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TSINF 8.1 - The Deal 1

Steph finds out what her deal with Matt is....
Day 13

Steph woke up from her sleep like she has over the last few days...naked. She sat up feeling completely groggy. She didn't know if she should lay back down and try to get some more sleep or just get up. All she knew today was the day that she was supposed to meet up with Matt Rockler and his friend that he was trying to conduct business with. She wasn't really excited about that fact but she knew she had to get it over with.

The last few days moved slowly. Mainly everyone just lounged around. Natalie either talked on the phone with her boyfriend who lived in Colorado but from the sounds of it it sounded like Cole was at a camp for the summer. Which is probably why she was here, she probably didn't want to spend her summer alone.

Nate either spent time with Amanda or he would spend time alone to work out or work on his next novel. Sometimes he would be on the phone with his publisist or with his manager. Mainly he lounged around like everyone else. Amanda either spent time with Nate, just did things around the house, or lounged around like everyone else.

Steph had to admit it was nice to lounge around these past few days seeing how since she has gotten here she has either been busy in one form or another. So she welcomed the chance to lounge around. At least she caught up and finished the books she started before she had to put them down because of school. So at least that was a plus. The down side she hasn't had a chance to hang out with Chris because unlike her he has been busy.

At least during her down time the doctor she visited earlier finally got back in touch with her. It seemed all her tests came back saying she was in perfect health and she wasn't pregnant. She was thankful everything seemed fine. The recent changes in her body did put her in a loop to give her reason for worry but she had to admit most of the changes were in her mind. At least it was good news. She didn't know if she could go through with today if she were pregnant. Actually she was beginning to look for a reason to get out of tonight. She was definitely getting nervous about tonight. Oh well.

Steph got out of bed and decided to take a quick shower. She would have taken a bath but she wasn't sure how much time she would have before Matt would call for her. She knew that it was happening tonight but she wasn't sure if he might have her come over early before whatever happens tonight takes place.

She opened the shower door and turned on the hot water. She hopped in and decided it would be a good idea to shave her box, legs and arm pits . It has been a few days since she last shaved. She quickly shaved what needed to be shaved and proceeded to shampoo and condition her hair. Once that was done she shut off the water, dried herself off, threw on her Tennessee shorts and tank top, grabbed her iPhone, and decided to head downstairs to get some breakfast.

She arrived downstairs to see Natalie sitting in front of the tv eating a bowl of cereal. Nate standing in front of the oven what appears to be cooking something. From the smells of it it smelt delicious. And Amanda seemed to be doing her normal thing. Read the morning paper and drinking some coffee. Only she was sitting in a different position so she could watch Nate's ass while he cooked.

Seeing how Amanda was seated in a different position she saw her, "Hey sleepy head. How are you doing this morning?"

Steph smiled but secretly wanted to tease Amanda because she was so whipped on Nate. "I'll be better once I get some coffee and food in my stomach."

Amanda smiled at her, "Well the coffee is ready for you. And I'm sure if you ask your brother he'll make you his special breakfast that he's making me. Or you can make yourself something to eat," Amanda lifted her chin towards Natalie, "like my little sister over there."

Steph looked at Natalie enjoying her cereal completely oblivious to the conversation because she was watching some teenager vampire show. She looked back to Nate what he was doing smelled what he was cooking. Whatever it was smelled completely delicious but knowing Nate his speciality was always off the wall.

Steph smiled, "I don't know. What's your 'special'," quoting the special with her fingers, "breakfast, Nate?"

Nate looked over his shoulder and smiled at her, "An omelette with chopped peppers, tomatoes, chives, bacon, Canadian bacon, swiss, cheddar, pepper jack, and colby cheese. Would you like me to make you one as well?"

Steph smiled to herself and thought that combination sounded actually normal for once. It's a lot better than when he puts A-1 sauce on his pancakes, which she tried herself but wasn't sure if it was good or not because she was drunk when she had them. Most of his frat brothers thought that discovery was disgusting and so did most of her friends when he started putting A-1 sauce on his pancakes. Or when he would make grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches, she actually loved those but because they were high in fat she would rarely have them. Or any other of his weird food combinations.

