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TSINF 9.3 - Recollections pt. 3

Steph gets back to Amanda's and tries to figure out everything in her head........
Steph walked into the house to see no one in sight. She guessed Nate and Amanda were upstairs stretching each other. As for Natalie, she couldn’t guess for sure, maybe on the phone with Cole telling him how much she missed him or something like that.

Steph thought about what she saw earlier with Natalie sun bathing nude. As much as she hated to admit she didn’t feel like sitting in the tanning booth and she didn’t like tan lines.

She walked over to cabinet where she knew where Amanda had put all the bottled goodies to see if there was any sun screen. Sure enough there was four different kinds of sun screen. Each one was 45spf but there was different scents vanilla, strawberry, coconut, and kiwi. She wondered how Amanda knew exactly how to make what she knows how to make but she stopped trying to figure it out.

Steph grabbed the vanilla sunscreen, found a towel to lay down on along the reclining chair, walked outside, stripped down, lathered on the sunscreen, and laid down to let the sun do its work.

While Steph laid naked in the sun she had to admit that was some sense in Natalie’s thinking. Plus it allowed her to think over everything that has happened since she got here. Just laid out everything in mind to see if she can connect the dots. She mentally made a list to see if she missed anything or if anything made more sense now compared to then.

First, she arrived to Amanda’s place and was breath taken by the view and how it looked. Both outside and inside of Amanda’s place took her breath away. Second, she met James when they went shopping. Third, she went to a party with Amanda at a huge mansion. Fourth, she got hammered and fucked some random guy named Jack. Fifth, they went and got weird items. Amanda cooked things together to make soaps, shampoos, bath soaps, lotions, and whatever like a chemist. Sixth, she met Matt Rockler officially and was asked to take part in a private deal so he can acquire some land for a price. Seventh, she received a hard drive so she could learn more about everyone mainly she wanted to find out about James to help Amanda. Eighth, she took part in the private viewing and was paid for it for Matt Rockler. Ninth, she received another hard drive from Matt. Tenth, she randomly checked some videos and found something hidden in conversations that Matt had on the phone in French.

The only thing she knew there was a hidden Society. From what she has gathered is that someone is being tested by the secret member. The person on the other side of the phone is part of the Society. He/she will be sometime before this weekend for the first meeting.

She sighed as she tried to think of what she currently knew but none of it made sense. Maybe none of it would make any sense. Maybe this Society just talked business and nothing else.

But if that was true what was this test and who was being tested. She wondered if Richard would be able to make any progress on the video footage. If he could then would it shine any more light or at least let her know who these Society members are.

For all she knew Amanda could be part of this society. But she didn’t want to jump into any conclusions or accuse anyone of anything just yet. Nor did she want to confront Amanda about any of this just yet.

She sighed to herself and tried to clear her mind. Steph rubbed some more sunscreen along her body and continued to lay in her birthday suit. She wished someone was out here to rub some on her back so she can at least get some sun on her backside without getting burned.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Steph nearly jumped twenty feet in the air and giving everyone within fifty feet a good show. Not to mention anyone within 100 feet of where she was how good her pipes were as she screamed in being startled. She looked up and saw Nate was standing over her trying to look some where else.

“Jesus, you scared the shit out of me. I swear I’m going to have to put a bell around your nuts so you don’t sneak up on me.”

“You still didn’t answer my question.”

“I’m doing yoga in the nude where everyone can see me. What the hell does it look like I’m doing?”

Nate laughed but still didn’t look anywhere near her. “That wouldn’t surprise me.”

“Screw you too. I’m tanning in the nude so I don’t have any tan lines.”

“That’s what I thought you were doing but wanted to make sure or at least make sure you haven’t burned yourself yet.”

Nate turned around and was about to close the sliding glass door behind him. Steph quickly said something before he fully closed the door, “Wait.” Nate hesitated keeping the sliding glass door cracked. “Do you think you can put some lotion on my back so I can at least turn over?” She heard him sigh and reopen the door.

After Nate had put enough sunscreen on her back to slide along Amanda’s tiled floors on her back, she turned over on her stomach. The entire time she laid on her stomach she tried to turn off her mind from over thinking everything that has been going on. She tried to think of something else but to no avail it wasn’t working. Finally a thought crossed her mind, she wondered what Jack was doing. She was happy the she easily found her phone on top of her clothes. She quickly texted Jack to see what he was doing.

Steph: Hey you.

A few minutes went by.

Jack: Hey.

Steph: Long time. What have you been doing?

Jack: Working. U?

Steph: Trying to relax.

Jack: I wish I were doing that right now.

Steph: Well you can come up and join me.

Jack: I wish I could but I have a ton of paperwork to get done.

Steph: Are you sure there’s nothing I can do to get you away from your paperwork?

Jack: Maybe.

Steph: What did you have you in mind?

