught herself routing for the Bulls. She had to admit even after the era had died he remained a Bulls fan to this day. Now either way he was still true to Tennessee but during basketball season he still followed the Bulls. After she looked from Nate she saw Amanda sitting extremely close to him wearing just sweats and a tank top. And Natalie was sitting on the other sofa just wearing what looked like her gym clothes from her school that she was attending. Good to know that they were equally comfy. She entered into the living room from the stairs hearing them all laughing.

"What are you guys talking about?" Steph asked as she rounded around sofas and sat on the adjacent sofa across from Natalie. Nate was laughing, "Oh I was re telling the story how you acquired the nickname Fluffy to Natalie here."

Great! She just wanted to crawl into a hole and just die. She looked over at Natalie to judge her reaction to the story and saw she was just laughing. Well that did it she definitely wanted to hide in a cave. "Ah did you tell them any embarrassing stories about yourself instead of me?" Nate looked at her and was laughing, "Na I figured I'd wait until you came down here." Natalie chimed in, "Yeah let's here some stories about the famous Nate Gordan." Steph thought about it for a moment trying to figure out which story to exactly tell to equal her Fluffy story. Finally she found the story she was looking for.

"Ok this story takes place when Nate left for college while I was still in high school." Nate quickly interjected, "Wait a minute your not telling the time when we went to Germany are you?" Steph smiled at him, "Yes it is." Both Amanda and Natalie quickly chimed in, "Oh! This sounds this might be interesting. Please go on."

Steph looked at all of them, "Well anyways shortly before school was gonna go on break for summer, Nate and his frat buddies decided that they wanted to make a trip to Germany, Amsterdam, Paris, and finally London. Well Nate called and asked our parents for money so he could go." Nate quickly interjected, "Yeah that was fun talking money out of dad so I could go." Both Amanda and Natalie told him to shut up so she could continue. "Well after a long discussion dad finally agreed under the condition Nate took me with him so I could travel the world. After a couple of days for Nate to decide whether he should or not, he finally agreed. So our dad comes to me and tells me what was going on and told me I was going under the condition that I would keep an eye on Nate so he wouldn't get into too much trouble. Last thing he wanted was a call from Interpol that Nate was being held for public indecency."

Nate laughed, "Yeah what dad didn't know was he should have been more worried about getting the call about you more than me." Both the girls laughed but Amanda smacked his leg telling him to shut up.

Steph straightened herself, "That may have been true but we weren't going to tell him that. So from that point on the rest of the school year went by too slow for me because I was so excited. Finally summer broke out for me, so mom and dad dropped me off at the airport with my passport and airline tickets. Before I finally departed seeing how I was still underage my parents had to wait for me to leave to make sure I got on the appropriate plane to meet up with Nate. Before I get on dad hands me an envelop to give to Nate telling me it was spending money for us to have fun with and tells me not to look in the envelop until I hooked up with Nate. So I leave and touch down in New York where Nate was waiting for me at the gate. Well Nate and I connected doing the whole hug and greeting before we walk over to the gate and waited for our flight to leave in four hours. At the gate I am greeted by at least 14 or 16 of Nate's frat buddies. We do our introductions and small talk until we board our flight. So Nate and I are seating in first class." Nate interjected quickly, "Yeah thank you dad for using his miles to pump us up to first class. My frat buddies are still pissed about that one."

Steph smiled at him, "Yes thank you dad. Those seats were great for how long the flight was. Anyways Nate and his frat buddies made bets during the flight whoever got to a bar they had researched before the trip first doesn't have to pay for drinks for three days. Most of his frat buddies thought he was out of the bet because he had to lug around his sister." This time Amanda was laughing, "From what I know about you those guys were going to eat your own words very soon."

Steph laughed at Amanda's comment, "Yeah well. Nate informed me what was going on. So I was game even though I had like three suitcases so it was going to be close. We touch down in Germany and got into the luggage caracole so we could get our suit cases. Fortunately for us our bags were the first to come out and we grabbed them and hauled as to the taxis. We got to the hotel all of us were staying at and checked in. We quickly dropped our bags in our room and grabbed a taxi. By this time the guys are finally arriving at the hotel and trying to quickly check into their rooms as Nate and I load ourselves into a taxi. Fortunately for us Nate speaks fluent German." By this time Amanda and Natalie were now looking at Nate. He smiled at them and rolled his hand at Steph signaling to her to continue.

