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TSINF 8.2 - The Deal 2

Steph sees what she is in store for....
Author’s Notes: Last we saw Steph she was meeting up with Matt to find out what deal she made with him. And now without further wait…


Matt boomed a laugh, “See that’s why I’m beginning to like you. Straight to the point. No lolly gagging. No tip toeing around. Going right for the heart of the situation. Alright. They will be here in a few hours. What they would like for you to do while we are signing the contracts is to be laying down on the table with a platter of food surrounding you.”

Steph raised her eyebrow. “That’s all. They just want me to lay down on a table with a platter of food surrounding me?”

Matt’s faced turned straight without smiling. “No. That is just the tip of the iceberg. While you are laying down I just want to warn you that they might play with you while you are laying there. They would prefer that you don’t move while this is taking place. Then after the contract has been signed you will be carried off to where you will be changed and escorted to a room. In this room Patrick would like you to give Monika a personal strip tease for her.”

She had to cut him off. “So you’re telling me that during the contract signing I’m supposed to not react, just play dead?”

Matt gave her a look that nearly sent shivers up her spine. She quickly shut up so he could continue. “Yes that is what they would like. After the strip tease, Patrick would like you to tie down Monika and become their mistress. And then after all of this, if he is satisfied he will say,” he looked just on the other side of the computer where some papers were, “’The imyndunarafl is over’. Basically telling you that you are done with them. Until you hear that you are to continue to please them with whatever other request they may have.”

Steph sighed. “So let me get this straight and stop me if I get anything wrong. I’m supposed to lay on a table with food surrounding me while you guys are signing a contract. Where I’m supposed to lay without moving or responding if I were to be played with. I imagine I’ll be naked when this happens?” Matt simply shook his head telling her that she would be wearing at least something. “Then after that is done I get taken away and give Patrick’s girlfriend Monika a private strip show.” Once again he nodded. “Then after that I’m supposed to tie down Monika and play dominatrix on her and Patrick.” This time he nodded. “And once this has been completed I have to meet their every desire until Patrick says ‘The imyndunarafl is over’?” He simply nodded.

“Ok seeing how I have already signed a contract and everything. I guess I have to do this. Just one question.”

Matt looked at her. “What is it?”

“What the heck does imyndunarafl mean?”

Matt looked at her for a moment then finally he smiled. “It’s Icelandic for fantasy.”

She looked at him and sneered at him. “Well why doesn’t he just say fantasy?”

Matt simply shrugged. “He’s the one who chose the wording. I think it is because he is fluent in Icelandic along with a few other languages.”

Great, she thought. She hated when people used a language she didn’t even know. Granted she spoke English, Spanish, and French. Spanish was required in high school and French was something her mom made her take because her mom was fluent in French. Those were always interesting days when her mom would start chewing her or her brothers out in French when she was really pissed off. It was more funny when her mother chewed out her brothers because sometimes her brothers were trying to remember some of the translations.

“Ok. So do I choose the clothes I will be wearing for this shindig or has everything been taken care of?”

Matt raised his eyebrow at her for a moment. “Everything has been taken care of. They have chosen all the clothes you will be wearing tonight. The only thing you need to do is try them on before they get here to make sure they fit.”

Steph shrugged. “Ok show me where they are so I can try them on.”

Just as she asked the question Matt clapped his hands together letting out that loud ass clap again. Jesus his claps always made her jump. Of course as soon as he clapped his hands Lexi walked into the room. “You called for me, sir.” Geez was the woman standing next to the door to make sure she wasn’t too far away just in case anything was needed? Or was she waiting for her to be called back in so she can lead Steph to where the outfits were located?

Matt looked at Lexi. “Please escort Stephanie here to where her outfits are located so she can try them on please.”

Lexi immediately bowed. “Of course sir.” Lexi turned her attention to Steph. “If you will follow me please.”

Steph got up and was about to follow Lexi to where the outfits were located. Before she had fully left the room she heard Matt. “Once you are done trying out the outfits. Please come back here so we can chat before our guests arrive.”

Steph just smiled at him. “Sure but I’m not calling you sir.” As she left the room she heard Matt laughing as the doors closed behind her.