Jack: Maybe a rematch on our drinking game.

Steph: LOL. Give me a few days. My liver is currently next to me crying.

Jack: LOL. Well what do you suggest?

Steph: I suggest you just get your small ass up here and I’ll find a way to entertain you. If you get here quick enough I’ll feed you.

Jack: I’ll try. I’ll text you letting you know once I’m done.

Steph: Well hurry the fuck up. Don’t you know not to keep a woman waiting.

Jack: Well I’ll try to hurry up then.

Steph just set her phone back on her clothes and sighed. She wish she had another main squeeze at this moment. She was getting horny again. Just picturing Jack in the buff instantly got her wet again.

Hell at this moment any guy in the buff would do it for her. She’s had too many drunken fucks to where she can’t remember anything was beginning to get to her. Just wanted someone she knew was good in bed. And she wanted to remember it. And enjoy every thrust of it. The question was what would she wear if he did come up. She guessed she’ll figure that out if he does come up or not. She had decided already the longer it takes him to get his ass up here the more she should tease him but she can’t decide if putting more clothes she’ll be wearing to tease the shit out of him or wearing less clothing and just telling him he can’t touch her until she says so.

Steph finally decided she had laid in the buff long enough in the sun. She got up, took the towel and wrapped it around her, grabbed her clothes from the ground, and headed upstairs. She was just tired. But more to the point she was horny.

Steph decided to have some fun with her rocker that she picked up from the local erotic store. Thankfully she had it up stairs. She walked into the room and dropped her clothes on the ground. She let the towel fall down to the ground, pulled the rocker out of its hiding spot, put some lube on the dildo, sat down, and began to slowly rock her way to pleasure heaven. At first she had to adjust how she was sitting so the dildo could penetrate her correctly and not feel like it was trying to knock on her back door.

Once Steph had adjusted her sitting position to where the sliding motion of the dildo felt more natural, she began to slowly rock forward. The dildo slowly entered her. She rocked back slowly. The moment she started rocking forward and back she felt all those now familiar sensations. The phallic entered her, her nipples instantly went hard. Her clit became erect. The phallic exited her slowly, her pussy screamed at her to put it back in. She slowly rocked forward, her pussy thanked her for putting it back in. She slowly rocked back, her pussy tried to tighten around the dildo as if saying no to it exiting her. She slowly rocked forward, her pussy relaxed allowing the dildo to enter her more. She slowly rocked back, it tightened again trying not to let go. She slowly rocked forward, it relaxed again allowing it to enter her more. She kept this momentum going, just slowly rocking forward and back. She just wanted to tease herself hoping that Jack would come up and just bang her brains out. She so desperately wanted him her so she can get her healthy helping of that tasty man yogurt. Especially Jack’s man yogurt, his tasted like sweet pineapple pudding. It just went down her throat so smoothly like aged whiskey. The more she imagined having every inch of him inside her the more she wanted to rock more furiously, but she continued her momentum of being slow. The momentum was slowly bringing her to ecstasy. She felt inside her slowly building to something familiar. Hell at this moment she just wanted any man. She was curious on how good Matt might be in bed but she wanted Jack here because he was a sure thing.

Steph continued to tease herself hoping that it would pay off when and if Jack got here. Each time she felt herself about to cum she stopped in mid motion hoping the orgasm would deter from exploding in her body. Twenty minutes of doing this she heard her phone go off saying that she had a text. She looked around for it and saw that it wasn’t within arms reach unfortunately. She sighed to herself and slowly rocked back so that the dildo could fully exit her body. Every centimeter that exited her pussy would tighten around it tighter and tighter trying to tell her it doesn’t want to let go. She got up and saw that the message was from Jack.

Jack: Just got done with the paper work. I should be there in about thirty minutes.

She nearly jumped up and down for joy as she read the message. She couldn’t contain herself and looked down she was stark naked. She smelled herself to make sure all the teasing didn’t make her sweat too profusely. She was safe but after him she will probably need a shower, check that she will need a shower. She still hadn’t decided on what she was going to wear. Seeing how she didn’t have much time to get ready and warn everyone that Jack will be here she quickly threw on her white and orange Volunteers football jersey and nothing else. She quickly bolted downstairs to see if Amanda was done making Nate limp for 20. Or for however long it takes for him to be ready to do the skin dance again.

When she reached downstairs she saw Amanda sitting on top of the kitchen counter reading a newspaper. She was sipping some coffee and was still in her worn out basketball jersey.

“Oh good you’re down here.”

Amanda looked up from her newspaper and gently setting down her coffee mug and obviously gave Steph her undivided attention.

“I was wondering if it would be alright if Jack can come up here to visit me?”

Amanda sighed at the question, “I don’t care. When will he be up here?”

Steph looked at the clock on the oven, “In about twenty minutes.”

