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TSINF 7.3 - Admittance

Steph hints to Amanda Nate's secret code.....
Amanda continued to laugh, "Ok. I hope you know what you are doing."

She hoped she finds what she is looking for. All she knew was that the whole place was a little cold because of the rain outside. It also didn't help that her and Amanda were completely stark naked. That really didn't matter to her at this moment, she was on a mission. Besides once they were done here she was just going to go back down to relax in steam room again. She just hoped she finds what she is looking for.

It only took a few moments to get from the steam room to where Amanda had placed all her costumes that she has worn to all the parties that Matt Rockler throws. Thankfully when Steph opened up the door she found every costume on a hanger. At least they were arranged and easy to find. She looked at all the costumes. She found a cute one piece nurses outfit (but to be honest it looked like something one of her brothers would buy for their girlfriend for a fun night). A little maid’s outfit (once again looked like something a guy would buy for their girl). Actually come to think of it most of these costumes were skimpy. A few variations of a nurses outfit, a few different styles of nurses outfits, a few different cheerleader outfits, a couple of schoolgirl outfits, a couple of cop outfits, a couple of outlaw and prisoner jumpsuits, a couple of soldier outfits, a couple of formal business suits (that surprised her to see something professional with all the skimpy clothes), some cat outfits, a firefighter outfit, etc. The costumes just kept coming. Steph figured Amanda had enough costumes to fit any type of party occasion. That or a really kinky boyfriend.

She finally found what she was looking for...the super heroine costumes. She found an aquagirl outfit. Nope. A batgirl outfit. Damn. A Wonder Woman outfit. Shit. A female robin outfit. For fucks sake. A catwoman outfit. Well son of a bitch. Of all the costumes she has she couldn't have a supergirl or spidergirl outfit. And to think supergirl or spidergirl would be a first option for most females but no she doesn't have either. Time for her to confess.

"Well shit." Steph said that hoping Amanda would bite so she had a reason to continue.

Amanda looked at her seriously, "What?"

"Well...I was hoping to find a particular costume that would scream to Nate for you to wear."

Amanda looked at all the costumes then back at her, "Really. Out of all the costumes none of them screamed to you that would attract Nate? Come on he is a guy."

Steph laughed to herself and thought hook line and sinker. "Well yeah Nate is a guy. And I'm sure any one of those costumes would catch his attention. But..." She dragged the ‘but’ knowing Amanda would take the bait.

Amanda continued to look at her hanging on to the ‘but’ rolling her hand telling Steph to continue, "But...what???"

Steph cleared her throat, "But the costume I was looking for was either a supergirl or spidergirl outfit."

Amanda continued to look at her, "Ooookkk. Why a Supergirl or a Spidergirl outfit? Why not a Wonder Woman or Catwoman or Batgirl?"

Steph just looked at Amanda and half smiled to herself how easy it was to manipulate Amanda to do this if she does it right, "Well because when Nate was younger he was really heavy into Supergirl and Spidergirl. So I'm sure if you dress up as either of those you will look like a special shiny present for him. The kind of present he slowly unwraps because he knows the present is so special he will be afraid to rip the wrapping paper. Plus I'm pretty sure no one has dressed up as either of those characters for him." The last part of course was a lie but it was a lie that would be needed to drive the point home.

Amanda looked at her for a few moments pondering what she had told her. Finally after a few moments, "So you're telling me if I dress up as either supergirl or spidergirl for him. He will see it as a way for me to display that I really want to date him."

Steph smirked at her and then shrugged, "It couldn't hurt. Plus it looks like to him you've done your research on him."

Amanda smiled at her, "So be it. As soon as I can I'll go into town and acquire either or both of those outfits."

Steph smiled back at her, "Good." She turned around a headed back downstairs towards the steam room where it was warm. Her nipples were hard and she was horny.

Steph made it back into the steam room and sat down to relax. That and to get warmed up again. It wasn't very long before the goosebumps that were all over her body from being cold disappeared because her body warmed back up. She hoped that her nipples would go back to normal and soft but they remained hard. She was about to reach down to at least take matters into her hands so to speak when the door opened. A small figure came into the room and sat down caddy corner to her. It took her a few moments to recognize who it was but her voice confirmed it for Steph.

"I didn't realize we were going all natural in here," came from the figure. Steph could immediately tell it was Natalie.

Steph could tell she was semi embarrassed at the comment but was too horny and frustrated to actually give a shit at this moment. Steph raised her eyebrow at Natalie, "I could wrap a towel around me if you like?"

She heard Natalie give a small and short laugh, "No it's fine. I always find myself relaxing a whole lot better when I'm naked compared to when I'm wearing a bathing suit. Do you mind if I join you in being naked." Steph simply shook her head and moved her hand in a circular motion telling Natalie to go right ahead.