Lexi had quickly guided Steph to the room where she saw a lay out of different costumes for her to try on. There had to be at least three different costumes stations. Each costume was laid out under a small label under them. She looked at the first label where it read: Contract costume. Well at least that answered everything. She didn't bother to look at the rest of the labels because she imagined that they would be labeled for each stage of her assigned duties she would shortly be doing. She sighed and looked at the first costume and pulled this small lace outfit. She held it up in her hand just staring on how thin the lace was. She just thought while holding it up that it was too thin to actually cover her up but she supposed that was the point. At least it felt extremely soft in her hand.

Steph looked around to see if there was a closed space so she could change into the thin material masquerading as a costume. It didn't take her long to realize that Lexi had left the room so she could have some privacy.

Steph shrugged and took off all of her clothes. She held up the little thing and tried to figure out how to put it on. It didn't take her long because she stepped into where she needed to put her legs through and pulled up until it could no higher on her body. At least she was relieved that it was soft enough against her pussy, actually it felt more softer than any of her panties.

She pulled up the continuing lace until it went around her neck like a chocker chain. Once she finished tying the string around her neck for the collar she looked down at the hanging fabric that was supposed to go around her breasts and looked at the ends to see how it was to snap together. She found the ends had Velcro so she quickly wrapped the fabric around her breasts until the Velcro was secure around her bust. She looked around to see if she could find a mirror but couldn't find one in the room. She shrugged to herself and decided to strut around the room to see if the material would chaff her or not. She walked around the room and found the outfit fit her like a glove. The fact that the outfit fit so snuggly didn't surprise her.

She walked back over to the table and saw three similar outfits where this laid. Each one was a different size. So this one that fit her was just luck that she picked it up first. She shrugged again and quickly stripped out of the thin material. She threw the outfit on top of its clones. And moved on to the next outfit.

She looked down at the next set outfits and found her second stage of her tasks she actually had a choice of what to wear. She saw she had the same outfit for the charity event to wear...a cowgirl. A barmaid. A pirate wench. A nurse. A baseball player. She closely eyed each costume and decided she could go with the cowgirl outfit again. Mainly because it had more possibilities and more clothing to remove. That and because the other outfits looked like they would be too much of a hassle to remove threw a strip tease compared to the cowgirl outfit. Sure the nurse and baseball player would take less time but if she did it right she wouldn't have to do much during the dominatrix stage before Patrick would be uttering her release words.

After choosing her second costume she walked over to the third and last station to see what the costume would consist of. She looked down and saw it was simply a long black leather trench coat with all sorts of pockets. Next to the coat was a mask and next to mask was an assortment of bondage gear. She just looked at the things and shrugged again. At least she knew her last stage would be fun. She turned around and walked back to where she dropped her clothes and quickly put them back on.

Steph walked out of the room after she made her decisions. As soon as she stepped out of the room Lexi was waiting beside the door. She watched Lexi raise an eye brow at her. "That was quick. I figured it would take you a bit longer with as many selections as you had."

Steph looked at her and wanted to say 'Fuck you' to her but decided against it. Steph shrugged. "I only tried on the first thing. I figured the rest can be taken care of after my first assignment."

Lexi laughed. "I guess you're right. Come on Matt told me to bring you back so you guess can chat before his guests arrive."

Steph was quickly led back to Matt's room. She nearly left Lexi in the dust to get to Matt's room because she was beginning to get familiar with the layout of the place but reluctantly followed Lexi to the room. Steph entered with Matt looking over the contract. Probably the contract that his buddy needed to sign and was double checking to make sure there was no mistakes. He looked up at her and smiled. "Ah that was quick."

She shrugged to him. "Sorry I only tried on the first outfit. I figured the rest could be fixed afterwards or whatever. I doubt any of the rest won't fit after the first one fit."

He laughed again. "I guess you're right. Please sit."

Steph headed over to the opposite sofa from Matt so she can look at him and study what he does next. He relaxed back in the sofa and looked deeply at her. "So are you getting nervous?"

She looked down at her hands not knowing whether exactly how to answer. She was surprised that he seemed genuinely concerned for her or at least cared a little bit for her. She looked back at him and found she had a small smile on her face. "Yeah I'm nervous. I don't want to mess this up."

She watched him and he considered her words while looking deeply at her. Steph almost wanted to shy away from his stare if nothing else to hide that she might be blushing. Finally he waved his hand at her. "I'm sure you'll do just fine." He continued to look at her for a few moments longer. "Oh before I forget. I'm throwing another party tonight for a post celebration. Whether this goes through or not. If you get done in time and aren't too tired I was hoping you might join the party?"

She was kind of surprised that he would be throwing another party so quickly after his deal but at the same time she wasn't too surprised. "I don't know. Is Amanda gonna come?"