She smiled at him, "Yes I will take one thank you. It sounds good."

Nate was still looking over his shoulder at her with a smile on his face, "Would you like it mild or spicy?"

She smiled at him hopefully knowing what he was talking about, "Spicy is fine with me. It's been a while since I've anything other than mild."

Nate smiled at her, "Can do." He turned his attention back to the stove and continued to cook.

Steph rounded Amanda and poured herself a cup of coffee. The entire time Steph caught Amanda eyeing her being confused as to what just happened.

"He was just asking if I would like some diced habanero and cayenne peppers in my omelette."

Amanda just smiled at her as if saying thank you for the explaination.

Steph didn't have to wait very long before Nate slid her breakfast before her. She looked down at her omelette and smelt it before she dug in. She smelled all the ingredients and thought it smelled delicious. She quickly dug in before Nate and Amanda had a chance to finish off their own omelettes. It smelled good and tasted even better.

Nate's cooking was always good, actually it's sad how his cooking was always better than hers. Her only advantage was that she could cook any seafood dish better than he could, anything else he was better at. Of course, when you have a lot of down time like Nate does in between books it figures he would perfect certain recipes. It wouldn't surprise her that he might have taken some cooking classes for research on one of his books. Actually if she remembers correctly he had taken a couple of cooking classes for one of his books. She just can't remember which one it was. All she remembers is the book wasn't as good as his other ones. But his critics still raved about the book.

Steph looked over at Natalie who was still watching her vampire series. "You missed a good omelette Natalie." She turned her head to looked towards Steph, "I'm sure, but I just wasn't in the mood for an omelette this morning. Plus I try to limit myself to having eggs for breakfast only once every two weeks when I'm on vacation." Steph just looked at her for a few moments and shrugged, "Well you missed out. It was good." Just then she heard Nate chuckle behind her, "Yeah it's good. But I'll be paying for it later. Just f.y.i. if you hear someone crying in the bathroom it's probably me." Steph turned her attention just as she watched Amanda slap his arm, "That is disgusting." He pretended to cower while laughing, "What? It's true." Steph smiled to herself and thought she might be right there with Nate but she wasn't going to admit it out loud. She just hoped that it didn't hit her until tomorrow hopefully. Maybe having something that hot wasn't probably a good idea with her upcoming events tonight. Oh well nothing she could do about it now.

Steph decided to head upstairs and get herself ready seeing how she didn't know when she was supposed to meet up Matt for their planned deal for tonight. Whatever that deal might be. She didn't really have time to think about it at this moment.

Steph quickly changed her clothes into something simple. Just some black lace lingerie, her short shorts, a black tank top, and some sneakers. With her clothing attire taken care of, next she needed to focus on straightening her hair and putting just a small amount of make up. She did this because she didn't know if Matt was going to have someone do all her make up or if she had a costume. Whatever it was she hoped that she will find out soon, hence the simple attire until she finds out more from Matt.

Steph returned down stairs after only taking forty minutes to get ready. She wasn't surprised that Natalie was still sitting in front of the tv watching her teenager vampire show. She looked back to the kitchen where she last saw Amanda and Nate only to find that they weren't there.

She shrugged to herself and thought they might be upstairs having some quality time. If she were Amanda she would probably be doing the same thing if Nate weren't her brother. She saw that they cleaning up everything the only thing that sat on the kitchen counter now was a small box. She walked over to the box and noticed it was addressed to Amanda. She didn't recognize the return address or the company name but from the sounds of the company it could be the costume that Amanda had ordered to wear for Nate. She kind of wanted to open it to see which costume she decided to go with and how it looked. Then she decided that Amanda might show her before wearing it for Nate so she can give Amanda her approval of the costume. She highly decided to go upstairs to interrupt those two fuck birds so she can see the costume now.

