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TSINF 9.4 - Recollections pt. 4

Steph meets Natalie's friend....Jay
Jay walked in and Steph wrapped her arm around his and led him to where Natalie and Amanda were sitting. She looked at Natalie, “I do believe this is yours.” Steph watched as Natalie wasn’t amused by the comment and Amanda was fighting not to laugh in Natalie’s face.

Natalie introduced Jay to Amanda, then Steph, and finally pointed out the man dancing in the kitchen cooking is Steph’s brother Nate. Jay nodded and shook Steph’s and Amanda’s hand. Nate was a little busy with whatever he was doing. Once the introductions were over everyone became quiet.

Amanda was the first to break the weird awkwardness, “Sorry you’re seeing us like this in our jerseys.”

Steph chuckled, “Yeah well I really didn’t feel like getting dressed. It felt like a lazy day to me. Besides I didn’t want to be left out not wearing a jersey.”

Natalie quickly chimed in, “Yeah it always feels nice when you’re wearing a jersey and being lazy.”

Jay just looked from one to another checking out the jerseys. Steph probably thought he was picturing them without their jerseys on.

Amanda quickly looked at Jay, “So Jay, Natalie tells me that you only spend you time here in the summer?”

Jay blinked and cleared his throat, “Yes that’s true. I spend it here with my mom.”

Amanda nodded her head, “Where do you spend your time when your not here?”

“I spend the rest of the year with my father in California.”

Amanda smiled, “And where abouts in California?”

Jay thought about it for a moment, “Just above Santa Barbara.”

Steph wanted to know more, “And what does your father do?”

“He’s an engineer. I’m not too sure which company because he doesn’t talk about it. He’s always interested in how I’m doing or my sister or step-sister or step mother’s day went.”

Amanda continued to smile at him, “So you do have siblings.”

He looked at her, “Yes. I have two sisters with my dad and a little brother with my mom.”

Amanda nodded and quickly changed the subject, “So do you play sports in school?”

Jay brightened up, “Yes I’m starting varsity football and varsity baseball when I go back to California.”

Now this subject Steph was quite familiar with the subject of football and baseball seeing how she’s a huge Tennessee fan. “What position do you play?” Natalie sort of looked at her for the question. Steph didn’t care. Any football player she always wanted to talk to them.

“Well when I was playing freshman, I was a fullback. When I went to junior varsity, I stayed at fullback. When camp starts in a couple of weeks for varsity coach already told me he is thinking about moving me to tight end but wants to see how well I do in camp.”

“So that’s football. What position do you play in baseball?”

“Right field.”

Steph thought about it for a moment. “Cool. Cool.” She was about to ask another question when the doorbell rang.

All of them looked at the door and then Amanda and Natalie looked at Steph, “I bet that one is for you.” She squinted at them basically saying I gathered that.

Steph answered the door and was happy to see Jack standing the door with a bouquet of purple lilac flowers in his hand. He was dressed in a loose suit. His tie was completely loose. His vest was open. She looked at the flowers, “I take it those are for me?”

He smiled at her and slowly handed her the flowers, “Yeah I thought it would be nice seeing how I haven’t been able to make it up to see you.”

She looked at the flowers and couldn’t help smelling them. As soon as the girls saw the flowers she faintly heard them in unison say “AWWWEEEEE”.

She found herself smiling behind the flowers and Jack’s voice snapped her back to attention, “Is it alright if I come in?” She quickly shook her head and quickly stated, “Please do.”

As he entered into the house Steph quickly wrapped her arm around his and led him to the main room where Jay, Natalie, and Amanda were sitting. She couldn’t help but smell the flowers the entire trip to where everyone was sitting.

“Looks like I missed the memo to dress in your favorite sports team.”

Jay laughed, “Yeah. Don’t worry I missed the memo as well.”

Steph quickly bonked Jack upside the head with the flowers he bought for her. “We didn’t feel like getting dressed just so you know.”

Jack laughed while pretending to cower. He straightened up and opened his vest and everything, “Well I do feel like I’m overdressed for the occasion if all the ladies are just dressed in jerseys.”

Natalie quickly chimed in, “Don’t let me stop you from stripping to where you’re comfortable.”

Jack bowed, “Why thank you your grace.” He immediately removed his vest, took off his tie, and opened up his dress shirt until he was comfortable. “Ah that’s better.”

