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TSINF 9.1 - Recollections pt. 1

Things get retold to Steph of her night.
Day 14

Steph woke up the next morning of the party. When she opened her eyes she didn’t recognize the bed she was in. But from the surroundings it seemed she spent the night at Matt’s place. She lifted her head and realized her head was pounding something fierce. Oh great a hangover she thought to herself. Just what she needed.

Steph sighed to herself and thought she might as well get up and get her ass back over to Amanda’s place. She carefully sat up trying to make sure her head didn’t pound much from her nasty hangover. As she sat up she realized that she was completely naked. The costume she had on the last night was gone and all the paint was gone as well.

Steph rolled out of bed and stood up. As soon as she stood up she nearly as quickly fell down. Half from the hangover and the other half told her that she had sex last night. And whoever it was that banged her brains out had obviously done a good job. Just as soon as she stood up she quickly flopped down on the bed and put her head in her hands. Half trying to remember what happened last night and the other half of her was trying not to throw up from the hangover.

Took her a few minutes to get fully composed but she finally stood up from the bed and made the decision she needed some food to soak in her stomach and massive amounts of coffee to help fight the hangover. But first she needed to put some clothes on but couldn’t find her clothes anywhere let alone her freaking cell phone. However she did find a closet full of dress clothes, she quickly put on a dress shirt and buttoned it up so it covered the important parts.

Steph exited her room and wondered around the place and made sure her hands weren’t very far from something stable just in case she lost her balance. It didn’t take long before she heard faint noises from outside. From the sounds of the voice it sounded like Matt and he didn’t sound happy. She was able to find the stairs and was able to find her way to where Matt’s voice came from.

She stepped outside to find Matt sitting in front of a lawn table with food in front of him, on the phone, with his back to her. She heard him speaking French to however he was on the phone with. She only caught the tail end of the conversation and whatever it was about Matt was clearly unhappy. From what she gathered in between her head pounding was something about testing someone and taking her to his sisters to test and something else she couldn’t quite gather. All in all it didn’t make a lick of sense. She decided it was best to stay standing behind him until he was off the phone.

She wasn’t standing there for long before Matt quietly put the phone down on the table. Without looking behind him, “I hope your not trying to spy on me.”

Steph jumped nearly ten feet in the air. She guessed she wasn’t exactly quiet. She bowed her head in embarrassment, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to seem like I was sneaking up on you or anything like that.”

Matt turned around in her chair and with a slight smile, “It’s alright. Sit, please sit.”

Steph quickly rounded around the table to sit down where Matt was guiding for her to sit. As she sat down, “Sorry about the shirt but I couldn’t find my things. And I really didn’t want to wander around naked.”

Matt laughed at the comment. “I’ll tell my staff to never was that shirt every again.” She blushed at him and tried to think of something cleaver to say but because her head was pounding she couldn’t think of anything cleaver.

“Can I get you something to eat?” Came from the butler.

Steph sort of saw him come up but because she was massaging her head he still made her jump. “If you have some espresso and some toast would be great. Oh and can I get some aspirin?”

The butler went off back into the mansion. Steph guessed there would be some aspirin. And seeing how Matt was she was more than sure there would be espresso. All she know is she didn’t have to wait so long before the butler returned with a coffee cup, a put filled with black liquid, a bottle of aspirin, a plate with four toast on it, and a bowl. He set down everything in front of her. The toast was sourdough bread lightly toasted and the bowl was filled with cut up fruit.

Steph filled her cup with the black liquid and tasted that it was true espresso, but not as good as Amanda’s unfortunately. She cut the toast in half and lightly buttered the toast with small sliver of butter on the side until each square of toast was covered with butter. She also noticed that there were disposable jams and jellies. She quickly covered the toast with grape jam. She quickly drank her first cup of espresso with six aspirins. She refilled her cup and began chowing down on the toast and bowl of fruit.

“I take it someone was hungry,” Matt said with a raised eyebrow at her.

Steph looked up from drinking her coffee after devouring everything that the butler had brought out for her. She wiped her mouth with the hankerchief that was laid out for her. She shrugged, “I guess I needed something to soak up all the alcohol in my system and get rid of this hangover. Besides, I don’t think I have eaten anything since yesterday before the private audience with Patrick and Monika.”