Amanda thought about it, “As long as he doesn’t mind me or Natalie walking around in our jerseys and nothing else. Then it’s fine with me. I really don’t feel like changing.”

Steph smiled at her, “Thanks. I’m doing the same thing. Actually I’m only wearing a jersey for two reason.”

Amanda looked up from her newspaper, “I can guess what those two reasons are.” She picked up her coffee cup and took a sip before putting it down. “I would say seeing how you have a guest coming you can be the cook for dinner. But seeing how Nate said he would already do it I guess you’re off the hook. However I would go upstairs and dump a bucket of cold water on him, I kind of wore him out.”

Steph looked at her with a sly smile, “You just wore him out huh?’

Steph saw that Amanda had a smile on her face and was glowing, “Fine. I can’t really move from this spot without my legs going out on me and falling.”

Steph laughed as she walked away, “Fine. I’ll go kick Nate in the nuts and tell him he better get dinner started if he’s cooking. And to warn him we have an extra person at the table.”

Before Steph could hurry upstairs to let Nate was going on, Natalie came down still in her Denver Broncos jersey. “You better let him know there will be another person as well.” Both Steph and Amanda looked at Natalie.

She looked at both of them, “What?”

Amanda was the first to speak, “I thought you were all about Cole this and Cole that. Aren’t you two together?”

“Well I am all about Cole, but right now we aren’t exactly dating. It’s kind of difficult to explain but simply put we haven’t made it official we are dating again. He said he wanted to time to cool off from one another.”

Amanda just looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Natalie just looked at Amanda back, “What? It’s been six months since the last time I had sex. And it’ll be another six weeks before the camp Cole is at is over. And by that time I’ll only have two weeks to be with him before I have to go back to school. Besides I’m fucking horny and I don’t think I can wait six fucking weeks before I can have sex again.”

Amanda just continued to look at her. She simply stated, “A girl has needs you know. Besides seeing how we’re not dating it’s not like I’m cheating or anything like that. And what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

Amanda sighed and shook her head. “Fine. Tell Nate there will be two extra for dinner.”

Steph nodded and rushed upstairs to let Nate what was going on. She wanted to stay downstairs to find out who this person Natalie invited over. But she figured she’d find out when he gets here. She just hoped Nate wasn’t asleep and wasn’t naked. If was asleep she was simply going to kick him out of bed. If he was naked she was just going to jump on the bed. She figured she’d take the ladder and just jump on the bed until he woke.

As soon as she entered Amanda’s room where Nate was supposed to be asleep or whatever guys do when a girl has sex with him, she saw him laying in bed with a laptop in his lap furiously typing away. Steph knocked on the now open door. Nate looked up at her with a smile, “What can I do for you Kegel?” She frowned at him always calling her that, “Listen we have some extra guests coming for dinner, so Amanda would like you to get started on getting dinner prepared because of the extras.” Nate looked down at what he was typing and then back up at her, “Give me five minutes and I’ll be right down.” Steph nodded and left him doing whatever he was doing on his computer.

As Steph walked downstairs she heard Natalie arguing with Amanda.

“It’s my body. If I want to put more jewelry or tattoos on it, that is my choice.”

“I know it is your choice. But I don’t understand it.” Obviously Amanda.

“You should try piercing something besides your ears or getting a tattoo put on somewhere then you’ll understand.” Argued Natalie.

“No thanks. I really haven’t had the need to pierce anything or put something on my body that I’ll regret later in life.” Argued Amanda.

“If you don’t like the piercing you can always take it out. And hell it’s not like we don’t have the money to always have the tattoo removed.” Natalie still had calm in her voice but Steph could tell she was on the verge on beginning to yell.

“That’s true. But I still don’t understand it.”

“Fine if you don’t understand it then come with me. I’m planning on going to a tattoo parlor in town and checking if they can put a new tattoo on me or a new piercing. You never know you might find something you like.”

“And how would you know this place is good?”

Natalie sighed, “Because the guy who did these,” she lifted her shirt and pointed at her pierced nipples, “says this guy is good.”

“That still doesn’t answer my question.”

Once again Natalie sighed. “Because the guy who pierced my nipples says he’s the guy who did his back before he became a tattoo artist himself.”

“So some artist school drop out that you know says he’s good. Just about any person on the street that has a tattoo or piercing will refer the person that did them. Why not wait and go back to the guy who did your nipples?”

Steph watched as Natalie put her palm up to her face. “I didn’t say I was going to have this guy do anything to me. I just said I was going to check out his shop and maybe talk to him about a few things. If I like his work then I might get something done. And from what I hear famous people fly him out to do artwork on them and he isn’t cheap. I figured seeing how I was in town I would check him out and see what the big hype about him is all about.”

“Fine. Fine. You just want to check him out and if there is something you like, you’ll have it done. I just want what is best for you. That’s all.” It sounded like Amanda was giving up and knew she wasn’t going to win the argument.