Steph decided it would be best to let Amanda come to her with whatever is in the box. She pulled out her phone to double check if Matt had called or left a message of some sort only to find nothing. She shrugged to herself and decided to head back upstairs and get some reading done.

Steph got in her room and looked for her collection of books that she brought and found the one she needed to read next in her series. Granted she wasn't a huge fan of the whole vampire wave that was currently going on but she did at least enjoy them. She opened up the book she was looking for.

Steph got maybe twelve chapters into the book before a knock came on the door.

"Come in."

Amanda poked her head in, "You busy?"

Steph put her bookmark into the book saving her space at the beginning of chapter thirteen. So far the book had hit a dry spot in the series but it was answering questions on what was going on with the character and how she has gotten so powerful. She laid the book down, "No I'm not busy. What's up?"

Amanda came into the room with the box that had been sitting on the kitchen counter and closed the door behind her. She looked at Steph and laid the box in front of Steph's feet. "I think the costume we talked about came in today. I wanted to show it to you so you can tell me what you thought of it before I wore it for Nate."

Steph smiled at her, "Well what are waiting for? Open it up." Steph eye balled the box trying to control the urge to rip the box into shreds but it was Amanda's not hers.

Amanda smiled at her. She quickly opened up the box and pulled out four different little packages of out the box. Why the hell were there four small bags? She figured that Amanda couldn't decide which costume to get and probably just ordered different ones just for this reason. Steph grabbed each bag to see two of them were Supergirl outfits and two of them were Spidergirl outfits. Each had an image of a model in the costume and Steph had to admit all of them were pretty cute. She thought whichever one Amanda wasn't using she could probably borrow to give Chris a private show.


Steph diverted her attention from the pictures of each costumes to Amanda's quizzically facial expression, "Well what?"

"Which one should I wear?"

Steph looked at each one for a moment and decided it would probably be better if Amanda wore each one so Steph could decide which one would be a better decision. "I don't know. Try one of them on and let's see what it looks like."

Steph watched as Amanda thought it out before finally saying something, "Alright. That makes sense."

Steph grabbed one of the Supergirl outfits and threw it at her, "Try this one first. I'll lock the door so no one, mainly Nate, sees it before we make our decision."

Amanda smiled at her and took the package apart while Steph got up and locked the door that allowed entrance into her room and sat back down on the bed. Amanda took all the contents of what was in the package, disappeared into the bathroom, and closed the door so she can put it on. Steph picked the book back up and began to read where she left off.

Steph didn't get very far in the book, maybe a couple of pages, before Amanda opened up the door and entered into the room revealing what the costume looked like. Steph looked at her and almost literally had to hold her jaw up. The costume had some really high fake latex boots that went up to half calf on Amanda's legs and probably gave her an inch to her height. Maybe two inches at the most. The skirt was extremely short that covered just enough to where it was legal...barely. She could tell Amanda was wearing the thong that came with the costume but she could tell it hardly covered anything and was barely big enough to have the emblem right at the pussy lips. She saw that it came with a fabric belt that was supposed to look like the belt that was in the comics. Her eyes continued up to see that Amanda was wearing a simple mini shirt with long sleeves that bore the 'S' crest right on the chest. And a mini cape was the back. Steph couldn't exactly tell if the cape was attached to the shirt or had to be tucked in once the shirt was put on. Either way the costume was very flattering but it looked like Amanda was trying too hard with the costume. That and it looked like it was too slutty.


Steph collected her thoughts other than wanting to actually rip off the costume herself and have fun with Amanda. "Slowly turn around so I can get a better picture."

Amanda did as Steph asked and slowly turned around. The skirt didn't move much mainly because Amanda was moving too slowly to actually move. But as soon as Amanda showed her backside to Steph she noticed that the skirt rose up from the front and showed the bottom of her butt checks. At least from this view she can tell the cape was part of the shirt.

