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TSINF 8.3 - The Deal 3

Matt's company arrives and Steph isn't prepared for what is about to happen....
Steph wanted to say thank you but Lexi quickly turned around and had already left the room. Leaving Steph completely alone in the room.

Steph looked around the room and almost wanted to get up so she could check out the rest of the room. Possibly get something to eat. She just realized that she was hungry. It had been awhile since she last ate. But she also didn’t really want to get up.

Before Steph could make up her mind whether to get up and get a quick snack or just lay there and wait, she heard voices getting closer to the room. Mainly the voice she quickly recognized was Matt’s. Looks like her decision was made. She was going to have to stay put and hope this session will be quick. If it did become quick maybe before the party that starts tonight she could get something to eat.

The voices got closer and closer to the door, until the doors opened. Steph rolled her head to one side and was fortunate that the way the table was set up and how she was laying she could easily see the door leading into the room. The first person to walk was Matt. He had on simple blue jeans with a white long sleeved button up dress shirt. She saw that he had about half of the buttons buttoned up and what wasn’t buttoned up allowed people to see his naked chest. Granted it wasn’t much but it was enough for any female wanting to rip open the shirt to see more. As if his chest was a forbidden fruit. He walked in laughing to something that was said between him and his company.

The next person right behind Matt was a man. He too was laughing. Steph wanted to know what the hell was so funny. Possibly a good joke. Maybe some hidden joke only shared between them two. The man that entered laughing stood about 5’11’’ with buzzed to the scalp brown hair. He was the same attire as Matt was but a little bit bigger making the clothes seem like he was trying to have the illusion he isn’t very built or is trying to hide something. Without seeing what he looked like without the shirt she had to guess he must have weighed in the neighborhood of 180-190lbs. Maybe more maybe less but because of how loose his clothes were she couldn’t be too exact with his built. He didn’t have as dark of a tan compared to Matt but she could tell he was no stranger to the sun. His eyes were the color of the shallow ocean, a very light blue. She almost wanted to go swimming in his eyes. This guy had to be Patrick by the way him and Matt were acting.

The last person to walk into the room close behind Patrick was a woman. She stood about Steph’s height about 5’4’’. She could see that the woman was smiling but wasn’t laughing. Either she didn’t catch the joke or it was indeed a hidden joke only shared between Matt and Patrick. She was wearing a short dress and looked like it was painted on. She had to be at least 110-120lbs by the way the dress hugged her curves. She could also tell that this woman wasn’t wearing panties or a bra. She seemed that the woman had an average build. She wasn’t too athletic nor was she cursed with being fat. Just right in the middle. Her hair was brown and went down to the middle of her back. The woman’s eyes were a dark green color. And the way the woman was walking she was trying to catch up to Patrick to get back around his arm. So this had to be Patrick’s girlfriend Monika.

“Ah I see she has already been laid out for us that is great.” Patrick’s voice had a deep timber in it. Like he could whisper and his voice could still carry a good distance before people couldn’t understand what he whispered. The deepness of the voice resonated Steph down to her very core. As if his voice alone could vibrate her clit if he did it right.

She heard Matt laugh, “Just like we agreed. I am a man of my word. You should know that by now.” The way Matt’s voice sounded like he was actually talking to a friend and not some business associate he had to be professional with.

“She looks scrumptious. I can’t wait to have some fun with her.” Monika’s voice sounded husky. As if she hailed from a place where words are spoken with such harshness that Steph had to cringe as Monika spoke. It almost sounded like Monika was born and raised in Russia or something like that. That or she was a chain smoker. Either way Steph hasn’t heard too many females with a husky voice like that.

She heard Patrick laugh, “Well let’s eat first sweetheart before you start playing with your new toy for the night.” Great now she was a paid thing. Now she knew how hookers felt. That and why they had a need to take the edge off with drugs.

She heard Monika pout, “Oh all right. But can I still play with her while we eat?”

Steph just closed her eyes and decided to rely on her hearing. Her eyes weren’t helping her at this moment. And seeing how she was supposed to play dead it would help her concentrate on the upcoming playing.

She heard Patrick, “I don’t see why not. Just don’t wear her out before we have our fun sweetheart.”


Steph could tell Monika was pouting that she couldn't play with her just yet. Steph wanted to open her eyes to see if she was right but she wasn't too sure if she should. She knew she wasn't supposed to respond to anything but was she allowed to open her eyes or was keeping her eyes closed just idea. Her heart was pounding with being nervous and strangely excited. She decided to start thinking of other things so she could at least control her reactions or at least delay them so they could be controlled. "So how is your food? My chef had a fun time trying to get the recipes right." Steph could tell it was Matt asking the question towards Patrick. There was no mistaking that voice.

