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TSINF 8.4 - The Deal 4

Steph finishes her deal and enjoys what she does...
With that Monika straddled Steph’s face and lowered herself to where her pussy was lightly touching Steph’s nose. Steph didn’t like being forced to eat another girl’s pussy. Steph had to gradually work herself into eating a girl out.

Sure she has eaten a girl on occasion only when she was completely horny and there wasn’t any guy around to satisfy her desire. Granted she did find girls attractive and at times found herself wondering how they might taste.

Normally she went after the guy persuasion. Something about the man yogurt she was completely addicted to. So even though she only caught a quick glance of Monika before she decided it would be best just to keep her eyes closed during this part of the arrangement.

What Steph could tell of Monika was that she was a smudge attractive. Not really her type but Monika did seem to have her qualities. Aside from Monika being shorter than her. She pretty much weighed about right for her size. She couldn’t find anything that would make Monika attractive in Steph’s eyes…except that Monika seemed to be bisexual.

Probably one of the main reasons Patrick liked Monika because she swung both ways. That and Monika didn’t seem to mind sharing with Patrick her female conquests, as long as Patrick always returned to Monika’s bed every night.

Steph sighed to herself and figured that she might as well go through with it. She took in a small smell of Monika’s pussy, afraid that it might stink, but found it smelled like any other pussy. Steph had only found a few girls where they should bottle their pussy up and sell it off because it was that damn good. Amanda was one of those girls.

Something about Amanda’s pussy always made Steph’s mouth water. It could be because Amanda always smelled good to Steph. Or the fact that whenever Steph touched her friend’s pussy it always moistened right up. Or it could be the fact that Amanda’s personality always hit a good spot in Steph’s brain. Or it could be for the simple fact that Steph felt comfortable around Amanda and that Amanda is her friend.

This girl however didn’t hit any of those marks for Steph. Sure she looked ok to Steph. She wasn’t too sure about Monika’s personality aside from the fact that Monika was clearly bi-sexual. So right now Monika’s pussy smelled like any other girl. Not absolutely awful but not to point where she made Steph’s mouth water.

Steph lightly kissed the outer lips of Monika’s pussy. Steph was happy to find that Monika also liked to keep her pussy shaved, two points for the bi girl. She lightly traced Monika’s pussy lips with her tongue.

After Steph was happy with lightly tracing her tongue around Monika’s lips to point where Monika was nearly at the point where she was putting her full weight on Steph’s face forcing her tongue inside Monika, she thrust her tongue inside Monika’s pussy. As soon as Steph’s tongue touched the inner makings of Monika’s pussy, Monika let out a long moan. Steph was surprised to find that Monika’s pussy tasted like strawberries. It was like Monika had put some type of edible oil or gel along her pussy to make it taste better. That was nice of her to do that. Give the girl another two points for being thoughtful.

“Ooooh. You’re doing really good. I hope you like the flavoring?”

Steph tried to nod her head so she could say that she liked it, but the way Monika was straddling her head she couldn’t do much other than trace the letters Y, E, S with her tongue inside Monika’s pussy. Basically telling Monika that Steph did in fact enjoy the taste and she hoped that Monika got the message.

Too bad the flavoring didn’t last any longer. By the time Steph started to work on Monika’s clit the flavoring that Monika had applied had pretty much dissipated. However, whatever the stuff was it remained on her tongue so she couldn’t tell if Monika tasted bad or good so she wasn’t too sure what to base it on. That was the only bad thing Steph found about the edible flavoring for a girl’s pussy it never lasted as long as you wanted.

Maybe someone should look into that.

Steph started to lightly flick her tongue on Monika’s clit until it revealed itself from its hooded protection. Steph took the now exposed clit in her mouth and lightly sucked on it so it could become swollen. It didn't take long before Monika's clit did indeed become swollen. Steph lightly nibbled on Monika's clit. Steph felt Monika flinch at first when Steph bared teeth on something so tender.

Steph learned a long time ago even if someone were to lightly nibble the correct way on her swollen clit it would feel really good. Actually the sensation was indescribable. Sure it hurt but it was a good hurt. Steph knew Monika flinched because no one had done it to her. And Steph knew Monika was enjoying it because her juice was beginning to trail down Steph's chin.