When Amanda had done her slow spin Steph spoke what she thought of the costume, "It looks ok. If you do your hair just right you might be able to pull it off. I think the thong is a little too small you'd probably be better off wearing one of your own or not wearing any at all. However, I'm not sure it is the costume we are looking for to impress Nate."

Amanda quickly sighed in relief, "That's what I was thinking too once I saw how it looked once I put it on."

Steph chuckled, "Well that's good," she threw the other Supergirl costume at Amanda, "try this one now." Amanda smiled and quickly disappeared back into the bathroom.

After a few moments Amanda came back out of the bathroom with the other Supergirl costume on. Now this costume was more like it. The boots were able the same where to rode to about half calf. Added about an inch or two to Amanda's height. The skirt rode a little bit lower maybe a little bit past mid thigh. The belt looked more real. The long sleeve shirt wasn't as tight but at least it gave some support to Amanda's breasts. The cape was an actual cape and had to be tucked in instead of being part of the shirt. The cape came down to at least the bottom of Amanda's back whereas the other one barely came below her shoulder blades. And this one had a necklace that wore just above her cleavage and had the 'S' crest. The necklace was cheap but it definitely made the costume pop more.

Steph looked the costume up and down, "At least this one looks ten times better than the last one. Please tell me the thong is a little bit bigger than the last one?" Amanda just smiled confirming Steph's suspicions. "I think we found the one. I'd still do my hair, probably flipping it to one side only. It's up to you if you want to wear the thong or not."

Amanda smiled at her again and obvious that she couldn't contain her joy of hearing what Steph said. Steph smiled back, grabbed the other two costumes, and threw them at Amanda. "Might as well see what these look like as well."

Amanda slightly chuckled, "Alright." She quickly disappeared back into the bathroom.

A few moments later, Amanda came out in the first Spidergirl outfit. Steph could tell right away that this costume was a four piece costume. Each piece looked like it was painted on Amanda with a loose belt that looked like it might fall off. The mask on it completely covered Amanda's head and with how much hair Amanda had it looked completely funky. She wasn't really sure about the costume. It looked alright but would look better if the mask was something that only covered her eyes. It was really tight the bottom part looked like spandex. The costume obviously didn't come with panties of any kind. Or support for the breasts for that matter.

"I don't know about this costume, Amanda. It might work if your hair was shorter or it wasn't a complete mask. Try on the other one."

Once again Amanda disappeared into bathroom and came back out a few moments later. This costume was pretty much the same as the last one. But it did have the eye cover only instead of the full head mask. So at least it looked better. "I think this Spidergirl is better but both look like they aren't easy to get into. If I were you I'd go with the second Supergirl outfit. It works better. Remember to flip your hair to one side so it'll work better you."

Amanda smiled her, "Thanks. I was thining I liked the second Supergirl outit more. By the way why were you up here anyways?"

Steph looked down at her book that she was reading before looking back at Amanda, "Oh I just thought I would get some reading done before I met up with Matt again."

Amanda rose her eyebrow at her, "Matt again, huh?"

Steph continued to look Amanda in the eye, "Yeah. I'll explain later. So while I'm waiting to met up with him I thought I would catch up on some reading."

Amanda just looked her while she was still in her Spidergirl outfit, "Ok. Well if want to be social we're downstairs." Amanda was about to walk out when Steph stopped her, "Uh Amanda don't you think you should change back first?" Amanda looked down and realized she was still in the costume, "Ah shit." She bolted back into the bathroom and quickly changed back into her shirt and panties. Before she walked out of the room she turned her attention back to her, "Do you mind if I leave these costumes in here so Nate doesn't see them?" Steph shrugged with a smile on her face, "Sure. It's your house." Amanda smiled back at her, "Thanks." And left the room.