She could hear Patrick trying to finish off his bite of his food then heard him chuckle. "It's close to what I'm looking for. I have to admit some of the recipes I asked for is hard to perfect but I rarely get a chance to eat food like this. Thank you I appreciate it." There was a slight pause for a moment. "What do you think sweetheart?" Steph could almost imagine Patrick turning his attention to his 'sweetheart'.

She heard Monika in turn trying to finish off her bite of food that she obviously had in her mouth. "It's not bad. I'm not too sure if it's supposed to taste like this or what."

With that mention she heard both Patrick and Matt chuckle. "It is an acquired taste. You get used to it once you have it more than once." That obviously came from Matt.

This time Patrick was laughing, "I remember you telling me it was disgusting."

Now it was Matt laughing, "Hey I was 12. My taste buds wanted kid food at that time. Now I'm willing to eat anything once."

They both laughed.

Suddenly Steph felt someone reach up the cloth that was protecting her breasts. More like they removed the cloth from her breasts. She tried not to react but she knew she gasped. She hoped no one noticed. She guessed someone got tired of conversation and wanted to have their fun now. Once the cloth was removed she felt someone lightly trace their finger along her stop up to her breast. They slowly circled their finger around her now exposed breast. Each circle around her breast they rose their finger higher until they finally reached her now erect nipple. Whoever the person was they put her hardened nipple in between their finger and thumb. They lightly squeezed her nipple and equally lightly twisted her nipple. First one way and the next.

Steph wanted to moan with the person who was playing with her nipple. She had to think of something to keep herself of moaning and reacting. The first thing she tried to think of was all the games she had gone to at Tennessee U growing up. The more the person played with her nipple the harder it was to focus on the memory. More like the memory started to change on her.

Finally after a few seconds of the person who was playing with her nipple stopped and removed their hand from her body. She could tell the side that her body was played with and the voices that she has heard it had to have been Monika that had played with her nipple. Surprise like she didn't see that coming.

She didn't have too much time to think before her next test of her endurance was presented. Someone had put ice on her body. She wanted to jump ten feet because it was sudden and the obvious fact that it was cold. The ice started just at her thigh above her knee. It slowly moved up her thigh traveling from outside to the inside her crotch. She prayed that they didn't put the ice cube on her pussy or she wouldn't be able to do anything than respond in more than one way. It was as if the person read her mind and only allowed the ice cube to linger her pussy before continuing moving north. It went all the way up her body, around her exposed breast and nipple, and then finally resting back down on her belly button.

The entire time the ice moved along her body her mind wandered from memories of Tennessee to memories of high school. Mainly her rendvous with her boyfriend where she earned her nickname 'Fluffy' from Ianto. She knew she was blushing on the outside.

"So let's get down to business." Steph was surprised the voice came from her right side obviously being Patrick.

She heard Matt clear his throat. "Alright."

Steph felt a small hand begin to caress her thigh, obviously Monika's, and like a finger action slow walk up her thigh until it reached her pelvic area. Steph wanted to keep her attention to the conversation that was happening between Matt and Patrick. But the fingers that were lightly applied to crotch had now slipped under the fabric that covered her pussy had deterred her from paying attention to the now unfolding conversation. The fingers lightly traced circles around her crotch and she could imagine Monika smiling to find that her pussy was shaved. Then the fingers lightly petting her pussy lips up and down and slowly applying pressure until one finger easily slipped beyond the barrier her lips created. And quickly found her clitoris. Steph wanted to moan so badly and grind her hips against the finger that was slowly moving in circles on her clit. Steph tried thinking of something to keep from succumbing to her now rising desires and at least follow the directions that were told to her. But this way was making her more hornier.

She tried thinking of all the books she has read that her brother has written so she could keep still. The finger playing on her clit made her wet. She could feel her clit beginning to grow to meet Monika's finger. A little more pressure was applied to her clit. Steph wanted to moan so badly. Hell a whimper at this point would suffice.

At wasn't long before Steph felt something hard penetrate her now soaping pussy. She used her senses to figure out was trying to enter inside her. She would rather open her eyes and lift her head so she could see what was happening. She guessed Monika had found a dildo and had used it on her. She guessed the colored plastic bowls had hidden this toy. She opened her legs so she could accept more of the dildo. Steph wanted to curse Monika because she was slowly pushing the dildo inside her. Once the dildo had been slowly pushed into her pussy to the hilt, Monika had turned on the device inside her and then replaced the cloth over her pussy and removed her hands. Steph wanted to scream and call Monika a vindictive bitch for teasing her.