"So Nate tells the driver the bar we were going to. He then tells them there is a twenty dollar tip if we are the first ones there. So what does this taxi driver do?" Steph waited for the girls to ask what this driver does. Both of them were hanging onto every word of the story as Nate interjects, "Yeah that was probably a bad idea." Steph smiled at him, "He starts driving that would put Mario Andretti to shame. He's driving on the sidewalk. Sparks are flying everywhere. We finally make it to the bar. Yeah real good idea Nate."

Nate laughed, "Hey at least we were the first ones there."

She looked at him, "Yeah and we could have died in the process."

She straightened herself once again, "So we are waiting there for maybe another ten or fifteen minutes before one of Nate's frat buddies showed up. So naturally we win."

Natalie stopped her, "I'm still waiting for the embarrassing moment here. Even though I have to admit this story is pretty amazing." Amanda turned her attention to her sister and glared at her. Natalie shared a look at her sister, "What?" Amanda just shook her head and then turned her attention back to Steph, "Please continue."

Steph cleared her throat, "Well the rest of the guys show up and start buying us drinks. After some time Nate and one of his buddies," she turned her attention to Nate hoping he would fill her in on who the other guy was. Nate sensing what she was looking for, "J.R."

"Thank you. Him and J.R. began talking to some blonde locals who actually spoke English. After a little while of chatting them up they leave with them." Steph signaled to Nate to continue the story, "Go playboy finish off the story."

Nate was laughing, "Yes well like my sister was telling. Me and my frat brother J.R. go with these hot twins back to their place. Granted we were trashed already by the time we went with them." Steph quickly interjected, "That's what you're going to go with. Trashed."

Nate was laughing again, "Ok J.R. was completely gone. I'm still surprised he was still functioning. I was gone. So anyways we get back to the girls place seeing how it was closer than our hotel. So we were making out with them for a little bit we heard a noise. What we didn't know was that they stilled lived with their parents. So now I'm already trying to figure out an exit strategy. J.R. is on his own." Both of the girls simultaneously interrupted, "How brotherly of you. Would you honestly do that to your own brother?" Before Nate could reply Steph quickly replied, "In a heartbeat."

Nate was laughing, "Yeah she's right. Well before I could the father came down the stairs and already saw me. As he came closer to us, I'm thinking to myself I'm screwed. So this entire time I'm trying to think of a good excuse for me to leave. I come up with nothing. So surprisingly the dad is happy that they brought some Americans home. So instead of him pulling some way to scare the crap out of us the girls translate for us that he wants to drink with us."

Both Amanda and Natalie start laughing, "Some how I have a feeling this isn't going to end well." Steph was laughing right along with them, "Just wait it gets worse."

Nate was laughing too, "So the dad hands us his private reserve of vodka. And this isn't your rot gut vodka but it also isn't top shelf vodka either. So were drinking and exchanging stories. During our drinking some how we wake up the mom. So now I'm thinking dad must be the fun one and the mom is the bitch from hell. So now I'm really thinking my exit strategy. But the twins stop me from trying figure out an exit strategy, they tell me that the mom is just as cool. So the mom wants to drink with us as well but not the dads special vodka. No...her home made wine. So now we're double fisting. I'm sure J.R.'s eyes are rolling in the back of his head or at least on the verge of alcohol poisoning by this point."

The entire time Nate is telling his story about his drunken fiasco in a different country, Steph looks at her watch to notice at least thirty minutes has passed. So if she does her time table correctly. She had at least twenty minutes before Jack got off work and hopefully he gets his nice rump up to her. She looked out the window to see that the rain is pouring and the lightning and thunder was hitting left and right. So if she did her math right twenty minutes before Jack got off work maybe another twenty minutes for him to get up here. So another hour before he would hopefully be here. Her attention was snapped back to attention when Amanda spoke.

"So what happened next?"

Natalie's question snapped her back to the attention of the room...Nate. Nate was laughing, "Well we finally get back to our hotel rooms the next morning." Ah crap somehow during her time table plans for coitus. Well that sucked.

"And...???" Natalie said. Steph could tell Natalie was intrigued by the story. Like she could blame her even on some level from what she heard of the story it still turned her on to a degree that is. But it was her brother for heavens sake.