With that comment Steph watched as Natalie opened up the towel that was wrapped around her body revealing everything to Steph. Steph eyeballed Natalie's little figure. Steph could easily see now that Natalie had b-cup breasts there were really perky. Looks to be right for her age. She noticed that Natalie's nipples were pierced. Ouch. She never had the courage to pierce her nipples those must have hurt. Her eyes wondered down to see that her belly button was pierced. Hell every girl has their belly button pierced. Even Steph had her belly button pierced. She also noticed that Natalie had a tattoo around her belly button but because of the steam she couldn't clearly tell what the design was.

Steph wanted to continue down but she really didn't want to. She didn't want Natalie to see that she was checking her out. If Natalie caught her checking her out, Natalie might think that Steph had Sapphic tendencies. If that was the case then she would have to explain to Natalie that she wasn't into girls.

So Steph just closed eyes and put her head to the thought of how she was going to cure her itch. She could go into the bondage room and play with a few of Amanda's toys. But then she would either have to wait until Natalie leaves the steam room or come back to bondage room later. If she left before Natalie leaves the steam room what could she do to pass the time until she was sure no one was in the basement. She could have some drinks. To be brutally honest she wasn't too sure what she was going to do.

"Steph, do you think I can ask you a question?"

Great now she has to get into another conversation about something important. Maybe if she played her cards right she can ride out the conversation until Natalie goes upstairs so she can visit the bondage room.

"Sure. What is it?"

Steph watched as Natalie fidgeted for a moment before she finally spoke. "I was hoping you could give me some advise about a guy?"

Not exactly the conversation she was looking for but it seemed like everyone under this roof was asking for fucking relationship advice. What is she fucking Dr. Steph?

She sighed under her breath hoping Natalie didn't hear her sighing, "What about a guy?"

Natalie turned her body more towards Steph, "Well I've been dating this guy back in Colorado but he has been confusing me. I was wondering what you would do in my situation?"

Steph ran her hand through her hair, "Why don't you tell me some history before I tell you what I would do."

Natalie looked down for a moment before raising her head to speak, "Well this guy, Cole. He and I have been dating off and on for a couple of years. While I'm with him he gives me all kinds of mixed signals. One moment he's all lovy dovy. Then the next moment he completely ignores me."

Steph thought about it for a moment, "Ok let me ask you some questions." Natalie quickly replied, "Ok."

"Are you two sexually active?"

Natalie was quickly taken back by the question but still answered, "Yeah for at least a year and a half now."

"Ok and how did you two exactly meet?"

Steph watched as Natalie thought it over trying to remember when they first met. Finally she spoke, "Well I first meet him when I arrived in Colorado for school. Before my first day I went for a jog and happened to pass by a skate park. Him and his buddies were skating around. He really didn't see me at that moment. It wasn't until a couple of weeks later when we were attending the same fencing classes."

Steph had to say it, "That's kind of cute."

"Yeah well we didn't start dating until six months later."

Steph kind of scratched her head and had to admit that was a long time, "Why so long before you two started dating?"

Steph watched as Natalie sighed, "Well I didn't know at the time when we first met he was already dating another girl."

Steph was beginning to get an idea of what Cole was like. She had seen it before and these types of guys disgust her. "So he left her for you?"

Steph watched as Natalie rubbed her arm, "Sort of."

"Sort of???"

"Well he says she moved away then he asked me out."

"And you believe him?"

"He hasn't given me any other reason not to."

"Before she supposedly moved away did you ever meet her?"

"Nope I never met her."

"So he could have dumped her just to date you and simply told you she moved away."

"Sure but seeing how I've never met the girl so I wouldn't know for sure if he was lying or not."

"Ok and are two the same age?"

"No he's a year older than me."

"Ok and do you two go to the same school."

"No I go to an all girl private school. And he goes to a normal public school."

"Ok so how often do you guys spend time together?"

Steph watched Natalie closely, "Well...I always visit him when he is at his rugby practices. He tries to come to my fencing matches. Whenever his friends throw parties I'm there to hang on his arm."

Steph had to interrupt her, "And do his parents know about you?"

Natalie acted as if she was taken back, "Yes they know about me."

"Do they like you?"

Natalie thought about it for a moment, "I guess they like me. I know that they don't don't like me. His mother loves me but his father is content with me."

Steph nodded, "And is he like you?"

Natalie looked at her with a face of complete confusion and sensing the confusion. Steph quickly changed how she worded her question, "Is he rich like your family is?"

Natalie not realizing where the questioning is going, "No they're not rich but they're not also poor. His family is your typical middle class family."