Now that Monika had stopped touching her she could hear a light whir coming from her pussy that also vibrated throughout her body. She could imagine Monika smiling and watching over to see what Steph's body was doing.

Steph heard Matt and Patrick continue their conversation but it seemed like their voices were getting further away. Or was the dildo vibrating inside her was messing up her hearing. Either way she tried to strain to listen in on the conversation so she could further continue not to make any movements. She was sure her body was twitching. She finally found the conversation in the room. It was faint. She felt a wave slowly rise in her body. She strained really hard but all she heard was a muffling sound. She was sure that Matt and Patrick was in a corner of the room.

Steph felt someone grabbed her right hand, obviously Monika, and lifted her arm up. Monika slipped something around Steph's wrist and then lightly rested her right arm back down but now her arm was slightly hanging off the table. Monika did the same thing to her right ankle, then her left ankle, and finally her left wrist. Once each one of Steph's joints had something around them she felt her arms began to tighten against the table. Then her feet were brought together and knees bound down. So now she went from a comfortable laying position to a very occurred position. Interesting enough her new position wasn't exactly painful but was comfortable. Another thing she was happy about whatever Monika had used to bind her was very soft.

Steph tried everything she knew and felt around her bindings. She used her sense of feeling and felt that the bindings Monika had used were in a sense perfect. It wasn't too tight where her circulation wasn't cut off nor too loose where she could move anything other than her head. She used her sense of hearing and heard light muffling of two deep voices. From the sounds of it they were on the far sides of the room or just beyond the door way. She guessed on the other side of the room because she never heard a door open. She could have sworn that the door was closed after they entered the room. She used her sense of smell. She could no longer smell Matt's musky college or whatever daunt college Patrick was wearing. The only thing she could smell aside from the food was whatever light perfume Monika was wearing but only slightly over the smell of the food.

She continued to use her senses mainly trying not to notice her bad her pussy was juicing or open her eyes to see what was going on. The entire time she strained to sense what was going on her pussy finally succumbed to the vibrating dildo inside her. Wave after wave of an intense orgasm hit her so hard. With her restrained the only thing she could do was allow her body to shake to the orgasm. She could close her legs to make it stop. She couldn't move her arms so she could reach down and remove the vibrator. The only thing she could do was whelp. Actually it was the only sound that escaped her that she would allow aside from her usual screams and curses. Her screams and curses still happened only in her head. She hoped that her orgasm was violent enough to shoot the vibrating dildo inside her out of her pussy. Once her orgasm had finally passed the dildo was still inside her. Damn the stupid cloth covering her pussy.

As she silently cursed in her head every curse word she could think of that would probably make a sailor plush, she felt a person hovering over. The person had positioned themselves over her. The person had their knees around her waist and legs lightly pressed against her legs. She felt the person’s hands just under her armpits. Then she felt hair brush up against her face. Steph could obviously tell the person above her was Monika. If the hair along her face and weight on her legs weren’t tell tale signs that it was Monika the perfume she was wearing would be something a female would wear. Steph was thankful that Monika didn’t bathe in the perfume. Telling how light the scent was she probably guessed that Monika lightly applied the perfume on her breasts or neck. She wasn’t too sure which it was.

“It looks like our decoration had a good orgasm.” Steph could tell Monika was giggling as she said it.

“That’s great, sweetheart.” Patrick replied but it wasn’t too clear. Obviously Patrick and Matt were on the other side of the room.

Steph felt Monika motion herself down until her upper body was below her legs. She felt Monika slide the fabric covering her pussy aside and lightly run her fingers along her now quivering pussy. Once Monika’s fingers had touched the hilt of the vibrating battery operated device, she grabbed a hold of it and slowly pulled it out. The entire time Monika was pulling out the device torturing her pussy it felt like an eternity as ever inch slowly came out of her nether region. She breathed a slow relief once the torturing contraption had been fully removed from her. All she knew once it was out she was taking notes in her head how she was going to pay Monika back for the torture.

“She tastes really good honey. Would you like a taste?”

“In a little bit.”

Steph felt Monika shrug, “You’re loss.”

She felt Monika bend back down until she could feel her face mere inches from her now soaked pussy. Monika come in close and she immediately felt her flick her tongue along the inside of her pussy lips. Steph immediately gasped as Monika’s slowly flicked her lower lips.