Amanda stood up and took the flowers from Steph, “Here let me put those in vase for you.” Steph relinquished the flowers to Amanda so they could be put in a vase. Amanda looked at the flowers before heading off to get the vase, “Lilac’s….nice choice,” and disappeared.

Steph snapped her attention back to Jack who was still standing as if waiting for him to be seated somewhere or at least wait until she sat so he could sit next to her. “Here let me make the introductions. The guy sitting next to Natalie is her friend Jay.” Jack stook out his right hand out for Jay to shake and they shook. “This little hellcat is Amanda’s little sister Natalie.”

He moved his hand over, “How do you do?”

As soon as she put her hand in his he quickly kissed the top of her hand. Steph used her thumb behind her so Jack could see where she was pointing, “And the idiot dancing in the kitchen cooking our dinner is my older brother Nate. As soon as he notices we have guests I’ll introduce you.” Jack looked over to Steph’s brother and smiled at what he was seeing. Steph looked over at her brother to see him doing the electric slide to whatever he was listening to. She bowed her head and shook it.

Steph sat down on the sofa on one side and Jack immediately sat right next to her just like she thought he would.

Jack decided to get to know Jay, “So Jay, what are you doing here?”

He sighed, “Just visiting my mom and stepfather for a couple of weeks before I have to be back in California in a couple of weeks for football camp.”

“Oh is this football camp for your school?”


“How long is camp?”

“Five weeks.”

“Wow that’s a long time for camp during your summer.”

Jay scratched behind his head, “Yeah. After camp is over I only get a week of freedom before school starts back up.”

Jack whistled, “Well that sucks.”

Jay sighed, “Tell me about it.”

Jack leaned forward towards Jay. Steph was getting interested in this conversation, mainly because she loved football. Steph looked over at Natalie and saw that she was trying to keep up in the conversation, but she was beginning to zone out.

“Then why go to camp when it takes up most of your summer?”

“Because we made it to state last year and lost. So coach wanted to work us extra hard before the season started so we are ready to kick ass this year and take the state championship home.”

Steph whistled, “Wow you made it to your state division. That’s cool, but I guess it sucks you lost.”

He sighed, “Yeah but hopefully the rest of the team is ready to kick ass because I know I am. During the off season I was working out after school for four hours a day and on the weekends running my own drills to keep me in shape.”

Natalie finally chimed in, “Well that’s good. Say, I was wondering if your sister came up with you this year.” Obviously trying to change the subject. Steph nearly wanted to strangle her for changing the subject but she guessed she would have done the same thing if she weren’t into football.

He looked at Natalie, “No actually she is doing the summer abroad program. She’s spending her summer with some family in Italy. She’s supposed to send me a post card from each place she visits along with a few other goodies. She’s supposed to call dad every Wednesday night until she comes home.”

Steph was curious why he seemed nonchalant about the fact his sister is in a different country and wasn’t worried about her safe being. Just then Amanda stepped into the room with a vase filled with the lilacs that Jack gave Steph in it. Amanda said, “Sorry it took so long but I couldn’t find the vases.”

Steph smiled at Amanda, “Thank you the vase looks good.”

Amanda looked at the vase then smiled back Steph, “Yes it does.”

Just before Steph could get back to asking Jay questions, Nate walked into the room, “Well dinner is ready. Hey when did everyone get here?” Natalie, Amanda, and Steph looked at each other and laughed while Jay and Jack just looked at them like they were nuts. As soon as Steph could stop laughing, she looked at Nate, “Well if you weren’t listening to your music and dancing around you would have noticed our guests.”

Nate scratched his head and laughed. He stuck his hand out to both Jay and Jack, “I’m sorry where are my manners. Hello, my name is Nate. Steph’s brother.” Both of the guys shook his hand and introduced themselves. He smiled at everyone, “Well I don’t know if you want your food hot or cold, but I suggest we eat while it’s still hot.”

Everyone sat down to eat the dinner that Nate had prepared for everyone. The dinner was just like Natalie had wanted. A bowl filled with white rice, vegetables, green peppers, chicken, topped with teriyaki sauce. Nate and Steph’s bowls had cut up orange habanero peppers in it. While everyone ate, the boys talked about guy stuff mainly Nate getting to know Jack and Jay while the girls ate and listened. Jack explained that he was managing three different stores and two different restaurants to Nate.