Monika began to pant really hard. Steph continued to lightly nibble on Monika's swollen clit. Steph decided to add the show stopper while Monika's clit was in between Steph's teeth she would also flick her tongue on the clit while it was in between her teeth. The only problem with doing that for a period of time Monika's clit would become soft again and making it a little difficult to continue doing that. She had to alternate between that little tactic and suck on the clit to make it hard again.

Monika arched her back and moaned out, “Guð hún getur borðað vel kisa.” Steph had no idea what the hell Monika just said nor what language it was in. She guessed by the tone Monika was enjoying herself.

"Alright sweetheart I think that is enough."


Before Monika could finish off what she was going say the only thing she could muster was, "You promised."

Steph could almost imagine Patrick scolding Monika. Well the way his voice sounded it definitely sounded scolding if not a demand with an 'or else' attached to it.

If it were her she would rebel or at least in closed quarters remind him that he's not her boss.

After a few moments, finally Monika blurted out, "Oh, alright."

Steph could hear in Monika's tone that she was pouting. But nonetheless Monika lifted herself from Steph's head and mouth. She felt Monika get off the table where she bound.

"Lexi. Please take Ms. Parker away and get her ready for her next task." Matt's voice boomed around the room.

"Yes, sir."

Steph felt Lexi come next to her and untied her. "Open your eyes and come with me please."

After Lexi had fully untied her, Steph opened her eyes and sat up from the table. She followed Lexi out of the room and took a quick glance at Patrick and Monika as she exited the room. Monika looked flush and was on the verge of glowing from having an orgasm. If she were Monika she would probably be cursing from not achieving an orgasm.

That or Monika did have an orgasm. Steph couldn’t tell from her quick glance. If she were standing longer in the room with Monika, Patrick, and Matt, Steph could tell whether Monika did or didn’t have an orgasm.

It didn’t take long before they got back to the room where Steph was dressed before she was convinently tied to a table. Steph knew it was time for her to get ready for her private strip tease.

Steph quickly shimmed out of the fabric outfit, while Lexi removed the paint from all the places she had painted on earlier. Steph was surprised on how quickly Lexi was able to remove all the paint from her body.

Lexi helped Steph put on all the strip gear for her cowboy outfit. Steph laced up her thong. Lexi applied lotion all over Steph’s ass and legs. Lexi Velcroed the tear away pants on Steph. Lexi then clipped the assless chaps on Steph’s body. Lexi then applied more lotion to Steph’s breasts and stomach. After Lexi lotioned up Steph she then laced up Steph’s bra. Put on her shirt and tied it correctly.

Once all the major parts on the outfit were on aside from the hat, coat, and pull away boots. Lexi went to work on removing the make up that she had put on and reapplying a whole different structure to fit the cowboy outfit. Granted Steph thought the make up she had on over the fabric outfit was completely fine but who was she to argue when everything had been planned out.

She at least had to benefit of choosing the outfit for this portion of the events, the rest was completely out of her control.

It wasn’t long before Lexi had finished applying all the new make up and paint when she pulled out a mirror for Steph to see. Lexi had applied a lighter coat to Steph’s face, actually it made the outfit pop a little bit more Steph thought. And it helped that Lexi had painted a rope around her waist. Steph thought the painted rope around her waist was a nice touch but in the end pretty much useless.

She wondered if all this painted on her was Matt’s idea or Patrick and Monika’s idea. Either way it was a bit much. It made her feel like a special birthday present.

A birthday present that in a way it would be romantic if she did it for one of her boyfriends or her boyfriend convinced her to do it, but this way the feeling she was feeling was indescribable. Whatever it was she wasn’t too sure if it felt good or bad.

Steph looked at herself in the mirror for a little while longer before Lexi came up behind her and spanked her on the butt. Steph immediately snapped her head to Lexi as if saying ‘What the fuck!’

Lexi just stared back at her before saying, “Come one we don’t want to keep Matt’s guests waiting.”

Steph continued to stare at Lexi before she finally dropped her guard and sighed.

It didn’t take long before Lexi had lead Steph back to the same room she was in previously. She was surprised that the room had completely changed. Well not much but a lot of the furniture had been moved around.

Mainly the furniture around the center of the room for her special lap dance for Monika had been cleared away. Was she sure she was in the same room? She looked around to see the drapes had been closed so the room was encased in twilight.

Some candles had been lit so it wasn’t too dark. Steph could tell that the sun was up but it wouldn’t be up for too much longer from how much escaped from the closed drapes. The table she had laid on earlier had been moved and more cushions were now all over the table making it look like a make shift bed.