Steph nodded once again, "Does he and his family know that you're rich?"

Natalie thought about it for a moment before answering, "They know I'm well off but they don't know exactly how rich my family is. That is all the need to know."

"Did Cole know you were well off before or after you two started dating?"

Once again Natalie thought about it, "I'm pretty sure he found out after we started dating. But he could have found out before and I wouldn't know it."

"Ok when is he lovy dovy and when does he ignore you?"

Natalie thought about it for a moment, "Well he's really lovy and dovy when it's just me and him. He usually ignores me when he's with his buddies. Especially at parties they notice me but he doesn't. I literally have to climb in his pants for him to notice I'm there at all."

The door to the steam room opened up and Natalie quickly shut up with what she saying. Steph thought she had heard enough now to make a sound decision anyways as she watched the figure enter in. By the figure clearly it was Amanda.

So from what Natalie has told her that her and Cole attended different schools. They were sexually active. His parents know about her and her money. He was a year older. He liked being around her but was either ashamed when he was in front of his friends or didn't want to appear he was pussy whipped. He either dumped his girlfriend for her or she really moved away. There's no proof to clearly tell which way. He knows about her money but there was no idea as to when he has known about her money. Clearly Natalie hasn't caught him cheating on her so either he's good or he is faithful. So with all this information at her finger tips. And seeing how they are still in high school. If she were Natalie, because they attend different high schools she would end the relationship. But because Natalie attended an all girl school she would have her guard up just in case he cheats on her. Given this because he is lovy dovy when alone she would honestly give the relationship until college where the relationship will really be tested. For now everything was pretty normal for teenagers. Hell that was pretty much how her high school relationship was. So this behavior was pretty normal.

"What are you two doing?" came from new figure. The voice clearly telling Steph that the new person was Amanda. Steph was pretty sure Natalie already knew it was Amanda.

Steph put on her best chipper voice for Amanda, "Oh Natalie here was just telling me about her relationship with Cole. I was about to tell her that her relationship was pretty normal for their age and not to worry about it until college where it will really be tested. "Steph moved her attention to Natalie as she spoke her words. Natalie smiled, leaned in, she lightly kissed her on the cheek and whispered, "Thank you," lightly into her ear. Steph smiled to herself and showed her smile to Natalie with a simple nod.

Their secret embrace of gratitude was interrupted when Amanda spoke, "Ah." The way that Amanda spoke those words reminded Steph that Amanda didn't like Cole and his relationship with her little sister.

Steph then remembered, "And where have you been? I thought you were right behind me after our little discussion?"

Steph could finally make Amanda out clearly in the steam. Well not exactly clearly but better than she would if they were in complete darkness. She watched as Amanda slightly fidgeted before finally replying, "Well I was on the phone trying to find the item we talked about but they didn't have it in stock. So gave me the site to go to if I wanted it sooner than they could get it. After I got the site, I went online and found it. So it should be here in the next couple of days."

Steph saw in the corner of her as Natalie looked from Amanda back to her. Obviously Steph could tell Natalie was missing a valuable piece of information to accurately follow the current conversation. Steph turned her attention to Natalie, "She wanted to get something for Nate and I gave her the valuable information she was looking for to correctly get something special for Nate." Natalie quickly smiled as if saying thank you to Steph. Natalie turned her attention to Amanda, "Well I hope Nate likes whatever you got him."

Steph watched as Amanda slightly bowed her head as if trying to hide the fact she was getting embarrassed, "I hope he likes it as well."

Steph quickly laughed, "Oh trust me I'm sure he'll enjoy his gift." This time all of them were laughing now.

Just as soon as they stopped their laughing, Amanda was the first to saying something, "Hey sis. Are my eyes playing tricks on me or are your nipples pierced?"

Steph watched as Natalie looked down to double check before looking back up to meet Amanda, "Yes they are."

Amanda lurched forward, "Oh honey. Why in lords name made you want to do that?" Steph wanted to add that it looked painful but decided to stay out of.

Natalie simply kept her eyes on Amanda, "It sounded like a good idea at the time. Besides I've always want to get my nipples pierced."

Steph could tell that Amanda wanted to freak out but was surprised with what she said next, "Well ok. It is your body but I wish you could have told me you did it. That way at least it's not a complete shock for me."

Steph watched as Natalie almost put her head down but simply stated, "Yeah sorry. Besides it's not like you could have talked me out of doing it." Typical teenager Steph thought.

"I didn't say I was going to talk you out of it. It's just nice to know. That's all I'm saying. Besides who did it anyways seeing how you’re underage."

"Why are you going to report him?"

"No. I'm just curious it looks like he did a good job that's all."