Matt smiled at her with a low chuckle, “I guess. Thank you again for agreeing to do that. The money will be in your account later today.”

Steph raised her eyebrow at him and didn’t remember giving him her account information. She sighed and shrugged, “How could I not agree with what you were offering me.”

Matt laughed, “I guess you’re right. Once you get done I will have Lexi bring you your stuff. And have someone take you back to Amanda’s.”

She sighed with relief, “Oh good. I was looking for my stuff and couldn’t find it.”

Once again Matt laughed, “I figured you’d be wanting that.”

Sure enough before Steph finished off her fifth cup of espresso, Lexi had walked out of the mansion with a tote bag in her hands. She approached, Steph and handed her the tote bag. Steph looked in the bag to find her clothes that she had on yesterday, her iphone, and a small case that she didn’t recognize was hers. She looked up at Matt, which she was sure she had a quizzical look on her face.

Matt gave her a smirk as if knowing what she was going to ask, “The case is a portable hard drive with all the footage from last night. The private screening and everything from the party last night, after seeing how you looked this morning I’m sure you want to know exactly happened yesterday.”

She found herself giving him her pirate look like she was pissed but she did want to know exactly what happened after the private screening. All she could remember was Lexi painting her costume on her and the next thing she remembered was waking up with anything on let alone any paint in her. She wanted to say thank you but she couldn’t help but being pissed for some odd reason. The only thing she could muster was a nod before she got up to get dressed.

As she walked away she heard Matt say, “I’ll have the driver waiting in the lobby for you in ten minutes to take you back to Amanda’s. Until later Stephanie Gordan.”

Steph found a room where she could change. It took her longer than she thought because each room she checked had someone sleeping in them. So she went back to her original room. She opened up her tote back to find her black lingerie, her short shorts, her black tank top, and her white sneakers. She nearly just ripped the button shirt off of her and quickly dressed in her clothes. She looked back the tote bag to find her iphone to find it only had one bar of battery life left and 6 text messages.

She decided once she gets back to Amanda’s to charge it so she can check her messages. She put her phone in back pocket because frankly that was the only place it would fit without it falling out. She pulled the small case out of the tote bag and opened it to check out the hard drive. Then she decided to check it out once she got back to Amanda’s. She quickly put her up in a ponytail because it was completely messed up from obvious bed head and fuck hair.

Steph wondered downstairs to find Art waiting for her. The moment he saw her he actually had a genuine smile on his face.

“Good to see you again, Steph.” As he took off his hat and put it under his right armpit.

She smiled back at him, “It’s good to see you too, Art. I imagine you’ll be taking me back to Amanda’s?”

His smile stayed on his face, “That’s if you can handle my driving to get you there.”

This comment made her laugh, “Trust me after three brothers I doubt any driving style will scare me.”

He slightly bowed his head, “That’s good to hear.” He opened the door for her to lead her to car. They got to the car and once again he opened the door for her so she can get into the car. After she got in the car, he closed the door, got into the driver’s seat, and began the drive back to Amanda’s place.

It didn’t take long for Art to drive like a mad man from Matt’s place to Amanda’s place. As soon as he put the car into park, he quickly hoped out of the car and was already on the passenger side of the car to let Steph out before she could actually do it. Steph knew better than to offend a driver like Art to open the car door for herself but still this wasn’t the early 1900’s where men always opened doors for females but it was still nice.

As she exited the vehicle he smiled at her, “Sorry about the rush. I’m on call to take everyone back to their homes that need it.”

Steph smiled at him and put her hand on his shoulder, “It’s fine. It’s not like I’m fragile or anything like that. Thanks for the ride again Art.” She leaned in to kiss him on the cheek as her way of saying thank you. “Until the next time,” he said to her. She smiled, “Next time show me what you can really do with the car.”

He laughed at her, “I’ll try to remember that.” With that he closed the car door for her, jumped back into the driver’s seat and drove off. She sighed as she watched him disappear over the hill in the driveway.

