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TSINF 9.5 - Recollections pt. 5

Last we read Steph and Jack were about to watch a movie.....or were they?
Jack kicked up the leg support on the lazy boy, and then reclined back to where he was comfortable. Steph remained up right, until Jack was comfortable enough to where she could lay back. Steph noticed that Jack had finally gotten comfortable when she laid down. She laid down sideways so that the most of her body was on his right side forcing Jack to scoot over in the chair to give her room. Not like she needed much on her side. Jack kept his right arm around her shoulders and neck so all she had to do was lay her head on his chest. She put her right leg across his legs.

Finally after putting all the right body parts across the right areas on Jack was when Steph got comfortable. It was always hard to find a comfortable spot when you’re next to someone unless you’re laying across one another or when your head is in their lap while the rest of your body laid across somewhere else. She always loved laying across a couch while her head was on a guys lap. It was always easy for her to know when they were getting a hard on.

Steph waited a little while before starting to tease Jack hoping to guide him to the steam room. Actually at this moment she would fuck here but her mind kept telling her to guide him to the steam room. Her pussy screamed at her to unzip his pants, pull out his dick, straddle him, stick it in, and fuse her hips to his until she passed out.

Steph ignored everything her body was telling her. She unbuttoned one of the buttons on Jack’s shirt and then two and finally three buttons so that she could have free rain along his upper torso. She slipped her hand inside the opening and began to lightly trace her fingernails along his washboard stomach and slowly traced circles until she reached his chest. She had to control the urge to rip open the shirt and personally greet each one of his abs and chest.

It wasn’t long before Jack started playing with her back. The moment he touched her ass, pussy, or breasts she would quickly slap his hand away and simply said, “Watch the movie.”

Each time she did that he would groan as if he was frustrated. She kept this up with him for a bit. She would play with his abs and chest each time she would lightly glide her hand over his crotch. He would breath in deeply when her hand glided over his crotch. He would try to put his hand along her breast or butt. She would slap it away and tell him to watch the movie. He would groan because she was teasing him. Each time his hand would go over her breast or butt or try to play with her pussy she would groan was well but she tried to hide it. Her pussy however yelled at her for not allowing him to continue to play with it.

The whole game lasted awhile until she felt his dick was practically busting out of the zipper of his dress slacks. Finally she decided to be nice and zipped his zipper and unbuttoned the button to his slacks. The moment she did this he let out a nice sigh mainly because the pressure of his pants was probably too much for him to handle. She just marveled on how big his dick looked once it was unleashed out of its hiding place. She looked down at his rock hard dick and noticed that he was shaved down there. She thought to herself and tried to remember if he was clean shaved down there the last time she saw it. She was sure he wasn’t but it had been a while since the last time she saw it. She looked down and had to control the urge to wrap her lips around his dick.

Once his dick was out of his hiding spot, she unbuttoned the rest of his buttons to his shirt. She looked up at him and saw that he had a look in his eyes that basically said, “Well now that he is out what are going to do?” She smiled up at him and lightly kissed his lips. The moment she kissed him she had to control herself from going full board and finishing off what she started but she was able to pull away. They both groaned in unison as she pulled away. She just thought the entire time she was playing with him to basically say fuck it and forget about trying to get him to go into the steam room so she could fuck his brains out.

Steph pretended to watch the movie but his dick looked way too inviting. She put her hand over his dick and reached down until her hand found his balls. The moment she had his balls in her hand Jack immediately held his breath. She lightly played with his balls kneading them in her hand until his ball sack became very tight. She knew what that meant.

If she kept up the teasing, he was going to blow his load before they got to the fun part. She had to make the decision to either wrap her lips around his dick until he blew his load and take down every last drop of his magical elixir. Or withdraw her hand and let him go soft so she could go back to teasing him again. It took her awhile before she made her decision. She withdrew her hand and allowed his dick to stop standing at full attention. The moment she did she heard him sigh as if saying, “Please don’t stop.”

They sat and watched the film for a little bit before Jack finally spoke, “How come I feel a little under dressed now?’

Steph looked up at him, “Why what do you mean?”

Jack looked down at her with a smile, “Well, most of my body is uncovered.”