Most of the furniture in the room was pretty much the same but then again she really didn’t pay too much attention to how the room looked like last time she was in it. The only thing she really focused on last time was laying on the table and act like a dead fish when Monika had her hands all over he.

Steph stopped paying attention to her surroundings of the room and turned her attention to Monika and Patrick. Patrick was still talking to Matt until that is he noticed that she had come back into the room. He was still wearing his simple attire. She was at least hoping that they would change as well as she sighed to herself. Monika had her back to Steph and finally turned around to see why Patrick’s face changed.

She watched as Patrick and Monika smiled a shit eating smile. Steph wanted to cringe at the look but there’s nothing she can do about how she looks at this moment. “So have you two chosen a song yet?”

Matt’s voice boomed over everyone snapping Patrick and Monika’s attention from her to him. Steph silently thanked Matt for that she was beginning to really dislike these two. Something about making her do something she wasn’t comfortable with that was making her decision on why she wasn’t liking them. Granted Matt could be lumped with them but at least he appealed to her and offered her a good opportunity.

It didn’t take Patrick and Monika to finally make their decision. Patrick walked over to Matt and whispered in his ear. Apparently their song selection, fuck them if they didn’t want to say it out loud. Steph prided on the fact she liked listening to anything and everything, as long as it has a good beat.

Whatever the song selection was made Matt smirk. He looked at Patrick, “Oh yeah. I got that song.” Matt turned his attention to her, “You ready?” She sighed to herself and shook off her nerves. She nodded to Matt signaling to him that she was as ready as she’ll ever be.

Steph positioned herself with her back to everyone and allowed whatever song that Patrick and Monika had selected to start up.

Steph returned to room where all the costumes that she had on thanks to guiding light named Lexi. She swore that no matter how many times she was lead around this crazy place she would always get lost….well for the most part anyways.

Steph’s legs felt sore and wobbly she was just glad everything was over. She allowed Lexi to remove all of the paint that was all over her body thanks to the third section of her agreement. Steph felt extremely tired and satisfied that her sexual desire had been satisfied for now but damn she had to pull out all the stops just to get Patrick to say the magic words that freed her.

“Which costume would you like to wear to the party?” Lexi asked as she held out her hand towards two different bags.

Steph looked at the bags not really seeing what they were, “What are my choices?”

Lexi smiled at her, “Well you can either be a part of the blue man group or you can be an alien.”

Steph frowned at her, “Can’t I just dress up in regular clothes and simply tell people I’m part of a secret organization or something like that where I can wear normal clothes?”

Lexi smiled at her, “I don’t see why not but after Matt went through all the trouble of organizing everything for you. Why not just choose one of the outfits he picked out for you?”

This brought Steph to frown, even though she was fighting to smile, as she sighed. “Some how I doubt he really went through a lot of trouble to do this. I’m surprised he isn’t having me dressed as a prisoned Princess Leaha or something like that?”

Lexi laughed, “I don’t know just be glad he is taking the trouble to do this for you.”

Steph brought her fingers to temple and pretended to massage them as she sighed, “Fine I guess I’ll go with the alien. I just hope it doesn’t take long to put on.”

With that said Lexi quickly opened up the bag and went to work putting the outfit on Steph. All Steph had to do was stand there and occasionally move when Lexi asked her to move. For the most part the mask was a half mask and the rest of her face was painted, same with the body half of it was cloth and the rest of it was paint.

It felt like Lexi was taking forever just to put on the outfit, but it was more like ten minutes or so. The entire time she could hear the party below going on. She just wanted to leave and go back to Amanda’s so she can relax. But she also wanted to see what Matt was wearing and if he’ll honor his agreement. She had to be honest with herself she just wanted to see Matt hammered.

Lexi cleared her throat at Steph to snap her attention back to the real world. Lexi moved her chin up basically saying she was done and to check out her handy work. Steph quickly moved up to the mirror so she can see what it looked like. Her whole entire body was painted except where the cloth was and the mask was.

She recognized the alien she was, it was a costume from some sci fi show or something like that. She wasn’t too sure which show the costume was from but this version was more erotic than conservative. It looked good on her. She would have preferred to have her entire body painted or just some simple clothes but she guessed this worked as well.

Steph sighed and decided it was time to go down to the party and look for Amanda and everyone else. She mainly wanted to find Matt and slap him in the face. That and challenge him to a friendly game of quarters.

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