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Two MILFs and their daughters Chapter 2: The MILFs

Two MILFs and their daughters Chapter 2: The MILFs

You know what the young ladies were up to, but what were the MILFs up to?
One Saturday night the daughters, Julie and Tessa discovered that their moms, Valerie and Gina were sexual intimate with one another and that they themselves were quite into each other as well. That same Saturday night, the MILFs were in Valerie's room chit chatting too, but they were just in their bras and panties though. They were about a foot away as they were both on their sides.

"Damn, it's been too long since I've had a hot MILF in my bed in just her bra and underwear," Gina said.

"You consider a week to be a long time?" Valerie asked.

"Maybe," Gina replied as she leaned her head towards Valerie.

They kissed each other for about a minute.

"So, have you introduced Tessa to the whole lesbian world yet? Let her have some DVDs?" Valerie asked.

"No, she doesn't even know about us yet, I think I'll introduce her to it at some point in time. I mean sooner or later she gonna come to me and ask me where the fuck her younger sister is," Gina replied.

Valerie did a little math on that for a minute.

"Well, she's an adult now, would she really want one now?" Valerie asked.

"I don't know, maybe. Should we tell them about us? I mean all these sleepovers have gotta give us away sooner or later, we're not teenagers anymore," Gina replied.

"Maybe, but I think I sub-cautiously tried to get caught," Valerie said.

"What do you mean?" Gina asked.

"I left one of my DVDs in my player, and I know sometimes Julie goes in my room to watch movies. She could have found the DVD, but she never asked about it. I think maybe we should just tell them, hell they may hook up, and you can move in with us. After that, you don't have to wait a week for pussy," Valerie replied.

"I like that, four pussy lovers all under one roof. Hell, that's hotter than hell. I'd love to see our daughters fuck. See them eat each other out, fuck my pussy getting wet," Gina said.

Valerie put her right hand on Gina's left boob as she leaned towards Gina and laid their lips together. They only kissed for about 10 seconds though.

"What, that's all I get? We've been girlfriends for years and I just get that?" Gina asked.

"Fine," Valerie replied as she leaned towards her again.

They began making out passionately for a few minutes. They were two MILFs that actually met before either one of them met their husbands. They experimented when they were around their daughters ages, but never had sex when they were married. After their husbands passed, they were there for each other and eventually their old sexual feelings arose. Before they knew it, they were fucking right and left all under their daughters' noses. They both wrapped their arms around each other and both of their C-cup racks pressed against each other. It was quite a pleasant feeling for both of them, even through their bras. They had their eyes closed as they made out, and eventually Gina pulled Valerie onto her. As Gina's hands were on Valerie's back, she undid her bra. Once Valerie was down to just her panties, Gina's panties were completely soaked. Valerie put a little space in between them and Gina threw the bra on the floor.

"Fuck, every time I see those boobs, I remember how much I love you," Gina said.

"So, you just love me for my boobs?" Valerie replied.

Gina didn't answer with words, she just got close to Valerie's glorious rack and began licking her nipples. She made Valerie feel the love you could say, they had sex probably at least once a week for years and the sex still hadn't gotten dull. Gina had began sucking on her best friends great nipples and Valerie began to get worked up. Gina's looked towards Valerie's face and she just grinned at her. Obviously they had some very serious chemistry going on. After a few minutes, Valerie pulled up Gina and they laid their lips together once again. They made out for about a minute, and then the chemistry struck again.

"Seriously, do you just love me for my boobs?" Valerie asked.

They both laughed a bit and then Valerie took off Gina's bra too. She threw it on the floor and then both MILFs were in just their panties. Even their panties didn't stay on for every long, Valerie nearly ripped off Gina's panties in about six seconds. Once they were off, Valerie put her hand right onto Gina's pussy and rubbed it ever so slowly. Gina inhaled very deeply for about 15 seconds and just tried to take all the pleasure that was coming her way.

"I fucking love you," Gina said.

"I love you too," Valerie replied.

Gina kissed Valerie on the neck and then reached over to her dresser, she pulled out her dildo. She leaned back and just yanked off Valerie's panties. As they were both completely naked Gina leaned back and stayed on her elbow. She very slowly inserted the dildo into Valerie's pussy. Neither one of them had an actual cock inside of them since their husbands, but this was definitely a fine substitute. Gina leaned her head onto Valerie's big boobs and just began thrusting the dildo in and out of Valerie's pussy.

"Oh, who needs cock when I got that cock?" Valerie asked.

Valerie held Gina down a bit and she didn't mind that. Gina just kept thrusting that dildo in and out of her Valerie's pussy and made her throw out some small moans.

"Oh my, it never ceases to amaze me how good that dildo can make me feel," Valerie said.

Gina began licking Valerie's nipples slowly and titillated her. After all the times in the past that they had licked each others nipples, both of them always threw out the moans. After the dildo was inside Valerie's pussy for about five minutes, Gina brought it up to Valerie's mouth.

"Come on, suck my cock Valerie," Gina said.