He laughed. "Sure. I already sent an invite when I had my driver pick you up. I also added to the invitation your brother. Plus I hear her sister Natalie is in town so I'm sure she will be here too."

She looked at him. "We'll see."

He smiled at her. "Hey if you're not tired we can also have a quarters match during the party."

This time she smiled at him. "Are you flirting with me?"

He brought his face down just a little bit and smiled at her. He looked a little sinister with that look now. "Maybe."

"We'll see but if we do what happens if I win?"

She watched him as he thought about it for a little bit. "How about if you win then I'll pay you $50,000."

She shook her head at him. "No I'm tired of you throwing money at me. Let's just make this a friendly wager no money."

He looked at her. "Ok then what do you have in mind?"

Before she stop herself from saying it, "I want to fuck your brains out." She quickly slapped her hands over her mouth and knew she was blushing. Matt started to laugh with a sly smile on his face. She had to quickly think of something. Something that would be great to watch him do. Before he could say anything she quickly said, "But I'll settle for walking around your party with nothing but a holster around your waist dispensing alcohol for your guests."

Matt continued to laugh. "I think that is fair. What do I get if I win?"

She smiled at him. "You get the pleasure of actually beating me."

He laughed even more. "Some how I don't think that is a fair trade."

She pretended to pout at him but couldn't wipe the smile off her face. "Well what do you want if you win?"

Matt stopped laughing and looked up at the ceiling. After a few moments and looked back at her. "How about if I win you spend next weekend with me. You do whatever I ask of no matter what it may seem."

She thought about for a moment. If she agreed she would spend the weekend with him but she hardly knew anything about him. She didn't know if he was seriously into the freaky shit. Like she could throw rocks at him she actually liked some freaky shit. Some not all of it. She wasn't too sure if she liked the whole 'do whatever he asks’ part. He hasn't done anything to her that would earn any distrust What the hell she thought it may be fun.

She stuck out hand. "Deal, but it has to be around a crowd not in private."

He smiled at her and shook her hand. "Done. If you're not tired we play tonight."

He continued to smile. "Well seeing how I have you at a disadvantage of having you here. And I'm not giving you enough time to get a proper costume for tonight. I will need to know what type of costume to get you before it starts."

She looked at him. "Is there a theme that I need to follow?"

He looked at her and shrugged. "Well seeing how I'm a little bit of a sci-fi freak. I have decided to make this theme a sci-fi party."

Steph was a little bit of sci-fi freak herself and smiled at that notion. She almost wanted to test him on his sci-fi knowledge. Or at least ask for plain clothes so she can tell people that she's the doctors anyone would get that reference. She sighed. "I'm sure by the time I get done with Patrick and his girl I doubt I will really care. As long as it isn't to extravagant or doesn't too long to put on."

He laughed and looked at his watch. He looked back up at her. "Well they should be here any time now. Have Lexi take you back to the costumes, she's the one in charge of your costumes, hair, and make up. She will know what to do." He got up and walked around to her. He bent down and offered his hand to her.

Steph looked at his hand and wasn't too sure what to do. She reluctantly put her hand in his. He wrapped his hand around hers and pulled her up to him. She could tell he worked out to where he knew how to use his strength. He only used enough to bring her up from the sofa and then only used a minuscule amount of strength to continue pulling her closer to him. She was happy he didn't use his strength to rip her arm out of her socket like any normal jackass who worked out too much. He brought her so close to him she just wanted to wrap herself around him and never let go forget the stupid deal.

As if he sensed her wanted he turned his body and wrapped one arm loosely around her neck and began to walk. His walking forced her to turn and follow in step with him. As he got closer to the door and turned his head down to her. "Well I hope you save your energy for our challenge tonight." He opened the door for her. "In the mean time this is where we are going to have to part ways." Steph watched as he turned his head to look out beyond the doorway. "Lexi. Please take Stephanie here and get her ready for my special guests please." Matt turned his attention back to her and smiled. "Thank you for agreeing. I appreciate this."

Before she could say anything he quickly pushed her out and closed the door. She looked back at the door and almost wanted to kick it open but only put her hand on the door.

Lexi didn't give Steph much time to linger at Matt's door, instead she ushered her into the room where all her outfits were. Lexi looked at her once inside the room. "Go ahead and get undressed and we'll get you ready for your first costume."