Steph entered into the house to see Natalie sitting in front of the tv watching her teenie vampire show. She looked around to see no one else in sight. As she closed the door, Natalie turned her head over the couch to see who it was and smiled at Steph. “So glad to see you back. Did you have a good time yesterday?”

Steph smiled at her, “From what I can remember, ya I did.”

Natalie smiled back at her, “Glad to hear.”

“Where’s Nate and Amanda?”

Natalie put her finger to her chin as if to think over the question. “Let’s see. I think Nate is downstairs working out. And I believe Amanda is running errands. She said she would be back later.”

Steph sighed. “Alright thanks Natalie.”

She smiled at her, “No problem. Now if you shall excuse me I need to get back to my show.” With that she continued playing her show.

Steph thought about what Natalie had told her. Why would Amanda need to go into town? It’s not like she needed anything, she had just about anything she needed here at her place. Oh well. She needed to talk to Nate and see how his night went last night. Besides if she didn’t get the information she needed, she always had the hard drive that Matt had given her of last night.

Steph quickly threw her tote bag with the hard drive on the bed and quickly plugged her iphone into it’s plug so it can charge. She quickly checked her text messages to see if any of them were important or if they can be handled later. Four of her text messages were forwarded junk texts from miscellaneous people. She sighed to herself at those messages and quickly deleted them. One was from Nate telling her that he was at the party and was trying to look for her. The other one was Amanda from last night asking where she was. She quickly checked to see if she texted back but nothing. She guessed she didn’t have her phone on her last night before her private screening for Patrick and Monika. Oh well.

Steph quickly stripped down and put on the robe that Amanda let her borrow. Seeing how she was going down to talk to Nate she might as well spend some relaxing time in the steam room. After she put on the robe with nothing else on, she quickly ran a comb through her hair to get rid of the fuck hair and bed head, and headed downstairs.

Steph opened up the door in the basement that gave her entrance to the weight room. As soon as she opened the door sure enough there was Nate on the bench, benching from the looks of at least 300lbs. She had to admit if it wasn’t one thing it was that Nate did keep himself in shape.

She walked in and waited for Nate to finish off his set before talking to him about last night. She knew Nate hate being interrupted while lifting so he wouldn’t get hurt. The entire time she waited she counted how many reps he was doing at that weight.

1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10…11...12. Finally he put up the weight on its rest, and sat up to see her. She saw all the veins in his head were all popped out, all the veins in his arms were out, and his chest started to twitch.

Steph whistled, “Wow. How many reps are you doing?”

Nate was breathing a little hard but smiled, “Only 5 sets of 20.”

She smiled at him, “If you keep that up you’re going to have to get a whole new wardrobe.”

Nate chuckled, “I only do strength training every three weeks, in between I do cardio and endurance. Those days are fun, I can’t lift my arms during those weeks.”

Steph laughed, “If that’s true then it makes me wonder how you can type a book if you can’t lift your arms.”

Once again he laughed and shrugged. She quickly followed, “Listen the real reason I came down here is to get the scoop on last night.” He looked at her quizzically. She cleared her throat, “What I mean to say is, I got wasted last night so I’m wondering what exactly you guys were dressed up as?”

Matt smiled, “Yeah I know you got wasted last night. You put on quite a show on last night with your quarters match with what’s his name…Matt I think it was.”

She smiled at him, “Ok not what I was asked you jackass. What were you guys wearing?”

Matt scratched his head for a moment. “Well let’s see here. I went into town once Amanda informed me about the party and the costume arrangement. I was lucky to find a Capt. Mal costume in my size, so I went as that, “ Steph had to chuckle at that. “I think Natalie went as some waitress from some books series. I can’t really remember the name. And Amanda….she went as Supergirl.”

Steph raised her eyebrow at that statement, “And what did you think of her being in a Supergirl outfit?”

Matt chuckled, “Yeah I guess I liked it. She looked really hot in it.”

Steph rolled her hand at him, “And???”

Matt just looked at her for a moment, “And….I don’t know. I liked it.”

She sighed loud enough for him to notice that she was trying to hint to him about something. “What?” Was all that he could say.