Nate just looked into Natalie's eyes for a moment as if judging should he continue the story with some fabrication or just end it where it is. After what felt like a few moments, "And nothing. I think that was the most entertaining we got. To be honest we did nothing but drink at as many bars and clubs as we could. Hit up some coffee shops. Nothing really to be a really good story except that night."

Steph thought to herself trying to recollect everything that happened. For the most part he was right except a few other things that happened while they were there but that could be told another night. Well she had to admit it was a good stopping point.

They continued to tell stories. Natalie and Amanda would tell stories about themselves to her and Nate. Most of their stories would be funny and sort of embarrassing but not really. They retort their stories to them and Nate or Steph would tell them a story about them where Natalie and Amanda would be on the floor rolling. Mainly Steph would tell stories of when one of the brothers got drunk or would sneak in their girlfriend and she would have to cover for them if they accidently fell asleep. Nate would tell stories either the brothers or when he was in college. Of course most of his stories evolved around Steph. All three of them just laughed at Steph.

During all their stories Steph didn't realize how much time had passed. It wasn't too much longer until Natalie stood up and stretched, "Well I don't know about you guys. But I'm going to take a nice warm bath and then get some sleep. Good night. It was a pleasure meeting you two. And I'll see you all in the morning."

All of them said their good nights to her. With each good night she smiled.

Natalie averted her attention to Amanda, "Did you happen to make some of your special soap?"

Amanda looked at her and simply nodded, "Yeah it's in the usual place. Grab as much as you need."

"Did you happen to make any with the scent I like?"

Once again Amanda nodded. Steph watched as Natalie's eyes twinkled with finding out that fact. Steph wasn't too sure but she could have sworn that the way Natalie asked about the scent was weird. It was as if she accented the word like it were some type of hidden code only between her and Amanda. But the way Amanda acted to the accent was completely natural. She wasn't sure if it were some type of hidden code or not. Either way that was kind of weird.

Steph watched as Natalie smiled at the news that Amanda confirmed and disappeared upstairs. She adverted her attention to the two on the couch that were smiling towards each other and decided she'd better excuse herself.

She stood up and stretched, "Well I think I'm going downstairs to try out the gym. I'll let you two enjoy your alone time. Good night." As the words exited her mouth she had to admit they did sound lame even to her. But they still smiled to her as if silently thanking her that she was giving them their alone time to play hide and go seek.

Speaking of playing hide and go seek. Where the hell was Chris? She checked outside to see the storm hadn't let up but now it stayed at a pretty heavy rainfall. She looked at the clock and found that Chris should have been here at least an hour ago. Maybe he left a massage. She patted herself searching for his phone and couldn't find it on her.

Steph came upstairs into her room and quickly found her phone. She looked to see there were five text messages on her phone from Chris. Well at least he texted her. Calling and leaving actual messages would have been better. At least that way she can hear his voice. She read them.

8:50pm: Well I got another ten minutes before I get off work. I can't wait to hold you in my arms. See you then.

9:06pm: Sorry. I'll be running late have some last minute paperwork that has to be taken care of.

9:38pm: I finally got done with the paperwork and leaving work now. I'm on my way towards you.

9:45pm: I just ran into a road block they are turning people back from taking the roads that lead up to the mountains and cabins. Seeing how you're up in those cabins the police aren't letting me continue to get to you.

9:57pm: Hey I just wanted to let you know I'm back at my place. I'm so so sorry I couldn't make it up there tonight. I was so excited when you called but couldn't make it. I blame the weather. Anyways I would like to rain check a night together if that is ok with you. After your reply I'll let you know when I'm free. In the mean time I'm going to bed so good night. I'll be dreaming of you.

Well at least that explains why he didn't make it up here. She should have guessed that would have happened the way Matt rushed her out when the storm started up. Oh well. She guessed she'll have to wait until the weekend to possibly have sex again. Which would be in two days. Too long of a wait for her especially for a maybe. She'd rather know it was a for sure thing than a possibility. Oh well. She did have to admit his last text was kind of sweet not to mention really really creepy.

She continued to look down at her phone for a while deciding whether she should reply or not. Finally after some thought she finally replied.

“Sorry you couldn't make it up here tonight. I look forward to your rain check. Let me know when. Good night.”