Steph looked at her and hesitated getting undressed. But seeing how they were now under a schedule once again she shrugged. At least Lexi had turned her back so Steph could get undressed and into the first costume she had on earlier.

After Steph had put on her thin lace costume she cleared her throat telling Lexi she was ready for whatever Lexi needed to do to get her ready. Lexi turned around and looked Steph up and down as if deciding what she needed to do. After a few moments she had a smile on her face.

Lexi sat Steph down and quickly opened up a huge suitcase sitting next to table with all the costumes. Lexi quickly went to work doing something to Steph’s hair. She adjusted the tie in the back of the costume that was tied around her neck making it more comfortable. She also adjusted the Velcro in the back that held her breasts in place. After making the small adjustments to the costume she came back around to face Steph. She looked at her some more but quickly went back to her suitcase looking for something. After a few moments she found what she was looking for.

She came up showing to Steph a little eye mask like something some superheroes would wear in the comic books when they needed the hide their eyes. Lexi snapped the little eye mask around Steph’s head and then pulled back to look at her. After a few moments of deciding Lexi quickly went back to her suitcase. The entire time Lexi was applying make up and doing her hair, Steph had to fight the urge to move around or fidget. Stuff like this without a mirror to see what someone was doing to her face drove her up the wall. She wanted to be in control of what color make up went on her face. But at this moment it appeared that Steph didn’t have much control or say in what was being slapped on her face.

Once Lexi seemed to be satisfied what she had to done to Steph’s head she smiled to herself. Steph wanted to ask for a mirror to see what Lexi had done to her but Lexi just continued to smile at her. Lexi looked at her. “I hope you're not ticklish. Because I need to do some body paint on you next so please try to remain still or it will take longer than is needed.”

Great now Steph had to continue to remain still. She wanted a fucking mirror so she could see what Lexi had done to her face. It felt like there was a lot of make up along her eyes, probably to blend with the eye mask, and other make up over her cheeks and lips. She wasn’t happy that she had to remain still but decided to do what Lexi asked so she can get this whole thing done with. She still can’t believe that she agreed to this whole fiasco but with the money that Matt was paying her she wouldn’t have to worry about leaving the school in debt.

Lexi came back to Steph with three different color paints in her hands: red, green, and blue. God those colors looked hideous but decided not to fuss. Lexi put the paints on the table and went back to her suitcase only to return with a fist full of different sizes of brushes. Steph looked at all the brushes and thought she was going to have to fight not to squirm because it looked like those brushes will probably tickle the hell out of her. Steph quickly found out she was right and it was worse than she thought because Lexi had an extremely light touch with the paints. It was as if Lexi wasn’t too sure what to put on her body or was too afraid to mess up.

At least Steph got to look at the paint bottles and read to label. She never heard of the brand of paint but was sure that they were sex paints. Easily put on and even more easy to wash off. Thank the lord for that one. She didn’t want paint that would take a few times to wash off. Hell even a large amount of sweat would quickly remove the paint or at least smear it. Steph sat there as Lexi painted on each side of Steph’s ribs, along the back of her legs, along the sides of her arms, and one side of her face from forehead to jaw line. Lexi stepped back and over looked her handiwork. After a few moments she finally smiled to herself as if she were patting herself on the back.

Lexi went back to her suitcase and returned with a mirror so Steph could see what she had done to her body. Steph saw that she barely recognized herself. The mask over her eyes were black and had been painted on with small swirls. The underlining of her eyelids were completely black and the tops of her eyelids were a light red and blue color. Her hair was put up in a weird style and wasn’t too sure what it was called but it definitely brought more attention to her eyes. The paint along the side of her face looked like small swirls with flowing tribal designs from forehead to jaw line. The same style of design were along each side of her ribs going down to almost her hips. The paint along the back of her legs were completely different as if they were meant to be saying that she were wearing stockings. She thought the paint of the stockings were a little much seeing how she was going to be laying down and no one would see them.

She shrugged and thought oh well. All in all the whole outfit took on a whole life of itself. She thought if she were to walk into a brothel no one would go after the normal girls and her time card would be full for the day. Maybe that last statement was a little much but even she wanted to fuck herself if that was even possible. She smiled.

Not long after Steph had finished checking herself out, a cell phone rang. Steph looked around to see where the cell phone was thinking it was her phone but quickly learned it was Lexi’s phone that had gone off. She watched as Lexi put the phone to her ear. “Yes.” Lexi looked at Steph and said in the receiver of the cell phone, “Yes sir she is done.” Steph wanted to hear the other side of the conversation but would have to suffice with what Lexi was saying.