Steph wanted know what brought all this about but she guessed Natalie opened her mouth and said something that started this whole talk. She entered into the room where both of them can see her. “Hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

Amanda smiled at her, “No. I think we are done.”

Natalie looked at Amanda, “Maybe your friend is cool enough to go with me.” She looked at her, “I’m going to a tattoo parlor tomorrow to check out some big name tattoo artist. You want to go with?”

Steph thought about the question and saw Amanda shaking her head slowly. Truthfully Steph did have questions about piercings and tattoos but she has always been too afraid to go into one. She was going to have to say sorry to Amanda later. “Sure I’ll go with you. It sounds interesting.” Steph watched as Amanda bowed her head in self defeat. She almost wanted to laugh but didn’t. Who said Steph didn’t have self control was wrong.

“Ok fine we’ll all go to this tattoo parlor tomorrow.” Amanda said completely defeated in the argument. She looked at Steph with disappointing eyes. Steph mouthed sorry hoping it will make everything better. Amanda sighed to herself and waved off Steph telling her it was ok. “Subject change. So who do you have coming up here Natalie?”

Natalie cheered up a bit. “His name is Jay. I’ve met him a few times when I’ve been here. I figured I’d give him a chance.”

Amanda smiled at the comment as if hoping the relationship would continue, mainly because she hated Natalie’s off again on again boyfriend, Cole. “And what is this Jay like?”

Natalie thought about it for a moment. “Well it’s been like three years since we last hung out. So I don’t know how he is now, but from what I remember he was nice, a little shy, and the one thing I remember very clearly is that he had a very nice butt.”

Steph had to laugh at that. Amanda quickly chimed in, “So….what enticed you to have him come up?”

Natalie sighed as if she didn’t like the 20 questions. “Well he found out I was in town and he wanted to get together and basically hang out as he called it. Seeing how I was extremely horny and didn’t feel like using a toy it just seemed like right timing. So I invited him up for dinner and we could catch up.”

Steph had to but in, “Let’s hope he doesn’t disappoint you.”

Natalie just half smiled at her, “Yeah I hope so.”

Just then Nate came down and asked all of them, “Alright ladies. Remind me what are we having for dinner.”

Natalie without missing a beat, “I still have my heart set on a sweet and sour bowl.” Steph and Amanda just laughed and at the same time, “We had Thai for lunch.”

Natalie just scoffed, “So…?”

Nate butted in, “Fine that’s what we’ll have.” And he set off to make dinner.

All three of them continued to chat for a few moments, mainly about the person Natalie had coming up to scratch her horny itch. From what Steph found out is that Natalie and Jay have known each other about five years. Natalie had always thought Jay was cute but never did anything with him mainly because she only saw him maybe two to four weeks out of the year. Each time she saw Jay after 16 she was officially dating Cole so she never did anything with him. The only thing she did was hang out with him, maybe go see a movie, and occasionally have dinner somehow. She hadn’t seen him in about two years. Jay’s parents have been divorced since he was 12, so he spends his summer here with his mom who is remarried to someone who owns a few businesses here and there. She wasn’t specific on the businesses because he wasn’t specific to her about it. The only thing Natalie knew was Jay didn’t like his stepfather. During the school year he spends his time with his real father in California. His dad is also remarried and he likes his stepmother. Natalie wasn’t too sure what Jay’s father does for a living.

They had to cut their conversation short when the doorbell rang. All three of them jumped while Nate was dancing around the kitchen while cooking. The girls looked at each other suddenly aware that they were in a jersey with nothing else on. That and the fact they were beginning to shy away from just wearing their jersey and wanted to bolt upstairs to change properly. At least that’s what Steph was thinking, she suddenly wanted to dress properly instead of being in just a football jersey.

Natalie looked at Amanda, “You get it.”

Amanda looked at Natalie, “I’m not the one with a guest coming. You get it.”

Natalie looked back at her, “How do I know it’s my caller. It could be Steph’s.”

Both of the girls looked at Steph. She sighed, “Fine I’ll get the door.”

Steph stood up and began her walk towards the door. With each step she took she felt her heart flutter faster and faster. By the time she had her hand on the door knob a racing car would probably run slower compared to her heart. She took a deep breath hoping it would slow her heart and calm her nerves.

She swung the door completely open and was greeted by what appeared to be Jay. He was at least 5’11’’ because he was at least a full head taller than her. Not like it was hard for people to be taller than her. He looked to be at least 180lbs. His hair was dark brown. His eyes were green, actually it looked more like a dark green. Not bright green or Kelly green. More like a few shades off forest green. He looked like he was in shape. If she had to guess he was playing football, possibly baseball.

The boy looked at her and seemed like he was trying to find his voice, “Is Natalie here?”

She gave him a small smile, “Yes. Please come in.”

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