Steph propped herself up a little bit to fully look at him, “And what would you like me to do about it?”

Jack smiled at her, “Why don’t you lose your jersey so it will be a little bit even?”

Steph thought about it for a moment. If she took off her jersey, which is her only article of clothing, then she’d be naked. And he’d have plenty of skin to play with her. Then she thought about how she could get him to the steam room. She looked at him with a sly smile on her face, “I don’t know. It isn’t exactly warm in here.”

He purred in her ear, “Don’t worry I’ll keep you warm.” Damn. Damn. Damn it to hell. Now how was she supposed to get him into the steam room.

Then it dawned on her, “If only you agree not to touch any of my private areas.”

He smiled at her, “And if I do?”

She smiled, “Then you better pause the movie so we can finish it.”

He smiled at her, “Done.”

She thought to herself, check. Unfortunately it wasn’t checkmate. Oh well if they do have sex which will be happening soon she will just have to get him into the steam room even if she has to grab him by his dick and lead him to the damn room. She smiled at him and simply removed her jersey and threw it on the nearby movie chair. She looked at him, “Feel better.”

He smiled at her, “Much.”

She laid her head back across his shoulder and went back to pretending to watch the film while she tried to think about how she was going to convince him to go into the steam room so she can fuck his brains out while trying to ignore her pussy screaming at her for attention.

Steph looked down at Jack’s member that was beginning to grow again and finally decided to say fuck it. She got up and headed for the door hoping that Jack would follow her to the ends of the earth for sex…or at least to the steam room.

Jack looked at her with lust in his eyes, “Where are you going?”

She looked over her shoulder as she opened the door, “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

He smiled at her, “Actually I would.”

She stood in the door way, “If you really want to know all you have to do is follow me. If not stay here and watch your movie while I go somewhere else.”

She watched as he quickly lept out of the chair and began to follow her. She grabbed him by his cock and led him from the theater room to the room where the steam room could accessed.

As soon as the entered the steam room, Jack came close to her and began to kiss on the back of her neck. Steph leaned her neck to one side so Jack could more accessily nibble on her neck as she moaned enjoying that he was giving her the much needed attention that she wanted. While he was nibbling on her neck she slowly stoked his dick just using her fingertips. She heard him moan in her ear as she was lightly stroking his dick with finger tips.

She felt Jack run her hair in his fingers before he finally twisted his hand in her hair to get a full hand full and bent her over where she was forced to put her hands on the tile bench that lined the room so people could sit down or lay down. She felt Jack run his hand over her butt and legs before he lightly pushed on the insides of her thighs making her spread her legs more apart. She opened her stance more for Jack and felt Jack kiss each one of her butt checks before going for her heavenly spot.

Once he found what he was looking for, she felt him slowly extend his tongue out and lightly trace her shaved pussy lips. It didn’t take long of being in the steam room before she was fully covered in sweat. She was happy that she was getting attention from Jack but currently the sweat she was covered in wasn’t from the fun sweat. It was the good olde natural sweat from what would happen if you were to be in a steam room for longer than five minutes.

Jack began his due diligence of teasing the hell out of Steph. He started lightly licking Steph’s pussy. Each time his tongue ran over her g-spot he would flick it with tongue. Then each time his tongue ran over the opening in her pussy he would stick his tongue in just a little bit deeper than the last time. It wasn’t long before his tongue was going in as far as it could when he stuck his tongue inside her. But now he was keeping his tongue in longer and would wiggle his tongue inside her.

The sensation of this instantly bought her to cum. Steph tried to keep up with the moment and tried to wiggle her ass so that Jack wouldn’t have to do much work but he put his hands on her hips keeping her in place. If it wasn’t one thing it was the fact that Jack could tease her just as bad as she could tease him. The only question would how long would it be before she tapped out and would tell him to fuck her senseless.

It must have been twenty minutes before she tapped out and finally said to Jack, “Stop teasing me you bastard and fuck me.” In reality it was probably ten minutes at the most. All she knew was she counted three small orgasms before she tapped out.

She heard Jack chuckle to himself. She felt him stand up and keep his hand on her back basically telling her to stay put. She felt Jack full stand up and she felt his cock in proximity to her now dripping pussy.

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