“Yes she looks exquisite.”

“Ok I will bring her to the room and have her lay where she needs to be.”

She looked at Steph and then replied, “It’ll be about five minutes before she will be done down there.”

“Ok sir. Bye.”

Steph wanted to hang next to Lexi’s ears but she imagined how the conversation was directed was if she were ready and how she looked. She doubted they talked about the weather or anything like that due to the one side of the conversation. She was just happy they spoke in English and not any other language or she would be screwed as to where the conversation was going.

She watched as Lexi put the cell phone back in her back pocket. She came up to Steph and pulled out a small container and opened it. Steph looked in and saw that inside the container were a pair of pills. She looked up and Lexi as if saying what the hell are these for? Lexi looked down at the pills and then back up at her as if catching on to what Steph was thinking, “Don’t worry they’re not drugs or anything like that. They are to help prevent pregnancy and STDs.”

Steph had to ask the question, “You mean like birth control?”

Lexi shrugged. “Sort of like that but not. It’s actually better than birth control pills. I have been taking them for a while now and still haven’t contracted an STD or gotten pregnant. Trust me whatever is in this works.”

Steph looked down at the pills and thought they might be the same pills Amanda had given her just shortly after the benefit auction just before she was collected for the night. She shrugged and thought it couldn’t hurt. She grabbed the pills and swallowed them.

After she swallowed the pills, Lexi smiled. “Will you please follow me?”

Steph followed Lexi out of the room and was led downstairs to a room that looked like a huge dining room but the normal dining tables had been removed. Now there was a table with cushions on it. She imagined that was the table she would be laying on. Around the cushions were platters of food and various other items. There was a large bowl of ice, various pitchers of liquid in them, and glasses next to the pitchers. A couple of large colored bowl with lids on them, Steph couldn’t tell what was in them but she had a good idea. A couple of steel containers with burners underneath them where the flame looked low like they had been cooking whatever were in them slowly. And finally on each side of the cushions were plates and silver ware. It looked like she would be center arrangement of the table. Like that surprised her.

While Steph was checking out the lay out of the table and seeing how high it is she suddenly felt someone reach behind her and ripped the snap of the Velcro that held her breasts in place. Steph reared around about to slap whoever did it only to realize it was Lexi who had ripped the Velcro loose. She cocked her head at her still deciding whether to proceed to slap her or…something else. She just couldn’t figure out how to react.

Lexi held up her hands in submission, as if sensing Steph's rising anger. “Relax. When you lay down the fabric around your breasts are to be loose. So it’s only to cover and nothing else. At least that’s what Matt had told me to do.”

Steph looked at her right hand realizing that it is was in the air getting ready to answer the call to follow through with the slap. She sighed trying to control her anger. “Next time just warn me instead of doing it like you did.”

Lexi bowed her head. “Sorry about that. I will keep that mind next time. Now if you will please lay down on the cushions and I will adjust the fabric so it does cover your breasts.”

Steph looked down as Lexi held out her hand telling her to lie down on the table where the cushions were laid out for her.

Steph walked over to the table and looked over the cushions. She sighed again thinking how she got herself in this situation. As if snapping in her head and remembering the money and job offer was the reason why she was doing this. She wondered is this high class call girls got through college. She sighed once more and pushed away the thought and reminded herself that she needed to prepare herself what was going to be happening soon.

She looked down at the table and saw that it was just below her hips but not by much. She looked and thought it was shorter than normal tables. Normally a dinner table would either be just at her belly button or just a little bit higher but not by much. Plus from the looks of the table if one were to reach across the table then they could easily across ¾ across the cushion without having to lean over much. She shrugged and thought she was only guessing because she wouldn’t be sitting down. She would be the one they would reach across.

Steph got up on the table and proceeded to lie down on the cushions. She was happy to find out that the cushions were soft and comfortable. If no one plays with her she could possibly take a short nap before she gives Monika and Patrick their special strip tease. Fat chance of that happening.

Lexi came up as Steph began to get comfy. She grabbed a hold of the straps that were supposed to be around her chest holding her breasts in place. Lexi carefully laid the loose strips of cloth across her breasts then looked at her. She smiled down at Steph. “Well I will leave you alone now. After you are done here I will be just outside the door. As soon as you can, come out of the door and we will rush off and prepare your next costume. In the mean time enjoy yourself and they should be in here shortly.”

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