 Jay explained to Nate that he was visiting his mom who is remarried to another guy for a couple of weeks before he went to football camp for school. Of course Nate asked the same questions as Steph did about what position he played and even suggested a few plays that they could use in their upcoming season. Jay greatly appreciated Nate’s suggestion of a few plays that could be run. And finally Nate explained to Jack and Jay what he did for a living in which Jay confessed between school work and football he barely has time to read let alone anything.

The entire time they were eating and talking, Steph was getting more and more impatient for dinner to end so she could drag Jack upstairs, tie him to the bed and basically fuck him until her hips turn into dust. Or she passed out whichever came first. The whole idea was making her more and more horny. She thought about how Jack’s throbbing dick going inside her. How her kegel muscles felt each throbbing vein in his dick pulsate with each thrust going inside her. How the first time after she sobered up had sex with Jack and being surprised how far his dick went inside her. How he could just pound her and each thrust felt like they were moved about six inches each time. Before she realized it while she was eating one of hands was lightly petting herself downstairs.

Her attention was snapped back to reality when she heard Natalie lean back in her chair. “Ahhhhh!!!! That definitely hit the spot.”

Steph watched as Natalie patted her stomach. Steph tried to bring her hand slowly from her wet pussy back to table hoping no one would notice that she was playing with herself. Nate leaned back in his chair, “I have to admit. It was good.”

Amanda looked at Nate, “It was good but why’d you have to put the orange habaneros in my bowl.”

Nate looked at her and smiled, “Sorry I meant only two bowls with habaneros in them. You must of have gotten Steph’s bowl.”

Steph smiled at Nate, “No mine had habaneros in it.”

Jay and Jack in unison said, “Same here.”

All of them looked at Natalie. She looked at them while rubbing her stomach, “I hope mine didn’t. I was too busy scarffing down the food.” They all laughed.

Nate scratched his head, “Sorry about that.” Amanda just waved her hand at him, “It’s alright.”

Nate stretched and the chair, “So what next?”

Amanda looked over at Jay, “Say Jay have you been here before?”

Jay looked at Amanda and shook his head. “No I don’t think I have.”

Amanda looked over at Natalie, “Why don’t you give your friend a tour of the place.”

Natalie smiled at her, grabbed Jay’s hand, and led him around the house. As she was leaving with Jay being led behind her, Amanda raised her voice, “If we don’t see you before the morning we leave at 10am.” As they disappeared they all heard Natalie say “K.”

Amanda sighed and shook her head, “What will I ever do with that one I’ll never know.”

Steph looked at Amanda and smiled, “Just be her sister and everything should work out alright.” Nate just laughed, “I guess that works too.” Steph immediately gave him her pirate look while he just laughed.

Amanda smiled back at Steph and then looked at Jack, “What about you Jack. Have you been given a tour?”

Jack just shook his head, “No. The only thing I’ve seen of this place is the main room and where Steph is sleeping.”

Amanda continued to look at him, “Well isn’t that a shame.” She looked over at Steph, “Why don’t you give Jack a tour? I suggest you start downstairs and work your way up.”

Steph smiled at her, “Will do.” She grabbed Jack’s hand and quickly led him downstairs to the basement.

As she was walking downstairs, she heard Amanda call behind her, “Same goes with you. Tomorrow 10am.” Before she closed the door she faintly heard Amanda say to Nate, “Now where were we. Oh yes. I was fucking your brains out.” She quickly closed the door and thought to herself that everyone’s libido was working in over drive at that moment.

Jack looked around the hall seeing the artwork along the hall and whistled. Funny the entire time Steph has been here so far she never noticed the artwork. Was it there last time? Or has she been so clueless to not even notice it was there to begin with? Either way so dismissed the thought. Her pussy was yelling at her to jump his bone and pound it until her pussy was satisfied.

Jack continued to look around the hall and focused at each painting hanging on the wall. She looked at him, “Do you want to check out the artwork or check out what are in these rooms?”

He looked at her and smiled, “You’re the one leading the tour I’m just following.”

She looked along the hall and just remember that there was a room filled with all sorts of bondage toys. She had to avoid that room at all costs and figure out a way to just lead him to the steam room. That way she can check off her list of places she has always wanted to fuck in.

She lead him to the first room on the right. She opened the door, “This is the computer room.” Jack stuck his head in and whistled at seeing the computers and hard drives and everything else in the room. He looked at her and smiled, “Must be nice to have a set up like this.”

She smiled back at him, “Yeah I’m sure my other brother would be jealous of this set up.”