"Sorry. Just a guy I know."

Amanda got up and came in close to Natalie so she could a closer look. "Is there anything else I should know about?"

The way she worded it almost brought chills to Steph. She could however hear Natalie mumble, "Maybe a couple of tattoos and my clit pierced."

With that news Amanda just sat down opposite of Natalie, "Well isn't that nice."

Steph could tell Amanda was being sarcastic. She really didn't want to wait around just in case there is an explosion.

She figured she had two different options at this moment. 1.) She could get out of there and let them do their whole blow up scene. Or 2.) she can sit there and let them have their explosion there or elsewhere. She hoped if they exploded on each other they can take it upstairs so she can finally move her little butt over to the toy room.

She watched both of the girls seem content, but the way Amanda was displaying her body language it made her worry somewhat. Mainly for Natalie but that is between them not her. Her decision was made. Steph stood up from her spot in the steam room only to realize that her body was covered in sweat. Her hair was completely soaked. That shouldn't surprise her. She walked out of the steam room closing the door with a sigh of relief. She quickly threw a towel around her head to dry her hair and a towel around her body and quickly exited the room.

Steph walked down to hall towards the stairs in her towel attire. As she reached the stairs the door that was upstairs opened revealing Nate to Steph's eyes. She looked up at him and thought to herself thankfully he was wearing his cameo shorts.

She stopped at the bottom of the steps and looked up at him, "I thought you were writing some stuff down?"

She heard him chuckle for a moment, "I was. Now I'm thinking about connecting with Amanda to continue where I left off."

Typical she thought. If her brother wasn't thinking about his books or camping or any extreme sport, he's thinking of ways to get his dipstick wet. She just looked up at him, "Well if I were I'd just turn around and wait a few minutes before connecting with Amanda again."

He just looked down at her with a quizzical look, "Why is that?"

She just laughed, "Trust me you want to wait." She walked up the stairs and simply turned him around to get back into the living room to wait for Amanda and Natalie to finish their fight or whatever it was.

They sat down on the sofa to wait for Natalie and Amanda to come up from their serious conversation that Steph sensed they were taking. She really didn't feel like sitting there while they had their serious conversation. Steph sat on one side of the sofa while Nate sat on the other side. She took the towel off that was around her head to finish drying off her head while Nate sat there flipping through the channels.

She turned her attention to Nate, "Did you finish off what you were doing?"

Nate took his attention off the TV obviously not finding the appropriate show he was looking for and faced her. "For now. I just had to jot down some notes for a future book series that I think will be a good read. Any idea how long Amanda will be?"

Steph shrugged her shoulders while drying her hair, "No clue. But I do have news for your inquiry about how to turn her into a real relationship."

She watched as Nate raised his eye brow, "Oh how so?"

She looked at him for a moment, "Do you remember the code we decided upon when we were in our teens?"

She watched as he scratched his head for a moment. "Sort of. If it's the code I'm thinking about. Then yeah."

"Do you remember the conditions?"

Once again he scratched his head, "I believe so. What character is she going to dress up as? Lara Croft? Wonder Woman? Catwoman? Oh oh I know she's going to dress up as Elektra."

She rolled her eyes at him, "No you dope."

"Ok what is she going to dress up as?"

She smiled at him, "You'll have to wait for it. Just promise me you'll act surprised. And if she dresses up correctly then you can decide if you want what you have to continue as a booty call or turn it into a relationship."

She watched him chuckle, "Fine be that way. And I promise. Plus I'll think about it. Depends on the costume and how well she pulls it off."

She smiled at him and leaned over to punch him in the arm. "Just don't mess it up playboy."

She looked over at clock and saw that it was well past three in the morning. Holy fuck she was tired. And relaxed. And horny.

She looked back towards the door that led to the basement and saw that it was still closed. Fuck there goes her toy time. She could go down there but didn't really want to risk it. Fuck it. She was going to bed she was fucking tired.

Steph looked Nate and saw that he was showing signs of being tired as well. She got up taking the towel she used to dry her hair and quickly whipped Nate with it in the chest.

"Well I don't know about you but I'm going to bed. Good night."

Nate smiled, "Good night sis. See you when you wake up."

She got up and headed towards the stairs. As soon as she took her first steps she noticed in the corner of her eye that Nate had gotten up and headed towards the basement. Well you had to give it to Nate when he was on a mission he didn't stop until he succeeded. Oh well she was too tired to think now.

Steph walked into her room seeing that most of the clothes she was trying to figure out to wear for Matt were still laying all over the bed. She quickly just threw all the clothes onto the floor, whipped the towel off her body, slipped under the covers, and let her mind drift as she went to la la land.

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