Monika continue to lightly flick her tongue along Steph’s pussy lips until her lips willingly opened for Monika. Once her lips opened their velvety doors to show Monika what she was made of she continued to lightly flick her tongue along her clithood. It was only moments of Monika lightly flicking her tongue along her hood until her clit poked out and allowed the lighted caress of Monika’s pivoted tongue. Steph wanted to moan and curse unheard words telling Monika to continue. The only thing she could do was move her hips up and down telling Monika to quit the light touch and to apply more pressure with her tongue. Monika sensed the unspoken word to use more force. She enveloped Steph’s clit and hood in her mouth and lightly sucked. The way she sucked on her clit was both light and had so much force, Steph was sure her clit had swollen to be at least half an inch from it’s hiding spot. Once her clit had swollen she stopped sucking on her clit and then put her finger on her enlarged clit. She lightly applied pressure as if pushing a doorbell. Once her swollen clit had become flush with her pussy she started to move her finger in slow circles forcing Steph’s clit to roll along the movement that Monika was doing with her finger.

While Monika was teasing Steph’s clit, she slowly slid her finger inside her. Then two. As soon as Monika’s two fingers were inside Steph’s pussy she had curved her fingers searching for Steph’s inner g spot. It didn’t take Monika long before she found Steph’s inner insane spot. The moment Monika’s fingers found Steph’s spot she succumbed to her senses and immediately started humping her hips against Monika’s hands. Monika’s hands didn’t move from their spot making Steph work for her next orgasm. Steph furiously humped Monika’s hands but most of her movement was restricted with her being tied down. With each movement the fingers inside her applied more pressure on her insane spot and the outer finger on her remote on switch had more pressure as well. Monika wasn’t doing anything by this time, Steph was doing all the work. She wanted to not move at all like Matt had told her to do, but even she couldn’t control her urges once they were turned on.

The entire time Steph’s hips were furiously humping Monika’s hands she felt her body temperature beginning to rise. Her body was becoming moist all over. She quickly fastened her pace with her hips. She wanted it to be quick so this could be over. She was also afraid that by the time her orgasm was going to hit her body Monika might remove her hands letting orgasm slowly slip away. If Monika had done that she was going to kill somebody…that or tackle Monika and tell her to eat her way to Steph’s orgasm. Her orgasm was beginning to build more and more. Her body was completely drenched with sweating wanted more of Monika’s tender embrace. Well mainly the embrace of the hands that were on her body. Her hips felt like they were going to bruise because of how hard her rear was hitting the table with each thrust. Yeah tomorrow is going to be fun with sitting down. Soon her movements were so fierce that with each clasp of Monika’s hands against her pussy a louder clap formed around the room. Her body was beginning to tense up. Her orgasm was coming. If Monika were to remove her hands from her body she was going to kill her but her orgasm was going to happen one way or another. The only difference would be the force of the orgasm whether the hands remained inside her or not.

It felt like forever for her hips to grind Monika’s hands so she can achieve an oncoming orgasm. She could tell the way she was bound to the table and the way she was grinding her hips on Monika’s hand she was definitely getting a workout. She could tell her abs, butt and quads were being targeted in her current situation. She made a mental note to do this more often but that didn’t really matter at this point. Finally after what felt like an eternity of grinding on Monika’s hand that her orgasm hit her body like someone tenderized her insides with a hammer. Her jaw clenched. Her butt tensed. Her abs hardened. Her arms flexed so hard. Her legs tightened. Her pussy clenched so hard she wouldn’t be surprised if she was hurting Monika’s fingers with how hard her pussy clenched around Monika’s fingers. She couldn’t think. It felt like she just ran a 25 mile marathon. As each wave passed through her body all her muscles began to relax slowly. Finally she laid there panting like there was no tomorrow. She felt like mush. Monika finally removed her fingers from inside her. Steph fidgeted as Monika slowly removed her hands from Steph’s nether region. She wanted to yell at Monika to quickly remove her hands. Peeling a band-aid off slowly would have felt more like euphoria compared to her recent orgasm and how slow Monika was removing her hands from her body.

Steph continued to pant and try to regain some of her composure…mainly her energy. If there was any energy left after that orgasm. While she laid there panting knowing full well her body was in a complete glow, she heard Monika lightly sucking on her fingers.

“Mmmm. Yummm.” Steph could tell Monika was definitely liking how Steph tasted. “Trust me honey you don’t know what your missing. I swear this little peach here is like an aphrodisiac.”

“I’m sure she does. I will taste her later. Like I said don’t wear her out.”

She heard Monika lightly chuckle. “I’ll try to remember that.”

Steph felt Monika bend down and bring herself down to her ear. “Let’s see if you find me as irresistible as I find you.”

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