She double checked her spelling and everything while arguing with herself if she should hit send or not. After about ten minutes she finally hit the send button.

Well seeing how her plans for tonight was ruined, which she was really bummed about. It appears she was going to have to figure out another way to occupy her urges for the night. Seeing how she had a lot of energy left over she needed to figure out a way to burn out her energy. She could either work out a little, go into the sex room and play with the toys, or she could lay in the steam room again to relax. She looked at her body in the mirror and saw some minor imperfections that she could work on. But she is here for vacation. Plus she really wasn't in the mood to work out tonight. Besides all the sex lately has definitely toned up her butt and abs not to mention firmed up breasts. That and the lack of food had also helped. So working out was out of the equation. Then she thought about going down stairs and having some fun with Amanda's sex toys. Granted if she did her pussy would thank her for giving it some attention but funny enough she really didn't feel like it at that moment. So her only decision left was going back into the steam room.

Steph stripped herself down to nothing and found the towel she used earlier. She wrapped the towel around her body and proceeded down to the steam room.

Steph opened up the door to the steam room to be welcomed by the usual wall of steam. Well that and a voice.

"Who's there? Is that you Nate?" Steph could tell from the voice it was Amanda. "No, Amanda. It's just little olde me, Steph." Steph heard Amanda sigh, "Well shit. I was hoping you were Nate." Steph laughed, "Yeah I gathered that when you asked if I were Nate." Amanda just grunted. Steph sat down, opened up the towel to allow everything to sweat, and closed her eyes so she can relax. After a few moments a thought of curiosity hit her, "Where is Nate anyways? I figured he'd be down here fondling you in some way. Or at least having sex with you in here."

She heard Amanda chuckle, "I wish he were doing those things right now but he said he had an idea for a new book. So he walked into my room and locked the door behind him and asked for two to three hours of alone time so he could formulate a rough layout so he doesn't forget it."

Steph smirked to herself, "And you agreed?"

This time she heard Amanda sigh, "I kind of had to. I was under duress when he asked me for the alone time. Reluctantly I agreed."

Steph laughed, "Under duress huh? What was he doing? Let me guess rubbing the tip of his dick on your clit then only putting half of the head in you before going back to rubbing the tip again? Or was he slowly eating you out while two fingers were on your inner g spot lightly rubbing them?"

Amanda lightly chuckled, "Oh I would have killed him. Those options would be too much torture even for me. But your guesses are close. No he was nibbling on my neck while lightly fingering my clit."

Steph laughed, "You know I hate it when guys nibble on my neck. They think like that play makes any girl turn into butter when they do it."

Amanda laughed right with her, "I hear you. But I do have to admit when they do it correctly I have to admit I do turn into putty in their hands."

Steph continued to laugh, "And I take it he did it correctly?"

Amanda moaned, "Let's just put it this way. The way he did it I did turn into putty but when he added that not only would he continue where he left off. He would also finish it and make sure that a gymnast wouldn't be flexible enough when he was finished. That just made me melt and I agreed."

Steph continued to laugh, "I guess I would agree to that as well." Steph started thinking as to what would make Nate stop what he was doing to write. Granted he did do that from time to time, but still it was irritating.

Steph closed her eyes again and went back to relaxing. That is until she heard Amanda sigh.

"Can I ask you a question, Steph?"

Well fuck. How is she supposed to relax when people interrupt her. Normally hardly anyone bothers her when she is fucking somebody. But when she wants to relax everyone won't leave her alone. Fucking figures.

Steph rolled her eyes, "Shoot!"

"I was wondering if you could give me some info."

Steph thought about it, then the thought what was so big about Nate. Internally she shrugged her shoulders but just played dumb, "Pertaining to...???"

Amanda laughed, "Nate. Who else would I be asking about?"

Steph scoffed, "I have no idea. I could have guessed it would be about him. So what do you want to know?"

She heard Amanda fidget around for a moment before finding her voice again, "Do you think Nate likes me?"

Once again Amanda circled around the idea of Nate actually liking her. Talk about a major insecurity. Oh well if she were Amanda she probably would be too. Steph shrugged to herself, "Hell if I should know. It's not like I'm him or anything. But because you two seem to be asking me if you two like each other or not. I would say it is a safe possibility that yeah he does like you."

"Well that is good to know. Sorry I asked."

Well hell she upset Amanda and hurt her feelings. Great just fucking great.