Steph looked at her phone to check the time and saw that it was a little after 11am. Damn she was beginning to get anxious. She realized that she was curious as to what was going on and to what might happen tonight. She also wondered when she will be getting a call from Matt. She was beginning to rethink her staying up in her room to a read a book while she waits. She was thinking she might go down stairs to be social. She was about to get up to hang out with Natalie, Amanda, and her bone head brother. She was under her phone beeped at her telling that she had received a text message. She was amazed on how quickly she picked up the phone and check what the message said. She unlocked her phone where it displayed a text message from Matt. She was lucky that she saved his phone number in her phone or she would have never recognized the number. Like the message wouldn’t tell her it wasn’t Matt.

“Sending limo to pick you up. See you in a bit. M.”

Great now she knew that everything was going to happen whether she wanted it to happen or not. She was beginning to get nervous.

She went down stairs and didn’t have to wait very long before a knock from the door. She quickly opened the door to see Arthur. At least she was relieved to see it was someone she knew.

“Hey Arthur. How are you doing?”

He tipped his hat towards her, “Afternoon Steph. I’m good. Thank you for asking. We better get going, Mr. Rockler is waiting for you. And he told me not to dilly dally.”

Steph laughed, “Well we don’t want to keep him waiting.” She looked over her shoulder towards everyone looking at her sitting on the couch, “See you guys later. I don’t know when I’ll be back. Probably tomorrow.” Everyone simulanously said good bye.

The drive wasn’t very long before they reached the Rockler estate, maybe twenty minutes. Plus she can tell that Arthur was driving a little bit faster than he normally has. Of course she could tell that by the excess throttle in the engine. But she guessed on how important this deal seemed to Matt it didn’t surprise her that Arthur was speeding to get back in time.

She got out of the limo and walked towards the front door. As she walked towards the front door was expecting the guard standing at the front door to search her before letting her in but he just opened the door for her and smiled as she walked past. At least that was an improvement that or Matt trusted her not to be threat. At least not yet that is. As long as the deal goes down and he pays her he is completely cool with her. She walked into the place where a woman stood just beyond the entryway.

“Ms. Gordan?”

Steph looked at the woman and simply nodded. The woman looked familiar but she couldn’t tell from where. Possibly from the night she was auctioned off. She couldn’t be completely sure, she was a little toasted that night.

“Follow me please.” The woman turned around and started walking up the stairs towards the room where Matt has always been. At least the room where Steph and Amanda had always met him at was. She reluctantly followed the woman up the stairs towards the room.

They reached the room and the woman opened the doors. “Ms. Gordan is here for you.”

Steph peered over the woman’s shoulder to see the room was fairly lit but not completely lit to where she could see everything in the room.

“Very good. Please come in Stephanie.” The voice obviously being Matt. She reluctantly entered into the room. The woman now behind her, “Is there anything else I can do, sir?” Finally Steph saw Matt sitting in his chair to his desk that she never noticed before. That or the room’s furniture rotates for the circumstance. “No that will be all for now. Thank you Lexi for bringing Steph to me. I’ll let you know if I need anything else.” Steph looked over shoulder to see Lexi bow, “Very good, sir.” And she closed the doors behind her, enclosing Steph to the den of Matt Rockler.

Steph looked around to double check she was in the same room. It had the same layout like the other times. The book case was still where it was from the other night. The only thing different was the dining table and chairs were no longer there. She couldn’t stand it any longer, “Is it just me or do you change the furniture around for the occasion?”

Matt finally looked up from the computer he had his eyes on and smiled at her, “Something like that. Please make yourself comfortable, I’ll be with you in a minute.” He turned his attention back to the computer. Steph looked around and found the couch she sat on last time and quickly sat down. She watched Matt as he focused on the computer for a few moments longer before finally closing the laptop.

After closing the laptop, Matt looked up at her and smiled. “I’m so glad you could make it.” She just growled her eyes at her, “Uh huh. So when is Patrick going to be here with Monika so you can conduct your business?” He smiled at her, “Well I’m glad you are getting right to the point,” he looked at his watch, “they should be here in a few hours.”

She sighed, “Well let’s get this over with.”

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