She led him to the next door on the right and opened the door, “This is the weight room.”

Once again he poked his head and whistled, “Must be nice. Now I’m jealous.” How come that comment didn’t surprise her.

Next she led him to the third door and opened it, “This is the theater room.”

Once again he poked his head and this time he stepped in the room to fully check out the room. “Is that a hd projector? And….wow leather lazy boys.” He sat down in the lazy boys and instantly sighed with a huge smile on his face.

She looked at him relax in the seat, “Do you want to check out the rest of the rooms?”

He looked at her with a smile, “Only if we can come back to this room after the tour and watch a movie together?”

She smiled at him and internally thought that wasn’t going to happen. “Depends on how much of a good boy you are doing the tour.”

He folded his arms across his chest. “Then I’m not leaving this spot until you promise.” As he pretended to pout but he couldn’t keep the smile off his face.

Steph simply smiled at him mainly because it looked cute. Even though in her head she was saying no you dipshit I’m trying to lead you somewhere special. We can do a movie fuck another time. And she had to think about it. It did sound right up her alley.

She sighed and walked up to him, “Come on, I want to show the rest of the place.”

She grabbed him by the hand and tried to lift him up. At first he began to rise and then suddenly a wicked smile crossed his face. He quickly grabbed her wrist and jerked her down to him to where she was forced to sit across his lap.

Jack leaned into her and gave her a soft gentle kiss. Steph turned her head so she could fully accept the kiss from him. She tried to lean in to make the kiss more but Jack held her back to keep the kiss light. She tried to fight but it was no use just that soft gentle kiss turned her into putty in his hands.

He pushed her back and smiled, “Let’s just stay and watch a movie.”

Steph didn’t want to watch a movie. She wanted to fuck his brains out. Before she knew it she melted, “Ok but I don’t know how to work the system.”

He smiled at her, “It’s alright. I’ll figure it out. While I’m figuring it out you pick the movie.”

Steph sighed to herself and was cursing in her head that she allowed Jack to control her from her objective and that objective right now was fucking his brains out in the steam room. For some odd reason she just wanted to fuck in the steam room. She couldn’t explain why and yes she knew all the dangers with doing something like that in a steam room. It just sounded extremely fun.

She went over to the huge door and opened it to find a huge collection of dvd’s, vhs’s, and hard drives. Steph looked at the hard drives and saw that they were labeled. Each label read in code, so she quickly passed them over. She wasn’t too interested in what are on the hard drives. The thing she was interested in was that her pussy was juicing something fierce. She thought about everything she was going to do to the man who was currently trying to figure out how to work the theater room.

Steph was snapped back to attention when she heard Jack speak. “Ok, I think I figured who to work everything in here. Have you picked a movie yet?”

Steph quickly shook her head trying to put her mind on the thing on hand instead of what her lower anatomy was telling her to do. She looked at the movies and couldn’t figure out which movie to choose. Like she cared at this moment. Hopefully Jack didn’t care about the movie and would just play with her while they played the whole try to watch the movie game while your hands and lips wonder on each other’s bodies. She said fuck it to herself, closed her eyes, and simply grabbed one.

She opened her eyes and saw what movie she chose…Children of Dune. She thought about putting it back and choosing something else, but then she thought about it. The movie was a good sci fi flick but it is also long. So long that she could tease Jack into doing whatever she wanted. If she played her cards right she might be able to talk him into going into the steam room then coming back to finish the film if he’s interested.

She walked out of the walk-in closet filled with movies holding the dvd in her hand. She handed it to Jack, “I hope this is good enough.”

Jack looked at the movie and then looked back at her with a smile. “Perfect. I haven’t seen this in forever. Good choice.” Steph studied his face and couldn’t tell if his smile was genuine or evil. She hoped the smile was that of lust so she could at least read his mind. Then she thought to herself he’s a guy. What guy doesn’t turn down sex? If there ever was such a guy she hasn’t met him yet.

Steph watched as Jack put the disc in the disc player. Sit back down in the same lazy boy he was in earlier. Turn on the screen with the remote he had. Turned off the lights with the remote. Turned on the surround sound with the remote. And within seconds the main menu of the disc was playing. He looked at her, patted his lap, “Would I like to sit on my lap and enjoy the movie with me?” She smiled hoping he would offer his lap to her. This just might be simple to persuade him into the steam room.

Steph sat in Jack’s lap and allowed him to push play on the remote to play the movie. The movie started.

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