Valerie did as she was told and sucked on the dildo. She went down as far as she could possibly got before she began to deep throat it. Both sets of eyes were locked on each other, and they just gave each other some very lusty smiles too. They had tasted each others juices quite a few times in the past, but somehow it never seemed to be too over the top and it just stayed kinky. Once it had been about two minutes, Gina put the dildo back in her dresser as Valerie just laid back.

"So, you don't miss cock either?" Valerie asked.

"Maybe, but I think I'm good with the pussy now. I love the pussy, it gives me everything I need for a good time," Gina replied as she climbed down towards Valerie's pussy.

She leaned down and began eating out her best friend whom she loved. She spread out Valerie's pussy lips quite a bit and slowly put her tongue deep inside her pussy. Gina had her face in Valerie's pussy for about five seconds and it was already drenched, but that didn't stop her. She stuck her tongue in there as deep as she could and made her moan.

"Oh my, you still haven't lost your touch my dear friend," Valerie said.

Gina wasn't about to stop for two seconds to answer that, she was eating out her best friend's pussy and loving it like there was no tomorrow. That was when Valerie began moving around a little bit and the bed began to shake. It shook the dresser causing a jewelry box fall to the floor and make a noise.

"Shit, what was that?" Gina asked.

"It was my jewelry box, I don't think the girls heard though, get your face back in there," Valerie replied.

So Gina went back to eating Valerie's pussy, unfortunately for the two MILFs, getting fucked really makes you move around. As Valerie moved a little uncontrollably, she made a lamp fall that was on the dresser.

"Shit," Valerie said.

They both looked down at the lamp, it wasn't broken, but it just made a loud noise.

"Can't you refrain from knocking shit on the floor?" Gina asked.

"You are the one fucking me," Valerie replied.

They gave each other some lusty looks and Gina went in for even more. That was when Julie and Tessa investigated the noises they heard coming from the bedroom. They watched and then went back to their bedroom. As they were gone, Valerie just could not take the pleasure for another second. She moaned loudly and sprayed Gina's face with all of female juices. Gina just rested her head on Valerie's mound for a few seconds, and then climbed up towards Valerie's face.

"Well thank you for that, how much is that?" Valerie asked.

"One kiss," Gina replied.

They kissed each other for about 30 seconds and Gina sat down. Valerie got onto her butt as well and they began scissoring each other.

"Oh, I love the feeling of your pussy on mine," Gina said.

Once again their door cracked open and it was just Tessa getting a look at them with her hand in her panties. They slowly rubbed their pussies against each other and got very worked up yet again. As this was happening, both young ladies had their hands in their panties because of them. The MILFs both put their hands onto each other rocking tits, they both squeezed them softly for a minute.

"Valerie, pinch my nipple, pinch it hard and make me wanna scream," Gina said.

Ask, and you shall receive," Valerie replied.

Oh, how much pleasure these two MILFs gave each other was indescribable. They had known each other for so many years and they were total BFFs. They kept scissoring each other until both of their pussies just went numb. After a couple more minutes, Tessa got her panties probably as wet as they had ever been, so she crept back into her room. The MILFs couldn't last forever, so eventually they crashed into each other and cuddled for a few minutes with Gina leaning on Valerie.

"So, we've had sex like 1,000 times now, when did we start loving each other?" Valerie asked.

"I think somewhere around 186," Gina replied.

"No kidding? Is that when you knew loved the taste of pussy?" Valerie asked.

"Maybe," Gina replied.

Valerie began playing with her tits, and something was going through both of their minds.

"Do you ever wonder if Julie and Tessa have ever, fucked each other?" Gina asked.

"Well, we were best friends when we had sex for the first time, so they might have, you never know. Hell, they could be eating other out as we speak," Valerie replied.

Both of them raised their eyebrows, it wasn't a dare, but when it was out there, they couldn't resist but to go see their daughters. They wanted to know what their teenage daughters were up to, so they both put on their bras and panties, and went out in the hallway. They opened Tessa's bedroom door slowly and saw Tessa eating out Julie. Of course they thought that was hot. They couldn't help but masturbate and kiss each other too, as Julie moaned out a few words.

"Fuck yes Tessa, please don't stop, make me cum a river," Tessa said.

"I will, now shut up and take it," Julie replied.

That was just too much for the MILFs, they both came quite a bit. After their deed was done, they slowly went back into Valerie's room.

"Holy shit. To think about it was one thing, but to actually see it, that's something different. That was so damn hot, I don't care why, I just care that they are doing it," Valerie said.

"Holy shit times a million, I wonder how long that has been going on with them," Gina replied.

"Maybe Julie did see that DVD, obviously something came into their minds to get them to talk about it," Valerie said.

"No kidding, and I must say I may not have to teach Tessa anything, she was going to town on Julie's pussy," Gina replied.

"Maybe Tessa has seen some stuff for herself too, you never know," Valerie said.

Little did they know, the young ladies got a somewhat up close view of them. They got close and kissed each other again, they were in love with the idea of their daughters being together. So the daughters saw the MILFs fucking and the MILFs saw the daughters fucking. Everyone in the house was horny, where could it go from here?
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