Steph smacked her forehead with her hand. “Nate. I love you and you’re probably the smartest person I know but sometimes you are a complete moron.”

He looked at her, “And how am I a moron?”

She sighed, “Do you remember our little pact so we catch on when someone we know likes one another?”

Matt looked at her for a moment and thought about the question. “I think so. Wasn’t our code to get that person to dress up as something or something like that?”

She nodded. “Yeah. I can’t remember what I said. It’s been awhile since anyone has done that.” Steph walked around him and smacked him behind the head.

He laughed, “What?”

She walked out and before she closed the door she turned her head towards him, “It was Supergirl you idiot.” And immediately closed the door behind her.

Steph walked into the room where the two doors lead her either to false light or to relaxation. She took off her robe and hung it up on the hanger. She wrapped a towel around her body and opened the door to the lovely room for relaxation. She found a nice cozy spot to relax and removed the towel around her body so she can properly relax.

She had fallen asleep in the steam room but was woken up when she heard a muffled voice outside the door.

“Yes...tested…unsure…Yes…Society…Tomorrow…moron…continue...then.” Was all that she heard from the door over the sounds of the steam being fed into the room. But she was sure from the voice that it was Amanda. Steph was curious to get closer to the door so that she could hear better but before she could move to get closer to the door the door had opened up.

Amanda stepped into the room and sat down on the other side of Steph. Steph pretended to act like she didn’t hear what she heard. Granted she was curious to find out what the hell she was talking about but she also knew that it was really none of her business. She hated gossip but was also a victim to it. But around here she guessed gossip was hard to come by still she held her ground and pretended to be asleep.

“So, when did you get back?” came from Amanda.

“I’m not sure. I think sometime after 10am but I can’t be too sure.”

“Oh, so you haven’t been back long. What happened to you last night?”

Steph shrugged and remembered it was difficult to see clearly in the steam. “I really don’t know. As soon as I joined the party is when I blacked out so I imagine that I began drinking right away. The next thing I know I’m waking up nude with a massive hangover. My hips feels like I’ve fucked someone until I was foaming at the mouth. I find out I spent the night at Matt’s place. He was kind enough to feed me. And then he had someone bring me home.”

Amanda laughed, “Yeah well you did make a spectacle last night after I found you.”

Steph chuckled, “Yeah I heard you dressed up as Supergirl. Did it go well for you?”

Amanda sighed, “I guess it went well because Nate wasn’t expecting it. We had a good olde time watching you. Then Nate fucked me senseless. But I’m sure he got the hint like you told me he would.”

Steph sighed right there with you, “Yeah I know sometimes guys can be thick. No matter how well we think we lay out hint that is obvious that we like them or hate them. It still goes over their head.” She chuckled to herself, “Hell even when we are straight to the point that we like them or hate them they’re still oblivious. I’m still wondering how men ever survived over the years.”

That comment made Amanda laugh. “Yeah I guess you’re right. Maybe I should just stop playing games and tell him point blank that I want to spend more time with him. And maybe a relationship. And after that I don’t know. I just have to get past whatever this is.”

Steph had to sigh at that comment, “Yeah maybe. But for now let’s see what he does with what he knows right now. If he still doesn’t get it, then lay it out for him that you want to be with him.”

Once again Amanda sighed, “I guess you’re right. I don’t want to seem needy.”

Steph chuckled, “You got that right. Now how much of an idiot did I make of myself last night?”

Steph couldn’t tell for sure but she swore she saw Amanda smile. “Well let’s see here. We arrived around 10pm or so mainly because Nate and I were having a little bit of fun before we arrived plus Natalie was taking fooorrreeevvveeerr getting ready. So when we arrived I sent you a text asking where you were because I was worried. But a few minutes later I found you. You were dressed as some sort of blue creature. I also most didn’t recognize you until you yelled after taking a short. As soon as you yelled Nate assured me it was you. He said only you would yell like that after taking a shot of whiskey. So there you were with Matt and at least a dozen other people playing quarters.”

Steph interrupted Amanda’s story, “So Matt did keep his promise of playing against me at quarters.”

Amanda just chuckled, “Yeah. Now do you want me to finish the story or not?”

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