"No I'm sorry. I'm just a little frustrated. I tried to get Jack to come up here so he can cure my itch, but because of the weather he couldn't come up. So now I have to fix my own itch and I'm not really happy about it. I didn't mean to take it out on you. I'm sorry."

She heard Amanda scoff for a moment and then lightly chuckle, "It's alright. I just can't wait until Nate is done with his alone time so he can. How is it you put it? Ah yes cure my itch. I just wish I knew of a way I could show him that I really like him."

Just as she said it something hit Steph that her and her brothers conceived a long time ago for situations just like this. She wanted to smack herself in the head hard for forgetting it. Well hell her mind had been other places so she was allowed to forget in situations like this.

A long time ago when most of them were still in their teens and most of them were sexually active when one of their friends had the hots for one of the siblings. If the sibling couldn't convey it to them in time that their friend had the hots for them they devised certain ways of relaying the message by having the friend with the hots for that person to dress up. Seeing how most of them including Steph were big comic book freaks the code was their favorite superhero. Kind of dorky but unfortunately true. For Nate if a girl just wanted to fuck his brains out she would have to dress up in whatever super heroine costume that wasn't Supergirl or Spidergirl. If they wanted to be in a serious relationship with him Steph would have to convince them to dress up as Supergirl or Spidergirl. Her other brothers liked the idea of having Batgirl as their code. Nate argued with the other bone headed brothers it would be more fun with either Supergirl or Spidergirl for obvious reasons. That and the idea of Batgirl being fun totally escaped his imagination.

She had to admit the code was really stupid but when you were all just teenagers and filled with high hormones to hump anything. Actually for how stupid the code was she even had to admit on a small level how ingenious it was even for them. Of course how stupid the code was they all made her choose a superhero for the code. At that time she was heavy into X-Men so she choose Wolverine. Granted she has never had any guy dress up like Wolverine for her. Which is probably another reason she nearly forgot it no one has dressed up for her...well not Wolverine anyways.

Steph kind of laughed whenever some girl wanted Nate she would convince them to dress up in a ridiculous super heroine costume. Of course, Amanda will be the second girl that Steph has to convince to dress up as either Supergirl or Spidergirl. She just hoped Nate will remember the hidden code. It has been a long time since either of them has had to use it.

"Well I have an idea that might do the trick."

What she said obviously perked up Amanda, "And what would you're idea be?"

Steph thought about how she can word it without hinting to Amanda it was some hidden code. She also hoped Nate would remember the code to where he can catch the hint. Either way here it goes she thought to herself as she sighed, "Has Matt Rockler always had costume parties or was that just recent?"

Amanda didn't think for the question very long, "Since I was sixteen?"

"Were any of the parties where you had to dress up as a superhero or heroine?"

Once again Amanda didn't take long to answer, "At least four or five times that I can remember of."

Ok she was getting close to what she was looking for, "And have you kept any of your costumes?"

"After I realized that him having all these costume parties was going to be a regular occurrence. Yeah I've kept every single costume from 16 on. I'm always hoping I can re use a costume or miss and match them for a special occasion."

Steph laughed, "And how has that worked out for you?"

She heard Amanda sigh, "Sadly the costume closet gets more and more packed with different costumes. I've given up on togas and cowgirl outfits those either get too trashed where it can only be worn once or I lose half of it. Seeing how those two are the easiest to make. I just remake a new toga or cowgirl outfit only for it to be too trashed or lost that night."

Steph laughed at her comment and realized how true it was. Every toga costume she has ever had either gets too torn due to the party or because of some horny guy trying to force himself on her. Or she loses a portion of the costume because of sex or something like that. Cowgirl outfits were easy to make and just as easy to lose over the course of the night. Usually she would lose her top from access alcohol and trying to ride the back of every hot guy at the party.

"Where do you keep the costumes?"

Steph could tell Amanda was thinking as to where the costumes were before she finally answered, "They're in the closet on the third floor. Why?"

Before Steph got up to head up for the costume closet she looked at Amanda, "I just need to confirm something before I let you in on my plan." Steph got up from her spot and grabbed Amanda by hand leading her out of the steam room. Amanda was laughing while she was leading her upstairs, "Where are we going?"

Still leading her upstairs Steph replied, "We're going to check out your costumes and you're going to show me where they are."

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